Fuked it (EUW)
: dia 5 mmr smurf looking for support for duo bot (currently gold 3 elo)
: LF Support Team Akuryo
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: Yeah sure, what's your timezone? I might try and get my 2nd account from S1 to G5 too actually
GMT +1. That'd be cool thanks. :)
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: Need lil help with that final stretch to gold
I'm not really a mid player, I prefer Jungle or Support. But I never played ranked much in the past and decided a little late that I wanted to try and get gold. :P I'm silver 1 and in Jungle I mainly play Vi/Gragas, and Support I play Blitz/Thresh/Nautilus
iReizah (EUW)
: looking for a silver duo
Silver 1 support main, trying to get gold before the end of the season. :) Add me or I'll add you tomorrow. :) IGN: TAG HybridWolf
Declined (EUNE)
: It may not mean anything, sometimes when there are new champion releases it messes with the old game modes and they need to pull them out of retirement in order to see if anything is broken, or if some items/champions are now overpowered. For instance how would 5 Kalista's work?
Good point... 5 Tahm Kench? :D
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: The "OMG 12 YEAR OLD KID" syndrome
I was bored so I decided to read this. Should be TL:DR tbh because wall of posts are geat and all... Anyway as a 14yr old guy I've had my fair share of flame etc because of age but think about it this way: if you were in game and there were a bunch of 9yr old kids messing around, acting like...well small children how would you feel? As you grow older you mature (at least you're supposed to) so people who are older and more mature than you are used to a certain level of maturity from being around people their age so they expect that from people in this game. So if they come across someone younger and less mature than them and the younger people act annoyingly, they're going to just assume that all people younger than them are like that. Just my point of view on the matter :) TL:DR it happens, act mature, don't say your age if you think they'll take it badly and generally chill :D
: L4 main supp for duo q
Heyo, I'm a Silver 2 Support main. Struggling to get out of Silver 2 even thought I've been in my promos 3 times. Play mainly Thresh but can also play Blitzcrank and Nautilus. All my duo partners have said on support I'm high gold level.
432 (EUW)
I'm Silver 2, trying to get gold, but I'm much better than the average silver Support (not wanting to hype myself up or be big headed or anything, just from the standard of most enemy supps and what my friends tell me) apart from my warding where I'm about at the right level lol. Add me if you want or if other comments seem more appealing then that's fine. My IGN is TAG HybridWolf
: Can someone get me out of gold?
Do you need a sick note or something?
CallMeBr0 (EUW)
: Looking for a chilled group to join
Hey dude, me and my friends are looking for new people to play with :) Add me or I'll add you tomorrow, :) IGN: TAG HybridWolf
: [EUW] Group of friends looking for more
: Im pref kalista silver 3 looking for Pref Support to reach GOLD !
I also main Thresh :D You can add me if you want. :) IGN: TAG HybridWolf
: Hey I would love to join! I am only level 17 however I play well and will play ranked when I hit 30 I never rage or flame saying oh I lagged or I died because an op champion. I am ready to play almost all day apart from the occasional downtime. I play for fun but also try my best to win. I am pretty easy going playing most roles however my favourite roles are top and jungle. I am Irish and 15 years old. I am kinda shy but if you guys are cool its fine add me if you want my summoner name is the same as my name here, PineAppleKing420. Thanks and good luck in future matches!
Sure, I don't know how well you'll do in our elo but we can no try it out for sure. :D Add me or I'll add you tomorrow :)
Dr Sole (EUW)
: Spam would indicate that it was repeated and irrelevant info :P I do read and personalize my replies... and only reply to those posts which seem as though people would be actually interested :)! Yeh communities do mostly have age limits and you raise a good point, but then often they have greater stability in number and more consistent enjoyment through practices (again with larger number) so you loose some things but gain others I guess:P... Anyhow I'll stop "spamming" your post xD, best of luck finding some peeps to play with and again have an awesome rest of your weekend ^^ S
If you'd actually ready my post, you'd noticed that I said we were ranging from 14 to 18 years old. Your post you linked in your original reply states that you need to be 16+ to join your community. In that case why post here?
