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: No champions can 1vs5. But every fighter class can on someway hard carry the game. Master Yi of ex can easily splitpush and win the game through farming only. Doe... Master Yi players usually does the opposite and goes in 1vs5 thinking they can pentakill all alone.. 1vs9 is a way any champions players can play, it's though taking the best outcome out of a situation. When a Ivern 1vs9 he's solo dragon taking 2 turrets and getting a kill on it while he's team is fighting over baron. 1vs9 situations are very rare to ever happen doe, since teams usually listen to pings and callouts. But sometimes you just gotta take it in your own hands and just do what's best in the right situation. Another ex is a tryndamere I once had in my team. He went 0/8/0 in lane, a became competely useless. But instead of playing passive, he went as agressive as possible, dragging enemy players to his lane for free kill (who's worth 0 gold) or he can just split for inib. Our team got both elder and baron from his sacrife. That's a way of going 1vs9. But remember no matter what champion you are *Cough* Except Yasuo *cough* you can't 1vs5. (The reason why Im disclosing Yasuo is cause he's a champion who's only useful for suicide to get kills, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't).
I agree on the splitpushing part,but in no way shape or form a good yasuo that knows what he's doing is only useful for suicide to get kills..Yasuo is very hard to play,let alone maste,many people don't know how to use his E,wich is the ability yo keep you alive and the only true way of mobility.A good yasuo can dash throu walls via the uungle cakps and escape the enemy without a problem with them blowing possibly flash.The fact that little kids spam him and have 800k mastery on him thinking yhey're remotly good,is another thing.The basic Yasuo player only trhirst for kills and being flashy while flaming the whole team.The true Yasuo main knows not to be grredy,if he gets behind he also knows to splitpush,avoids fights and synergises with his team
: Wait wait wait. You were mid, "stomped your lane", your bot was losing and top needed help...and why exactly you, the fed mid yasuo didn't roam to help either of them? How did they get to your inhib without you doing something? I'm not blaming it on you but people always talk about 1vs9, but forget this is a 5vs5 EVERY GAME. Even if your other lanes feed, team play is what wins the game.
I was roaming but really couldn't all that much.Since i got camped in lane cause i was the only one good.Even tho i was really fed,the enemy wasn't any much behind,their midlaner was,but their jungler was strong.I roamed a couple of times and we ended up ina 4v3 and i would havr a hard time 3v3 let alone 4v3
Sidebones (EUW)
: i have the exact same problem, and its utter bullshit, been dealing with this shit for over a month now, and it continues to aggrevate me to no end, i didnt pay for a 1000/1000mbps internet, just to have league lag on me like this, it can spike up to 6k ping in mid fight, causing my screen to freeze, and then i die. Hence why i have been avoiding ranked like the plague since i started experiencing this. i have already made two posts about this here, but yet to get any kind of response from it. Several of my friends have also had this issue, some even stopped playing this game until riot finally decides to fix it. Just 5 minutes ago, i played one game with twitch, where i was unable to contribute to anything to my team, because of these lagspikes. And it infuriates me to no end, and whenever i play now, i can feel myself becoming more and more toxic, because of this lag, because some teammates who dont have to deal with it, wants to report me because of this problem. Only thing that has been responded to by riot from what ive seen has been the people who have Lattelecom as their ISP, but thats only secluded towards Lativa, and doesnt really bring up the other problem at hand, for the people outside of Lativa. My only tip would be to temporary quit league until they finally decides to care about that, instead of trying to deal with the toxicity in league that will NEVER go away. although i havent experienced this problem on the PBE nor the NA servers, so if you still wanna play but without ridiculus lagspikes, i suggest getting an account there, because even with the 150+ ping on those servers, its still horselengths better than how it is on the EUW and EUNE. But in my case, im going to put this game down permanently after playing it for near a decade, i made alot of friends through it, but these server issues will probably never be accounted for unless some bigshot youtuber or something makes a statement about it, and frankly i dont think that will ever happen. also, since i will not have any use for this account, maybe someone wants the shitty remains of it.
Sane here it doesen't spike to 6k,but it temains very high and unstable.Was playing Trynda Top with 78ms(Wich is the ms i should have while i play) and i grt some kills get fed and i hit 380ms ans it stays like that till he end of the game (20 mins stable 380ms).And playing against a riven,i needed to react fast,i press my ult,5 seconds past,it turns on,i press flash,8 secinds pass,i flash.It drives me crazy becaude i lost all my ranked games and i wouldve hit gold.It makes me rage and get toxic because i lose lane and my teammates flame me.
