: Did u get an error message saying " Critical error" ?
No, the game simply froze on a single static frame, and I got this exact sound both times: https://youtu.be/sq5ZfOlzfGc?t=33s EDIT: the link has the timestamp too btw.
Rioter Comments
: Please disable autofill
Just do what I do. Look at the timer and see if its unusually high. THEN quit immediatly if it is and queue up again and constantly check if its back to normal
Trekkorm (EUW)
: Flex Queue sees a lot of Diamond vs Silver matchups
This is honestly a nice experience. To play against someone better is awesome
Tiffan (EUW)
: Lighten up. Its just words, its people like you that caused this politically correct horsecrap we have to deal with everyday. If you dont like what someone says, just mute and move on.
Why aren't there more like you? Sheesh, if only we just had less reactive people the world would be WAY more chill.
: Toxicity.
I think you need to realize that people "pretend" to be toxic exist, because being toxic is fun for people. You know why? Because people like you get triggered so easily. Consistently it would prove to be more effective to not react to it instead, I advice you to do so.
: Today I quit League of Legends after nearly 4 years of play
: Sarcasm? Cant tell :< (Sry im used to that just asking if its not)
Late reply but I don't understand sarcasm
: Frustrating yeah But they aint slowing your growth they speed it up by makig it harder -> u learn smth and get better And no u dont need to rage to get good at the game...
Mhmhm, true wisdom right there.
: Why you even read or care about the flaming? do they leave and afk? who cares? next game will be better, i play like once or twice a day, and when this happens, boom game over, do i surrender? No. i train my last hits, i train different builds i even try to win dispite the odds! Have in mind am a nervous person, knowing this, i do not play ranked. Lower stress levels.
My man this is the solution to all problems right here! Preach brother!
: When I'm Your Support....
Mon' it's okay mon' I blaze your soul with my mojo stick mon', blitz ain't but nothin' a robot you gotta stick a bon' in it. Get that negativity out mon'.
Sffc (EUW)
: What kills me is 4 man towerdives 15 minutes in because I'm too zoned to even be able to ward because I know there's a jungler camping the bush and if I leave the turret he's gonna attack me
You gotta sacrifice the tower and just develop your champion like a piece in chess, get things warded and try to tell your support to ward up your lane for you. I'm sure some of us support mains will listen.
meowsuo (EUW)
: I was being sarcastic. How is sarcasm spreading panic? I think you are the one overreacting here comparing me to faschists. And what about what i said is propaganda? I only make sure people know about it. I don't force my opinion upon others or try to make them believe my opinion is right or better. I don't twist information or selectively drop information to influence other peoples opinion. I just spread the word, how is that propaganda? I agree i could worded myself a bit different here but your pseudo opinion about knowing about my motivation is far worse. I also didn't say panic, i said drama, be accurate at least. And my post was to inform people about it and people not caring or knowing is the worst in this situation. If the people who truly want SoloQ don't act up, Riot will just drop SoloQ and tell everyone there wasn't enough interest or something. Maybe you want to think about it again. {{champion:157}} meow
I don't understand sarcasm, It was an example, you said in your post that "Riot is forcing their system on us", most of us who are interested in this game know about the soloq thing, you don't force or try to make them believe but you are trying to make it sound as if your problem with the "trio" was because of dynamicQ hence you do TRY to influence people, has Riot said anything about that they are FORCING this system upon us? Answer is no because this is an answer to the past where people complained about not getting their roles: if you want your role so bad then you will now wait in Queue for it to get it guaranteed. Pseudo opinion???? what in the fuck. Panic can be a symptom of drama, people don't have to care. You seem to have a tension to blame things on the way DynamicQ works, well, fuck you aren't gonna change it anyway since it's a self-fullfiling reason as to why you get "ass pounded". It's actually THE people who influence how well games go, not the system. This gets less common the higher you go, and I'm in the process of climbing so.....inb4getgud {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Adama (EUW)
: Haha lost again. This time I probably played bad. Was xin jung. Didn't really know what to do. Got flamed on hard by mid and bot. I'm about to go apeshit.
What is the name of the account that you are playing on. I want to add you.
