Zero000 (EUW)
: Every new season is the worst season. At least i read it every year again.
Well, is it true?
: The part where I was not being an asshole was in that long post somewhere below. Now I am just going to enjoy myself by telling people who are defending a shitty world view that i think they are shit. I find it strange that you have a problem with that.
No problem at all. I told you not to be an ashole, but if you wan to be one, just got for it! dont let anyone to tell you that you cannot achieve what you want, you can get whatever you want, boy. You can be THE BIGGEST ASHOLE IN THE WORLD! go for it! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
discartus (EUW)
: ``bad `` people no placement games !
Totally agree. I want a button saying "Place me in bronce V, I dont want to waste my time".
Faca5 (EUW)
: Riot treats this community like oversensitives infants...
ThePikol (EUNE)
: >i got suspended because i said ->"at the end of the game"<- that in my opnion one player played like shit. (because he did, its feedback) A: "you play like shit" B: "omg, didn't notice that! Thank you! Challenger here I come! Greatest feedback ever!"
Do you really think that everyone playing like sh+t realize that they play like sh+t?. You are so cute.
: I never had a pet. It was me carrying those games, but yeah... Being a better player than the rest on support doesnt make u win games unless you actually have a team xD Yup, d4. I still dont have a pet unfortunatly, so idk what youre even talking about
Last time I checked you were d5, not d4. The one that was d4 was your teammate, yes, this guy that carried you up to d4 and that now you dont play anymore with . You found a new pet, but he doesnt seem to be as good as your previous one isnt it? You came here saying "yes, it sucks being a nami main" and posting a win streak. Before Dynamic boosting you were gold, in S6 "magically" you became diamond. You cant carry shit with nami, unless you have a good carry, exactly like everybody else in this game, you suck at carrying. How's your "sweet" placement with your new pet? are you enjoying? wow! I am impressed the way you are carrying now that you dont have that d4 adc beside you. Sure it was you the one carrying, m8, sure it was..... dont let anyone to say otherwise. The truth is that playing those kind of supports SUXS balls hard. And that you have your hands tied, and that you cant do sh+t to carry or to impact the game enough to win. Well, you can look for a d4 adc that carries you and become his little btch, but that's not what I meant when I said "impacting the game". I insist, this role should be removed from the game.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Nah! > Elo rank is gold5 and I get with great luck ppl who where last season gold or even plat/dia You can argue with the other guy, but not with the OP. He's clearly refering to S6 ranks. No soloQ in this season. What the OP states is that a lot of S6 "supposed good players" are actually garbage. And the only reason why trash players got high rank is because of Dynamic-boosting-service-Q. No point in ranting? yes, you are right. No point in denying the reality neither.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Your discussion has no point. The OP is saying that last season high ranked players play like sh+t in this season. And it's obvious that riot's last season ranks were calculated using riot's formulas for DynamicQ, because there was no soloQ. Isnt it? The same way that it is obvious that S6 ranks are worth for nothing, and that the ladder is full of boosted bonobos showing off borders that they dont deserve. Whenever I find that I've been matched with one or several G5 players, I know I've likely lost the game.
Elegall (EUNE)
: 9/10 wins on Provisional results on Bronze V
Bronce V, here I go! I've never been there, but I guess there's a first time for everything. I wont get better than 9/10, that's for sure.
: Post on stackoverflow, that's what I use if I'm stuck for ideas.
Stackoverflow is the best thing could ever happen. If there is a "faker" at programming who is willing to answer questions, then he's on stackoverflow. Best sh+t ever. Anyway, you can post your code, and we can see if we can help you though.
zxwmaxPTz (EUW)
: like a vayne literaly oneshotting a tank ?
No, like lvl 11 vayne doing that same damage to a non tank support with the same vayne's lvl (no level advantage). Which is pretty sick. I didnt realize it was vs a tank though.
: This image pretty much sums up Vayne's late game
I've seen worse than that. EDIT: Ok, now I understand, it was a tanky support with armor. That's why the numbers were so low. Yes vayne is/was insanely broken. I dont know how she is in the new patch, though.
