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: Good mornign dear community!
Went to the EU LCS FINALS Rotterdam at saturday and sunday. It was soooo awesome! The crowd, the wave, the excitement, the Febi/draaaaaaavvvvveeeeeennnn calls, just woahh. Saw sooo many Rioters. Bought a Nami figure, poro plushie and a teemo hat. Received a free League of Legends keychain thingy and a "worth" wristband. And saw finally my favourite teams in real life: FNC and OG. Also met some friends > LoL players from other countries, went to eat lunch and dinner with them. We stayed till late night after the LCS at AHOY. Now I'm tired (had to go to school this morning). Had so much fun (whished that those days were longer) hard to say goodbye to my friends XD because they live in other countries, probably we won't see each other for some time but talking ingame ect. Never forget the best moments<3
Naxrams (EUW)
: Tickets
http://www.ticketmaster.nl/event/eu-lcs-spring-split-finals-saturday-tickets/162091?language=en-us&languageSwitch=on Saturday 16th april tickets are still available. Sunday 17th april tickets are sold out. There are some people who want to sell some tickets of Sunday 17th april. You can find the discussion on League of Legends (LOL Esport) Facebook > event> discussions. :)
: EU LCS ROTTERDAM FINALS tickets received?
I have read/heard that Ticketmaster had huge trouble with pressing of the collector tickets. They have send the tickets out at Friday. You might receive them early next week if you haven't received it at Friday night. If you still didn't received it on monday > what Fathands said.
: The end of the world. Can you stop it?
It's almost the same for massive fishing in the sea by countries..... there's no much food left for whales, dolphins, sharks.....even the tiny animals like seastars, shrimps, oysters ect. Planktons are dying because global warming up. Seafood prices getting higher and higher. It's all because money, they want to sell stuff to get rich ect. But the animals have to sacrifice their lifes for us. It was never fair. But how can we safe the earth? Spending more money to safe the earth? To stop people from work because that's more important to help the earth getting better and better?
: Happy depressing day! \o/
{{champion:32}} {{item:3070}} :(
: I can't really ask my question without giving away my Intention v.v "Can it be a sad love story too?"
*Hold my tissues* I'm prepared
Eveninn (EUW)
: [Contest] - Your Valentine's Story!
Have send it c: ( sorry if my english is bad in the story)
: i dont consider that flame, because in the pass when i did flame then i REALLY FLAME i dont consider that flamem and you can't see their chat, or what they did on game...and saying im going to report is flame? :o
Yes, that is flame :( And saying to janna to enjoy her report....is not nice (if you can realise). Even if you're having a bad game, you still need to help your team members.
kiwishrew (EUW)
: Day 69
Just happened to me... Q__Q
: [NL] Support en jungler gezocht (Silver-Plat)
Hey, Ben silver 4 (was gold 2 en demoted van gold 1 in season 5). Main support (kan alle sup champs spelen behalve tahm). Dagen/tijden wanneer ik online ben: vrijdag: 22:00 - 3:00 zaterdag: 23:00 - 3:00 zondag: 22:00 - 3:00 Maandag: 12:00 - 15:00 Ik heb skype/teamspeak (liefst teamspeak). Op zaterdag/zondag/maandag ligt het aan of ik moet studeren voor mijn examens, dus kan zo zijn dat ik 1 van deze dagen offline ben.
Łeft (EUW)
: My friend wanted me to make a short montage of his plays
canablyss (EUW)
: new ranked placement algorythm must be broken
If you were gold then it should be easy to climb out again? I was gold 2 and got placed to silver 4, I won 4 games out of 6 (I don't mind, since I get 30+ LP every game win).
: Placement matches seem to have messed up
I won 4 games.... dropped from gold 2 to Silver 4 XD but well it will be easy to climb.
Wolffer (EUW)
: All most every body in gold got B1
Did you also have had platinum people in ur team and enemy team? o.o (got 2 wins and 1 lose now)
Celtrics (EUNE)
: nope, that not true,,, bronze ppl play with bronze, and gold ppl play with gold,,,, and most of the trollers, flamers and so on are bronze, u know that right? ,,, and it's fuc.king hard to get out of bronze since i got no team to play skyped 5v5 and i'm a solo queuer
me: -end of season 4 > silver 5 > I won 7 games out of 10 > didn't play ranked after that - season 5 > played 10 games > replaced back to silver 5 and reached gold 2 - season 6? who knows.... :o
: I never believe people claiming to be girls in games . Unless its proven like streamer or something .
http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/oOwZszJR-is-it-time-to-reveal-our-faces-again-i-think-it-is-boards-irl-thread A...proof of me? XD (look for my name)
Fajerk (EUW)
: Totally depends if you like they music, because you can't mute it if it annoys you.
