: Gold elo
: Closely followed by the Finnish.
Hahaha, they came for ya ;P
: every nation has bad and good people. #stopthehate!
Most toxic players-award goes to french :D
: On my main I received an accumulation of bans and chat restrictions which lead to the permanent ban. What is frustrating as the final straw I believe I did not personally deem to be severe enough to receive the ban, that's my opinion though. I'll post some notable things here which lead to the final ban and tell me what you guys think. "Dude stop fucking trolling, why the fuck are you AFK we can still win" "I'm tired of these c***ts every single game" "I've told you fucking 5 times now stop fucking over extending you have died 7 times now I can't carry people this shit" "How can you be so retarded? I can't be at every fucking lane" "Lol you fucking retard" (i was actually being sarcastic to a friend xD) "Wow 4 people with 40 combined deaths, why do I always get these fucking idiots" "qqqqqqq for fuck sake I was chatting lol, killed by a noob aha" (obviously trying to spam click q while chatting lol) "you're a disgusting c***t, fucking telling people to get cancer" So yeah these were a few things and probably the most "severe". I understand that my language is well, colourful to say the least but there's a language filter. If these swears were replaced by words which were not would I have gotten the ban? I don't think so. Anyhow I don't believe I should have received a permanent ban for things such as this, a permanent chat restriction would surely make sense. What do you guys think? Was I really being that much of a dick compared to other players act in some comparison. It's not like I directly attack anyone, this is a competitive game and it's "normal" to get frustrated, especially when people intentional troll or AFK. Hopefully I will get some people replying who will understand my point and others who will disagree, so if my ban is down to players I probably got stuck with people who can't comprehend the slightest bit of swearing and never been in a situation where they've lost their shit due to frustration, which seems a tad unfair. I have people swearing and moaning all game every game, do I straight away go and report that person? No of course not, this is a competitive game and it's understandable that some people get pissed off and people channel their frustration in many ways, for me it's typing. The only times I actually report people is for intentional trolling or when people directly attack someone by wishing them cancer and stuff like that.
: ever played against a yi or jax with {{item:3124}} and {{item:3931}} ?
Yes and most of the times they were unskilled and thinking they were gods, it was fun destroying them xD.
: {{item:3124}} REMOVE FUCKBLADE ALREADY {{item:3124}} Nuff said.
: Using the Situation to gain more oil and land? I think you are confusing Russia with the US. ------------------------------- Because muslim = Terrorist obviously. Do I have to remind you that the Europeans were terrorists too? Do I have to remind you of the Holy Wars? Go be islamophobic somewhere else.
: Make them flame you and than reprot them. They will get permabanned and this game will have less nabs. [dīvide et īmpera](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Divide_and_rule)
Fathands (EUW)
: Commenting too fast?
That moment riot even manage to screw the boards
: Chat restrictions for being (too?) positive
Now a days everything is considered toxic.
Zenilla (EUW)
: [EUW] Huge spikes (not visible on ping) + Client errors
Same, idk why riot didnt say a shit about it tho, i hope they'll fix it soon.
Charibasa (EUW)
: riot favors na as always
natsu900 (EUW)
: 9th grade interview
I hope it for ya, good luck :D
: Riot, I think the Patch notes is broken. I dont see Guinsoo´s rageblade anywhere.
Riot never answers on posts like this, they just delete it. kappa
: Rads error.. I find something rly interesting about this.
You should send a ticket, i think they can give you the right answer ;D
NikSniper (EUW)
: Can't Undo Items as a Teemo
Guess after all this time riot sercretly hates teemo ;D
: You have 5 seconds
I've seen enough today.
zNabil (EUW)
: What would happen if Riot deleted ALL of the broken champions ?!
Rexarev (EUW)
: Anyone have higher ping after 05.03.2016 (last saturday)?
xTigax3 (EUW)
: Lag still present
Yeah riot is doing some weird shit.
: Does rito still donate the money from jaximus to charity?
Horodrim (EUW)
MrsNiksa (EUW)
: I like to be an asshole in the middle of the game so I tilt the opponenet even more. At least I used to, now I am just too lazy
: "500 ms"
I have fcking 11 ms i always lagg mid game, without reconnect riot what are you doing with your money? because i dont think you use it too improve your shit.
: Hey, blame Rito for making him freelo.
6 wins 0 lost freelo indeed :D
Wukongz (EUNE)
: ***
Just buy a cheap watch, because a watch is a watch.
