: Created new acc, Riot recommended me to pick Yuumi mid
when riot turns into a chinese company.. bet riot supporters will comment with ' yuumi is a really good mid champ if u can play her right ' and will downvote this
: Good thing you changed your password, he might not have thought you were playing. Dont ever give out your password. It doesnt matter if he's a close friend, it's really risky and could cause you to loose your account. I dont think you should be worried but make sure to change your email password aswell just to be on the safe side. Keep your passwords stored somewhere safe, so you can always remember them. {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
lmao idiot. why shouldnt i trust a really good friend i know inreal life? if he tries to steal my account i can just go to his house rofl
: I'm considering leaving LoL forever because of Toxicity and Harassment
lmao. if you cant handle getting insulted on chats then %%%%in throw your whole device away. toxic people are everywhere every chat. how can you even get hurt by getting flamed on a game i dont understand
: I did read the chatlog, and it had this : > Vlad To Kill You: you get replay submited to riot Vlad To Kill You: for abusing the support role And > Vlad To Kill You: i may be mad Vlad To Kill You: but you will get banned for how you talk And : > Vlad To Kill You: the only one who loss is you your account if you share this behaviour again Vlad To Kill You: you can be 100 % sure that i ask riot support to analys this game Vlad To Kill You: and i will keep write until they confirm me they check the game [All]Vlad To Kill You: Playing league of legends while someone refuse to play and flame you :( All of those are very clear report/ban threatening and flaming. So I didn't interpret anything. Since you already got a ban before, your account had 0 tolerance. In other words, anything you do will get you a permaban, even if it's a very small mistake. Because the 14 day ban is the last change. What got you the permaban is not this small flame, but the cumul of everything you did from your account creation (Nothing is erased but things keep stacking up). This is why a lot of people don't expect bans and get surprised when they get them "But I didn't insult and there are no insults in the chatlogs", while they forget about what they did before and the fact that their account was on zero tolerance.
wow you are so childish. what is the threat? saying he is going to get banned with such an behavior? is that really a threat? that is litteraly the same as saying 'iam going to call the police' when someone is breaking in your house. 'is not small flame' ofcourse it was extremely negative 'i may be mad' wow that is so negative getting mad in a game. dude every person in this planet gets mad even you thats just frustration it can come out sometimes is that a reason to get perma banned? he didnt even insult the guy and got banned for negative behavior. i feel this guy cuz i got banned for saying 'ff 15' litteraly only that and i dont know how but the %%%%%%s that were commenting on my post agreed to the reason i got banned
I am 12 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=LM Domino,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=qIIsklEd,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-05-20T17:52:30.770+0000) > > Why are you thanking riot games support? Anyone can get to 66666BE I had 66687 blue essence and 59 rp, so I wrote a ticket and asked them to remove 21 blue essence and to give me 10 rp
most likely proof that riot sold their souls. and this has to be a positive game with no insults. dont let me laugh .
: Not how it works buddy. First off, you provide a source for this one : > Riot will never change their policy because it generates them more money to perma ban people Because I might say something regarding you that gets me banned here, and present it to you as a fact. It wouldn't be a fact, just cuz I want it to be. So source on that one. **** > i can understand being banned for cheating or going afk for a bunch of time but getting banned for shit talking on a game what is this %%%%ing %%%%% ass babyschool or something? No. It's not babyschool. It's a billion dollar company's quality of experience. If you'll ever have the chance to work in a serious environment, you'll see, that there are certain rules, to ensure the quality of the product. It's called quality assurance. And by the way, the AI learns from the community. It's not even Riot who doesn't want you to tell someone to hang themselves, it's the community itself.
bro you can disagree all you want you can get all of the upvotes. but dont forget 1 thing this is the fact and 90% of the people here on riot boards are riot supporters and big riot fans. lmao go to youtube videos reddit posts where they say the exact same as me. like Videogamedunkey. he got 271k likes on 20k dislikes on his league of legends video where he said the exact same thing. so 271k people agree with me and like.. and 20k dont those are most likely people like you board fans. so even if you get 10k upvotes dont feel hyped cuz there are alot of people that will disagree with you and dont have seen your post.
