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: Spamming SS ping and normal ping is a form of abuse and flame without typing
There should be an option to mute pings from someone, as well as their chat. I'd press it in a heartbeat.
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: Her RR bodyblocks things. You can literally win botlane 2v2's harder than GP does with his ult. Her waveclear still destroys caster minions and the initial Q's damage is not reduced so it still blows up cannon\super minions, her passive generally blows up anything it procs on and if you don't find success with her clone mechanics then I'm sorry to say you're the problem.
I'm sorry to say any mage/assassin's waveclear oneshots casters ^^ Syndra Q, lux E, Ori Q W, Morg W, just to name a few. Also, bodyblocking stuff in bot lane is very situational. You can block a cait ult or a 4th shot from jhin but really you should just be trying to bait out someone's flash or fake a gank.
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: I myself never found playing her hard, but that's just me. I also liked her a lot when I played few seasons ago.
7 ball ulting was hard with syndra before MYMU but now it's super easy; you have an AOE stun wall on demand, as well as a simple massive nuke (7 ball ult) on demand. It's made Syndra much, much easier to snowball with for the experienced players, and made Syndra easier to pick up and do well for newer players. Just look at the FoTM Syndra players and how they can get fed despite their inexperience.
: @Riot Please, do not take Syndra's balance so lightly.
It sucks having people call Syndra a noob champ because she used to be so much harder... I mained her because I enjoy playing her as well as the extremely high skillcap she had (and still somewhat has, to an extent) but now it's sad that Riot is going through with the -20 damage off her ult. Just revert the MYMU changes and we'll call it a day; Syndra will only be played by those experienced enough with the champ as well as beginners willing to dedicate time to picking her up.
: yea
That's what youre supposed to build to counter her though.... Early on, a Negatron helps miles against her, and late game a zhonya's completely shuts down her ult
Rìveń (EUNE)
: This just started happening to me, however, I'm not getting any crashes, and the taskbar isn't visible. Not the most gamebreaking bug ever, but playing with the hardware cursor really feels awful.
Just got it again yesterday, twice. Yeah it's not gamebreaking but it's incredibly annoying since I can't chat or ping my cooldowns, meaning I essentially have 0 way to communicate with my team without voice chat.
: Yasou is overpowered
Get in line, 75% of the community hates him
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: Muramana is Annoying (+Solution)
+1 On a side note, why can't Muramana be toggled off? and why can't it be used against minions? Would be nice if Riot could revert these changes they made to it some time ago.
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: Ezreal Buffs 6.17
Maybe the old Triforce/BoTRK build? :D
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. It's already considered reportable, and something that can net players Chat Restriction. It's a very clear violation of the Summoner's Code.
It **is** reportable, but it's not like Riot will do anything about it. Unless like, 5 or more people report that 1 person for saying "easy", they're going to walk away without any punishment/restrictions. I have tried reporting a lot of people who say it in my games, but I only get feedback from riot about 5% of the time. :/
: What is your unpopular opinion regarding something in league of legends?
LeBlanc is a really well designed champion and even though she's been nerfed a lot she's fun to play, strong in the right hands, and rewards you for playing good.
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: NERF or REWORK Irelia pls
Just delete Triforce from the game and all will be fine with the world again
Perilum (EUW)
: I want to climb, but looking for a Allround Jungler. The problem is, that every Jungler shines in 1-2 fields only. The major criteria are the following: - Objective - Teamfight - Gank Maybe someone comes up with a unusual jungler, which fits my criteria and I can shock people with it. My major problem is, when I've a teamfight Champ like Poppy or Warwick, my Team can't capitalize. When I pick a strong early gank Champion, my team can't capitalize and I fall of late. Like with Pantheo or Xin. If I've a strong Objective Champion like Aatrox, my team can't capitalize and by myself I'm useless for the rest of the game. Since the summer holiday season begun, I fall from mid S3 down to S5. Because all the Yasuo mains, Ryze release picks and "omg so stronk, why I don't win. TILT" are ruining my games. So I'm looking for the solo carry Jungler.