You can always go to options and then turning the music off :) (for yourself)
Derifrest (EUNE)
: Has LoL boards turned into dating website? XD {{champion:103}} {{item:3072}} {{summoner:31}}
: A message to Riot..
Ahh I'm tearing up Q__Q{{item:3070}} Riot games= best medicine
Cypherous (EUW)
: I suspect he is part of the "more FPS is better" crowd that doesn't even understand that a monitor is restricted to the maximum number of frames it can render due to its refresh rate and that he could actually end up making his experience worse due to things like screen tearing :P
True, am still sparing for a new monitor XD.....and thinking about to get BenQ monitor but I'm not sure yet.
Takeoff (EUW)
: Share your specs!
Computer: gaming pc (chose my own stuff) CPU: Intel Core i5 4690 GPU: Nvidia GTX 960 2GB Motherboard: MSI H81M-E34 Power Supply: 600 Watt Cooler Master RAM: 8 GB CHASSI: Cooler Master K-380 Advanced 3.0 Red OS: windows 8 64 bit -- AVG FPS: 250-500 Setting: all high
: No offense, but let me give you some advice: Focus on few champions you play really good if you wonna win more! (I have no idea why I even clicked on this troll post, but now it's worth, at least if I was helpful for you)
I've played lot of:{{champion:37}}{{champion:16}}{{champion:12}} in season 4 and 5 Since I wanted to play much better, my friends helped me a lot in one year (after playing on normals with diamonds/masters xd). I can't do ranked if I can only play 1 or 2 champs good ;P If you want to counterplay the enemy then you have to practice every role or champ (if possible) it will be much easier to win the game. As support: I choose always a champ which can prevent hard pokes and giving lots of peels ({{champion:40}}) ({{champion:267}} ) Or is usefull for the teamfight (depends on what the enemy takes) and saving our carry from enemy pokes.
Drakker (EUW)
: Because Girls are better !
Well I'm a girl... o.o and gold 2 atm (got demoted from gold 1 >_<) and main support (can also play all roles well). But can't play a lot those months (but can always play some matches in the weekends, around 11 PM till 3 AM). Most of the days I'm studying. Can play those sup champs:{{champion:40}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:117}} If I have to play different roles/lanes (and champ's which I also play decently) Mid:{{champion:74}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:13}} Top: {{champion:36}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:126}} Jungle:{{champion:77}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:56}} Adc: {{champion:21}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:51}}
MadClown (EUNE)
: It aint easy to climb while maining support unless you play with a duo.I personally hit gold yesterday just by spamming Annie that champ is so braindead broken
Well I carried the most of the matches as support :d.... with: {{champion:40}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:12}} Peels/ roams/ map awareness / wards op xd
: To everyone who says "I dont have support champions"
-Proud to be a main support, and can play all roles xD-
Hemisphere (EUNE)
: Suggestions for new gaming mouse.
This is my mouse: Razer deathadder Chroma http://i66.tinypic.com/kf48lv.jpg Why Razer deathadder Chroma? - I bought this one because it's a bit heavy and not too light. Usefull for movements to play league. - I didn't need extra buttons on my mouse so this one has only 5 (it has 2 buttons on the left of the mouse) - it fits on my mousepad, it slide really fast (in the begin I had to play for a week with it because lots of missclicks by sliding smoothly). - it's not too huge and fits well on your hand (or atleast it fits on my hand XD) I used to play with a cheap chinese gaming mouse (which I had bought somewhere in China) and played with it for 4 years. I never tried steelseries mouses, only keyboards and headsets.
: s6 supports
She still a good sup champion. In season 4 and 5 I used to play her a lot, but imo she's stronger than before (since the new masteries). Right masteries and runes makes a huge difference. I've played some games with her in this pre-season and the pokes are so strong that I end up KS-ing accidently my adc or my other teammate {{item:3070}} Since then I went playing janna or nami instead sona because I didn't want to KS anymore x,D I don't think she need some buff :d since she's already strong.
