: how does on my way or assists ask your adc wether or not you want to play aggressive... also, i meant that people /muteall when they see toxicity. slight miscommunication there. i probably should have said that earlier, but now you know
Typo on adc didn't realise that was the question. I admit pings can't replace all chat interactions but if the ping system was expanded it could work. Especially at lower ranks where the toxicity is worse and the positive use cases of chat are fewer. Lower rank players are unlikely to be asking their team if they want to play aggressive or not and are more likely to be tilted by a flamer. Higher rank players are more likely to be using chat positively and less likely to be affected by a flamer. I understand that disabling chat may be an extreme measure to remove toxicity. However, the current reformative measures such as bans aren't making as big an impact as they should be, banned players just make new accounts and are toxic to new players instead, therefore, in my opinion, they need to enforce preventative measures which would have a bigger impact on reducing toxicity.
: > [{quoted}](name=TBT,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=eLAUl5fg,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-09-13T22:48:27.137+0000) > > The assumption that most players /muteall at the start of a game is ridiculous its also mostly true. but people like communicating with their team. how do you ask your add wether or not your playing aggressive or not? how about asking for ganks?
You're contradicting yourself, you're saying people are playing with /muteall but also using chat to communicate... That would be an on my way ping and an assist me ping
: so? if they have a brain, they would just disable allied chat too. most players /muteall at this tart of the game anyway
The assumption that most players /muteall at the start of a game is ridiculous, if that was the case then most players would never experience a flamer, which this board proves is not the case. Plus if most players were doing /muteall at the start of games then that would show that most players want chat to be disabled, which would reinforce this post..
: You can literally disable allied chat in the settings. You're welcome.
That only disables chat for you. That doesn't stop the other three people on your team getting tilted because of one flamer
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