Proppa (EUW)
: You just have to suffer the consequences really, the law of averages says that what happens to you, happens to your enemy team as much. In my qualifcation games, I had one afk on my team, literally next game I was 3/0 against Kog'Maw in 5 minutes so he went afk.....
Yeah but,there were more occasions my bot fed and lost us the game,than my their bot feedinf and giving us a free win
Shukr4n (EUW)
: team game. team composition. u cannot carry 1v9 it s a myth . improve and play the game with team
What do i do if my support decides to troll and int just because i don't want ro give him my role?I lose the game and lose LP,he gets banned,but why should i lose LP?
: Ping Problems
Whats your MS in League?And is it Stable?I have an averege of 79ms and that's good for me,it's still tho very high compared to my opponets wich is 20ms.I can't execute plays as fast and flashy as them,example:I knocked up the enemy Yasuo first,and he still got his ult quicker than me even tho i was spamming R.Every second game or one long game i get 380ms,and the worst part is it stays like thar for 20 mins.I restart my router and restart my Wi Fi,but still it lags like crazy and it loses me games.I know and admit my Operators are horrible,and my ethernet cable doesen't work,but this didn't happen as much in the past.Now it's like a routine.
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Declined (EUNE)
: Greetings TakenOver12, As mentioned in another (recent) similar post here on the boards, odds are you'll have to [submit a ticket]( to support, to see if they're willing to help with a request such as this. Since this is the boards we don't exactly the the tools needed to grant you, your request, nor do we have the authority to do so. Except for this one very recent case, It's been a very long time since I saw a rioter publicly go out on the boards and do something like that for someone. While I do know it's within some Rioters powers it isn't exactly something they're encouraged to do as far as I'm aware. So if you're counting on some kind Rioter to help you out, I'm afraid your odds are slim to none.
Ah i see.Thank you for the explanation and the suggestion.I knew my chances were below 0,but still had aome hope.Thanks for the advice.I appreciate it.Have a nice day!
Giojun (EUW)
: I don't believe this will happen, but then again you never know. You may probably end up with Nightbringer in a hextech chest.
Yeah i doubt it,i doubt this board will get more than 40 views.I hope to god what you say is true(Bout me getting the skin).I still have some hope,that some kindhearted rioter would put a big smile on my face.If i do get any of those skins,man i would flip out and know i must've switched to a diffrent universe or some 16th dimension.Anyways,thanks for the comment,i hope you're having a fantastic day.Bless you.
: Assassins could use a buff
To some extent j agree,An assassin,lets say Zed,does funny damage if he gets behind,not to mention with the s8 changes,the aftershoxk rune demoloishes Zed.Take a look at LLStylish trying to do damage to a Ryze with Aftershok,yeah you could say he healed him more than he damaged him.Tanks just demolish assassin's.I was playing Zed,was overfed with 15/3/7 and a 3/8/6 Maokai just stomped me.I had Black Cleaver,duskblade,ghostblade and hextrinker.I dodged his abilities and ignited him,landed clean Q's and E's.But he can't die.The only solution for tanks i high mobility bruisers like Yasuo or some true damage dealers like Vayne and Cammile,even though somehow Tank Meta(More like Season) died,tanks are not weak in any way.
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PsyKzz (EUW)
: Hey Pianca! The others are right that you should always try the support site, in this case however, I've got you covered. I've gone ahead and removed the 10x gemstones from your account, and added the Dreadnova Darius skin to his account. Hope he enjoys your present!
First time i see Riot,Riot games,the actual Rito.Being so nice and helping the community.I guess this might be the end of the world as i know it.Never have i seen a rioter be some kind and awesome.This just made my 7 year league career.I now have hope im this game.You kind sir are an example of a great human being.
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Najns (EUW)
: Have you only tried buying bundles.? Try buying something else (like a skin or a champion saparately) with both IP and RP... That's the only thing I could think of that could fix it.
Tried everything but it just can't,from a champion to a skin to a ward skin to a bundle.Nothing.
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: Send 1 ticket saying that you have problems regarding the PBE. And wait untill you have an anwser. Sending multiple tickets only makes you wait longer.
I would send a ticket but i can't it keeps logging me off for a reason i don't know
Najns (EUW)
: Have you tried playing a game first.? Play a free to play champ or something. That usualy solves the problem with ip/rp not showing up. And welcome to PBE (:
I did man,but no luck.
Yeah man but i need help with the tickets
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