: Sexism in Video Games are still real
Harassment in itself is a huge issue. I personally don't feel that sexism is an issue in particular, since i almost never see it (compared to just regular flame which i see every game).
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: its the same nostalgia the players have on NFS franchise and the same headlessness that bothers all ea studios that bothers whole gaming industry. si they rather milk money to stay afloat. like lootboxes is one of the things that causes a lot of rant around the web and games are riddled with it. and lets be honest as long as there are players, there are makers
we have less flame then we had back in early seasons. As for industry, i believe we are just more demanding for innovation, since we are bored with the same crap they release year after year. I personaly belive, the industry's worst change over the years are microtransactions. Every only game has it, either its subscription based, buy-to-play or free to play. Its very sad. ESPECIALLY so for mobile games.
: Greetings. Obviously this behavior was not cool. Dodging that game is definitely understandable. It's really debateable to what extend you were "punished"... Cause waiting 5 Minutes probably won't kill you. I can understand that you feel like you came out short here, of course it sucks. ---- But I'd like you to actually think about this problem! **How would you avoid such a situation if you were in charge of the game?** Would you allow dodging under any circumstances? Would you allow dodging only if people troll? Then how exactly do you define trolling? And how do you build a system to differenciate?
i would fix the punishment system, so that these trolls would actually be banned. on the same note i would also include toxicity in general. At this point, unless you use some key flame words, you can berate anyone as much as you like with no "instant feedback". How to do it? Its riot's job to figure that out, i don't get paid for that stuff.
: still renders him immune against champs like trynd,yi and the other auto atackers because thats literally all they do. And he has a point it has way lower cd while kayles is an ult with 100 sec +
yeah and kayle is immune to everything, and can use it on her allies, while jax cant. Jax is also hardcountered by any kind of kite. ANY kind of kite. His Q cooldown isn't short.
: Okay, but did you try to send a ticket instead of sharing your bugs again, again and again? I mean, yes, you have problems and you want them to be solved. But remember that boards are mostly consist of players, not rioters. And bugs you have listed are your bugs. So better [send a ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) to support to get help instead of wasting time here. You will definitely get help if you send a ticket, but in boards you have too low chance to get noticed. Board bug reports are mostly for something on server or game wide.
Tickets dont help. I can give you an example. Lux has a mismatched ultimate indicator. The hitbox is shorter than indicated by A LOT. This bug is here since at least season 2 and i submitted 3-5 tickets about it over the years. Its a simple fix to match the indicator to the actual hitbox, but they can't fix it for 7+ years now.
: How about a season 1 server. Bring back the fun League used to be.
they said somewhere they don't have the backups from so long ago.... unfortunately.
: they dont look who was able/unable to play they just send to everyone and apologize ... riot doesnt even bother
I have played plenty of games that appologize and compensate and then take days or week to fix an issue. I'd rather have a dev who doesnt say anything, but fix it asap. Which riot does.
: no ... i never pay to play :D i was talking about some free to play games with reward system similar to league that gives free stuff everytime ure unable to play bcs of them :) i cant be more accurate on my answer :)
before u talk about compensation, how about u support the games you play? Do you seriously expect to be paid to play? They're under no obligation to compensate you anything.
: Can we finally get some free stuff to compensate all the trouble u cause to us ?
Rena (EUW)
: I mean Riot is already going in that direction. -Conqeror nerfs -Maokai/cho buffs on PBE Yea it could be more but they go in that direction. Also for people saying lethality is good vs tanks they are actually so wrong. Lethality is actually the worst thing you could buy vs a tank since armor counters lethality so hard. Same with flat magic pen like morello. The only real tank counter items are {{item:3036}} {{item:3033}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3135}}{{item:3153}} {{item:3151}} Conqueror was pretty much the only reason tanks became so weak. Before conqueror if you remeber tanks were considerd really good and noone could beat them in Toplane or solokill them if the tank player knew what he was doing.
the problem is that tanks get fked by bruisers in lane/jgl so they are already behind when those ittems come into play.
: yeah playing with friends in a co-op game XD "what a bad decision"
there are 2 modes. 1 mode for premades, another mode for premades too. Why not just make a real SOLO queue and then another one for all the premades(and solos if they choose). everyone would have their queue and there would be no arguments.
Father Tios (EUNE)
: While I agree, that there are some horrible duos out there, and that especially with teens, having a group around you encourages stupid and harmful behavior.. But I would point out that there are also good duos there, who don't flame others. Judging all duos because there are assholes is no better than judging any group of people on the actions of some who are part of that group.
people usually only notice when premade is bad. When they are decent nobody will care, notice or remember them. Selective memory is very obvious here.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Inting is used in a sarcastic way. For example when I play with my friends, and I say "ok, I'm inting" that's most of the times after I made a huge misplay and died thanks to that. It's only to emphasize how bad of a play I just made. Other than that I only use it when someone is literally running it down.
it is used in a sarcastic way, SOMETIMES. usually its not sarcastic in any way. its usually: 1.player x dies 2. player y: "stop int player x" its used in a derogatory way.