: Uhh... are you talking about the 6/11 twitch or what? xD
Hey m8, Where is your carrying stuff with nami now that you havent played with your pet for a while? Oh! wait! it's gone! D4 you said? now it's D5. Keep playing without your pet, lets see if that "d" becomes a "p" or a "g". Keep showing us how easy it is to carry with nami when you play solo (actual solo). Btw, your pet is still D4. So I guess it was you the one carrying isnt it? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Alright, let's break this down. 1. What I think you are suggesting here is for minions in the duo lane to grant double the gold so that the cs can be split between 2 people. That way nobody has to use welfare gold from items to make an impact later on. An interesting idea but it would take a lot of work to balance and make it work as intended, rather than abused. 2. riot already did this with a number of ranged supports like Sona and Lulu where they put AP scaling on their CC. This lead to Lulu in particular turning into a solo laner with one of the most dominating lanes and the strongest aoe slow in the game thanks to the AP scaling, and as a result Riot took it away. Speak to any high ranked solo laner about season 4 Lulu and they will all tell you how broken it was. 3. I'm honestly not sure how to respond to that statement.
1) not exactly that. I propose that if the adc kills a minion, I get the same amount of money he gets, and if i kill a minion the adc gets the same ammount of money I get. If one of us is not there, the other earn normal gold, not the double. 2) if they didnt do it correctly it doesnt mean it cannot be done. Just balance this sh+t and do it properly instead of hiring a monkey to do a man's job. 3) Easy, would you buy IE for your adc before buying sighstone for you? probably not very fair comparison, since they have not the same value. Ok, lets make it fair, would you give your first 800g to your adc instead of buying sightston? I'd do it, for sure.
: Haha, I read this post and was like "what? There are two of these "remove support just because i don't like and understand it"-people". Well, then i scrolled up to read OP's name... This is sad. How can somebody hate people that help others so much?
If you cannot make the difference between the role and the person playing it you have a big problem. You can "help others" withouth the need of playing an unhealthy role, tbw. Hint: For instance playing a role that helps others and that is not unhealthy.
Farce (EUNE)
: 1. You dont have to "steal" from adc. Assists provide gold, destroying wards, towers or monsters gives some resources too. And you get a base amount of gold per sec no matter if you have some items or not. It will certainly take longer, but it's possible. 2. Gold? Yes. Experience? Not with the jungle item. He is granted a bonus portion for nothing. Besides, he also gets some special effect from those items that others can not get. I mean, just imagine irelia or jax with bloodrazor on top. 3. Yes. Every role and tactic has some aim in the game. It's not unhealthy to focus a champion over another one, so it's also not unhealthy to try to make your enemies focus you instead of that chamion. A tactic is a tactic. Besides, there are some tactics involving unconventional tasks as support - latest example being mf support. It's made this way simply because it seems to be most effective. Remember, players create meta.
1) Wards? I never last hit wards, I let those 30g to my adc, you dont? you should, because as I've said, you are not worth this gold. 2) I dont get the point. 3) Yes, I guess that it's not unhealthy to do so. (as long as you force the community to play that role whether they want it or not ;-)) <irony>
: Sigh, here we go again. Seriously dude you'd think you'd have learned from your last thread on this topic. Since you seem to hate the support role so much (enough to make not one but two threads on the subject!), do you have a suggestion on how to solve the issue besides "getting rid of the support role"? What is the 5th person in the team going to do if the support role didn't exist?
1) they should be allowed to last hit both, minions and players. Without any damage to the adc comming from it. 2) their cc should be dependant/scale on the items they have, the same way the carries' damage depend on their items. 3) a single item on the support should have an overall impact in a team fight as a single item in any other role has. Had I to chose between buying sighstone (the mos OP support item) for me or IE for my adc I'd just but IE for my adc and 2-3 pinks (very cheap). It would impact much more the game than the other option. Appart from that, there is the option of removing the role totally from the game and look for something that is really healthy and people like to play. Had I the solution I would be making "League of mobas" in order to make tons of money, and would not be sharing that in here.