> [{quoted}](name=Perilum,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=uRdX2BPW,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-08-08T13:13:32.264+0000) > > I want to climb, but looking for a Allround Jungler. The problem is, that every Jungler shines in 1-2 fields only. > The major criteria are the following: > > - Objective > - Teamfight > - Gank > > Maybe someone comes up with a unusual jungler, which fits my criteria and I can shock people with it. > My major problem is, when I've a teamfight Champ like Poppy or Warwick, my Team can't capitalize. > When I pick a strong early gank Champion, my team can't capitalize and I fall of late. Like with Pantheo or Xin. > If I've a strong Objective Champion like Aatrox, my team can't capitalize and by myself I'm useless for the rest of the game. > > Since the summer holiday season begun, I fall from mid S3 down to S5. Because all the Yasuo mains, Ryze release picks and "omg so stronk, why I don't win. TILT" are ruining my games. > So I'm looking for the solo carry Jungler. {{champion:9}} fiddle's your guy. strong early clearing, strong counterjungler, and can take down objectives pretty quickly (as well as decent objective control). he's a god with ganking **AS LONG AS** you are good with vision control; that's where fiddle excels at. if you ult from an unwarded place, at an unexpected time, you've pretty much won. you can try to hide in the bushes of bot lane when they go back; get your support to sweep the bush you'll be in before, then wait for them to come back and start pushing. afterwards you can ult and they won't ever expect it. in teamfights, you're either going to be an initiator or a CC machine; usually a mix of both. the vision control concept still applies; try to ult from a place no one will expect, that isn't warded. either you need to jump in headfirst with your ult, or you can wait for your Sion/Malphite to go in and then ult. CDR is really good on fiddle as he is CC heavy, and so spamming your CC (esp. the fear) to peel for your ADC and get assassins off their back can be really helpful. there's a bunch of guides so if you're ever interested in picking him up, you can read some and hopefully you can start climbing.
: What do you think is the unhealthiest item in the game?
{{item:3155}} {{item:3001}} Instawin lane with this item if you're up against an AP champ. {{item:3152}} Meant to give immobile champs some mobility, instead, LeBlanc, Fizz and Ekko are building it... {{item:3147}} Why?
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SVQ Dayer (EUNE)
: Delete Twisted Treeline [RIOT READ THIS PLOX]
No. No really. No. It's fine as it is. Keep it. If I'm practicing my mechanics with a champion, I go on TT because SR bots are way too easy, and normal SR games will be too hard for me as that champion since everyone there mains their champ and has level 7 mastery while I'm 3rd time Jarvan. Plus, there are still stuff like custom games that people like doing on there. And even if it is underplayed, that isn't a reason to remove it. As long as there is at least 1 person who plays it there is no reason to remove it. Queue times are fine. Before looking at TT's queue times, how about look at the queue times for SR, where people have to wait 20 minutes to find a game?
BlâckLotus (EUNE)
: im stealing this from a riots reply in another thread,when they reworked gp they made his e as a skill to help him waveclear not a skill for him to put barels in bushes and make traps that will take away half of the enemy's hp and slow them to death,i believe this will be the first nerf he is gonna take,it will be something like the karthus q mechanic dealing half damage if it hits more than 1 enemies or smthing like that.
Yeah I hate playing against GP because of the barrel mechanic :/ If he gets picked more often in LCS I can probably see some nerfs coming GP's way because with a coordinated team he is super annoying to deal with.
: 8byte Cybexx here and I join the fight for Icathia!
Ayy, our first Icathian :D Welcome!
Dranzus (EUW)
: Any tips on how to be better at AP champs?