Adama (EUW)
: thanks! Just lost another one. I felt like I was playing pretty well this time but a fight at dragon was a huge throw.
If you are reconsidering my offer you can just pm me. I'm more than willing to help a fellow summoner, unconditionally.
: Getting ridiculed and Bullied in a game, Seriously not even funny
First of all, what bracket are you playing in? What are your weakest points in your play from your perspective? What have you played in terms of roles and lanes? How big is your champion pool? What runes and masteries do you choose for said champions? How do you play in lane? Lastly, the most important question of all, are you here to improve or are you here to feel welcomed by people?
meowsuo (EUW)
: Good to hear that you have so much fun playing DynamicQ, then you will be even happier to hear that Riot will probably not release SoloQ because that would maybe mean the end for DynamicQ. Instead Riot likes to force their one and only Ranked mode upon us, DynamicQ, because it's so great for solos and groups alike. Isn't it great to have no choice and be stuck with DynamicQ, i bet it is. In one of my recent games there was a trio in my team and the opponent team. Funny thing though, their trio was mid, adc, supp and our trio was adc and some other 2 positions while i was support. AND...IT GETS EVEN BETTER! They played Lucian and Braum into our Sivir and Thresh and we got our ass pounded so hard that i will have lube ready the next time will queue up solo support. DynamicQ is fricking FANTASTIC. Please...help...me... :'( {{champion:157}} meow
Stop spreading propaganda. I believe you mentioned "not making people" panic in one of your other posts. Don't start making people panic and find reasons to blame, you are like a nationalistic person blaming society's problems on something or some group of people. (a harsh example){{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
Sffc (EUW)
: Please. Please. Please. I don't want to play with 4 man premades in Silver
What you need to do is die less and less. You need to understand what kills you and how you can stop dying. Become the best of your team but don't tell them. You need to learn how to overcome this on your own. Not through asking help from others.
Mepodis (EUW)
: Dyniamic queue is stupid, its pretty much just forcing you to play dynamic only and not soloq. Pretty much the worst thing riot has done with the game imo. Ranked 5s and normal games were enough if you wanted to play with friends. I have no problem with the game itself, its not the actual game thats the problem (idk how to explain it...) but the fact that some players, way better than the others are far below in elo simply cus they are forced to playing soloq, while the others are getting boosted in 4-5 man dynamic queue only. It feels extremly unskillrewarding when others just play awfully and get boosted, while you are forced to rely on random people who spam ''ff pls'' and then go afk 8/10 games.
What bracket are you playing in? The rest is pretty obvious from there. Bronze-Silvers tend to be unforgiving when it comes to how they want to behave. The further you go in this game, the less of this will be seen. inb4getgudm8{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Adama (EUW)
: A little update: When I say I'm losing everything I'm for real lol. Currently on a 8 loss streak accross 2 accounts rip.
Cavalier (EUNE)
: Funny that you mentioned , now listen to this story from my point of view : 1. trading auto attacks with the enemy ad carry never works unless you got thunderlord on bard/thresh 2. minions deal damage , we cant fight them in their minions 3. dont exhaust the GOD DAMN SUPPORT 4. when i picked a hypercarry dont pick alistar or atleast dont look for level 3 dives 5. dont push the lane when we dont know where their jungler is 6. before recall , we need to push the wave , you actually can HELP me push 7. when i use my heal to save you , dont return into them to die 8. when i use kalista's ultimate to save your 10hp ass dont retuern there 9. SIGHTSTONE FIRST 10. buy randuins not sunfire cape 11. buy Locket not Visage 12. but Mikaels not Athenes 13. that 35% AP on bards Q doesnt mean you should buy lichbane second item 14. it actually takes some time to deal damage , "Ezreal 0 damage ... report" in the 13th minuets is unacceptable 15. THROW ME THAT LANTERN 16. dont flash for kills while im still attacking them 17. getting level 3 on leona doesnt means you are 100% ready to all in them 18. in most of the lategame teamfights its better for you to just stay beside me and protect me from their assassins 19. even if we win our lane it doesnt means that you should botlane now , theres always chances of flash engages and 3man dives 20. i shouldnt be GRATEFUL that you picked support and didn't troll pick our team , its a team game and there are 5 roles in every team .
