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: Looking for members
Hey thanks for the quick response. We are now looking for a top laner and also ADC only. Get in there quick.
samko1025 (EUNE)
: Looking for a team
what rank and role are you?
: i would be down for this
> [{quoted}](name=captain sm1thy,realm=EUW,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=WoEXY2Rd,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-08-22T09:43:48.425+0000) > > i would be down for this KK nice to see you that you are intrested. Is your IGN the same as here?
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: looking from scrims
Make sure you contact me before it is too late. :) IGN: is below TCN Sugarmuma
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ChemiGod (EUW)
: Looking for Plat/Roster Players To Make 2 Teams for E-Sports Community.
Hey I added you in game and would like to talk to you about your post.
: Putting together a mature bronze team (ADC, MID, TOP) EUW 21+
hey I have a plat man account but I have a silver 1 account in rank soloq and unranked in Flexed. I could join and help you improve. I main support but on my other account I play Mid. But i can play pretty much anything. Let me know I could coach you a little and help with macro, game play draft and more. I am 27 and female and live in the UK. Hit me up with you want. I always want to help people in this game that want it. TCN Sugarmuma (main) NBK XloveGunX (alt)
I am a plat 5 support that plays almost anything. you can add me if you want.
: looking for friendly players to get better at game and have fun
I can help a little bit but its better to do it in ranked games. what role do you play?
Lukisha (EUNE)
: Looking for plat duo partner
I have a EUNE account as well ATM gold 1
Lukisha (EUNE)
: Looking for plat duo partner
I am a support main in plat if you want to play
: D5 Jungle main LF ppl to smurf in silver.
hey I have a silver account I can smurf on. I am a plat support player? You want to duo on main as well. I am looking for a duo to get it diamond.
Its Eîppa (EUNE)
: Platinum 2 Jungler LF duoQ
Hey I am a Plat 5 support you want to duo?
bloodhore (EUW)
: if ur plat4+ we can
I just lost my plat 4 promo twice as my MMR is like Plat 2 so I keep getting put up against plat 2 to diamond 4 which sucks
bloodhore (EUW)
: ADC LF SUPP (Diamond V)
hey you want to play some games together? I don't know if we can duoq?
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: Looking to build a team [Gold-Plat]
> [{quoted}](name=Glacies Nebula,realm=EUW,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=FEfEJGaR,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-07-19T06:06:12.234+0000) > > Hi there guys, I've took a long break from League for the entirety of Season 6, and have returned to Season 7 with a renewed interest, and, from Season 4-5, my favourite thing to do, was play 5's and play in a team enviroment. I was reluctant to start up again with the Flex system being different now than before and adding restrictions compared to the old team system, but I am really craving to build a team now and play in a team enviroment again, so I thought I'd give this a shot. > > I am currently a Gold 3 ranked mid lane main, although my stats for Season 6 and the beginning of season 7 are completely off. > > I have had lots of experience playing in teams before, so I'd like to outline a few things as a kind of "Requirements thing": > > I'd like for you to be friendly, to not flame, or get unnecessarily angry at losses, or close games. I know how it feels to get irritated with the game sometimes, and everyone can have a degree of salt sometimes and tilt, I understand, but I'd like to not create a negative team enviroment so I'd like for everyone to avoid arguments, so that everyone can enjoy themselves and maximise the fun. > > I'd like for you to be between Gold and Plat in Solo queue, though not higher than gold in Flex, this is because I have really not played much Flex this season outside of my placements, and was placed in Silver, so unfortunately this would mean we can't play together. > > I'd like for you to have a Discord, and speak English to a moderate level. It doesn't matter if it's flawless or anything, it's just to overcome the European language barrier and be able to communicate well and to have a working microphone to accomodate this. > > Lastly, I'd like for you to be adaptive and willing to improve in a fun competitive enviroment. > > Those are all for requirements, I know they suck to line out, but I feel it's the best way to create a good team, to have a few guidelines. If you've been able to put up with my rambling post and sound interested, then please fill out the form below, it's a very short form, just basically asking a few questions, and then I will add you on League and we can play some together! > > > > Looking forward to hearing and playing from you guys! Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions! Hey I saw your post. I am a plat 5 support/mid lanner. I would be happy to play some games with you.

TCN Sugarmuma

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