: Karthus has been an S tier jungler for quite a while. Meanwhile, Tryndamere's a B tier top. He's not just complaining because he doesn't like the kit, Karthus is legitimately overtuned right now, and the recent buff to runic echoes only enhances that further.
tiers don't exist. An experienced player on the weakest jungler > an unexperienced player on "S tier" jungler. S tier pick in bronze can be a C tier pick in gold. S rated champs sometime have winrate <50%. Its not universal and very general, not worth trusting. btw i checked, karthus is rated as an A right now, and going by pick/ban in LCS hes somewhere in the middle, and has 50% winrate.
: Karthus is still unbalenced AF
{{item:3102}} {{item:3026}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3163}} {{item:3046}} , any kind of shield Karthus' problem is not that he does a lot of damage (everything does nowadays), but that people don't itemize properly.
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=thebombardier92,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=J77Zj0s1,comment-id=0002000000000001,timestamp=2019-05-15T10:35:57.252+0000) > > I thought there was zero tolerance against deaththreatening. Reading your comment makes my confidence in that 'zero tolerance policy' go from 100 to 0 real quick. Death threats are very, very different. Please don't conflate the two things - while both are bad, actively threatening to kill someone goes beyond the game, and can result in real world consequences. I can't think of a single example where telling someone you're going to kill them is not going to throw up flags.
> [{quoted}](name=Eambo,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=J77Zj0s1,comment-id=00020000000000010000,timestamp=2019-05-15T10:49:30.689+0000) > > Death threats are very, very different. Please don't conflate the two things - while both are bad, actively threatening to kill someone goes beyond the game, and can result in real world consequences. I can't think of a single example where telling someone you're going to kill them is not going to throw up flags. y: ill find you y: and break ur knee caps taken straight from the post-game lobby chat (wasn't the only thing he said, but this is by far the worst). Ive saved it in word long time ago and im using it as an example how shitty your robot works. I've reported him writing "real life threats". Needless to say he hasn't stopped playing even for a day.
: > [{quoted}](name=Super Hooker,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=y1imaWcP,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-05-14T16:27:27.748+0000) > > which would you rather have: > 1. balanced league in pro scene, and completely unbalance for 99.9999999% of the players > 2.balanced league for 99.999999% of the players, but imba in pro. > > I personally dislike pro scene, because some champions remain dead for 99.999999% because of it. League is trying to do both and I think they are better at it then people give them credit for. It's not just pro play, it's high elo in general where those champs can pop off. They don't even "remain dead" for bad players; you just need to put a lot more time into it then to, say, play Garen. If you just overtune them like Akali a couple of patches ago you won't see the Champs at all because they will be permanently banned. So what's the point. The question you ask should rather read "Do you want Champions with exciting kits that can be really strong if utilized well but are terrible if not well understood OR do you want League of 143xGaren". I started playing Akali a couple of patches ago and I'm enjoying playing her. I could care less that her winrate is abysmal; it's still fun to play and I don't feel weak even if the winrate suggests otherwise.
I want league where my teammates can't pick some uber weak champion and then proceed to be dead weight throughout the game. I want league where i can see different champions every game, rather than the same 20-30, because the rest is too OP for pro play, so they are nerfed into oblivion. Its not only about akali. Its about riot thought process. Im in gold, so kinda in the middle of all players, but there are plenty of champs that i havent seen for months. Why is that? Because riot nerfed them into the ground for worlds.
: Why in god's name does Tryandamere's ulti have a 110/100/90 cd?
??? Thats all trynda has. some crit chance from passive and his ult. He has no damage steroids like yi, or burst like rengar, or sustained damage like Aatrox, or huge mobility like hecarim. The only thing he can do is ult and hope nobody cc him or else hes useless.
: Akali obviously doesn't because she still dominiates in pro play. As for Kata and Talon... I don't have a clue. Probably still to problematic in the right hands higher up the ladder.
which would you rather have: 1. balanced league in pro scene, and completely unbalance for 99.9999999% of the players 2.balanced league for 99.999999% of the players, but imba in pro. I personally dislike pro scene, because some champions remain dead for 99.999999% because of it.