Farce (EUNE)
: This made around... ***i*** sense. Gold per sec is not support-specific. Unless you count GP as a support. It's taken on supports because it syndergises with them the most. If we went this way, it's the jungler who should be removed. Afterall he DOES get role-specific items that aren't allowed for other team members, providing him with bonus stats, utility and exp. Moreover, support role is also designed to not only farm your adc, but also give as few gold to the enemies as possible - supports leave kills, because consecutive deaths give less money - they ARE supposed to be the ones not "worth" the money. They should be a shield to simply make ADC actually possible to lane as. Kog Maw ain't gonna do shit when j4 jumps on him, unless he has a support by his side. And i'm not sure how paying 500 gold for some health/mana regen item is "FREE" gold income. I mean, come on. You can get better stats with that amount. DORANS RING RULEZ, ALL YOU SUPPORT MAINS! And about the sightstone... *cough* {{item:3711}} {{champion:64}} *cough*. And I personally never buy mobilities. Just tick in the bonus movement in river mastery and get swiftnesses. You get roughly comparable roaming potential, with way more teamfight, chase and disengage possibilities - plus the slow resist is dope af, especially considering how op {{item:3116}} is atm. Supports aren't underplayed because they are useless. Supports are underplayed because majority treats them as if they were.
FREE in terms of the adc, nor any other member of the team, having not to pay for it. It's free for the adc the fact that the support can get gold. If not, the adc would lose the gold the support earns. The jungle gets his gold on his own, not the same case. You say 'they ARE supposed to be the ones not "worth" the money', and I say, ' is it a healthy role a role like that?'
Rioter Comments
ExpStealer (EUNE)
: Why do you expect anyone to act decently towards you since you curse and call people names and so on? You said it yourself - you get what you give.
I dont know, basically you cannot expect that. It's like expecting someone to act decently towards you after calling him a dodger that make autofill a nightmare without even bothering to look at the match history. Totally agree with you.
: I only stated what your thread says about you. But I don't remember cursing, neither calling you a hypocrite. If you have such a thin skin, please refer to your doctor for counsel!
Lol, the one minding manners talked about thin skins. So funny.
: No, I actually don't want to wait 5 hours for any role. I accept what autofill gives me, even if it's not my main role. I'd rather play AD, which I hate, than play toplane, if I have to wait 20+ minutes for that, since I don't have unlimited spare time. And please, mind your manners.
"So yeah, you must be one of those dodgers who are making Autofill a nightmare." "And please, mind your manners." You get what you give.
: 100 % winrate on support this off season so no clue what you are talking about
Yes, I bet that "100% winrate with support" sounds much better than "I won 3 games with support", even though both things are true. Nice try though. Come back once you have played at least 6 games as support. Porbably it would be around next year or so. Funny how you have "100% winrate with support" but you never play them unless forced by rito. you -> "please please, supports so cool, you are wrong, dont delete them. But i'd rather drink bleach than playing that sh+t without being force to by rito."
: Hahaha i have 16 soloq games, and 4 flex queue games xD and yes, most of these games are solo.... (the flex ones are with a plat 4 adc lol) But yeah... what do i know... im just a d4 nami main lul... seeing as ive 1v1d a master tier riven on nami, idk what you are talking about xDD
You have all the games played with your diamond adc pet <i dont write the name, but you know who he is>. EVERY SINGLE "SOLO" GAME. You havent actually played a single solo game actually solo. So, if you want to brag about how you can carry with nami support, please, do it after you play ACTUALLY solo. Because people could think that the one carrying is your adc with twitch and that you play with him every single game because when you play alone with nami you lose nonstop and it doesnt like to you.
Kian987 (EUW)
: I just play support with one out of meta champion in this role (Shen) and when my ADC sucks I still feel useful and sometimes I can carry games. I'll tell you a secret. You don't need to win all lanes in order to win the game. For example when my ADC is inting and trolling I leave him alone and I go supporting the mid laner or random team mates I met in the map.