: So we can duo together?
Yes we can duo if you want. But I have my own ways of giving out knowledge aswell.
: How can you help me?
I will show you what you can do to improve on basic stuff like I mentioned. I will give you methology of how you wanna go about this game and I will spectate you to see how you play then draw solutions to your problems. Of course most importantly, I will value the way you feel about how you play, so we can together find improvements.
: Don't forget this is Bronze we are talking about People in bronze thinking capacity is very limited...,.... According to lolking stats, my farming average is 134.2 per 30 minutes, I don't know whether this is good or not
I can help you with improving if you want. At bronze, it's all about the most basic of the basics that you have to learn in order to climb. The advice you get here are only a part of what you need to know.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: thats a long story. basicly i dont like spending time with people more then 5 min at a time, i woulndt say im socially akward, more like less inclined to engage in social activity with other people, ive had freinds and family in the past and when shit get though they show their true colors and scatter to the winds, so ive just decided, for now anyway, that i dont need other people in my life.. its just easier.
Well. My true colors are that I want to help you (I assume that this message was to me since it was 2 hours ago). I won't judge you too hard and I won't make you feel less happy. Just because of that other people make you feel uncomfortable doesn't mean that I will, I adapt to you, not the other way around.
Larry (EUNE)
: I have the same problem while i was winning 60%+ of my games with janna, that fell to 40% maybe less. I changed into offensive support and i get better results. The meta shifts, so tactics that used to snowball, dont really cut it now. Some things i saw from your match history are that you dont build lifesteal at all on your ADC's. Why? It will totally help your sustain more, or at least get hp back gradually from creep waves. I also see that in every damn game you played jax, you build devourer guinsoo's as first item. While this will help you stomp and win early-mid game, your lack of sustain will result in you losing mid-late.Especially if there is no other tank/initiator. I see this many times and it makes me sad, having a 5-1 jungler which goes straight for damage but has 1,3k hp, results in midgame doing nothing with all this farm because the enemy locks them down for 2 seconds and kills them. Your first 2 items must always have some form of sustain,(for example trinity force, gives you a small amount of defensive stats if u ever play jax as a top laner) or if you go for devourer asap, build a defensive item as 2nd item. This will minimize your mid game deaths and transition into late game in your favor.Also if you are losing hard, skip building damage and go for defense. Another huge thing i see, is people who lose on top lane or mid or jungle, still go for damage while their oponent is alot more ahead. Total mistake, even if u get a lucky kill this will not help you win the game or the lane.
Adama (EUW)
: Absolutely zero offence intended, but: You are silver, what exactly can you teach me?
Also, isn't it hypocritical to denounce my offer of help with remarks such as "You are silver" when your thread clearly states you need help? lol
Adama (EUW)
: Absolutely zero offence intended, but: You are silver, what exactly can you teach me?
Reason as to why I am silver is because I haven't had time to reach any higher rankings, I haven't really been so enthusiastic about it but I had the knowledge to do it if I wanted to. I can give you a sample of what I can teach you, basic stuff to start out with. Tryndamere vs nasus. I can teach you how this exemplary matchup goes in simple terms. Nasus doesn't want this lane pushed into trynda because he wants his stacks; common knowledge. Trynda wants the lane pushed into him so he can zone out nasal; also common knowledge. What trynda and nasus can do to make sure they fulfill these win conditions is to "block" the creep with their hitbox, the way you do it is just standing over the creep so that the % chance of each other hitting the creeps and getting the farm becomes a bit less. As we may establish from game knowledge, hitting the champion near enemy creeps will result in aggro which results in the enemy creeps wasting time that could be used pushing and that results in the ally creeps gaining more push. The most interesting scenario is when trynda fulfills his win condition( he will in this matchup go ghost + ignite in order to get all in potential on nasus), what he can do is at lvl 3 all in with a well timed w (which nasus has a counterplay of sidestepping to avoid the slow since he needs to be facing away from trynda to proc the slow) all in the nasus with ignite and ghost, simply destroying him(beware that this has to be around a certain time period since the enemy wave will arrive soon and you don't want to take minion aggro and delay the arrival of the creeps( because you want to maintain the freeze)) and pushing him out of the lane. Nasus may stand in the creep wave of course, to gain some push momentum (even if he is pushed out) towards him. This is however going to be mitigated by the fact that trynda will simply ignore the creep wave(since he will cs down some creeps prior to the all in while still keeping the lane push in favor of enemy side). These are the early game dynamics of ONE of the many matchups I understand.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Adama (EUW)
: In what way? :D
I could help you with climbing and overall just learning the game. I got some knowledge from Dota 2 such as mythology when learning that can be applied to league.
