: Best of luck with that hopefully they do the right thing if what you are saying is true.
i mean, i do have some proof irl through messages with friends. I have receipts to show i was out doing stuff that day and wasn't on my computer at all to play. I'm sure they could do an IP reader of where my account was logged in on Wednesday (because i didn't log in at all that day and only the one game was played) (and as a bit of extra info, i, myself, refuse to play fiora)
Meltzahar (EUW)
: £1000 on what? skins? Like, seriously? Who is stupid enough to spend so much money on this game?
£50 here and there on event capsules. Fun skins i like the look of. Very rarely 'waste' money on other games and don't waste much money irl. Just pleasantries.
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: try waiting for a while (like 1-2 hours)
So its been 16 hours. I've played normals, dodged a Queue to see if that would fix it, Restarted it, even played a Ranked match to fix it. Nope. Still in S4
: Uhm thanks man and I don't think it's a visual bug, I completed my series and didn't receive the notification for completing it, which left me confused and after checking my profile I was back to 0 LP and still in G4, currently sat on -3 because my client crashed in champ select...it's just one hell of a climb and I have to do it all over again if it isn't fixed {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
Yup, i've tried restarting my Client and even dodging select like other people have advised. It hasn't worked. So i've just played 3 games (because it put me back at the START of my promo's to S3) i lost 2 of them and back down to 50ish LP.... After i already completed AND won 2/3 games in my Promo's. if this doesn't get sorted. Im quitting.
mennyd (EUW)
: Hallo, i posted this on the support thing, and they told me i had a dodge in the select. Thats weard because the game showed me 3 green V. I think we just heave to play promos again haha....
if i have to play my promo's again, then i WILL be qutting the game. Thats BS. I'll try dodging Queue/Select and i'll try playing another. if not, then Tata. Cheers Man ^^
mennyd (EUW)
: Ranked Promo's
So i just had my 3 games in Promo's to go from S4-S3. First one i lost - Going 1-0 the Second game i Won going 1-1 The THIRD GAME i WON again going 2-1. I WON 2/3 games in my Promo's. After winning the third, i didnt get any message saying i went up a rank. When into my Leagues Screen - Saying i've won/done 0/3 games. Is this common? or is there a good reason for me to still be really f*ed off. i Just posted and had the exact same problem. over 2 hours ago, still not silver 3........
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TAKaiser (EUW)
: AP GameStyle/Gameplay/Champions have been kicked from the game.
Im seeing Brand in every game. Im not a big fan of him. Just doesn't do it for me. But yeah, im seeing him in all of my games and they're not doing very well against the AD's (Yas,Zed,Talon) and the ADC' type champs that play in the midlane now (Graves, MF, Quinn) and im also not seeing how Lux is still strong. I've played her in the preseason and building what i normally have, she just has nothing to go against and just gets dominated by everyone. I just think they've gone a bit too far...even after the nerf to the items they had back a few months ago. > it's a cycle dude, one season it's the era of assassins, another season it's the era of mages and so on and so forth. > > season 5 was the season of bruisers and tanks and season 6 is going to be the season of ranged and melee adcs. This is another one of my points. Why do they need to dedicate a whole season (as you're saying) to one type of play style. It just ruins everyone else's playstyle and mains. Its such a bad way to express playing games if you can't play who you want because you're being dominated by the 'meta'. Thats not fun. Thats torture. When that Tank meta came in, i was 90% close to quitting because of how slow and boring the games became. Now is just AD everywhere. I think it might just be an idea to come back when they 'fix' the 'good' things. its like you're Forced to play one playstyle in that season - Just to have fun in the game until the next 'big major change' comes out. Its really pointless. Just let the people have what they want. Thank you for the feedback anyways. But i'll guess i'll have a go at Anivia - Never seen her be a 'strong' playing champ and Ryze - Haven't played him since before his Rework. Might be an idea to see what Vlad is like - I guess he could actually work. I guess it also include the fact that League is just another one of those Hard games to Balance properly.
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