It's a bit hard to know which champs to help you on, but you should start by knowing what type of champ yours is; i'll be focusing on mages but mention some AP assassins and bruiser subclasses. Mages are split up into multiple categories: **Utility Mages**: These mages have a rather simple playstyle; they don't need to get fed to win lane, and even if they're behind, they're designed to do well in terms of utility to your team, who is hopefully ahead. They tend to have high CC, shields/heals, and more utility, with decent damage. Examples include: Orianna, Lulu, Lux, and Karma. **Burst Mages**: These mages have 1 thing: damage. That's literally it; they're meant to inflict shit loads of damage onto either a single target, or an entire enemy team. They tend to not do well when behind, since they need farm and kills to snowball the game, and without farm or kills, they can't get items to keep increasing their damage. They have poor utility, usually with 1 hard CC. They can waveclear pretty good too. Examples include: Annie, Syndra, Lux, (she transitions into a burst mage in the mid-late game, but has mostly utility in the early game), Veigar, and AP ezreal **Control Mages**: These mages focus primarily on zoning the enemy team out, creating several zones which will obviously hurt the enemy should they not respect the zoning potential. They have decent utility, but for themselves. Examples include Viktor, Azir, Ziggs, Orianna, Anivia. **Poke Mages**: These mages have strong long ranged poke, but little all-in potential, making it crucial to poke down your enemy before an all-in. Similar to burst mages, they usually have poor utility and 1 hard CC, but make up for that with the safety of being long ranged. They also have mostly skillshots, so you need to learn how to land them properly if you ever want to master poke mages. Examples include Ziggs, Xerath, Twisted Fate, Ahri. **AP Bruisers**: These mages are able to build tanky, and still deal respectable amounts of damage, either due to high base damages, scalings, or certain effects (Like Brand; his %HP damage melts squishies and tanks alike so he has strong damage, even without building a lot of damage). They tend to have %HP damage as that is what allows them to build tanky in the first place. Examples include: Brand, Elise, Gragas, Rumble. **Duelists**: Just like duelist ADC's and duelist top laners, we have duelist mages. These tend to go top most of the time, so you will rarely see them in mid, but they are worth mentioning. These mages tend to have lots of single target damage, but poor AOE, so they can't kill the entire team but they are incredible good with dueling 1 person at a time. They also tend to have healing in their kit. Examples include Cassiopeia, Swain, Vladimir (Good duelist now, but still questionable as he doesn't belong anywhere else atm), and Ryze. AP assassins are not really worth mentioning. Still the same as any other assassin. Shitloads of damage and mobility, but instead of going AD, they go AP. Mostly LeBlanc, Katarina, Fizz, and Akali. I think the hardest part about transitioning from a heavy right click playstyle to a mage playstyle is knowing the importance of casting spells. Mage AA's have very poor damage, so they are only good in the early game where you can manage to weave in autos. But you want to always focus on casting spells more than autoattacking. Probably the most frustrating part is that there aren't many mages who tend to auto a lot, and the ones that do are kind of hard to pick up (Azir and TF). If you're finding it hard to transition from right clicking to casting spells, play AD casters, like Zed, Talon, and Mantheon. They have similar playstyles to some mages, and since they also cast a lot of spells with little autos, it's a good way to help you understand AP champions better. You need to know which runes and masteries to take, so just search online for that. Item builds are still very much situational depending on what the enemy team has, but a lot of mid laners tend to rush Morello's early on for the mana sustain and the AP. I'm a bit tired now so I can't explain all the items, what they do and when to build them, but if you still need help feel free to add me.
: A Better Tutorial
Whaaaaat? So you don't build Thornmail on Ashe anymore? Edit: I think the best thing to do in terms of the tutorial is to have specific tutorials for everything about League and MOBA's, not just how to move your character and autoattack. (Kind of like Skullgirls tutorial which is amazing for learning about the fighting genre in general) So like: 1- Moving and attacking 2- Casting spells 3- Last hitting 4- Items (and what they do, explained simply enough for new players) 5- Champion classes, their roles, pros and cons 6- Jungling/Ganking/Roaming 7- Pushing 8- Bot lane (ADC/Support) etc. So you would start simple and then move on to more advanced mechanics of the game. It would be a long tutorial, so maybe it could be unlockable after you reach a certain level (Like 6th one would unlock at level 10, when you get smite)
Tawheed10 (EUW)
: good jungle option?