: People will often copy people who they look up to and admire, which for gaming is usually streamers. The high ELO streamers used the terms "inting" and "boosted" and "smurfing" regularly and so all their viewers copies them. That is how language develops. It's just another example of streamers not understanding how much influence they have on the rest of the playerbase.
its just another example of not enforcing any rules to streamers.
Composure (EUNE)
: U can't climb with everything u want. Back then it was possible. The reasons are the game itself was different and itemization was different and made possible to achieve those unique play styles. Right now items are made to buy in synchronization if that makes sense :D. It's hard to explain. But for example if u play adc u go ie then statikk stiv and rapid fire canon/pd. Those items are made for adc. There are exceptions like ezreal. but he's like the only exception besides kai'sa. and mainly because of his kit. I play this game since 2012 so I know what I'm talking about.
well just based on this argument alone, i can say league is not dead. People used to make the exact same statements back then. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Composure (EUNE)
: The Death of League of Legends
whom are you kidding. season 3 was the worst season of them all. You're just nostalgic, so you remember the good bits, not the bad ones.
Ryyskk (EUW)
: (Upcoming) updated RP costs - discussion
Who cares. don't like it, don't buy RP. simple as that. I personally haven't bought any RP since they last did this. Its only benefits me, since i can spend a little bit more elsewhere. And anyway, they are not selling goods, so inflation is irrelevent to them, it doesn't matter if they sell 1 skin or 1 million, their expenses will still be the same.
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Shamose (EUW)
: Riot does a good job on punishing 1 type of toxicity.
they dont even do that, othervise there wouldnt so many toxic people.
Ryuukaze (EUW)
: I think something like the "Overwatch" system counter strike has would be great for league, have the community decide if the reports are valid or not , of course one should only be able to "Overwatch" if they reach a certain rank or some other sort of qualification. Riot would have way less work if they allowed us ( the community ) help them out.
sometime it was like that. but riot was too lazy to update the system so they just removed it.
: New lvl of reporting trolls/inters/griefers
you have no clue of the amount of false reports. Pretty much every game someone reports someone of "inting/grieding/trolling", often multiple people. Imagine having to watch millions of replays every day. Its just humanly impossible.
Neszo (EUW)
: S9 Ranked is totally unplayable (especially in low elo)
ill just repost what i posted in another thread > [{quoted}](name=Super Hooker,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=EuyTaYRc,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-02-09T16:33:59.495+0000) > > If you really want to rise, play a strong early game champion and carry the game, instead of playing an overall weak champ like camille and expect your team to carry you. > > Ideally, you should expect to have "absolutely dog trash human filth teammates", and think about what you can possibly do to win the game with them. Expect it, and you won't be disapointed once you get them, but will be happy when you get a good team. > > And avoid long games. You can carry solo early/mid game, but as enemies start having more items your personal gold advantage will drop significanly, and you wont be able to carry.
Wadafaaak (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tarolock,realm=EUNE,application-id=N9uP9Byj,discussion-id=GAHFFoE6,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2019-02-09T13:12:18.062+0000) > > calling yourself computer scientist wont make you smart But it does make me knowledgable on this topic. Allthough I am ofcourse much smarter than you anyway. > > the 50% winrate is the RESULT of the matchmaking, it is NOT forced on you, Matchmaking causes 50% winrate implies that it is forced. Causing is "forcing" sir. > if you are better than your team/opponent you get higher winrate and tougher opponents, then there will be a point where you are not better than the players you get in your game and your winrate will fall, when it stops around 50% it means you reached your max/your true place, you cant go higher unless you work on your skills at that point, so once again, if you are stuck for 1000 games you are at your best rank that you deserve Maybe it isn't that simple is all I'm saying. Some MMR independent factors that rito says play a role in matchmaking are: "One or more players trying an off-position One or more players trying an unfamiliar champion An otherwise fair match in which one lane has an unfair matchup Games can snowball out of control with early game champions or assassins, for example Sometimes, players just have bad games!" Moreover they clearly say that: "While we know some matches may feel like stomps, we do try to make sure all teams have a 50 +/-1% chance of victory using** all the information we have**, because part of what makes League so competitive is getting to face similarly-skilled opponents." Oops seems its more complicated than your simple mind can imagine after all. I am happy that I can educate you about what you failed to realize, and that I am smarter than you. Have a good day sir.
