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GromGold (EUW)
: Yo is plat ook goed?
Yes maar in andere teams. Dus als je een team zoekt. Ben je welkom in onze clan.
Mr Kuto (EUW)
: LF Serious team
Are you dutch by any chance?
: Im a adc main and im gold 4 !
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: legit sounds like bronze
Silver is horrible too. I had lots of games where one or two of my team mates play 0-10 no wards. Still pushing and then flaming me as jungler that i dont come gank. FUN! Glad when im back to gold again haha
Xyxxer (EUNE)
: Eune or west?
West mate. Sorry See you are on Eune.
iDunk (EUW)
: I really don't get this game
: I want to help a friend
Leave him where he is. It might sound hard. But if he doenst listen he wil get punished soon. Report him every game he is toxic. I have been punished several times now and it helped me alot. If he doenst learn he must feel it. Just stop caring. Like i do in life.
: i actually did alot of this from season 3 to 6 i was an ignorant idiot who didnt take any advice and was a flaming little %%%%% now i actually learned from it by several chat bans
: Why is this in Jokes? That's the perfect description of possibly more than half the community.
: pls read me
That english made me cry and i think it made the whole Riot staff cry too.
Xyxxer (EUNE)
: Gold/plat/dia looking for a team
Hello my friend. I have a team in Oxygen Esports. My team is composed by most silver players but im looking for one or 2 gold players. For communication purposes im looking for dutch people but since thats not always the case i invite everyone. Mid and adc are still open so if you want you can join. If you wanna join tell me. I will add you and put you in the team for some tryout games.
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: turns out it aint league, its my computer blocking connections to certain games, its the same for bnet, dark soul 3 and archeage :/
There is a solution for everything.
Cienight (EUW)
: hahahahah you freaking made my day xD
Hhaha that was the intention. Glad to make you smile.
: I'll try it again
then i cant really help you mate. SOrry.
babikos (EUNE)
: hi
Hi, Bye!
: Deleted fully, i remember restarting cos i went to the park and installed again, nothing, same problem
Hmmmm what did you do with your pc the day this happend?
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=GLurch,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=hBJsWVxY,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-08-27T09:44:17.524+0000) > > Congratulations for your Elementalist Lux skin! > Also, I wonder how many memes the Riot Support has...
Where can i start working at Riot. Do you have job offers? Mabey in holland. I can sure help. Memes are love memes are life.
: I run it in admin mode, a launcher comes up saying ''the client update has begun'', i click launch and nothing, even in admin mode
And dont forget to restart. Restaring is key to make things work.
: I run it in admin mode, a launcher comes up saying ''the client update has begun'', i click launch and nothing, even in admin mode
Try delete the whole game. Restart the pc. Run cc cleaner. Restart again. Install league from the site. Wait until everything is downloaded and you will be fine.
: Apologies m'lord
Apologies accepted. Now stand up and fight in the rift.
: lonely boy looking for someones cute voice :3 EUW
I have a nice deep voice that will tickle your insides. Is that good enough xD
: League client wont work
: Yea 1 of the biggest problems for jungle .. when u gank your teammates don't help
Thankyou kind sir thats exatly the problem. Or they chase to far even tho you already bated a flash.
: used to do that with Trundle ... though it was hard to find a Vayne player who sees their support going Trundle and not freaking out.
Yeah like singed support. They freak out start feeding and trolling while you support perfectly.
Andrey0345 (EUNE)
: Still possible to carry. Playing jungle gives really good potential to feed your teammates even if they are bad. Boosters somehow do climb from bronze with huge winrate?
Ive played in bronze 5 and thats easy. But since i started in silver 5 this season it seems impossible to gank or help any lane bcause if im top and i gank the ally doesnt engage or help at all. And bot starts feeding and loses drake. And when im bot Top does the same. I guess i need to learn alot more guess i dont gank enough. Or i need to master a good champ. A friend of mine told me that i play way too much different champs.
Andrey0345 (EUNE)
: If you have huge winrate, it will start matching you with weaker players (in your team) in order to balance it out to 50/50. So if you are on win streak, it should be harder to play.
Why is that even made that way. I see it should be harder but Bronze 5 mentality when im silver 3. Im not joking that they play really really bad. Push lane with no wards. Get ganked start flaming going afk. Or even intentionally feeding. This joke has made me tilt alot and lose lots of games. Im climbing but soooo slow. Since i was silver 5 4 months ago. And i come from gold 1. So yeah. Its going VERY slow.