I play elise in the jungle most of the time as she's my safe pick - I can't go wrong with her. She's pretty good atm, might be hard to get the hang of at first but she's pretty fun and rewarding.
: Ezreal uncomtested late?not rly He outshines anyone when it comes to kiting around/poking(prob varus and corli are on equal terms with poking) But hos dmg drops significantly compared to a twitch,jinx,vayne,kog,cait or even sivir/draven
They're hypercarries though -- of course they will have more late game damage, but Ez's playstyle compared to these other carries you mentioned are different. Varus and corki have similar poke, but yes, kiting and poking is his strength. Twitch, jinx, vayne, kog, cait and draven are good in engages, but his engage is pretty meh to be honest, unless you go AP. That's what I mean by different playstyle. Vayne wants to ruin everyone's day by pressing R and 1v5 the enemy team in an engage, while Ezreal can't really do much other than press Q, right click, and sometimes R (as W deals insignificant damage, and E is a repositioning tool, not damage)
McZeddy (EUNE)
: Shaco is unbalanced in the other way, he needs a buff, he really is weak this meta bro.
I dont think he's weak, just that the only people who play Shaco are Shaco mains who would know how to play the champ, and since there aren't way too many Shaco mains, he remains played slightly less than other junglers. He is still a god tier counterjungler and has strong early game, but is mostly a situational pick now (why pick shaco when you can see lee sin for the 600th time in your games today).
InTheory (EUW)
: Most balanced Champions
{{champion:81}} (ADC Ezreal): He doesn't have the best early game, but makes up for it with almost uncotested late game poke. Proper use of his E, and kiting separates bad ezreals from the good ones. He is decent with both dueling and teamfighting if ahead, but his best strength is slowly whittling down the enemy team through Mystic Shots, allowing your team to have an advantage when they begin a fight. He is countered by strong sustain champions, for example Soraka and Sona. He is more of a niche pick than AP Ezreal, being only really good when your team also has other poke champions like Ziggs or Lux. Probably the most balanced ADC, not overpowered or broken, meanwhile he isn't that bad of a pick either. (AP Ezreal): The high risk-high reward alternative to ADC Ezreal, going AP with him gives him insane late game burst damage. Unlike other burst mages, he has to aim *everything*, which is exactly why he is risky but rewards you for landing skillshots greatly. Using E in a wrong way trying to burst someone down could end in his death as if it misses and hits a minion or something, he is vulnerable for the time being. Unlike ADC ezreal, AP ez can burst the entire enemy team down, and so he can either be played as a burst-control mage who spams W and Q, or can be played similar to an assassin (Going in on someone talon style) by blowing his entire load on a mispositioned carry, then leaving as fast as possible without getting caught out himself. He is gated by the same problems ADC ezreal has in his early game -- a weak early due to him being item reliant, and overall not very good waveclear either. All around a very fun champion to play, who has his pros and cons, and demands good positioning more than anyone else -- beginner Ezreals can do just as well as Ez mains, and while his kit is relatively simple, fully mastering him takes a lot of practice as he doesn't press 2-3 buttons to win.
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: A question for staff members !
Riot's stance has always been: Use at your own risk. If for whatever reason Riot's cheating bot finds out there's a script hidden in the skin (either on purpose or not), you risk losing your account.
SSG Goku (EUW)
: Please fix your buggy rating system.
How much have you warded? If you ward less, you're less likely to get an S. Also, focus more on CS. You can farm minions *and* champions. I don't play Draven much, but usually I find the most efficient way to get an S on any champion is to just play well; in terms of farming, not dying too many times, warding, getting fed, and being useful to your team in general (kill participation, objective participation, etc.)
