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: You can always write a note to your reports....just write "was trolling in champ select". Correct me if i'm wrong, but i guess Riot logs every "public" the flamer can get punished for that.
Maybe, one of the Support team member said they don't have them, maybe he was wrong, but makes sense, there are alot of champ selects, and keeping logs of it for just 5 minutes or less, it would probably mess with their servers. But it needs to happen, i've seen more toxicity in champ select than in games, and this in ranked high plat, no ideia how someone can climb this high and have a bronze mentality..
: I always screenshot champ select if someone is being %%%%%%ed and then paste the link in the report as proof. Not sure if works but at least makes me feel better.
It does work, but if you keep spamming them at the support team, multiple times a day, they'll probably get mad ahah
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