WychDocta (EUW)
: P4 Supp lf DuoQ to Climb Ger/EN
hit me up once you reach p1/2 greets
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: You're unlocking stuff faster now though.
Not true to be honest. Like i did explain it takes you a lot more time to "unlock" a specific champ sadly.
Saibbo (EUW)
: >8 LEVEL UPS (roughly 180 Games) you drunk? i played 'roughly' 6 games to level up, even in the worth case scenario where you need to play more games at every level up, you hardly get close to 100 games for 8 levels up... Also you pay 3720 (or something) for a 6300 BE champ if you get the shard from the boxes.
you get about 130X P on average per game. And you need 2.600 XP at the start, this number will increase due to the growth of XP needed per level.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > For 1 Level up you get arround 810 Blue Essence No, you get more. The lowest you can get from a level up is 810, but on average you'll be getting more than that.
Like i said even if you roll up for 1.2k you ll still be worse than the IP system. This new System should benefit the users no? BEcause it doesn t right now!
: 35 Level - 1260 BE 36 Level - 900 BE 37 Level - 900 BE I'm happy with that.
Even if you roll up for 1260 BE you need more hours to actually get the same amount of Value ( 6300 to 7200 compared) If you roll worse its even worse. and 900 isn t too far away from lousy 810.
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: "Strong independent guy looking for submissive female to help him win lane" lmao
Not all ADC´s are male my friend, just saying. Funny thing everybody jumps to conclusions if it says LF Support GIRL everybody loses their mind. lmao
Cloudz1 (EUW)
: hey guys im looking for some aliens to play flex queue with XD you cant be human btw im only intrested in aliens
Well therefore you can go flex queue alone. Unless ofc you ll find some aliens that is :D I wish you best of luck doing so, I already had some girls and guys adding me due to my post. And guess what it was fine ! Have a great shot mate :)
: bro just go get yourself a girlfreind and stop loking for egirls
Like I said you don t know me and I think you should get going with your mindset. Instead of accusing me of second thoughts maybe you could just accept that i prefer to duo q botlane with girls. Aswell if you did pay attention to the other comments you d realise I already wrote I m fine with a guy in duo Q on other lanes too. Also I got a lot friend request by guys from this post too, did I turn them down ? No I didn t, I still play with them too even botlane. So please don t always think in clishes. Think outside the box. Have a good one mate :)
: I dont have bad thought about you, but whenever I see a post about someone looking for only girls, I just want to know a reason why they want only girls :')
Girls tend to be more interested in improving and actually taking advices. Well its just for support i guess. If i played another lane i wouldn t mind playing with a guy.
: Well... trust me, not all girls can play support. Most of them expect to stand behind and do nothing and get carried. There will always be players that understand the game and the ones that dont understand the game.
Like i said its not about a capability of being able to play, to check that out you play some games and look if it fits :D
: Not true, skill and attitude has nothing about being a guy/girl, it depends completely on the individual.
It was just my personal expierence :) Ofc you can have your expierence aswell and i respect that.
Raymaxe (EUW)
: I never thought I'd see someone as desperate for female interaction as this XD
Ahm I really appreciate how people literally start to know why I pick female supports over male supports right? You don t know me why don t you carry on and have a good shot :) Or rather get to know me and get proven wrong of any bad image you might have. Cheers!
: D4 ADC => LF Female Support Gold+
: {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
rly productive answer mate
: You cant duo q with gold And why does it have to be a girl?
well if you have a smurf you can also flex queue is an option :) Why a girl hmm easy answer cause girls play the better support, easy as that. They don t get upset as much as guys about the game.
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