: Azir hasn't burst (DPS), Azir's mana costs are problem at lvl 3, Azir's mobility isn't reliable, Azir's CC isn't enough (we know his only CC, his q and 25% slowing). Azir's early and mid game are so weak against other champions.Azir hasn't kill pressure until lv 6. Azir has a lot problems. I'm saying again.Champion feature isn't balance factor.Master yi hasn't good kit, Aatrox or Warwick but Azir has good kit. Lissandra, Irelia, Viktor, Gnar, Cassio, Orianna have good kits but I'm looking their win rates. Around 47-50%. Riot exaggerated Azir nerfs I'm sure.I agree 6.11 nerf because utility nerf but 6.14 nerf? No way. Azir didn't need damage nerf.Azir's problem wasn't damage.His problem Rylai's cancer slowing and his uility. Edit: As I said.We (Azir mains) need more information.When? How? Which patch? How rework? Why? Riot doesn't give enough info to Azir mains.
Yes, true, he doesn't have burst until late game, he is mostly sustained damage. I think the biggest problem people have with Azir is his early game starting from level 2, where he can summon a soldier on top of the enemy champ, auto once, then repeat, and if they try to escape, you Q on top of them and auto again for an easy thunderlords proc and the damage itself should be quite a lot (35%-40%) for a hypercarry who is meant to have a weak early. Azir essentially has no mana costs; why do you think very few people buy a Morellonomicon on him and instead go for Nashors? That's because if you spam Q and E, you will run out of mana, but soldiers cost very little, and his mana pool/regen is more than enough to keep spamming soldiers without needing a blue buff or even Lost Chapter. Okay, so he's a lane bully. That's fine. That means like other early lane bullies like Malz and Renekton, he can afford to push the wave and get free harass on the enemy laner. The problem then comes with Azir's E, which lets him dash to a soldier. If he uses W Q E it extends the range of the dash. This means that it's very hard to gank an Azir who has his E available, as he can just escape ganks, unlike the other lane bullies I just mentioned, who have little to no mobility, making them easy targets to gank. Then comes mid game, with his immense siege and anti-siege potential. Thankfully his siege was nerfed, but he still has very strong anti-siege with his passive turrets. You essentially are zoned out from an entire area unless you can dive the team under Azir's turret. Add that to the immense zone control his soldiers give him, and he can just keep poking and harassing without a care in the world. late game is his hypercarry stage, meaning he becomes even stronger. At this point his soldiers can 3 shot squishies (especially other mages who can't sustain off minions like ADC's with bloodthirster can). He has just about everything. The thing is, you're comparing Azir's playstyle to someone like Viktor's, or Orianna's playstyle, but in truth they are completely different. Orianna has a weak early game and she is gated by immense mana costs; and while she retains her throne of CC-utility hell, she is terrible at 1v1's until late game, when she can finally manage to 100-0 someone quickly. Azir is strong from level 2 in the right hands, while orianna only has meh harass and shines in teamfighting. Cassiopeia is a kiting duelist, so she is meant to do well in a 1v1 scenario. Her ult can impact fights, but most of her damage is single target, not AOE. Her playstyle is vastly different from Azir's. Another thing is, they will have to rework Azir because he is exactly like Kog'maw. Remember when they kept changing kog for 3 patches in a row, then nerfed in 6.8? Yet he is still a very strong pick because of his stupid late game? That's just because it's not the damage that's wrong with kog, it's his W in general. They can keep nerfing the damage but nothing will change until they completely rework the W, or remove the onhit passive of Guinsoo's Rageblade. Not going to bother talking about competitive league, because Azir's kit is even more toxic there... That's pretty much why they will eventually have to rework Azir. [Also you can read this comment on Azir's kit and what is wrong with him that they need to look at.](
: But champion's feature.Lissandra is good at everything.Irelia too.Viktor too.Gnar too. I don't think champion feature isn't balance factor so Azir isn't fine and he isn't rewarding.