: Diamond V Ranked Gameplay -Malphite Comeback
A positive mindset :D I like, nice plays with malph btw! And that's how we do it #neversurrenderteam
: Please Riot, Add some counterplay to Annie
Lux, Brand and Fizz are pretty good vs annie. So yeah o.o or well.... fizz is op vs annie in late game.
: Could I become a Pro Player?
I recommend to finish Highschool first (or atleast college/uni). Since you're still young your thoughs can change. Once you end up in the LCS and you play 5-8 years as a pro gamer, it might happen that you can retire or burn-out. So you can have atleast a job with your uni/college diploma (just in case). Febiven (Fabian) from the Fnatic team were at the highschool of my cousin and my brother. His highschool was across or was in front of my Highschool, so sometimes I saw him walking outside 4-5 years ago. He has the same age as me (19 years old). He had finished his highschool before he went into the LCS or as a pro gamer. I always wanted to play as a pro gamers aswell. I have practiced a lot in a year with diamond 5-3 friends. Also I had a custom match ( my team 4 players from diamond) and myself as a gold 2 player (I was gold 1 but got demoted) vs a Master player and his 4 diamond players. And to be honest: We lost really hard to a Master, he carried his team and or the whole game within 17-20 minutes as a toplaner. Even though I have knowlegde of counterpick/ synergy/ counterbuild/ map awareness, but there's way more than that what you can learn. You need experience and skills with every champions and must play every role well. Communication is really important ingame (not flaming{{summoner:14}} and stuff or giving the guilt to your team ect) but like: SS, or ping going back or enemy is coming ect. Never forget to focus and get the right possition in the teamfight. I've played 600+ ranked games and 500+ normal games, maybe if I play this game 4-5 years and reach 7000-10000 played games and might reach as a pro gamer (or not, depends if I still have interest in the future). But right now it's your own choice c: and follow your dream, make the right decision before going pro.
: yeah but money plays a huge roll, i cant afford to try out a uni, pay 1000£ opening fee then tell my parenst "dont like it, enroll my in another one please" life is sooo hard at times
: Should I quit/drop out of university?
Almost got the same situation here =/ I'm 19 years too Have been studying nursing for 3 years (this is my last year and will graduate in april) and never failed any subject. The first year was really interessting, untill I went into the internship and had been thinking: I don't want to do this job forever. However I got my diploma already (my education has 2 diploma's, I'm going for the last one atm). I have been thinking to do other education after my graduation: 4 years study game design/ development But I'm not sure if I can find easily a job with game design/ development. Even though my cousin had studied game architecture and design at the univserity. He's been a teacher in the uni after graduation. I think you have to choose what you really like (you're still young) , it's not too late to choose another education/ study. You should study further if you can (if you quit with your course/ education) and choose the course you really like.
: The one that xPeke uses :D Yeah would buy it, but I heard it has no noise cancellation which is a shame...
: Which headsets/Gaming headsets do you own and use?
I got Steelseries Siberia V2 Frost Blue illuminated special edition. It's very light (not heavy ect), perfect to wear it for the whole day without headache. The sound sounds clearly and good, the microphone works good and other people can hear you cleary and well. There is a mute button on the headphone. There's no noice cancellation, but it works perfect to me. Tip: if you're buying this one, make sure that your desktop isn't far away from you, because the cable of this headset is pretty short (almost 1 meter). http://i67.tinypic.com/2csezir.jpg
: What's your favorite song right now ?
Japanese pop/trance/electro/vocaloid songs :D.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-J57JptoCZ8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jXO4jensdY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SH-_FkyLrg
: What AA would you want irl
{{champion:20}} snowballs :D love the winter<3
: pray for paris you say?
Of course seeing people die hurts a lot. Many people die each day. It was peacefull in EU, untill the attacks came twice in EU (Paris). You don't have to care for paris or other people, as long YOU pay some respect for those who died, who're fighting for peace again. Did you EVER felt how it is to see people die in war? Even it's not soldiers but citizen, they ARE innocent. I've been in Paris/France some years ago. Went there on holiday with friends. I had no worries to go outside. And now? I got terrified. I cried many hours when I saw that news. Sadly we experience what war is in this generation. Knowing how it feels when refugees comes to your country. What if our country will be attacked? I would be worried about my friends and families ect.