: > [{quoted}](name=TPK Luffy,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=rv7YEGKI,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-05-20T00:31:13.818+0000) > > I've said this before and will say again if you're getting butt hurt over words, when you're playing an online competitive game then you really shouldn't be playing an online game. The thing is, I doubt many people get 'butt hurt' as you put it over what you say in games. If I see your typing complete crap in the chat box I simply mute then report after the game and move on. You don't effect me, your not special, just another toxic player that's all. I'll go into another game and think nothing more of you. I couldn't care less what you type but if I know it's toxic and reportable AND I get a chance to see you lose an account you may or may not have spent money on then it's a lovely bonus. You talk about others crying over what you say in game yet here you are on the boards crying over a ban. grow up
lmao XDD the fact you even report people for verbal abuse means you cry cuz they flamed you. seriously you tell me to grow up but cant even handle a couple of insults someone in a game says to you?
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Tarolock (EUNE)
: the current system does exactly that... you dont have access to your main account, but since they cant force you to get away as this is a free game after all, you can make a new account without problems
what i was talking about is you still have your own account with champions and skins, lol i spend money on that and dont get it back. its like riot stole money from me well atleast it feels like it
: Perma bans are a clear message, that Riot doesn't want you here any more. It doesn't need tweaks. It's good as it is.
perma bans are a clear message that riot doesnt want you anymore? thats pretty much bs. when you connect riot support they will say the only option you have is creating an new account lol so they pretty much still want you to make an new account and spend money on it
: Your idea would only encourage more toxic behaviour. What worst can happen? Just a lost of lvl. I want to know that "many others"...
so what im tryign to say is reaching level 30 without insulting anyone is like proof that you have reformed and you can play great. cuz lol perma banning an account just cuz i became mad in 1 game out of the 5000 doesnt feel like deserved atleast that can we see as an chance
: Your idea would only encourage more toxic behaviour. What worst can happen? Just a lost of lvl. I want to know that "many others"...
yep but hey. the toxic people will still playing with other toxic people and not acomplish anything if they go on till they are lv 30. that will reduce the toxicity iam sure. cuz they continiuesly will get punished to lv1
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: This game.....
the worst of all is telling them to stop can result in an bann. lmao and those people never get banned
Mammoett (EUW)
: dont mind the downvotes :P those are riot employees. 90% of the player behavior posts are mostly downvotes. 30% of them are normal users and 70% of them are riot employees. how i know that? it has 13 downvotes and 2 of the downvoters have commented. usually when someone downvotes they send a reason why they downvote. well that happens 9 of the 10 times. and the guy who posted this even said. 10 seconds after he posted this he got a downvote. the guy that downvoted it didnt even read the first 2 sentences lol
Yumenõ (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=TPK Luffy,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=0v2uPyPy,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-05-02T12:42:10.363+0000) > > yup. and you must be one of those people that think positivity is negative. great to understand that you are mentally disabled Just that answer says everything there is to know about you. Grow up.
well i hope you dont think iam going to react positive into people with such a dumb sentence? idgaf bout the downvotes tbh. he litteraly said that 'yi logic' is extremely negative. lol? if that is extremely negative. then what is cursing? if just helping someone from someone that is toxic is extremely negative please tell me what is cursing. is that extremely extremely cursing? is that insane cursing? please tell me lmfao. like i alrdy said that guy is mentally disabled. saying 'yi logic' isnt even a bit negative if you look at this community
Afelers (EUNE)
: They didn't, though? He didn't get any of his accounts back, they just lifted his ID ban which said he had to be banned on sight of making a new account.
'they lifted his ID ban' lol? thats litteraly the same as what iam saying. but why did they lift it out of nothing? thats the question
: Rito in a nutshell, if there is 1 single abstract form of "Maybe toxic behavior" and someone got triggered by something the Tencent-Bot has to decide. Not the Support-Members, not the Rioters here at boards, its uppon the PC to decide if u are wrong or not. If PC says No, its a No no Human can ever outbalance. I got a message from Riot back in the past about an case like that and the overall answer was "No one knows what the other dude is doing or who is responsable for anything here, guess we need some time to adjust here and think about how we can talk to each other.. in our own company.. you know - So we just doing what the tables are saying we have / we dont have to do and let it be till a "high guy" comes up with a new idea.. so.. greetings "a support member who has no power at all but to help u gettin your money into the shop or out of it, yey !" So dont expect ANYTHING EVER to happen here, no one at Riot knows what the guy the other door around is doing or who had the powers to unbann tyler1 and jensen after they were the lowest of the lowest sort of society but ofc if u got an army of haters behind u, swarming the support pages, someday u dont want to stand this anymore. The Unbann-Thingy in NA was stopped without any given information "what went wrong" and "what was expected", they just did another "ha, we had an idea but it was bullshet and we wanted the banned to be level 5 honor guys instandly but apparently the boys we fkd over in support chats over so many years didnt changed like that in a couple of weeks so we just dont test it in other regions bc humans are the SAME KIND over the whole globe in the eyes of Rito Games - Running Money Bags.
and this people (riot supporters) this is someone with a brain. not much of those in this community. they unbanned tyler1 and everyone knows the reason. money.
