: Bit about us, my names Simon, 25 and UK based. Partners name is Amanda and she's 21. We're on a lot, game together stay together etc ^^ but looking to take things a lot more seriously now. Not gold+ but if it doesn't work get rid of us, won't hold a grudge if it starts on that basis. ROLE: ADC NAME: sieZORZ AGE: 25 COUNTRY: UK RANK: S3 PEAK RANK: S1 PROMO2GOLD PLAYSTYLE: Major farmer / good positioning for TF TOP CHAMPS: {{champion:67}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:110}} ANDDD {{champion:236}} (Currently studying GOSU playstyle to improve) My Girlfriend Below: ROLE: SUP NAME: Mrs_Amanda AGE: 21 COUNTRY: UK RANK: S3 PEAK RANK: S1 PROMO2GOLD PLAYSTYLE: Support, wards top priority TOP CHAMPS: All support champs depending on enemy pick if possible.
Sorry, specificly looking for Gold players. I know you might be good despite rank, etc, but I want to get going with players around my rank asap, so not taking any risks with <Gold players right now. Good luck finding a team for you guys, though! I think it's cool that you both play together :)
: ROLE: ADC NAME: COi Mujini AGE: 18. COUNTRY: Netherlands RANK: gold III PEAK RANK: Platinum III. PLAYSTYLE: Aggresive, (farm) Top champs: Sivir, Corki, Jinx. Trist. caitlyn
Çhaòs (EUW)
: ROLE: Jungle NAME: Çhaòs AGE: 18 COUNTRY: UK RANK: Gold 3 (fluctuates). PEAK RANK: Gold 1 PLAYSTYLE: I can't really say without going into a game and thinking about it, but I feel like I'm a bit of everything. TOP CHAMPS: {{champion:60}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:421}} Not playing/Might play, I'm not playing these at the moment but if needed I have past interests and experience with these champions {{champion:154}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:62}}
Shírona (EUW)
: ROLE: Adc NAME: Flan Chan AGE: 17 COUNTRY: Ireland RANK: Platinum 4 PEAK RANK: Platinum 2 PLAYSTYLE: Aggresive Top Champs:Kalista Vayne Twitch Ezreal and Trist
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: how can i add you when your friend's list is full O_o
Deleting some inactive players. Didn't know it was full :p
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Depict (EUW)
: The fact that your ign has "SeXpeke" in it says you're not so serious.
Pretty sure you can be serious without having a serious name. It's not like he's in the LCS or something.
lil vane (EUW)
: do you mind if i copy some parts of this thread, i plan on making a team as well? :p
Go right ahead, if it helps you out :)
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Eni (EUW)
: Strawberry Lulu
Nice job! Wish I could make this :) +1
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