: thats actually helpful, thx, im gonna pass on the offer tho, not much for people, on or offline.
: I couldn't agree more, riot has to remove this crap system or make it so only one role can be selected, ffs just bring TB back, much better than the crap we have now, i have the same problem. I keep choosing jung primary and support sec, i lose so many games because of crappy adc's or because i don't have the runes or masteries for support. i've played 8games today, 8okay? I NEVER got jungle and 8/8 selected jungle as my primary. The system just doesn't works, it's broken
This isn't because of the "shitty system" directly, moreso the player base of lower elos not wanting to pick support which leads to the low amount of players wanting support. We need supports in order to make matches, but because people pick mostly other roles, we are left with this effect.
AngelJay (EUNE)
: Can't get out of Bronze
Become more methodical in your play and learn how things work on a basic level before going into intricacies. Try to master one basic champion, learn the build, learn the counterplays to your champion, become aware of what play style you need to have during the game, be aware of things like the minimap, how well other people do, learn who to focus, watch what people are building itemize. Expand your champion pool and repeat the process so you have a basic understanding on a few champions. Work around the errors you do in both early game and late game by trying to see the "causes" of your mistakes, buy a sightstone if you simply can't keep track of the jungles every appearance on the map and want to feel safe. 800 gold for a sightstone that prevents roughly 1500 gold worth of your deaths to them is efficient. Refine the basics and try to become better at them than any other in your bracket. Most importantly, help other people with moderation.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
MrSnaiden (EUW)
: How do I keep getting teammates who are 5 leagues lower than enemy team for 25 games straight?
: why is it i get matched with teams that are way worse the my own skill lvl...
Don't care about the white knights telling you how you are right about matchmaking being bad. There are reasons for why you can't win, you need to be more methodical in your play. In dota 2 for example, you try and understand your item build on simple heroes to begin with, then you go and try to work on not dying then on how to use items like Force Staff and other things. Then after that you try and understand how counterplay works and what your win conditions are, what people will build against you and how you can be effective. I could tell you more if you want to pm me.
: Calm down Mr I hate religion. Nobody cares that much.
b-but I was told religious people are stupid and now I want to do the same so I can feel like I'm a part of a group! {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: Ahri\Azir montage
It surprises me that you build zeke's harbringer. It's pretty neat.
Adama (EUW)
: Please help me out here, I seem to have become worse or something
If you need help, I could be of use to you.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
IAmWoralo (EUW)
: Ranked feels random
If you need help, I can help you climb. I don't require anything from you other than that you need to be open to help.
: I never said one was forced to get a QSS against Jax and/or Irelia - that's like stating one should get a QSS against all and every champion with any form of CC in their kit, which obviously is nonsense. I was stating the option is there if so desired. As far as champion balance is concerned, I am of opinion that Fiora is terribly designed. Is she balanced? Well her winrate is practically 50% so you could argue she is. Why bother trying to poke with Q and time your W and what not? Because it's a completely different playstyle from playing Nautilus and assuming you're any decent at her you can still make her work perfectly fine. Just a sidenote - Nautilus' passive is a root, not a stun. Similarly, Malphite's playstyle is completely different from Fiora's.
The counterplay to Fiora btw, is to be proactive about how to dodge her dash, you can't reactively just go away from it if you are talking about a "reactive counterplay". There exist counterplay, you maybe just haven't noticed yet.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
mahdix1 (EUW)
: So my teamate says '' gg easy '' ...