I'll tell you a secret, when my adc is inting and trolling and I leave him alone, he can feed the enemy faster than I can spoon feed my mid laner. So the game is lost even faster.
: So yeah, you must be one of those dodgers who are making Autofill a nightmare. Would have loved you seeing back in the day when you had to know every role. And as a top/jg main, support rocks.
So you better should check people's match history before talking sh`t and prove that you are an.... to be continued. Yes, support rocks, but you'd rather wait 5 hours queue better than play it. LOL! hypocrite.
: ***
**** ** **** *** ***** ****. I dont know how to finish this comment without being permabanned. So I better shut up.
: You don't want to play the role. People as ignorant as you don't want to play the role. Lots of people are stupid, hence the great number of bronze and silver players. Thus, lots of people don't want to play support. However, in any games where teamwork actually matters, the support is one of, if not THE, most important character in game.
Yes. It's so important that the role with the least representation in challenger is..... wait for it.... SUPPORT! yes. Oh! boy! master supports only have to git gud.
Tristen (EUW)
: You approach this in a childish and exaggerated way, you know full-well Riot will not get rid of the support role. You also know full-well that there are people who play support.
Yes, and I know full-well that most people detest this role. And I know full-well that the game would be better if there was no support role. And I know that if any other meta would be viable, nobody would play a fkng support. Yes, as I've said, the 75 or so people maining supports, that's all.
: Yeah i am? yawn, nami is so weak, doesnt do anything lel
Dont link me a single game. I watched at your match history, and you lied. One single game is not "you usually 2/3 in team damage". Stop lying please, your match history is public, there's no point in trying.
Orthian (EUW)
: Yeah I know. I tried it ages ago, back when I first found how fun he was to play. Not as enjoyable as taking him jungle or top, but definitely useful.
Lol, " I stopped playing Support because I found my absolute favourite champion in the game: Sion." continues "that can be a support but I dont enjoy it" lol, lol, and lol. Coherent guys for the win. There are a lot of people like you, dont worry -> "You are wrong because supports are the funniest thing ever, but I dont play them because actually they are a disgusting role. But you are wrong because supports are cool (i'd rather die than palying that sh+tty role again, though)" . Yes coherent peple everywhere, dont worry.
: 100 % winrate on support this off season so no clue what you are talking about
It looks like your 100% means something different from my 100%. That, or you are playing nami top. Do you?
: Sorry bro, I'm just trying to educate you so you don't look like a complete moron by blaming Riot for creating the support role when they didn't. And you still haven't answered my question on what the 5th person would do if Riot "got rid of the support role". If you have a suggestion then by all means say it.
You can play lucian top. Still, it doesn it tank-lucian. Do you see the difference? You can play a non-support champion in botlane with the adc and still it wouldnt be a support. I dont need your education, specially about a long time dead season 1 nobody gives a F about.
Pandour (EUNE)
: i dont know about bronze but in plat and diamond sometimes i dont get to play supp (my main) because others want to play supp....
I dont know about plat and diamond but support is the role with the least representation in challenger....
: > [{quoted}](name=SugarRayMoe,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=PRREENQn,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2016-12-01T00:42:56.356+0000) > > Duo jugle was a meta long ago. Anyway, what&#x27;s the problem with 4 vs 4? > > Players cannot invent the support role, since it cannot exist without the gold items. You invent support role the very moment you create a gold item. The support gold items were introduced in season 4, and the support role has been around since the end of season 1...... Duo jungle was never a solid meta, even before supports were fully integrated. At the very beginning of season 1 you typically had double bruisers in the bot lane and AD carries in the mid lane. That was the meta until the season 1 world championships when people switched to mages in the mid lane and adc/support bot lane. Please do us all a favour and research a topic before you make a thread on it, thanks.
I did a topic about deleting the support role, not about season 1 meta. I dont give a F about season 1 meta because I didnt play it. You are wellcome.