: Ranked solo
I recognize this. It happends to me in my promos too all the time. I think there is an algorythm in league. I keep winning 3 games with silver 1 players and even gold and after that 3rd game i get matched with silver 5 or even bronze. Its like they dont let me win. I dont get it. I even rewatch my games to see what i did wrong. But i cant seem to find the crucial problem why suddenly my topnlane thinks he van 1v1 a 10-0 if he is 0-10. Or that the Adc builds tank items. And yes i make mistakes and i rewatch the games to fix that. Like when i go too deep or forget to ward. But common a draven that builds Tank items. Or a toplaner that goes 0-10 even tho i tried to gank. I really think there is an algorythm that tests us if we can carry bronze 5 players even tho we are in promos to gold.
FrØstii (EUW)
: Need help with Nickname
kiwishrew (EUW)
: Could League of Legends benefit from a monthly subscription model?
Dont forget the micro transactions Riot has with skins and chests. Every single thing you can buy with RP is income for riot. And trust me Million of ppl buy RP every day. So yeah if they make a World Of Warcraft based payment they will lose LOTS AND LOTS of income.
: Let's talk about the new champ. I'll start: He's useless.
You could play him perfectly support in combination with vayne. IT WORKS PERFECTLY if you know what you are doing and if your team mate knows it too. Your wall and brittle work perfectly with the vayne stun.
Dazzled (EUW)
: [Mac In-Game] Just Played Against Ornn First Time, Mac Continuously Freezes forcing shutdown
I guess the Ornn update broke down the Mac game. Wait for Riot to fix the problem. Or i could advise to look for a Windows pc since windows supports way more games and way better than Apple. But i guess you play league on a mac because you need it for school or work? Am i right? Just wait for a fix. Riot is working on it.
Vulpine (EUW)
: Sadly you still gonna get champions shard :/ Its not totally useless if you want master some champions to lv 6-7, because you will need blue essence. + if you dont have tones of IP you can reroll 3 shard into new champions.
Like i said i have all champs. I cant reroll 3 shards into a champ anymore. But yes i could use it to make my chogath finally lvl 7. And so Yi. Thankyou for your reply.
The Arcus (EUNE)
: The best idea jet my friend. With this game I can only shorten my life even more.
: > To me it seems That's kind of my point. It seems that way. It also seems that way for me. It seems that way for everyone. However what we perceive and what is actually happening are rarely the same thing. Crunch the actual numbers and you will see that...well...there is nothing to see. And if it turns out you are right and you find actual mathematical evidence for your theory, you would be the first! Internet fame and glory are waiting for you! Your chance ;)
Its a fun game to play i aint gonna spend my time to figure out if there is a mathematical twisted background behind it. If i win its good if i lose cuz of 0-18 it must have been my foult. Thats it haha
: I'm technically silver but I haven't played ranked since S4 so I have no idea what i am now.
: > Why is there this phenomenon that you end up having worse and worse allies until the time that you eventually lose? Why does it always rain after the weather was fine for a while? Because that's just what happens. There is no special rule or system involved that makes this happen, it simply happens because it's bound to happen at some point. In League there is always a bit of luck involved. You have to understand that win streaks are normally not caused by superior skill, but by coincidence. If your win streaks would be skill-based, this would mean that you suddenly became a much much better player. That doesn't happen. Skill develops slowly, you don't become way better in a moment. When you win multiple games in a row, it's because of coincidence. Your skill makes it more likely for this coincidence to happen, but mostly it's still luck. And at some point this coincidence simply ends, which is why you lose again. And about allies becoming worse: That's mostly due to biased perceptions. When you win games, your MMR increases. This means you get stronger enemies and allies. So if your skill might have been superior in the previous games, it's not anymore. Everyone is now as good as you or, depending on how lucky you got with your winstreak, even better than you. This means that it will become much harder for you to "carry" or even to perform well. And since you are human, you are influenced by the fact that our mind prefers to find external reasons for failure over internal one. This means that you won't initially see the reason for your failure in yourself, but in external factors. And the most obvious external factor are your teammates. This effect is causing the phenomenon that players who reach their true MMR (i.e. the rating where they meet equally skilled enemies and teammates and the games are not easy anymore) tend to think their teammates got worse. This perception is incorrect. What actually happens is that the game simply got tougher and people prefer not to see their own lack of skill as a reason for that. > After a winning streak I notice that the average KDA and win rate goes do so much on my allies, while the enemy team has a solid 65%+ win rate. Prove it. Take a big enough sample and prove it. I can guarantee you that this is not true. This is what you WANT to see and maybe, one or two times, this actually happened, but I guarantee you that there is no pattern you will be able to prove. Why? Because there is no such system. There is no secret algorithm that artificially ends your win streaks. It's not necessary, win streaks end on their own. In addition Riot has no reason to end win streaks...why would they? How do they profit from that? You are not the first one to think like this. There are dozens of conspiracy theories about win streaks out there. Not a single person was ever able to prove that this actually happens or at least provide a reason WHY this would happen. And if it would exist it WOULD be possible to prove it easily. The fact that people fail to do so is a clear indication that it doesn't exist. In addition to that there is a lot of evidence that artificial win streak canceling does not exist. If it would exist, elo boosters and pro player smurfs who have winratios of 90% and more would not be possible. TL,DR: The perception that teammates become worse is caused by "self-serving bias" and there is no system that ends win streaks artificially. Riot has no interest in ending win streaks and win streaks end on their own anyway.