: Why would anyone ever spend that much on a watch. Kind of pointless IMO.
Lol buy a cheap watch and you still got the money ;)
edy (EUNE)
: Hei bro. You feel it's unfair ? I've been playing lol since the beginning of season 2 ( spent s2 on pbe ). I had a pretty shitty system so I couldn't really play at my best, s3 ( when I started playing on the official servers ) finished gold, s4 finished plat, then I could afford a ducking big monitor which is 3440x1440px 21:9, an ASUS RoG laptop and started to play the shit out of this game. Finally after a season of struggling, I got master. I am always recording my games ( nvidia shadowplay ) when playing without the monitor ( because recording 1440p ) is quite a pain for your FPS. Either way, on the night of 22 november ( after finally ending the season in Master ) I have received the same email. I remember using MKJogo a while back, then used LoL Replay for the games, then I just started using Curse Voice ( removed it when Riot said it's bannable ). Spent around 2500 hours on lol, invested around 1k euros on in-game content, and baaaam, you got banned for 3rd party software. That's how Riot thanks and at the same time shits on me. Just before the email was sent, like 15 minutes before, I just topped up another 75 eur then, went to sleep at 1am, next morning, banned. I still couldn't get a hold of Riot in order to tell me what's happened, they said they raised my ticket, someone replied saying "we investigated and the ban is accurate, we can't offer any details".. So if the ban was accurate, how come there's no details to offer. It's like if they say "we banned your account because you scripted" and you know you didn't, imagine how they will look like. Either way, you must be truly retarded to think that a guy who spent 4 years, 2500 hours and 1000 euros on a game, finished master and would actually use any kind of program that might get his account suspended. Don't worry iTsRik, nobody from Riot will care about you or your thread, as they didn't care until now either. Those support replies are an automated response from some bots, nobody gives a shit there. Either way, I've quit playing lol on a competitive level, quit going for lan parties, quit going on PBE and testing and reporting bugs. Just playing some normals here and there on a friend's account. Just get used to it, Riot doesn't care about you, neither about me, nor the other players. We're just fools that give them money and that's all. They only thing they don't get is that with our money, they've come so far. I witness so many of my friends quitting this game, I didn't yet quit, but playing a ranked / normal twice a week is nothing compared to 2500 hours spent on my main. Good job riot. Good job.
And the worst thing of all, it looks like riot never replies on those posts, they only response on 'happy' posts.
: I miss the time when I could play a tank and actually feel tanky... now it doesn't matter if you have 5k health and 400 armor, {{champion:67}} / {{champion:114}} / {{champion:11}} / {{champion:96}} will still tear through you like tissue paper. I also miss the time when turrets didn't die in less than 2 seconds and you couldn't finish the game off a single ace even when the enemy team has all their inner turrets intact.
: Why do the french get "the most hate" in this game?
French people are the reason feed and troll exist.
: Liked is more appropriate... General consensus was that urf was extremely disappointing after it was rehashed for the second year running... putting out the same thing gets stale and urf really couldn't last more than its first stay before the fun of it wears off. So most people do want it to die off and for riot to do something innovative this year.
So, poro king and one for all didnt dissapoint? you can say what you want but i love U.R.F. you guys are the part of the community who always comlplain, nothing is good enough for you, btw everyone i know loved Urf too idk why you don't enjoyed it as much as i did.
: Can we just let urf die this year... it was fun the first time, and the second was painful to see... the fun factor had worn off leaving just the abusable things (not getting to play because a shen has perma taunted you is not fun...), not to mention it even has its own meta which really ruins it. Riot need to either severely change it so it's fresh or just do something new, urf has died and we should move on to try to drag it back every year.
WTF? are you crazy? if you dont like it dont play it the most people like urf so stfu thank you ;D
ohaiii (EUW)
: no loss prevented. fuck u rito
: Imagine you played a game of football against someone that was extremely one-sided. Normally, handshakes are shared after between everyone on both teams. Sometimes however, people refuse the handshakes, and that's seen as disrespectful or unsportsmanlike. Saying 'EZ' is the equivalent.
At the end it is still a game, someone who says EZ still needs to grow up, if he likes to say it then yeah why not.
: I played Sona in an ARAM not too long ago and I got a warning for 'Harassment: Negative Attitude' after the game, even though all I said in all chat was 'GL HF' and 'GG WP' Then again, I vaguely remember a teammate (not me) saying 'EZ' just after their nexus blew up so that may have had something to do with it.