Why care for an adc who says gg ez when he is clearly not capable of crushing his games. You will see these people in fewer numbers, although they do tend to happen later on from what I know.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: Why there are so many toxic gamers these days?
Literally, the only thing that decides how much toxicity you will get is: Bracket How sensitive you are How good you are How fast you can mute These are all the aspects of you that decide how much flame you are getting. Flame has been the same ever since s3 onward IMO.
I Am Ravi (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=SvR Ellodere,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=gZmwLEw2,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-03-18T07:13:48.168+0000) > > What bracket are you playing in? I don't play ranked anymore, people flame you for the smallest of things, but I was silver last season.
Sorry for late reply. But silver explains why people don't take the lantern, it's pretty obvious that people in silver bracket usually don't take the lantern. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
xTakeCare (EUNE)
: i know what you are saying ,but i prefer to try to calm them down so the other 4 of us don t tilt ,but when i saw the ,,tree,, line i was like ,i don t want to win this match anymore
Good idea at first, turned into a bad one when you let your sensitivities get to you. You just gotta get the positivity from yourself, tap into it mon! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: well to solve that they could just penalize for false reports i guess , id rather not get to play at all than have to put up with negative people on my team , im ok with my wait time going up , just having him on the other team should be fine and riot can pick the closest player to his skill level and put him on my team .
??????? First of all, who gives a shit about something wishing cancer on somebody. It's the internet.... Second of all, in context of the first thing, stop caring and play the game and have fun without needing someone to be friendly. I can have fun without anyone being friendly to me, hell, I even got people who were angry at each other to play the game and they became much more friendly TL;DR: stop caring about toxicity and get over sensitivities.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: i have never understood this about balance...
Just because something isn't balanced doesn't mean it's not playable, Rengar isn't what he used to be and he is still being played. Pro players just coped with the problem. You don't need to spread drama of "silvers saying my shit is balanced", it's irrelevant. Either play the hero or just play something else.
: What I dont understand is why some champions are really good late game no matter how much they feed. For example a 0/13 Jax and Vayne will destroy anyone at the 40th minute. In my opinion riot games should balance all champions to be equally good. If you fall behind you cant outperform someone who is ahead just because silver arrows or devourer rageblade. Of course its beside the point that the other team was stupid to not end the game before the end if so far ahead but thats another story, since we are talking about champions themselves.
What bracket are you playing in? (we silvers for example, don't have to care about "why?" something is like that). Besides it's all about the strengths and weaknesses of champions, it's totally explainable.
: > "But LoL is team based game" I hat this excuse to RIOT when every 3rd day i see post with proof premades abuse SoloQ players. And every single day you can find proof of solo players being trolly assholes. Does that mean all players are toxic? Hell no, just as not all premades are bad and I honestly don't get how this misconception about all the toxic premades that supresses solo players can still be around. Remember all those threads when dynamic queue was announced about how it will be impossible to play solo? Well, this game is still very much playable and the world didn't end. Idiots are idiots, wether they Q up solo or in groups.
I don't agree on the idiot part. Just that people either don't know what to do in this game about how they play so they try to take it out on some random guy, or another reasoning that they just think it's funny to make people angry by flaming them. but good post {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Endellion (EUW)
: Riot is not your parents, psychiatrists, social worker or anything of the sort, they are a games company concerned with making money. If a person is making an excessive amount of games toxic it's better for them to ban him (even though he might spend money on the game) than put off many more paying customers. Happier people tend to spend more money, and if they are turned off completely for Riot it's throwing potential income down the metaphorical drain. It's up to YOU to improve yourself, Riot is not going to wipe your backside while you make the game unplayable for other people.
: lol I give up one day you will get it, one day
: how am i suppose to rank up when i have afk or troll each and every game
Why do you care. Play to improve and learn basics. If you need help just ask. Ranked isn't about climbing, it's about improving. It's like karate wado-ryu. 90% of the belts you get are because you learned kihon, ohyo gumite and renrakuwa plus some other things in a **BASIC **manner. Sometimes you will get to learn some advanced stuff but it doesn't happen until somewhere like the border between plat and diamond.
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