Haze97 (EUW)
: Kata doesn't need a buff. It's other midlaners such as Yasuo, Kassadin, and Leblanc who make her laning phase terrible who require nerfs. Kata is often overshadowed by champions such as Yasuo who needs half the skill and gold required to get those triple kills.
Yasuo is a bronze hunter. Only an issue for bronzes. Is why you can see yasuo's complaining here that teammates ban their champ on purpose.
: and how does he have access to global data comprised of all elos?
JustClone (EUNE)
: First of all, since you have "soraka" in the tittle. I find the best way to deal with soraka is to kill the soraka. Not to try to play around her heals. Second, with the cooldown of ignite, I think its much easier to pick one or two in the team, instead of using gold for items, that may or may not be useful in the situation. Another thing, if you think that such item is 100% needed, {{item:3123}} this is free. The shop is literally offering you gold if you buy it.
{{item:3123}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3075}} aren't even good on most champs.
CJXander (EUNE)
: This community is going downards
community going downhill? was like that every game before we could select the role before the queue.
Mártir (EUW)
: So Anti-Heals for AD costs 800g, for tanks 1000... But for APs, 3000 golds.
you need to take into consideration this: executioner's calling builds into {{item:3033}} , which is means you sacrifice 10% armor pen for anti-heal thornmail is overall a bad item right now morellos is overall a very good item that fits a wide variety of apcs.
LSD1943 (EUW)
: that's true. BE isn't bad but there should be gains per played game too not just those stupid capsules.
you used to get IP every game, now you get capsules every few games. The difference is that you get a 800+ BE every few games, rather than 70ish IP every game. Theres no difference over a long period. You also get 50BE (and ~1.5 hours of game time of exp) for the first win of the day.
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: >not the fact that be is faster or slower I don't care about that but the delusional memory of players saying IP was fast Nobody said IP was fast. You're the one being delusional here. The whole issue is about IP being FASTER than BE. But I see what's the problem. You are SO triggered by those threads that your brain enters low power mode and logical circuits don't get enough power to make you realize you're contradicting yourself here. >other facts 1. You never NEEDED those special runes. This entire argument is completely moot, because all those special runes were in fact much more expensive _(some even twice as expensive)_ than others. And Energy runes were always a complete NOOB TRAP. 2. You never needed additional rune pages either. 2.1 Also all features which were previously BE exclusive, were combined with IP features and they were NOT accounted for, meaning you earn even less BE, than you would IP, because back when IP and BE existed at the same time, you gained BE completely separately from IP. 3. IF you are lucky you MAY buy one champion with a 20% discount. Just as if you are lucky you MAY get more BE than you'd get IP. 4. Big capsule doesn't anyhow compensates for the difference for most players. 5. Missions aren't a part of the BE system, so it's not an argument. 6. Holy SHIT, mate. Talk of nostalgia being one hell of a drug. In 2015 games were on average 3 minutes longer. THREE MINUTES. The average right now is ~30 minutes depending on a server. >all of this cant be the the Be is slower then IP In three months following the BE conversion I lost at least enough in-game currency that I'd be able to get a free 4800-tier champion. >AND I REPEAT MYSELF, EVEN IF AFTER ALL THIS FACTS BE IS SLOWER, IP WAS NOT FAAST! so make threads where you complain that you gain champions to slow, but STOP saying you get them slow compared with IP with false memories that in past you got so fast all champions when it took YEARS! If BE was slower to earn than IP, then by extension you WERE getting champions faster. Period.
champ shards give 50% discount. and youre the one delusional. BE is at least as fast as IP was, just because you dont need to spend ANY BE on runes, their pages or even the champs (that you gte free at lv1-30).
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: >but the upsides are way more then with the IP and where listed countries of time in this type of threads, Last guy who claimed to "know everything about BE and why it's better" hasn't responded since I asked him to give me the calculation spreadsheet he's using to obtain all his "math". Everybody else is operating on a heresay, providing zero evidence of any kind. Downsides of BE are numerous and all of them weren't present when IP was a thing. Upsides... if you are lucky you may be earning more BE than IP before, I guess? And it still is only a thing if you aren't play many games per day.
you are SUPPOSED to earn less BE than IP, because if you use champion shards, you get 50% discount unlocking champs.