Lissandra: She doesn't have the best mana costs, so spamming Q early on can leave you without any mana (her main damage source costs 85 mana, even from level 1) also, she excels at diving and peeling, but has no reliable way to disengage since you can CC her during her E so she can't blink back. This means she has to commit to diving the enemy team, and if her team can't/won't follow up on her engage, she will die very quickly. Irelia: She's a bit strong atm due to TF changes, but similar to Liss, she has poor disengage and her mobility spell only works on enemies, so she can't dash away unless there happens to be a enemy minion towards where she wants to go. Also, she can be kited with the right champions. Viktor: No mobility (dashes/blinks) at all, and shitty laning phase before his first Hex Core upgrade. Gnar: He's weakest during his early game, where he has long cooldowns. His disengage is also subpar (stun has a delay, his dash has a long CD which might not be up if he uses it to engage as Mega Gnar) so champions with dashes and blinks can use that to keep up with him. He can also be kited but since a lot of Gnars are building Mallet now, it's gotten a bit harder.
Duckimo (EUW)
: LeBlanc Balance Change
LB is honestly pretty fine atm. You need to survive her early game as she has a much stronger early than most champions. She has incredible burst, but it's pretty much single target, so displacements and CC work really well against LeBlanc, seeing as she has to get into melee range of you to oneshot you (unless she's really fed, in that case, sorry for you). If you're playing ADC, someone like Ashe or Quinn work wonders against her, since if you see her use her W, you immediately E her as quinn, or ult her as ashe. She will be standing right in the middle of your team and is a free kill. And honestly she doesn't fall off late game if you can properly play her. She's designed to be a ballistic missile: She destroys one target then she's useless for the next 18-20 seconds. If you can avoid her single target burst, you've won against her. Obviously don't duel leblanc as she can easily kill you. Stick with your team, CC her, and any advantage she gained early game should be lost. I dread for the assassin rework where they'll either make her top tier broken as shit, or completely useless. She is in the best spot she can be right now.
: Riot what are you think about Azir?
He isn't trash at all. Once you can get the basics of azir and know how to drift he's honestly not a bad mid laner at all, even with the nerfs. I can frequently do well with Azir, even though people say he's trash right now. His problem is that he's a huge lane bully for a hypercarry who's supposed to have a weak early game. He's also a squishy mage; mages typically don't have escapes (lissandra isn't mentioned here because liss has a vastly different playstyle than Azir, and also she can be cc'ed). No one likes laning against Azir in general. As so many people are saying: He's too good at everything. Engage, disengage, damage, CC, early game, late game, etc. He doesn't really have any weak points at all, like most champions do. I can understand the concept behind Azir and it really is nice, however he probably will need a rework so that he has more defined strengths and weaknesses.
Melοw (EUW)
: An idea for the new client: Customizable tabs for champion selection.
Sounds like a good idea. You could also make something like "Currently Playing" if you're spamming certain champs. Just so you don't have to scroll up/down to find them and lock in.
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Avalegg (EUW)
: meh, I pass I won't use this function even if it got implemented. Simply because I want to log in as quick as possible and play the game. If I like a certain login screen I definitely pay a visit to the League Of Legends YT channel. Edit: And I guess most of the login screens are linked to some sort of an event and If I set a custom login screen I might be unaware of it.
True, however if this was in there it would be nice if it set the login screen as permanent until you change it again (So if I set it to Diana's login screen, next time I login I'll see Diana's login screen). And Riot can put a "NEW" notice whenever a new login screen comes out (like the Project Ashe one when she comes out) so you would know when a new one comes.
Sarokh (EUW)
: Are you fucking serious?
Yeah I had pretty much the same problem just now. Started a game, client crashed and wouldn't reconnect, so I closed league and reopened, and the client made me repatch. My team remade but still...