: Patch 5.22- The whole world is UNbalanced
Don't have problems with it if you know what to build items, masteries and runes o_o -carrying the team as support-
Elkzahr (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Syronin Melody,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=oOwZszJR,comment-id=0005000100000000,timestamp=2015-11-07T18:00:07.858+0000) > > ehhhh hehe.... o////o > > > -I never wear make-up tho- You look like imaqtpie make of it what you will
Starpelt (EUW)
: Asian people need to be nerfed
I'm asian... and nooo I don't want the asian nerf T____T lol Not every asian is pro tho XD....
: > [{quoted}](name=Syronin Melody,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=oOwZszJR,comment-id=0005000100000000,timestamp=2015-11-07T18:00:07.858+0000) > > ehhhh hehe.... o////o > > [IMG]http://i68.tinypic.com/2cxgw94.jpg[/IMG] > > -I never wear make-up tho- Natural is justice. Oh, I think the context of that quote was a bit different.. Pretty :P
: > [{quoted}](name=Syronin Melody,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=oOwZszJR,comment-id=00050001,timestamp=2015-11-07T17:53:04.689+0000) > > Am too shy -goes to the shy corner- You have to commit! :P
ehhhh hehe.... o////o [IMG]http://i68.tinypic.com/2cxgw94.jpg[/IMG] -I never wear make-up tho-
XIC Wolf (EUW)
: No other faces yet, dont be shy!
: Shy 19y/o boy looking for a FEMALE friend
-looks with a weird/awkward/scared face /)___(\ joke. If you don't turn into a creeper then it's fine XD. Also no need for me to climb the ladder, or well can't duo since I'm gold 5 (hope I can win my match tonight in my promo's to gold 4). you can add me if you want. We can play some normals or something like that.
jakac (EUNE)
: Well she likes to communicate with people and doesnt want to mute everyone just cause they could potentially harass her
On every game/match she should prepare that people can flame ect. Also I think you don't have to explain to your team members about what she got. I think those flamers only care about winning the game (not about mental issues). Muting them is the only way (if needed). Report them after the match if they harrased you or her.
DiiMarko (EUW)
: Any Higher Elo Players Willing to Help a Bronzie Improve?
Well I'll suggest first about: 1. Masteries and Runes builds: this is important for early (or for late) game aswell to do dmg or having lots of armor ect. Depents on what champions you can play or like to play, building the right masteries or runes for that champion. 2. Championselect (counterpick or teamcombo's): easier to win teamfights when you pick counterpicks or teamcombo's champions. Synergy works a lot :3 (to me aswell). I main support and mid. Example: when the enemy picked Lee Sin, I will pick Janna as support to prevent for gankings (when Lee Sin dash into us, I can prevent it by using my tornado/ult ect). Or Alistar, you have to stay in the front of your adc then (in teamfights in frontline), so lee sin can only hit you, you can knock him away. Or picking annie or lissandra because the enemy picked fizz, and much more of course. 3. skills and plays: we might can't play all the champions well, but it's important to master (atleast) 6-8 champions of your main role(s). Making sure you can outplay/poking the enemy while you can focus on your farms, so you got less worries and you don't have to depent on the jungler, so the jungler can help other lanes (if needed). Also playing mid or top, buy lots of wards to prevent getting ganked! 4. Teamfights: make sure you're in the right position. Being split in the teamfights and the enemies are staying as 5....your team might lose the teamfight easier (also focus on the right champion in the teamfights). 5. Feeling you're losing lane or your teammember is losing the lane: gather fast to play as 5 to win the teamfight! 6. Dragon and Baron: make sure you watch the time when they will spawn, so gather there at dragon or baron atleast 30 second to protect the dragon or baron so the enemy can't take it. (Also place a ward there when your teammember isn't there so he can TP to you if he got TP). My experience: I've been playing league for 1 year. At the begin I went practicing with friends in normals or custom (which they were already diamond 4-5 and playing league for a long time). They tough me a lot how to play the game, gave me lots of tips and knowledge (about champions item builds, counterbuilds, teamplay, best warding places ect).