It happend to me alot. Mostly when i play 3 or 4 games. The first 3 i play with ppl that play average like me. And go 3-4-6 in lane and toghether we can win by getting barons, drakes and towers. My score in those games are kinda the same just an average score. Not to fed and not feeding. Then the 4th game ( And i swear this happends ALOT!) i get a top that plays 0-14 and a bot lane that plays 0-10. A draven that buys tanky items and a team that picks a teemo support just for fun in ranked. If it happends one time okay no problem but ive been noticing that it happends almost every 3/4 games. The 5th game is the same. I usually stop playing at that point so i dont lose all the LP i got from the first winning streak. To me it seems that everytime i get on a "Streak" and that means 3 games won in a row i get bad team mates. And to be honest this is not just by skill but also Elo. I am Silver 3 atm and i got queued with Bronze 3/2 players for no reason. I say this because the first 3 games that i win my whole team is silver. But it can be i just play bad and i didnt gank enough. But its getting a lil bit too obvious.
The Arcus (EUNE)
: Do you really expect me to be polite immediately right after getting champ I don't know how to play and not being able to change it even though I have 2 re-rolls? This game is driving me crazy.
Uninstall it then ^^ Its just an option you can think about.
: It's just a JoJoke. ;) An anime called JoJo's Bizarre Adventure have became quite the meme on the internet.
Gotta look it up. See you soon with a report and a laugh because i will finally understand the jokes.
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Dujoman (EUW)
: Can't undo buys
The moment you walk out of base you cant undo anymore. Explain yourself more plz so we can understand if this is a game feature or just a bug.
: No no it's an easy mistake to make don't worry about it... it's common to have misconceptions or be unsure about how or why a new champion behaves in a certain when it's the first time this has occured.
Well thankyou. I have to read more in to the champs i have. And with the champs i have i mean all champs. Yess i know i have all champs. Try hard hahaha May i ask what elo you are? Noticing your kind way of talking i would kinda duoq with you i think that would go pretty good.
Perilum (EUW)
: TL;DR 1) Plays since season X 2) Thinks his opinion is therefore more valuable 3) Trash talks game mechanics he can't deal with 4) Rest is nonsense
Thankyou. And also Report the post. It Works. xD Rawr :3
: Who is the greatest Stand user in League of Legends?
I must be living under a stone. I dont get it.
: All player made terrain hit by his E will be destroyed... azir ult is player made terrain thus must be destroyed by his E.... and as ornn can't go through terrain there isn't anything special about this one. The way azir ult works is that it applies a knock back to anything attempting to dash over it... that's why anything that is cc immune (so any unstoppable dashes like malphite ult and anyone with a morg shield on) can go over it without issue. The way Ornn E works is that he will impact the wall but make no attempt to go over it... if he hits player made terrain it is destroyed... as azir ult is player made terrain and Ornn E won't be affected by the knock back as its not going over the terrain it gets destroyed. Forget about logic, cause this is a fantasy video game thus reality and logic will never work when applied here... from a mechanical stand point azir ult is just a wall and Ornn E destroys every wall it hits thus azir ult will be destroyed
I feel so dumb. Must be silver i guess hahah But you are right. Thankyou.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Try this: {{item:2303}} instead of Targon + Sightstone. You have 2 in one, so 1 more item slot free Boots try to build vs enemies. If they have cc then {{item:3111}} if a lot of ad or aa-based champs {{item:3047}} Iron solari is must have on tank supports Thornmail only if enemies aa a lot If they have a lot of crit (adc + yasuo and more) Randuin is better than Thornmail Randuin + {{item:3110}} is super good vs Vayne, Kindred, Twitch {{item:3001}} If enemies are AP and you have AP in team If enemies are AP {{item:3060}} is good for split push lane while you group somewhere else {{item:3109}} is very good on your champs. Bond with fed ally, not always adc {{item:3107}} {{item:3050}} are also good
Is this item still vailable? {{item:3060}} I havent seen it SINCE AGES!
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