Afelers (EUNE)
: You basically blame someone (whoever you were talking to) in a sarcastic way, how is that not being negative? If you said something like 'it is okay, we can do better' that might help people boost their moral but 'you assisted the whole team smh' just further destroys their experience.
lol? sarcastic way? that guy litteraly said 'thank you' after i said that. if i was talking sarcastic i wouldve talked on further after that lol
Hardstück (EUNE)
: Why downvote me i just said rito games:(
because there are actually people who think positivity is negative.
Afelers (EUNE)
: Yeah, I also tell people 'shm' when they are doing something great. Sure. See, I'm not being sarcastic at all.
smh is 'shake my head' so out of surprise that the guy said 'iam playing bad' i said shake my head. lol
Afelers (EUNE)
: You must be one of those toxic people who wrongly believe toxicity to be entirely about using curse words. >so i responded 'yi logic'. negative. lol? It might not be negative in itself but you said this: >Azir: yi logic >Azir: you assist the whole team smh That's extremely negative and don't even say 'but he said'... because it is your chatlog represents your own negativity. He could be negative as well however if you were the same, then you are no better. Also you probably had a 14 days ban recently which flags your account to be banned for even the smallest offence.
lol i see that you edited this. LMAO dude. can you read? the 'you assist the whole team smh' wasnt for that yi. it was for someone that thought he was playing bad. i even mentioned it in my post. yi logic was for '1/3 isnt int but 2/4 is'. before you wanna lie read it.. and think of a better lie
TPK Luffy (EUW)
: i contacted riot support about my perma bann and this is what i receive
lol so people are downvoting this. in other words yall braindead rlly think thnx and 'you assisted the whole team smh' is negative. well.. im happy i can show ppl the IQ of riot supporters.
Hardstück (EUNE)
: Riot games
getting banned for helping people. typical Riot games
Rioter Comments
: - if you are not toxic you can get 1000 reports, they do not matter - if you carry and you are toxic some players report you, I report toxic players all time no matter if cary or not if are 20-0 or 0-20
it is easy to say this is an lie. and that you wont do that. imagine if you are 0/20 and yu get carried by someone who is toxic. you wont report him if he didnt carry you you would report him. nowadays league of legends players just count on their teammates. if the adc doesnt carry= report
: > i can swear that even if you are toxic. if you carry the game you wont get a report. I report people who break the rules no matter what. >if you play bad you will get an report and thats how it works even if the guy didnt insult he will get an bann for player behavior. Read the terms of use you agreed to follow and see that you can't be banned for playing badly, but go ahead and prove me wrong. > you can defend riot and all but nothing will get beyond this fact. Don't like Riot rules ? Then you can delete your account wich mean the contract you have with Riot while using their services (TOU) will be null.
dude shut the %%%% up you are annoying me. you are one of the people who do their best just to get an special name on league of legends boards. iam sure
: What is your point? If someone gets reported and toxic behaviour is being detected then he most likely will be punished, and rightfully so. If you believe that only two curse words don't warrant a permanent ban, then you have to keep in mind, that before a permanent ban is being issued several other punishment steps have already been taken and the person has been warned, that any further transgression will result in a permanent ban.
bro.. i got banned for player behavior litteraly 10 seconds after a game. do you want to tell me riot support read the game that fast? there is an automatic bann system a player gets after multiple reports and the reason people get that bann is because of 'verbal abuse' i know an friend who said nothing mean the entire match and got banned for player behavior. he send a ticket and riot support said 'players dont like you so we cant unbann you'
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Zaeg (EUW)
: perma bann (with game 1 and 2) since everyone was asking for it
not going to lie this does deserve a bann but not an perma bann. i think a perma bann is going a bit too far on this usually people get perma banns for harassing people i dont see any harasment here this is just normal tilt u get when u lose a game. anyways i hope u get your account back and dont do this kind of mistakes again and that u learnt from ur mistakes. though u didnt do much wrong
SixthKill (EUW)
: About getting permabanned
the thing is.. they shouldnt perma bann flamers. like you said they have to give them a perma chat restriction. and if they decide to troll after that they have to get a perma bann that would be the best option. flamer are mostly actually good players but they just get frustrated fast. and if they choose to troll they should get a perm that way riot wont lose much players

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