: Exactly why I fucking hate them. Well, one customer lost. Ihr Hurensöhne (just babbling some nonsense to no one). They do not care for players or people, like all capitalists, they care for money. But I think trolls and feeders are dealt with as well. As they are being banned as well. There is an option for that on the report sheet I guess.
tbh there is an option, but u will hardly prove someone is trolling if he just trolled for like 1-2 minutes in 30 min game. But if someone says 1 bad Word in 50 min, it instantly gets recognized by the bot and punished =). Ofc hardcore feeders/trolls probably get punished, but thats a real minority amongst inting/trolling people. sucks to be toxic these days xD if u really have to, just go follow someone around map for 3 min and take all their cs xD its less punishable than saying "you play bad". This nonsesical part of the system was one of the reasons I made this thread :D.
: I think both have problems, but why jsut report and ban one group? We should ban and report everybody... weo weo weo I feel hurt weo weo weo Now, let's be serious: Flamers are dealt with easily, mute them. There is no need to ban them from the whole game granted they still play with you and do not leave, feed or troll. A chat ban is what is more than enough for chat abusers. You seriously have huge issues if you think you can solve all your problems related to others saying something - I want to remind you of our freedom of speech - by calling for others help. A healthy grown up knows that words do no harm unless youa re willing to let these words ahve value. That means, unless you feel you need to defend your (false) pride about being a noob or do your relatives. Doesn't that show that you are afraid of being a noob? It does. Maybe you fear some truth in being called mean or maybe you do have fantasies about your mum. If so, who cares? Deal with it. Getting back to communication, the bottom line is: words do only harm you if you let them harm you. Why be sad if it is not true that you suck or do your relatives or have cancer? There is no reasonable causality. Your mind is powerfull, it can stand above words. Unfortunately most kids chose to cry and call for help leaving them with bad experiences: "I need to call for help to solve my problems" And words are not even a real problem in competitive games. You can just. Riot should learn to chat ban flamers instead of banning them. And maybe also caring for flamers by giving them real advices instead of writing: you belong to the lowest 1% of scum that feels the need to flame. Those incompetent managers at riot do not realize how they are fostering safe space kids, and how they ignore that some players do know it better and can tell the difference between a noob and an experienced player. So why can't I say you suck?
well riot only punishes flamers so hard cuz they cant really deal with trolls and feeders. Flame is easily proven and easily morally wrong, so by focusing everyones hate towardsflamers it looks like riot is doing something =) Also they have lot of Money from people getting new accs and new skins etc. etc. Riot would be stupid to stop permabanning for flame.
: It is not about whether I feel humiliated when someone like you writes "easy". I am a psychologically stable person, and I give a shit about what **you** throw into my face. The report option is not called "weeeo, weeeo, my feelings were hurt by a flamer"; the report option is called "unsportsmanlike behaviour". And that is all that report is about. No more, no less. When you flame, it is **never about me**. I don't care. Maybe I won't even report you when you type "easy" after a 20-minute stomp where you win 25-2. However, that is what I don't see normally. The funniest things about "easy" I've seen is enemies who write that after a 45-minute game where no turrets stand on either side, and they only managed to be the lucky ones who get the game-deciding ace. ROFL.
its pretty obvious they dont mean it tho, and its just a joke =)
Bosnis (EUNE)
: ***
well thats not the point of this thread tho =)
Wukongz (EUNE)
: 8edgy6me
the 86 right in the face! Nice job, Brother! Thats some advanced stealth flaming tactic!
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