: Nope they don't, believe it or not but any server can have problems at any point in time.
Any time is not all the time
TeiX (EUW)
: and yet some ppl dont fully ralzie that they are the ones that dictacte where tahm releases them
You don't really read with understanding no? Try attacking with Riven combos when you suddenly get thrown off, get into a teamfight when ur adc is suddenly absent for 1-2 sec which usually means enemy adc is pulverizing your team and destroying your chances for kill. Not to mention its not something you expect so you lose time just by being surprised. yes its a champ with a very easy toxic skills. Dont see the reason of giving trolls more tools then they already have available, especially so easy to use as this
King Cann (EUW)
: :( dragon slayer pantheon maybe next year.
Servers were down for 3 days?
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Renascence (EUNE)
: Do you know why people fail to turn games around? Because they have your shitty attitude. It goes like this: Surrender vote 3-2 because people still have faith -> the 3 people who wanted to force a yes vote (because who gives shit about democracy) start trolling and flaming and playing like shit until the game is inevitably lost. If I want to surrender and people vote against me, I will give it my 100% - just as I gave my 100% the entire rest of the game. UNTIL THE NEXUS FALLS, YOU RESPECT YOUR TEAM AND PLAY WITH IT. The solution is NOT to give trolls stronger voting power - if a 3-2 vote would be enough, there would honestly be chaos. On the other hand, people with your attitude should either learn to stay away from (ranked) games if you have no intention of actually trying as soon as things start going downhill - or get banned for either shitty attitude or going AFK when your team refuses to surrender.
My shitty attitude comes from games WHERE YOU CANT WIN CAUSE TEAM IS TROLLING. Not because someone is doing bad and has a bad day - intentional feeding - going straight for enemy nexus/towers, players buying shit items - 6xbasic sword etc., teammates intentionally trying to out-lasthit you and following you around, using champ skills to disrupt teamfights (ie. Tahm, kalista etc) So don't give your high and might bullshit about how you play till nexus falls CAUSE THATS NOT THE CASE HERE. I'm tired of such trash talk from ppl that don't even do what they preach. Get off you high horse, reality is knocking at your door.
: Oh hell, no! The amount of games I could've won that were surrendered is TOO DAMN HIGH. I don't need it to be even higher, thank you. Just cause people are too lazy to try and win, doesn't mean others are as well.
Unfortunately it is a team game and if people are not seeing sens of the play i do see the reason to continue. How many games have you lost due to trolling, afk, flame vs how many have actually turned around? Can you honestly say that the ratio is even 50:50?
: Most of the votes end with 3-2 because people lose hope too quicky .. yea there are game with flamers, so people are surrending to end that senseless game but then there are games where people are getting stomped and want to end the game without trying ... Comebacks are real in this game, enemy can missplay and voila, from 3-2 its suddenly 1-4, its good that its here .. thats my opinion, thank you
Judging by my meager experience the amount of combacks to the amount of time lost on senseless games not to mention nerves does not justify this. In my history of play perhaps as little as 10% an no more than 20% of the lost games had any meaningful turn or change for not necessarily a win but at least an even match. 80-90% of games are just a waste of time, a waste of nerves and trolls spawning grounds.
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: they said the ally can decide when to leave , so you wont troll :D
Still disrupts teamfight or 2 vs 2 and gets u killed in the process. This is simply the worst conceivable idea for a champ. It works if you play with friends on soloQ its just constant trolling. Not for this community of underage kids.


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