: Contact riot support, but unless you've recieved unsolicited bank transactions (via a credit card saved to your account for faster checkout) or mail logins, I don't think there's much reason for alarm. Good luck :)
Well, i don't know about that. If my LoL password has been stolen, what else could be compromised? You never know... BTW: where can i contact riot support?
: First of all you should check if that mail about banning ain't a phishing attempt to get your login data. Double check the sender, make sure it really is Riot Games that send it, and if it's from their support. If after that you're not sure this thing ain't 100% scam, then contact ingame support, but via this here website and not any links provided in e-mail (if you're not 100% sure that email ain't scam).
It is riot. I also check LoL statistics websites: my account regained activity a few weeks ago.
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