: then it's bugged for me. I often get 3x90Be champs. also I often get a capsule that has just like 200 BE in it
it isn't bugged for you. It works just fine for you and everyone else, and you get at least 810BE every capsule. Next time you open one, go and count.
Gyrandola (EUW)
: What is wrong with french players?
im surprised this isn't deleted yet, since topics like these are directly against the boards rules. https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/announcements-en/3eWpXbJi-universal-boards-rules-updated-27-04-16 > > Any sort of harassment - whether based on opinion, or especially that which is based on a part of someone's character, including but not limited to: race, **_nationality_,** gender identity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, disability, etc - will not be tolerated in any form, whether it is directed towards the affected individual or not. > Debating a topic, or holding a strong opinion on a topic is acceptable, however _**making posts simply to provoke conflict or incite, bait, or mock others who disagree with you is not.**_ > Discussions that are extremely controversial, _**have potential to incite hatred**_, or are simply posted in the interest of provoking a negative response, will also be removed.
Garda23 (EUNE)
: im pretty sure the majority thinks the same, so it must be facts
> [{quoted}](name=Garda23,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=q75zAePY,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-05-08T18:06:22.019+0000) > > im pretty sure There are people who are sure the earth is flat. It must be a fact, since they're sure of it.
: If you understand the champion, then you should know that her items don't really matter to her W, just the amount of attackspeed she gets, which is already a lot with those 2 items + boots.
> [{quoted}](name=SSI CptHaunted,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Tek7dGap,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2019-05-07T13:43:12.040+0000) > > If you understand the champion, then you should know that her items don't really matter to her W, just the amount of attackspeed she gets, which is already a lot with those 2 items + boots. {{item:3124}} makes her w passive proc every 2 autos instead of 3. so sayins the only benefit to w is attackspeed is wrong. Also revenous hunter healing works on vayne's w.
: Jhin is highly vulnerable to assassins (which all have high mobility) because of his reload mechanic. Sounds like your assassins were not doing their job or his whole team were good at protecting him. Jhin is not a 1v9 champ, he is only good if his team play around him and if his enemies don't abuse his weaknesses.
not only assasins, but any kind of cc or/and burst. {{champion:99}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:1}} and so on
: Lissandra feels terrible to play as. Period.
play another champ then? There are plenty of dead champions in league, lissandra is not one of them.
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: Dark
Would be cool. But... It took riot like 2 years to make a Christmas themed map, so i wouldn't put my hopes up.
: Ahri Build
idk whats ur problem. tank items are very weak rn, and so are most of the tanks. Nasus is an exception because of his stacking.
: I absolutely love the change. It helps junglers who can't duel their opponent lvl 2 and changes the matchups in a way that's good (IMO). Also, you can't force laners to rotate to help the jungler anymore, which makes the game a lot more fun, less snowbally and overall just more enjoyable. I really appreciate that change.
Completely agree. it helped a lot to weaker junglers who cant contest scutte lv2-4. You don't get behind as far just because the enemy can take free scuttles every time. Im also not forced to play the top junglers now.
PrimeTim (EUW)
: so i've just got banned and like most i felt it was unjustified, disagree or agree up to you.
nobody cares what someone else did or not do. **You're** the one banned for **your **behavior. Why you flamed is irrelevant.
ΕνeIynn (EUW)
: LP gain in d4 with 65% winrate is completely broken.
More of this and maybe someday there will be no smurfs who ruin low rank games.
: I think this idea is pretty weak, you don't want to reward players for reporting someone just for rewards. This is the biggest issue, us players will find a way to abuse the system to the point where it just becomes "report because he said frick in chat" and get tons of BE for it. Also, I **THINK** that there has been something similar in place and they removed it. Don't quote me on this. However, a reward for reporting lots of uncommon bugs to riot should give you some sort of rare skin that you can only obtain it through those means, would promote a much less buggy game don't you think?
the thing about bugs is... riot doesnt care. Look at the client.
: Akali has 44% win rate. LET'S NERF HER SOME MORE!
Because shes strong in lcs. Riot balance priority is LCS.
