Rismosch (EUW)
: You can't get any punishments when you are innocent.
I got perma banned for scripting just because I played good
: Rest in Spaghetti, never Forgetti {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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Simbad (EUW)
: Silver 3 player looking for duo partner euw
miguecas (EUW)
Yeah! Let's get Riot to fix more skins, rather than improve the game.
: need 3 people for IP bonus
: Friend of mine had CR. He didn't talk at all and got more CR. He went on to ask support how this is possible. They responded that if you don't talk at all the system WILL NOT DETECT YOU CHANGING YOUR BEHAVIOUR. This means, if you don't talk at all you don't actually get less toxic but you simply hide it from the system. If you want to get out of the CR cycle then talk and be positive, not toxic and blaming.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Yes, and no. Riot is well aware that **everyone** will have a bad day, and will say something we normally would never say. That's being human, and we're not being punished for it. However, the behaviour systems target those who are toxic just for the sake of being toxic, or are having their bad days a little too often. Think about it a little: If a player plays 100 games and is actually friendly and positive in all of these games, but then plays a single game where he snaps at someone and says stuff he would never normally say: does that make him a toxic player? In my opinion, it does not. Lyte has released a lot of numbers about what their research shows, and they work with universities to study human behaviour in online environment. I believe it was around 87% of toxic behaviour you encountered ingame appeared from generally friendly players. People will only get punished for behaviour done in a single game if they are extremely toxic: homophobic, sexual insults, death threats. Otherwise, if it's the more milder "noob", "gg easy": you're not going to be punished for a single time of misbehaviour, as such things would be punished by chat/ranked restrictions, and these restrictions are never based on behaviour done in a single game.
Does that mean all of the occurrences I have had with negative players are just a one off? Also, let's say I got affected by this player and I would get into a new game on tilt and decide to flame. Then the next person get affected and there is now a whole chain of negativity. Is that okay then because it's a one off? I believe no matter what, people should get punished whether it is a one off or not. They should make the system to punish people instantly if they are toxic. This would make Riot seem as if they are not messing about and that people should take them more seriously. Leading in a huge decrease of toxic players, because all of them would be banned.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: It still requires you to have access to Riot's internal data in order to make such a claim. Were they ranked restricted? Chat restricted? What if this was actually the first time ever they flamed? What if they're generally really friendly players who just snapped in the one game they encountered you? Did people remember to report them? How is the report weight of the reporting people? Are the ones who reported these players prone to falsely reporting players making the system not believe in their reports? There's many factors to consider. You claiming that they were unpunished is just simply not believable, unless you actually can check this yourself. Which I don't think you can.
So you're telling me that just because it's their first time flaming or just a one time thing, it's okay then and should not be punished?
: I said it for a reason. I said it implying that in bronze league there is a lot more toxicity and blaming and whining. Especially when you lose a lot and have bad scores, people are likely to target you in particular. You say that a lot of people use the post game chat for flame. I say that a lot of people use it to communicate positively. Neither of us have any statistics or tangible evidence to support our claims other than experience so there's no point in arguing over it. Anyway, to conclude i'd just say give up - you seem toxic yourself, I can imagine you getting out of a game after being carried by your team and going "bg too ez kids suk on deez nuts" or something similar. It's just the kind of person that you come across as. I wonder if you have a chat restriction, or a ranked restriction since you seem to have only been playing normal games for the past 2 or so weeks? Likely.
Again, you are making these assumptions just because of a general statistic. I do finally agree with you when you say "give up". There is obviously no reasoning with you so we should just stop this whole conversation.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: So you have access to Riot's internal systems showing any form of punishment done towards other players?
I don't see them banned is what I am saying. it doesn't take a genius to figure out if they are banned or not.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: If you are thinking of a picture you've taken where it shows that someone is toxic in these chats: that's just proof that you'll find people that are toxic in these chats. It's not proof that Riot does not consider behaviour done there.
Well, Riot has't banned them. Plus it's more proof than you have.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: They've openly stated this several times. However, since you're the one who made the claim that they don't consider these chats; where is your proof?
I had proof, before they decided I couldn't add it because it's breaking the "naming and shaming" rule.
: So by that logic I guess you want to scrap all cars and prevent people from driving because a small minority of people drive dangerously and harm others. That makes about as much sense as what you're proposing with the post game chat which the majority of players use to communicate and not throw around petty insults after the game is already over. You obviously have no intention of communicating with other people after the game so why not just leave the post game lobby or not read the chat at all? Why read something you don't like? Nobody forces you to. All I see are positive things for the most part. Every now and then people ask for reports but that is somewhat rare. I'd suggest you take a break from playing computer games since you are silver 5 with bronze mmr and a 30% win rate. Maybe you're getting angry in game and you're flaming others, who in turn flame you back? Idk.
First off, you have no right to judge me based off of my statistics alone. Who says "you are silver 5 with bronze mmr and a 30% win rate" for no reason? You are obviously getting frustrated and you cannot maintain a normal conversation without getting at least a bit of anger out. Second of all, you have completely misunderstood me. I can tell by your horrible example. I am saying that A LOT of people use it for flame, rather than saying nice things to each other. Lastly, it's not just about me reading the chat. It's about others who do get frustrated and decide to read the chat. Who do decide to flame. I would like those people to be removed from the game because they are just encouraging more toxicity. I am just mentioning the people who ruin the gaming experience for everyone.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > Riot please take these people into consideration when banning toxic people. They do. Chat during champion select, and the post game screen, is considered when an account is reviewed for toxic behaviour. People who claim that these chats are a "free for all"-environment are simply wrong.