Dr Sole (EUW)
: Have you considered a gaming community? At Tactical Gaming we have lots of squads/teams and are always looking for new players :). Check out some info if your interested at: http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/team-recruitment-en/lw0z5meq-tactical-gaming-tg-community-only-awesome-people-apply-ps-everyones-awesome-xd We always encourage friends and groups to join together where possible, adding to our massive family xD! Often we play an array of normals/arams and just have a good laugh. We've also started playing some board games and other community based awesome activities! Would be awesome to see you in the community {{summoner:31}} Have a lovely weekend :) S
You people always have age limits. One of the reasons I don't like gaming communities. The other being they spam on every single boards post.
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: New Voice Comms app (Discord) and friendly server
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MicroBr3w (EUW)
: "Oh, no...."
1) {{champion:238}} 2) {{champion:25}} 1) Because not many people in Silver know how to play vs him if he's good. 2) Because I'm a Thresh main :D
: Looking For Duo Partner and or Team
I'm in my promos to Silver 2, Thresh main. Can't add you atm but feel free to add me :)
: Plat Smurf Adc LF Team/Duoq (Supp). Main Dia Toplaner.
The title was kinda confusing. You're a diamond top lane main with a smurf in plat on which you main adc and you're looking for a supp?
: Random disconnects in game
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WolfChases (EUNE)
: Try it and you'll see. Don't be afraid of him because you got rekt in your previous matches against him...you have just played it wrong. As I told you, all in him whenever his W is on a CD and when you have your passive up, you can YOLO him at lvl 2. Your advantage early game over Zed are: 1. You can crit more often 2. You can use Q more often without loosing anything. 3. You can E to juke him. 4. You can deny his farm with your W 5. You have more AS (unless you have wrong runes) 6. You have a CC (unreliable but still helps) Be careful post 6 if you are equal on items and don't panic, never use your stacked Q to engage with ult because a smart Zed will dodge it with his ult, the best way to ult Zed leaving him with only a PREDICTION that you are going to ult is to use your E>Q combo for a knockup when your Q is stacked, only a lucky Zed will dodge that and once you ult him 1st I doubt he will be able to outtrade and kill you. ------------------------------------------------------ Few more tips: 1. Once Zed ult's you he'll apear BEHIND YOU and mechanically he will most likely immediately E>Q straight after. What you should to at the exact same moment when he appears after his ULT animation goes OFF is to E behind him so he'll 100% miss his Q because by doing that you are repositioning yourself BEHIND him. 2. If you see Zed starting with Brutalizer against you, you can be more cocky, because if he starts with Cutlas, just the activation of that item will destroy your shield so you won't be able to absorb any of his spell damage, basically you will soak his full damaging potential, if he has only Brutalizer he will be forced do Q you to destroy your shield or at least AA you once, and if he gets close for an AA you can Q him easily which deals shit tons of damage early game and you are going to win that trade. If he uses Q to poke down your pasive before the initiation he will most likely lose a portion of his energy and will have a 6 secs CD on Q which will delay his Q. 3. If he's hugging his turret, you can W in front of the turret between your ranged minions and Zed so he wont be able to Q them for a last hit, turret will kill them instead of him. 4. Learn his CD-s: Q (Razor Shuriken) = 6 sec CD and it is possible to reduce its CD only with CDR, leveling a spell wont reduce it so it stays 6 seconds before he gets brutalizer. W (Living Shadow) = 18/17/15/16/14 sec CD affected by CDR so it will be a bit lower after he gets Brutalizer. Anyways, he maxes it LAST so it will be on a relatively long CD until late game when he gets CDR and even than it can't be less than 6-7 seconds or even more if he gets FULL CDR build which is rarely a case. E (Shadow Slash) = 4 sec CD and not going down with a spell level, so before any CDR it will remain 4 seconds. That spell deals low damage early game and wont do any damage to you if your passive is UP but it will slow you so he can Q easier. R (Death Mark) = 120/100/80 and is affected by CDR. He will appear BEHIND you, use your E to dash behind him which makes logic. Also your ult have less CD so take advantage of it and play aggressive. ------------------------------------------------ I hope those tips helped ya :) GL.
Thanks for all the in depth explanations, but for number 1, how can I e behind him if I've already e>q'ed him for the knock up?