: They already thought about this and even added shield breaking to Irelia's kit for a while (recently removed). Instead they decided to nerf all shield champs into the ground (Janna E now has a 20 second cooldown in early game, and the shield decays over time), Lulu shield destroyed, etc. Those champs are now balanced with around 50% win rate and plenty of counterplay opportunities, they are forced to interact and win lane or lose the game. Lower elo players just need to learn to abuse the long cooldowns. The exception is Lux support, she avoided shield nerfs because she was not really played as support at the time, and is now currently dominating high elo because her W is still totally broken. She has an upcoming prestige skin but once Riot has made enough $$$ off of that you can be sure that Lux W will be nerfed too. If they add shield breaking to items then they need to revert those changes or that whole category of champs will become trash tier < 45% win rate.
{{champion:92}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:518}} shields are really broken. Lux shield isn't so op coz it isnt instant
Chrysies (EUW)
: Yes, and while he is channeling he is standing in the same spot. I hate breaking it to you, but this game isn't about 1 v 1 in some remote corner of the jungle, so if your team can't shut down a simpleton like Yi, you have bigger problems.
Im sorry to remind you, but enemies aren't alone either. Yi does as much burst lategame as a zed, and his kit allows him to dodge most of your burst/cc in lanephase. Yi is never first to engage, but once he does he can 2hit any carry.
Chrysies (EUW)
: Maybe because everything and their granny, has dashes, shields, zero cd, tons of dmg, tons of mitigation, true damage with crit up the ying yang and cc by now. He is literally one of the easiest champions to shut down, because all he has is his Q to avoid everything with.
? he can halve the dmg with his heal. That has to count for something, since this alone prevents him from getting oneshotted, like every other squishy champ.
: as far as i know they don't do it because it encourages owning multiple accounts/ smurfing to some extend. Imo it's a kinda dumb argument but they not providing this feature "technically" makes thing harder so i don't really have a counterargument to it besides the effect it's having is minuscule that it doesn't matter. Back in the day me and my bro used to play on the same PC and it would've been nice to have a logout option to save some time to switch between our accounts but at the same time it's not that big of a deal.
its an excuse. The real reason are costly transfers.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: So people should only play on one server as well? For example, I play on EUW quite often, as a majority of streamers play on EUW.
yes. Thats how they **try **to make money with region transfer.
Furiranda (EUNE)
: Logging out without having to close client? No? Okay..
the client is garbage. There are too many bugs and design flaws. This is just one of them.
: PBE Crashing Bug with Yuumi on any game mode
u thought PBE has their own board/section?
Zaeg (EUW)
: beside calling someone bad. no i dont
I've read a mod post somewhere, he/she said that you aren't given all chat logs, the game takes some games at random and give you as an example. That said, you were flaming both games, and even if you said no banable 'key' words, doesn't make you any less toxic. May i know what your honor level was? Its just my assumption, but unless you get back to honor 2, your punishment ladder doesn't reset, even if your last one was a year ago.
TPK Luffy (EUW)
: not going to lie this does deserve a bann but not an perma bann. i think a perma bann is going a bit too far on this usually people get perma banns for harassing people i dont see any harasment here this is just normal tilt u get when u lose a game. anyways i hope u get your account back and dont do this kind of mistakes again and that u learnt from ur mistakes. though u didnt do much wrong
It might not be his first punishment. I agree, this on its own does not warrant a permaban, so i assume he has 14day ban recently.
Mártir (EUW)
: Bad experience for New players
When i started playing in season2, i didn't even read the chat. The game itself took 100% of my attention, so i had to time to read chat.
Arnpai (EUW)
: Ranked progress keeps resetting.
what the actual fk. That must royally suck
: Game freezes 20 min into game, every game.
i had similar(ish) issues. After starting pc first game would freeze ~15min in. i had to alt+tab+del and close league process. I know for a fact there was an issue with either my cpu or mobo. Idk what was causing an issue, and i have tried everything possible, and nothing helped. I ended up replacing half of my pc, since i wanted to upgrade anyway.