Daydr3am (EUW)
: Mastery Points on Mastery 7 Champions
Yeah, it would be nice to see that
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Mini Baws (EUW)
: That champion you HATE
{{champion:67}} on my team, she can't kite for shit, always feeds, tumbles right into the middle of the enemy team, and tries to pull off flashy gosu plays. on the enemy team, vayne presses R and right clicks everyone to death on my team. like a ranged Yi except you can't kill her and she takes a decent amount of skill to play. {{champion:157}} ^ {{champion:19}} Literal braindead champion that takes 0 form of mechanical skill to play. red smite and ult someone to win. Only counterplay to him as a mid lane main is to get QSS as an AP carry. {{champion:41}} I haven't won a single game against GP since I started playing League. And it should be no surprise because of his stupid barrels, that deal shitloads of damage, have 40% armor pen., gives him movement speed while slowing you by 80%, and his free QSS+heal, along with true damage on his passive, and AOE true damage on his ult. Doesn't matter how well or bad I do in lane, GP will always win late game. Only counter to him is having mobility spells, so if you're immobile you're shit out of luck.
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Neur0tiix (EUNE)
: Hey there! First of all, it is not her, it is them. They are two, Lamb and Wolf and we correctly call the champion "they". I recently started spamming Kindred aswell for their carriyng potential. You can literally turn the lost games around which is incredibly powerful. Most of the champions cannot do much when they fall behind with golds, but Kindred are one of the exceptions. If you and your team fall behind, you can bait a teamfight and turn it around with your ultimate, making basically a lot of damage, combos and ulties of enemies completly useless. At start, I was following the usual and most common path for Kindred. AD/atk.speed runes and Fervor masteries. Building AD/atk.speed items. Over some time and couple of games, I realized that I am not really comfortable playing a Marksman in a jungle. Marksmans are supposed to stay safe and be protected. Junglers are supposed to start fights, either by ganking or counter-jungling. Thats when I decided to try to build it tanky. The difference is HUGE. Not in damage tho, your damage actually stays the same, bcoz all your damage is actually razor+marks. Thats is all you need for dealing damage. The rest of item slots you can build full tanky or if you team has some tanks and you not losing hard, definitvely go for hurricane. There is one great thing about that. All the champions that builds hurricane, deals reduced damage from those shots thats spreads. But Kindred applies the mark aswell, full damage of mark, which is seriously too strong. So I tweaked my build a little bit. I changed atk.speed marks for Armor penetration marks. Here is why. With tanky build and 0 marks at start of the game, you cannot really do much in early game, early ganks or counter-jungle. You need at least 2 marks from hunting monsters before you can actually deal some damage. And, it is possible and very easy, fast and safe tho to clear the camp without those atk.speed marks and with good kiting, so whats the point to taking them? I change for Arm.Pen to support my damage in mid-late game since I build tanky the rest of slots. Then I changed masteries completely to SotA keystone and 12 in cunning, but you can put 12 in Ferocity tho. Now for items: 1) First of all, of course, you are marksman, you have this E that you need to proc fast, you need atk.speed. Razor is the best choice for Kindred. No excuses. 2) Then, obviously you need shoes. Usually it goes like this for me: I start with those if my KDA is positive {{item:3009}}. If I fail the early game I buy either {{item:3111}} or {{item:3047}} , depending on enemy team, setup, cc and stuff. When I finish my full build and I still wear those swift shoes, I change for defensive ones anyway in late game. 3) Now the funny part starts. The {{item:3085}} is obviously the best item for Kindred, but keep in mind that until late game, you wont have really many 5v5 battles and in skirmishes in mid-game, people wont always stay near eachother, especially when they notice that you build hurricane. So build it, but dont rush it. Shen+TF with TP summs can actually force you to build it very early, since every fight that starts anywhere on the map, some of them will join it :P 4) I found those 2 items work really awesomely together: {{item:3812}} + {{item:3065}} . Deaths