Where is the proof?
fabbyyyy (EUW)
: {{champion:20}} +{{summoner:2}} &{{summoner:13}} = disco nunu people now do it when they dont get their role or trying to troll someone. Gross gore get this all the time
That sounds fun. I should try it some day. Thanks for explaining it.
: Disco Nunu
I have no idea what you are on about. So could you enlighten me?
: "communcate, talk about the game" Yeah, no shit the "add button" is for adding people. My point was mainly about instant and easy communication with 9 other people straight after the game. It would be a pain to have to add all 9 other players and invite them all to a group chat to communicate about a fun game and talk to each other. It's very convenient and handy to have the chat feature in the post game screen. Stop being so negative. If you can't find any positive uses for the post game chat then stop using it and leave the post game screen rather than whining about something that is fine.
I don't understand why you are so delusional about this. All I see in chat is "ez", "rekt" or just players insulting others. Honestly, is it worth going through all that just to see an occasional "well played" or "gj"? Also, why do you feel like you need to add all 9 people to communicate with? What are you even going to talk about? Stop being so optimistic. Not everything is great about this game and apparently me trying to fix things just causes more flame and nothing to be done.
: Toxic players are usefull
Your title and your description do not match.
Renascence (EUNE)
: Riot is too stupid to implement a champ select report system which would safely ensure that these people could at least get flagged before you are forced to dodge.
OMG you are the first person I have ever seen on boards that has logic. Thumbs up for the great idea.
: > [{quoted}](name=SuperJaffaCake,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=yMIadEAW,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-08-17T05:42:04.016+0000) > > Why do I get punished for dodging if I get people who straight up instalock a champion, flame straight away or say they will troll? I wish that the time doesn't increase each time I dodge. If I don't dodge I would have pretty much wasted at least 20 minutes because of this person. It's not like anyone else would dodge**. I should get praised and rewarded if anything. I just prevented a horrible game where neither the team or the person benefit from. ** No you shouldn't. If someone instalocks then move along (you know, some people instalock because their PC/connection is too slow to type it and they FINALLY want that position after dozens of trys calling it). Flame can be muted. And trolls? Well, let him play like he wants to in normals and ask him if it's worth his own LP if it's ranked.
Well, I have a bad PC too and I don't complain. I compromise. That's what people should do instead of being butthurt about what role they get. Also, do you really think a troll would care about some loss?
huckasex (EUW)
: when you dodge the troll wins thus you get punished for letting the troll win
So it's best for me to go down with him?
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: Ty for autoloss, RITO
OH GOD NO! Within a few hours Vladmir will be banned for like a week because of this post. They will get their best people to work hard on this issue.
: yeah this is naming and shaming, you need to remove the names, before posting Meanwhile you didn't add your own comments.
About the naming and shaming, I already commented on what the other person said. What do you mean my own comments? Do you mean what I replied to them? If so, then the answer is nothing. I didn't engage in their drama.
: Post game chat is available so that normal people can communicate, talk about the game and add each other so that they can play together in the future.
That's what the add button is for.
: Greetings. You are not allowed to post summoner names of misbehaving players here! Violation of the Naming and Shaming rule can be punished! **Please remove the name(s)** and read the [**rules**](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-en/TELEBnr1-universal-rules). Thank you. >**Reporting Other Players (aka Naming and Shaming)** Please don't report a potentially misbehaving player in these boards. If you see or hear about another person breaking the rules, send us a ticket directly so we can investigate and take action if necessary. We know that players report publicly with the best intentions, but it often leads to a witchhunt, rarely resulting in a positive discussion. We’ll be taking action against players who have violated rules, so please report these players correctly. >Moderators will be looking for the following: - Posts that accuse others of being toxic players in-game - Posts accusing others of malicious activity - Posts that accuse others of cheating or using illegal services - Posts accusing others of trolling in the boards (there’s a report button for that)
I was fully aware of what I was doing. I just thought people at Riot would do something about it and maybe, just maybe, they would get punished. It was too much to ask of me so I remove the attachments.
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12a12b12d (EUNE)
: second picture doesn't show that much unfair MMR . My question is , Are you a very good player ? You have high MMR ? If yes , because that would explain why . If no , guess the enemy team is playing as a party and diffidently explain the first picture .
I'm not sure if I have high mmr. I'm pretty average. I have roughly the same victories as defeats.
Neur0tiix (EUNE)
: Seems match-maked well and balanced to me. -Levels seems equal in both games, if you count them together. -Normal game wins in both games are no more than 3,000 for a team, which is still pretty low category of wins for 5 players. -Ranked stats are different game mode that has nothing to do with Normal games.
I don't understand your logic. How is it fair? You are telling me because 1 guy is lifting the average wins for a team he is suppose to carry the rest of the team?
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: Pick Order: URF
I got a triple with my ez ult across the map. Too bad I can't record anything.
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