This has nothing to do with computer science. Its pure statistics (basic one at that). Unless you claim to also be a mathematician you have no argument. :)
: Am I doing something Wrong?
If you really want to rise, play a strong early game champion and carry the game, instead of playing an overall weak champ like camille and expect your team to carry you. Ideally, you should expect to have "absolutely dog trash human filth teammates", and think about what you can possibly do to win the game with them. Expect it, and you won't be disapointed once you get them, but will be happy when you get a good team. And avoid long games. You can carry solo early/mid game, but as enemies start having more items your personal gold advantage will drop significanly, and you wont be able to carry.
: > [{quoted}](name=Doom emissary,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=hfhZTYIq,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-02-08T20:46:48.397+0000) > > It's fully random, so are you aware that there is a very small probability to get those you want. You were having 9/143 chance to get a champion you don't own each time you open a capsule. > Which is the equivalent of 6.29% which means that approximatively, you'll only get a champion you don't own every 15 capsules (every 15 levels). So it's quite normal that it will take a lot of time. > > Btw, this is just a very raw approximation, don't quote me on that. Also it's still a chance per every 15 levels, and this chance will get even lower after he get few more... i don't know what people expect ... they can still pay the full price to get what they want to get, its not like riot said you can get your champions only by shards -_-
I expect to get more champion shards of champions i don't own yet. Its logical, especially for new players. Why does anyone need 5 shards of the same champ? And yes you can pay the full price, but then shards lose their purpose.
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FlameClub (EUNE)
: you are right, the game is bullshit and i hope it dies, some of the champs are too strong and weak and the players, ugghhhhh!
it has ALWAYS been like that. There ALWAYS were OP and useless champions. ALWAYS. If you think one champ is ridiculously op, go play it, it will be a breeze to climb with it, right?
: I think im done with ranked this season
Why do hardstuck people always think its their team's/riot's fault and not theirs? Instead of complaining here how "unfair" the game is to you, go read some guides how to climb.
: His R was just completely out of control man... you knew you will not have any teamfight when you play as ADC against a Zac.
??? Universally hated champions like yasuo can stay in the game just fine, but someone like zac has to be reworked+nerfed into the ground, because youre too slow to dodge his E and followup R? You have 1-1.5 sec warning in advance hes jumping. Its much more than what you get with rengar's ult.
: daily reminder that we should ban champions only for the enemy team
i'd rather play against the most anoying champs in a game, than with a yasuo.
: Why Zac has remaked? For People, who missing S6 Zac!!
that was one of the worst remakes in history. I, too, really liked zac. I played him as AP jungler, and i could do pretty well, but after R rework, its pretty much impossible to make it work. But lets face it, riot has never admitted any mistakes, and its not gonna heppen in this case either.
: care to give some examples? if i see shit like yi ap or soraka building guinsoo i'm going to hit the report button
ap malp ad kennen full ap cho AS lulu the list goes on. my personal favourite was full ap zac before the ult rework. that shit was op af.
: They also buffed Vayne's R massively... they also both got new skins https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0bbm2bKjIw&ab_channel=Rec0rderMast3r I don't want to jump on the "it's pay to win" train but those MASSIVE 2 buffs sure were an absolute crap move. I played 3 Nasus games post changes (and I don't even jung/top usually), and do I suck at stacking - am I an absolute monster by minute 20 though? Yes.
idk. whever i play nasus i just get kited to infinity
: I was extremely toxic in my older accounts, you misunderstood me and thought that I was banned for constructive criticism. What I tried to say is that I was banned for being toxic and now I am reformed and from now on I only use constructive criticism to improve the people on my team.
constructive criticism lol. more like annoy the hell out of your teammates with pointing at every mistake they make.
: They're much cheaper now than they used to be at least. Faster BE gains and the fact that you no longer have to spend 50k IP on runes and pages have made getting champs so much easier. Yeah it still takes a while to get them all, but that's kind of the point. Unlocking a champ is meant to feel like an accomplishment. It's one of the big factors outside of rank that provides a sense of progress to the game. Also, when it comes to actually playing the game, you don't really need all champs. Once you have them all, you'll quickly realize you're never actually touching over 60% of them.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: if its on riots end then EVERYONE (and by that i mean EVERY SINGLE PLAYER) would have the same problem, but as you can see only a few ppl have this problem, so its either something to do with your hardware, some installation problems or you need to update drivers
Wrong. Lol might have a problem with one specific software or hardware, and it would cause an issue only to players who use/have the said soft/hardware, and the rest of comunity would be completely unaffected.
: is it worth to buy the lunar revel orbs?
not worth, i would rather spend that money on some beer. Think how much beer u can buy for that.
wolf jade (EUNE)
: https://twitter.com/Mortdog/status/1088456674103386113
is that zed without his mask?