: 9 reports on lee (yes whats the problem, he said this too and did he get banned for it? no) is this mortal combat or teamplay? boy. u are in the wrong game riven (i talk to enemy team mate because he said "1vs1" to our lee. i protect my teammate. WHY U COMPLAIN OMG??? at least lee can play. sry for rage (i said SORRY, why u complain about it??) NOOB??? (this boy called my noob. so i ask "noob???" its like "u call me noob?" WHY U COMPLAIN ABOUT THIS) this team is sh.it not me (its a fact. no flame :)) REPORT VEIGAR FOR PLAYING VEIGAR AT RANKED FIRST TIME (yeah this is a reason to report. were playing competitive level and this guy pick a champ he never played before)
Well I agree with Neonchan. Also the things that you were saying to your team doesn't improve the teamplay (well also to the teammates of your team). It's obvious why you got perm banned. Why would you even shouting/yelling to them. If you played this game for 5 years, you should know this behaviour is wrong.
: Okay so alot of you missed out my point. I didn't mean to say you dont know ppl you can say anything to them. I was saying that when people flame you they dont know anything about you, they don't know your age, looks, mother etc so the words are just some randomly things said at rage.. and thats the point of words are nothing... dont give me a full description of what words are and feeling and bruuuuh comon! If everyone took it personal we should have commited suicide a long time ago ... just how many times in online gaming you hear a dude saying he would fk your mother. And to the guy that said that there are people really sensitive... well they should stop playing and get help FAST! what they gonna do when it happens irl? kill the guy or kill themselfs? I wrote this post because i was suspended last night. First match i got in [blind pick] i said first top, i selected my champ then some dude overpick me and said guess what .. we are 4 premade im top and we all gonna rep you. Then second match i played with some friends so this would not happen again... we won fairly easy and i had blitz and like 9/5/20 something , at the end i just see "youre recent behaivour etc...." okay.... Then third game again with my friends again blitz.... I had alot of fun, and 0 litteraly 0 flame , the other dude in their team said a milion types of ways to play with my mum and i only responded laughing with things like well nobody expected that line waw. why flame?, etc etc. He keept raging and said i should fight him irl and my whole "flame" of that game was "sorry i dont fight pu.ssies thats all", while the guys there were cursing for about 30 mins of the game. I didnt report them since i really dont care about their cry in fact i got more satisfaction that if they would have said nothing. All and good, preparing for the next match talking with friends then BOOM YOUR ACCOUNT WAS SUSPENDED 14 days .... etc " And i said WUUUUT?! And you guys will say well you had some ban chats probably before! yeah i got my nice ban chat last time because i said in one game "DEEEZ NUTS" when i killed people .... and in other when i played darius when i ult i was saying " ANNND HIS NAAAME IS JHOON CENAAA" Thats my plain opinion this is not flame.... People are overreacting and are just full of hate cause they lose or because somone is better. And proves exacly my point. You cant have the freedom to press that toxic button, Because ALOT OF THEM FEEL OFFENDED WHEN THEY ARE LOSING. you can do this TEST! flame and lose = ennemy wont report you, ally will report even if you didnt say a word to them . Dont flame and win = ennemy will report you for anything they can / ally will turn a blind eye to flame towards them if its not hardcore. And why i say we are hypocrite , apart from a small very wierd and sensitive group most people if we are honest with ourselfs get pissed off when outplayed not when flamed and they will try to find an exucuse to try to hurt you how much they can.
If someone flames in my team or the enemy team, I would totally ignore that. If they getting toxic or flaming at me, I always say: I don't care, that doesn't improve how we play, I'm not a challenger. So they stopped with flaming. I also thought false reports won't do anything?
: tbh, riot faces a big problem regarding "flaming". Which is cultural background. For some nations, or even for the environment where a person (age doesn't matter) is having their activity in, cursing and so on might be the norm. Then for such a person, stuff like "you're shit" doesn't look as flame, or even bad at all. Its all a mater of perspective. And perspective is dictated by past experiences and memories. Ok, tbh, a very small amount of people got this problem, but it exists. Maybe the guy above its part of something similar. Or got to angry to the point he needs to vent out right now.
Using cancer is actually not normal in the netherlands, yet people use it a lot here (I'm from the netherlands). Lots of kids/adolescents using that curse word when they have a fight or when something bad happend.
Cosantoir (EUW)
: Did anyone else watch the Finals at a viewing party?
I was at a viewing party in The Netherlands cinema :D. It was awesome! There were some cosplayers too xD. Received a Kalista coca cola cup too :o
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