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im guts (EUW)
: Coach looking for a strong team
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iG Mark (EUW)
: Coach looking for team to improve
Hello!! I sent u a friend request in game!! I am able to play Supp - Top - Mid in order.. i am as well looking for possibilities to improve myself and become better and stronger.. I am italian but very good english (i work an airline company and high lvl of language is required) also skype and proactive mentality for teamplay.. Add me for a chance!!
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: Multi Dia ADC & shotcaller LF serious tournament team & weekly practice. High expectation & amb
100% interested and at your service.. just let me know when u are free during the day.. looking forward to start!
: Lf Coach
Well thx a lot to everyone for the suggestions.. i'll take care meanwhile and i will continue play to improve..
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