: Yasuo is one of the most frustrating champions to go against outside of Riven (Both are stupidly OP, especially Riven who Rito admitted was OP). Yasuo should not have a shield and double crit chance (Oh but what about Rengar having 3?! True, he shouldn't have 3 either but he doesn't get double crit chance or a free 500+ shield from walking). The fact his Q used to last 10 seconds was stupid but even now it still deals absurd damage. Windwall should not block ultimates, especially if the projectile hits him but he windwalled the opposite direction and somehow negated all damage. His dash needs a longer nerf like Riven's dashes + shield. Too easy to get unnatural dashes or remove his ability to Q while dashing. Ult should only work on his tornados. No Malphite ult, no Shyvana ulting in, no Draven E. None of that should help him. That's not all, Yasuo's in your team will usually go 0/21/0 or go full AP and still end up going 1/18/2 while the enemy has full build at 15 minutes and is pretty much unkillable. TLDR: Ban Yasuo, not worth the headache.
you would just nerf him into smh like aurelion sol. Never to see the light of the day. He needs a complete rework, and not just tweaks/nerfs.
: Last time i'm letting someone play Yasuo in my games
I main malp jungle. I dont allow any yasuos to appear in my team.
Daishar (EUW)
: I just played against Yasuo and like most of them his mechanics were nice but that's it. He had 0 map awareness, hyper-aggressive play style and constant need to find. Their team had a huge lead and we still won the game. I notice that most of the Yasuo players have good champion mechanics but they suck at everything else. Why?
because after playing the same champ for 100+ games its impossible to have bad mechanics with him.
: secret trick to make the game enjoyable
Rioter Comments
: Why ranked is bad.
i've had plenty of people who win their lane hard, and then lose the game because they're doing random shit somewhere, while his opponent is with his team winning teamfights.
Aezander (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Super Hooker,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=1WlIjzLu,comment-id=00000001000000000000,timestamp=2019-04-25T17:43:22.301+0000) > > They can. They banned a dude after i sent some screens. Really ? ... What makes you so certain ? ...
because he stopped playing after playing 10+ games every day. Makes me pretty certain.
Aezander (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Baka Red,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=1WlIjzLu,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2019-04-25T12:46:50.699+0000) > > Yes, I believe you are correct. Even if after reporting such a player via in-game system and sending a support ticket about his behavior, those people aren't always punished with the suspension. I have had this happen twice for me personally (I being the reporter, not the bad guy). IFS ZT system isn't as infallible as many people here believe, but that is what we got and thus we have to live with that. I boggles me that people even today think that the Support Dept. can issue a ban or whatnot. If the Support passes through the ticket info to the Player Behaviour team, you still have to account for: a) You're not the only one submitting reports via Ticket, b) At best, when the ticket gets reviewed by the PB team, you can hope for the Summoner you reported that his flag is manually raised higher in the system, so he is one step closer to punishment, or maybe even anote that this Summoner should skip a punishment step the next time he is reported. You don't mess lightly with a machine learning software.
They can. They banned a dude after i sent some screens.
: If you are entering into a ranked environment you should already have met almost every champion in the game it takes a while to get into ranked especially if you decide to buy expensive champions first One would expect that even if you decided to start ranked with 20 champions you would have played all of them to a fair extent this means that if you played all 20 at least 10 times you would have seen 1800 champions so it's fair to say that you've seen them all by the time you are able to play ranked There are apps that are designed to provide you this kind of information I think if he really does want this kind of help it's best to just download one of those pre-game apps and use it religiously mobalytics proguides etc they all give you info on what your opponent and jungler does and what you should be looking to do with your own pick as well
what does ranked have to do with this? Normals exist, people play normals for months till they unlock ranked. Why is it bad to have this kind of a thing in a normal, so that a new player could familiarize with his opponent. Its not even about knowing the little things. When you start out, you have absolutely 0 clue what each champion do. Giving information like "lux Q snares" is important to them.
: Mid meta for teamplay? [NOT SOLOQ]
i would go for good synergy over meta. But im not dia.
: so you're telling me if he mains a single champion then he's just gonna have to deal with huge counters against him all the time? and he's an adc main, all adcs are similar in atleast one thing. 143 cs at 24 mins in isn't decent, and as i said before, everything can improve. improving map awareness is a priority in every game. you expect me him to play games without knowing how to tell if he's going to get in danger or not?
Hes going for silver not for diamond. counterpicks dont matter in silver 143cs is decent for silver. Even in g2 my adcs do about the same. Last game 35mins, 1 adc got 202 farm, other 171. map awareness comes with time. Practicing it doesn't help a lot. best thing to do going to silver and gold is to reallt MASTER a champion. Then you can outplay even your counters.
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