: Dutch adc looking for duo que
Thresh main, add me or I'll add you tommorow :)
Codeine (EUW)
: S3 ADC looking for support
Can't add you atm, I'll add you tomorrow or you can add me :).
: [EUW] Silver 3 Thresh Main [105k+ mastery points] LF Voice Comms ADC Duo
: Hey man, im a Plat V vayne main. Currently playing my silver 2 account trying to hit gold, add me if you want to duo: Gleeeniiss, or add ImSooVayne
: My personal problem with Q starts is that you won't be able to do much from it. You most likely still need level 2 for the kill potential. Plus the higher you go the better people will be prepared for it. I already know when the enemy Thresh starts Q because he is missing the Flay passive.
Even if I don't manage to do much from it, I might manage to get the hooked target low enough to either force them to back or kill them at lvl 2 if they stay. And that's true, but in my elo not that many people will think of that probs. At least in my experience.
: > [{quoted}](name=TAG HybridWolf,realm=EUW,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=siBV6Iz1,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-09-13T09:42:33.607+0000) who can hold my own playing Thresh at ~Diamond elo Nope, pretty unlikely. Please refrain of writing such stuff. If you would play at around Diamond elo level you would be higher than s3. (Also 10 wards in a 30 minute game is sub silver for a support). Writing such things just gives you weird looks. Btw, why do you start Q on him?
First of all I have Diamond elo friends that I play with occasionally, and seeing as I'm not much higher than low gold/silver elo on other champs I play Thresh and I win or at least go equal most of the time. As you will probably know even if you do carry your adc you might not be able to carry the game as I have previously experienced. As for warding, that I admit is my weak point and I've never said otherwise. Finally as for q I prefer to start it because most opponents won't expect it and if I get the opportunity I can catch them out at lvl1 when they're not behind their minions because they don't think that they need to be.
: DuoQ EUW (Support Mains Preffered)
bhenner (EUW)
: Silver main adc Lf a Main Support for DuoQ
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WolfChases (EUNE)
: Yasuo wins early game because his AAs are stronger than Zeds and his Q deals tons of damage while being on lower CD and are easier to land, just all in him pre 6 and if you get an early lead he wont be able to kill you that easy even post 6. Few tips: 1. Don't use your Wall to block his Q - its worthless, better block his W E combo since it deals almost equal damage as Q but slows you on top of that, also, Blocking his WE means that you are going to leave him without shadow for straight 18 seconds early game. 2. All in him when your passive is up and before he gets Cutlass and Brutalizer and you are going to win that trade. 3. Dont ult with your Q, when your Q is stacked use your EQ knockup because it's harder for him to dodge and is much less predictable. ------------------------------ Other than that, Yas vs Zed is a skill matchup and literally noone have a upperhand.
Thanks for the advice, I'll try and play like that today and see what happens :)
: Yasuo vs Zed is skill matchup, better player wins.
In my experience (as someone who also sometimes plays Zed) vs Yasuo I pretty much always win because if he tries to knock me up 1v1 I just ult or shadow off to the side. So now that I want to learn Yasuo idk how to counter that apart from predicting the shadow to the side maybe. So basically I'm stuffed until I get good at Yas?
: QSS :D
Yeah, I've been buying it but should I try and buy it before or after Shiv?
: I'm a Zed/Azir main. Basicly, Zed is very vulnabure when his Shadow is on cooldown (Around 7 seconds). That's when you strike. Also if he has pushed up the tower, first Auto attack him a few times, then use your tornado and ult. Uf you're low health under the tower, he will be able to kill you and get out even if he is low health. Maybe check out my thread seeing as I helped you? :D (http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/xBHpgEjA-would-somone-like-to-gift-me-yasuo-for-another-champsummoner-icon)
I always end up pushing when I play yasuo, should I avoid doing that or is that good vs Zed and mid laners in general?
: If you get really good at Yasuo you will be able to deal with anyone in lane. Give it some time.
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: Need help with replay footage
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: Looking for friends/team euw
I pkay with some friends but there aren't many of us, so it'd be cool to play with more ppl. Adding you won't work on my mobile for some reason. Add me :)
: Looking for a premade 5s group
I play with some friends. :) Add me brah
: Looking for a group for 300% IP
You can join me and my friends. :) Add me: TAG HybridWolf
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