: You know the funniest thing about this is that the support role was developed by the players, not by Riot. Go way back to season 1 and you'll see all kinds of shit in the bot lane, but then in the season 1 world championships the European teams developed the support/adc bot lane and it's stuck ever since. All riot have done is enable supports to be more active in the role by making dedicated support champions and items. Anyway, I have a question. If Riot took away the support role (somehow, because I don't know how you could), what would the 5th person on the team do? Each lane and the jungle gives only enough gold for a single person and having to split the gold in a lane equally between 2 people would be terrible. You see the problem? It's all very well saying "get rid of the support role" but what would take it's place? Really unless they made the map format 4v4 instead of 5v5, there will always be a team member who will have to work with less gold income than the others.
Duo jugle was a meta long ago. Anyway, what's the problem with 4 vs 4? Players cannot invent the support role, since it cannot exist without the gold items. You invent support role the very moment you create a gold item.
Maraomara (EUNE)
: Here i am, enjoying my tahm/bard games, and some little kid comes to my yard and tells me it's wrong.
Yes, I know a guy that enjoys burning himself. I respect that of course, dont let anyone to tell you that what you like is wrong.
: If im dealing dmg im doing it wrong? xD I mean.... theres a reason im usually 3rd/2nd in team dmg on NAMI.... and its not exactly cus i suck haha , just cus i know how to trade and fight pretty much :3
You are the guy playing the games that you linked me? you are not 3rd in damage in any game. 5th or 4th, like any other support diamond or not. So please, lets be honest.
Tristen (EUW)
: I think you're portraying your own opinion and experience as universal fact. A lot of people do in fact play support (We know this thanks to statistics). Support can be a fun role to play, especially in higher ELO where teamwork and champion-combo's become more of a thing. In bronze/silver ELO, people don't work together as much and support roles can feel unneeded. If you feel like this, try climbing the ladder a bit! Support is a vital and important role, a good support can have just as much influence on the game as a good top/jungler/adc/mid.
There no fckng person alive wanting to play support. We know because they have tried EVERYTHING to lower the queue times because NOBODY wants to play that role. Actually, people are being FORCED to play that role even if they dont want to. That's how many people wants to play it. NONE.
: yup.... sure sucks being a nami main xD
Next time you link some guy with lots of wins, just make sure that he's not a FLEX player and that he doesnt play 99% soloQ matches duoing with the same diamond guy everygame. I'd love to see that streak soloQing actually solo, or duo queing with a bronce IV. I'd LOVE to see that guy "carrying with nami" with a bronce partner LOL!. Still you'd rather die in pain before playing her. Curious.
: Hmm... You do not understand the support role even a tiny little bit. You are SUPPORTING that means you are not making kills, you set them up or you protect someone. If you want to kill people just simply don't play support. You will never be a good support with this mindset. Ofc you think it's useless when you don't understand it.
Yes, I understand. But you dont understand that NOBODY IN FKNG EARTH want to... supporting. NOONE.
Orthian (EUW)
: First of all, plenty of people like playing Support. I used to be a Support main and still enjoy taking the role when I want a break from other lanes. Now let's address your "list": 1) If you're playing Support and you're the only one alive, then you've done your job wrong. You're not a solo carry, you're there to protect and enhance your team. If you do your job well, then THEY do their job well. If you're dealing damage as Support then you're doing it wrong, and if you prioritise your own life above the rest of your team you are also doing it wrong. This mentality is wrong and is the reason people struggle to enjoy the role. Quite simply, you need to change how you play League. 2) You're just shouting that nobody wants to play the role, despite the fact there are plenty of Supports out there. Maybe they don't like playing with ungrateful teammates? To sum up and answer everything you've said: Your post is wrong and is just senseless ranting over the fact Supports as a role in League don't deal damage. TL;DR go back to mid lane.