If a game is easy, that means a game was easy, i dont see any flame/toxicity in it. But well it is just me i think.
Stell (EUNE)
: If the enemy kills me: I'm noob If i kill the enemy : I'm noob ah maaan
And if i go afk: I'm noob xD
Perilum (EUW)
: I get called that regular actually, when I dodge skill shots. I don't get the "joke" part of it. It's the same stuff as wishing cancer.
: k
Hahahaha, Best answer 'k' xD take my upvote Sir.
FoTonS (EUW)
: I've got to say i dont have any problem whit the fact that someone trolls i get that they are title or w/e or plays random crap if they think it might work sure but i have problem Riot not allowing me to trash talk them when i get frustrated by getting same troll 5th game in a row and that they will ban anyone. I would just ban troller from ranked something like 1 Day 1 week till next season? But that is just me...
Yeah its really weird, when someone trolls everygame he gets nothing, but when you are getting frustrated and trashtalk you almost get banned immediatly. WTF riot? But anyways
Maíko (EUW)
: But sometimes flamer aren't really flamer^^ I get often reported for telling my teammates what they're doing wrong. like "don't go alone in an unwarded jungle" or "don't buy magic penetration when the enemys don't have any magic resistance". (some stupid examples) I don't want fo flame or blame them by writing that...i just want to show them what they're doing wrong . I'm Silver 3 so i do alot of mistakes by myself and I'm always thanksfull when someone shows me how to get better. (of course sometimes it happens in an unfriendly way) What i want to say with that is: constructive criticism is != flame and that some player can't see the different between it.
Telling someone how to do something better is not flaming, some people just dont know the difference or can simply not accept that they are bad and can learn new things. I think the people who reported you for tellig them what to do better is overreacting. so dont worry about that since riot wont take those reports seriously :D anyways have fun in the field of justice :D {{champion:17}}
FoTonS (EUW)
: You think it's flame when someone says you wont win 0/3 at 2:47 dies in all lanes tp/ghost boots->boots->boots ends 0/58/1 says '' your momy got aid.s and your same as her life your promo is lost biach '' yeah blaming team more like one feeder courtesy of your gold - diamond rankeds ;) and oh yeah my friends acc got banned he is still feeding nothing happened tnx rito. I'll provide some of my friends screen shots that he has to show how lovely and not frustrating league can be : in like a minute or two we need to upload it :)
You are right, just played a ranked game, we could win but no riven troll afk, syndra adc and more. fck this game man
: League start screen won't appear with patcher
Had the same problem, i just reinstalled the game, if that did not work try to fix the files. If you want to repait the files go to the patcher to the ? right above and click on it and click on repair Sry for bad english :P
Perilum (EUW)
: Go play ranked. Come back and delete the comment. Sincerely Silver
I think flamers are people who can not handle a (for them unfair) lost game, They want to win their games so badly, when things dont go right, they flame their team, because (for them) their team played bad. Anyways i hope in the future things will get better :D Good luck and have fun, The game was meant for fun in the first place :P {{champion:17}}
: I really don't uderstand where are you finding all of those flamers. i play league more or less everyday, sometimes I even go fun mode and play teemo and still I meet 1 flamer in about 20 games who never actualy says anything worse than fuck you feedor or report this person etc. In over 1000 games i have played so far once I had an unpleasant experice of seeing someone wishing death and cancer on to another player. I dunno but I have pleasant flame free games 95% of the time.
You are right too much people are overreacting, Anyways i hope you will never meet a flamer again :D Keep positive, The game is for fun in the first place :P {{champion:17}}
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Why League of Legends is so toxic, the real reason
The community is not toxic, the reason why people think its toxic is because you need your team, and if your team is not that good its frustrating af. People will flame automatically if things dont go well. (sorry for my bad english :P, i believe in this community) {{champion:17}}
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: After about ~45 minutes, it's anyone's game, unless you're down 2 inhibitors and only defending :)
But what about the team who were far ahead but instead of pushing , they prefer objectives, going to the late game and losing 1 teamfight and lose the game? ( it always happens to me :( ) {{champion:17}}
: Jinx Q
Maybe its not from the game but from your keyboard, because i didnt have that problem tho :P
CarryAll (EUNE)
: [Suggestion] Support upgrade for Tear of the Goddess
Eveninn (EUW)
: TIL: how to make a comment toxic. {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}}
XD all those downvotes for teemo :(
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