: Lux bugs
theres the third one: ult rage indicator being longer than the skill itself. hella annoying.
: To be honest, they should add a mastery level cap. Because this isn't just a problem with new champion release, but anyone first timing a champion... I think mastery level 3 can be correct to make sure they played enough games with the champion to know him without asking for an absurd amount of games.
they should add more mastery levels with it.
: Community For Non-Tryhards - Vote
When people get outplayed horribly they use the word "tryhard" sometimes, as a way to insult me i guess. So anyone who use that word are sore losers to me.
: Are we playing the same game? Karma's Q can be dodged / blocked fairly easy, especially if there's minions to block it or if the tank soaks it (i wish there were tanks but thats another discussion) Her Q is the biggest part of her damage too so...
just like every skill of every ap support. But why are they so op if all their skills can be dodged?
: If someone doesn't want to play vs him he has the right to ban him. That's what draft pick is for.
im really mind blown by people like OP. Theres blind pick for this reason, yet they still go to draft, which is there purely so people could ban whatever they dont want in their games, and it just so happens to be new champs.
: indeed we were pushed all the time.. when their cc was down they were poking us so i didn't have a chance to reassess and trade back.. their poke aoe has such a high radius.. it was basically hell #savetheadc
i want to avoid trading with them. The whole point of duo apc botlane is killing enemy adc and denying farm. If you dont let them do it, then its a lost lane. a good idea against these lanes is to start {{item:1054}} as adc and then rush {{item:3111}} , since it reduces cc duration and with these 2 items their poke becomes much more manageable. You should also consider taking cc reduction from masteries. this is a general rule of thumb when u have to laner against any duo apc botlane. Lux morgana is one of the easier ones, {{champion:101}} {{champion:99}} is a nightmare.
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: when you see a support dealing 70 k as zyra you start to wonder where is the game fairness.... i not even remember damage charts to be like they are in nowadays... ,it's really weird how all changed... , they even reduced the time you spend after death on early ,so real low players can troll playing normal ... , yeah that's help people focus on what means to die ... ,if they reduce the time you wait while death it should be totaly fine , they will care more much about how many deaths they got... ,this is one of my thoughts too...
supports do damage, because not everyone likes playing healing/cc/shield support. Its for this reason there are so many supports nowadays, compared to s1-4. Back in S2, there was like 1 support main every 10 games. consider that supports dont have to farm, so they poke more. also, {{champion:143}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:101}} are all long range, so they can get away with builds like {{item:3311}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3285}}
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: This game used to be about strategy, now it's slowly turning into a permanent URF mode
Everything is getting nerfed for 8 years now. Every patch there are twice as much nerfs as buffs. I wonder where is the dmg coming from :)
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I would say season 3 was the worst, but that's because i started around the end of season 2, i only heard how much worse things were previously.
yeah. s3 was the worst of all. S2 was pretty good, and S4 was better than S3, but still not as good as S2. S5 was okay too.
MsDoubleTap (EUNE)
: It's OUR red buff!
he prolly was afk. I hate when people afk at the start and pretend the game doesn't start at 00:00. And it happens every game, Riot should so smh about it. good job by the way!
: I played against a high elo smurf in gold he inted twice before minions spawn and then he carried his team, he didn't get banned, I made sure to report him just because *I hate smurfs* they make the match not fair and waste my time.
The talk is about you, not someone else.
: Please, please study about gamble addiction and what are the mechanisms of it. Most of the system that Riot uses is abusing the gamble reward and repeat addiction, you'll see how much more toxic this community will become, and in a couple of years what the reasons and repercussion are. When do you think this game has become more full of rage? When the reward and boxes were introduced. Do you think we all don't want to get S to get boxes and keys? Plus, you crafting the keys, on a subconscious level gives you the dopamine release, each of the reward and most of the things you buy with RP now are doing and abusing the dopamine mechanism of false reward. Those will lead to people being more angry cause of not being able to get their "dopamine". Why do you think heroin addicts are so angry sometimes when they don't get it or are on the edge? Cause the drug releases huge loads of dopamine giving you the sense of a false reward. Back in the day, the mafia invested a lot of money into making such a game that acts like a drug, we should thank the mafia a little for the gaming industry, at least they were trying to make a safe drug, that will keep people hooked without making them ill, at least on a physical level, can't say the same on the psychical level, same thing with a lot of stuff. Now you know.
every single game does that. Especially with in game currencies. Ever noticed that you cant buy the exact amount of RP for an item? Theres always some left over. Its the same thing, it has nothing to do with gambling, rather with psychology in general. btw the people were raging before the boxes just as much :) You're kinda in the wright dirrection, but u still manage to work it out backwards somehow.
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