dance is great for you with your Q and Hurricane, much better than the usual BF for self-healing, plus you are a marksman and all you do is kite during the fight. Lifesteal will allow you to do so much outplays to melee champions. Spirit visage is one of the best MR items, it will make yours Deaths Dance more powerful and your ultimate will heal more aswell, but only you, which is exactly what you need. For sure you had a lot of situations where you fight enemy inside of your ultimate. Both of you are on 10% of HP and both of you save yours CDs for best damage output, after your ultimate heals you both equaly. Spirit visage will now give you an advantge over your enemy to win this duel, unless he build one aswell. 5) You have one last item slot left and obviously, we still didnt build any armor. There is variety of options, but I prefer just one for a single reason. I am a Marksman and I kite. Why would I build Randuin when I am supposed not to get hitted? Why would I build Sunfire when I am ranged champion. Why would I buy Thornmail for same reasons like previous ones? Then I found this: {{item:3742}} . It gives you nice armor, chunk of HP and move.speed, which is the best option for marksman, isnt it? Keep in mind that every match is different and I do not recommend to follow this build order every game. I am not usually building armor so late in last item slot, sometimes I have to build it right after I finish razors. Sometimes your team has a lot of CC that you dont even need to heal yourself, you are safe enough by kitting enemies or your team peels for you. Sometimes your team lacks CC so you have to build at least {{item:3022}} for them to slow everyone who gets in your range. Mallet is awesome with Hurricane aswell. And the plays with your ulti combined with {{item:3026}} or Zilean ulti is just so awesome. TL;DR: - You are a Marksman, never ever forget that. - You are also Jungler, whose role doesnt really fits Marksman, you gotta tweak it then. - Your damage is Razor+Marks only, you dont need anything else. - Adapt your build differently for each match. Basically if you winning, build offense, if you losing, build defense. - {{item:1416}} This one if enemy jungler is not threat for you / {{item:1419}} This one if he is. - Use your ultimate wisely. Enemy Katarina or Rengar will cry if they cannot shutdown their first selected target, but with lacks of CC in your team, they will actually deal massive damage to your team, which can sometimes hurt much more than it would if you just let one of your teammates die and kill Kata/Reng faster before he deals this massive damage to your entire team! So be careful when you play with your ult! It is not a toy! :P - Dont risk your life for marks please. It is noobish. Good Luck and Have a lot of Fun with Kindred. They are the most fun champion I ever played over last 5 years. Sincerely, Neur0tiix - Jungler/Kindred Main.
I wanted to ask how is Guinsoo's on Kindred? Does the "on-hit applied twice" passive work with Kindred's passive and is it worth buying just for that?
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: If you play build any combination of midlane AP items + rabadon you will heal the same ammount even more. Does it mean its good build? No. In majority games you will get punish with that. I play Soraka top/mid and don't build multiple ardents or rabadon(s) either
There is a difference between 4 ardents+1 deathcap and full ap soraka the cost for that build is ~15k gold, meanwhile full ap costs ~17k Since a support will get a lower income than a mid laner would then it would be better to go for 4 ardents And even then, in terms of the healing power itself, if you go full AP soraka you're going for damage so you won't be getting Windspeaker's Blessing or Ardent Censer. Since ardent's 15% shield/heal power is currently stackable, you will get 70% bonus heal power, and since her heals scale with AP, you should get ~480 AP which will give you even better healing. It's gonna be changed next patch to become a unique passive anyways so just enjoy it while you can :P
: The Hidden Broken Build. Feat. Soraka
I already saw this post on r/JannaMains and I tried it on Soraka and Janna. You will not be disappointed. You heal an adc for half their Hp with 1 W late game. With Janna you shield them for 800
: Boots can get boots upgrades?
Yes, that did happen with me when I played 3v3 bots, although I'm not sure if the enchantments actually do anything since they were removed and I couldn't buy any.
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