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Fórsa (EUW)
: Simple logic. If you playing good enough you win ( S,A) - high reward. If you playing bad u lost - low reward. But it's bad system if you playing good and lose.
But that's not the point. The point is you can still get high rank if you play bad. It's a bad system and doesn't truly reflect ones skill with a champ.
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SaddlerPT (EUW)
: Im getting really sick.. I can't play League Of Legends all day long. Tried for several hours, i do everything, flush dns, change dns to google. Im just getting sick. Thank you for ruin my Sunday. Hope Riot fix their servers for European people.. Regards
There are other things besides LoL, just sayin'.
Kendo VII (EUW)
: 26/4/15 Unable to log in
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