1) I was not the only man alive, I backed to recharge wards and found a "backdoor" shako. I did my job maybe not perfect, but probably not bad. Still, I had to see how I am so useless that people can ignore me completely, COMPLETELY, and just finish the backdoor before I had to flee not to die. 2) There are so many supports that they have had to put 10 free support champions per week because they run out of ideas and havent any clue about how the F make people to play that SH+T. To sum up, you love SOOOO MUCH playing support that you dont play support anymore, unless you are totally tired of playing the other roles.Seems fair, man. An coherent too. This fkng role MUST be deleted from the game.
Rioter Comments
: Agree with Mandrake here. Vayne doesn't need such heavy nerfs tbh. It's common knowledge she is a late-game carry, if you shut her down only early-game and then leave her be and catch up, ofcourse she is gonna stick those Ulti-stealthed Silver Bolts and Condemns really deep there where the sun don't shine. Especially with a good peeler like Nami and Janna. [quote]Ye for sure, but on this post I'm talking about Vayne, not about how broken are the new masteries ^^ You can't deny is absolutly out of control Vayne[/quote] Sorry, but you can't talk/discuss for real about nerfing a champ without taking other points into consideration as well. Anyone can corner a champ that way and cry "nerf this champ, it's out of control", which is not a healthy way to approach such discussions. Which is main reason i agree with Mandrake.
1k damage single-autoatack on my 1.2k hp nami at lvl 11. Lvl 11 is late game? oh, my bad then. One shoting people is balanced? oh, my bad again, sorry Vayne is not unbalanced, IS BROKEN AS FCK!
Ynoxx (EUW)
: Not active account: "PW requests (SPANISH, 3x)" and few hours later - BAN - warning
- "hey! m8, I will sell you this fantastic car, for 25k€. It's awesome. Btw, if you buy it you must sign this contract that sais that I can take the car away from you whenever I want and for no reason at all if it pleases me" - "mmmm ok, take my money! I'll sign that contract" You can blame noone but yourself. I cannot understand how can anyone spend a single euro in this game. Just beyond me.
Riryz (EUW)
: -.-" you losing has only to do with your skill. riot doest make you or your team play bad. and dont start with "unfair matchamking".
No, that's not true. Specially when he plays support. The only thing you can do when playing solo-support is to focus on your gameplay and ignore TOTALLY the result. If you lose but you played good, you should be happy. If you win but you played like crap you shouldnt be happy. That's all you can do. It's like poker, variance exists, you can play good and lose a big amount of games in a row. You MUST not to care about that. Just dont tilt, that's the only thing you can actually do, because you cant carry sh+t if your team if too bad (any other role can, funny fact).
: Latest observation: support is the best role to climb the ladder ATM.
Yes, it was always easy to climb as support. You are so irrelevant that as log that you dont feed, you are fine. Since the other team will have 5 possible feeders and yours only 4, you will climb. "But... this happens with any role!!" ok, but as a support you can do like sh+t as long as you dont feed, if the other support is better than you, there's no difference at all, or the difference is so tiny that it doesnt matter. And it doesnt happen with any other role. Any other role chances, 50% of having a better team, plus the chances of having a feeder in enemy team minus the chances of having a feeder in yours, minus the chances of the enemy laner being better than you. As a support, this last issue is not such an issue, so your chances to climb are not only bigger but skill independant.
Gangplonk (EUW)
: Idea to stop toxic/negative behavior and trolling
This game promotes toxic behavior. There are TONS of things in this game prone to tilt people and make them toxic. You will never have a non-toxic environment in this game.
Mutatie (EUW)
: Unintentional control ward nerf
HUGE nerf to supports. HUGE. Since you cannot guarantee the vision in any objective, (nor the central bushes, as it has been said) Come on guys, lets play support, rito told us that it's fun, and they gave us 10 supports per week, so that we cannot guarantee sh+t with any of them. Is much funnier not to be able to do sh+t with 10 different champions than with only 2 or 3. You cannot deny it. Lets go support!
Oxymorena (EUW)
: ***
Best advice ever. Only once I realized what this guy is saying I stopped playing "fckng bad" to start playing "only bad" and improving, hopping to play "good" soon. No joke.
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