MeDbK21 (EUW)
: loool thnx but i always miss E unless i {{summoner:4}} E
try to hit your E, that is Ahri's most special abbility and you can win your team the game by hitting E on a important target
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MeDbK21 (EUW)
: i'm gonna main ahri .. any advices :)
Hit your E and be a god or don't main Ahri. (joking )
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: It can stall you, it's gonna take more games to climb, but it doesn't mean you can't climb just because you have fallen too low.
That's true, but someone can stall out more than once even tho his skill levels is way above that by now. So just to not do the whole hassle of doing 300 games just to fix your MMR, just take care of it in the first place or atleast be aware that these things can happen.
: I think consistency is more important than perseverance. Like I have been playing since November 2012 so I have 5+ years hold on to the game but have taken months off inbetween or only played like 5 games a week, I don't get better there. I was best when I was just grinding out 6-7 games per day, then I was climbing the ranks.
I agree, but sometimes consistency even if you do perfectly each game you can still lose games. So perseverance and not tilting are equally as important as Consistency. Imagine a person being so consistent but when he loses despite that, tilts and goes on a loss streak.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: > 3. And a good fckin MMR you can't climb with a shiet one That doesn't really matter, MMR is your rank and it increases as you climb.
Your MMR can stall you out more than necessary or after you had 5 games in a row someone going afk without your controll, that's just how it works. So it does. The MMR system isn't perfect. I agree that MMR increases as you climb, but sometimes a single loss streak can fck it all for you.
: You need patience, is that what you say? I don't get the title game time and MMR. I was expecting somthing like "Diamond games last 25 minutes while Silver goes for 27 minutes" xD You mean game time as in time you play the game? How do you violate that "rule" when you do stupid stuff? And you don't need good MMR to become a good player, you need to be a good player to get good MMR.
Not patience, Game time as in time playing the actual game I'm not patient myself with how much League can actually take away your time. But you need to play the actual game for you to go either up or down xD Games take on average 27 mins let's say, that's alot of time if you add that up. I guess you can call it perservance rather than patience
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: I have to try really hard because every game I play I either have to carry or lose :/ literally my last game 5 minutes ago consisted of a vayne who wanted to ff 3 minutes in and a flaming shaco. Either I've done something for rito to hate me or im cursed
Noone's cursed just try to keep cool, don't look at chat and carry the game If it's a loss, it's a loss. But if they see you doing amazing, noone wants to lose them crybabys want to win aswell. Just lead them by keeping the game going and tell them to chill the fck out and more often than not, just by doing well they will listen to you The ideal situation would be that their chat war calmed down, you're doing amazing and atleast 3 out of 5 are focusing on the game
: Win rate is 52% bud :(
The winrate doesn't have to do anything with how much you gain or lose. Your recent games and if your hidden MMR is lower than your current rank matters. Since says you're exactly at Plat 5, it has to do something with your recent games or the frequency how much you win/lose If you get a winstreak you increase that frequency since you're winning alot in a row, "tricking" your MMR to think you're a badass and to not fcking mess with you
: Yeah, its proper annoying lol I'll just have to try really hard!
don't try too hard man, just dodge and pick properly in champ select. You can climb with 70% effort if you're good at fundamentals
: Losing 21Lp for a loss and only gaining 16 for a win.
I guess that's Riot's matchmaking way of saying you won/lost too many games against bad players so fck you we'll make your MMR shit anyways. But if you have a recent 6 winstreak you can fix it, sometimes it's hard to fix these things but a winstreak is all you need And even if you win lose win lose win lose for example, Matchmaking still thinks you're shit. So.. just hope for a winstreak these seem to help
: {{champion:55}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:107}} Viper riven is a riven main and challenger so can go beyond Diamond. Katevolved is challenger katarina main so you can beyond Diamond. I saw a rengar diamond v main %%%% me and my friend over in a draft game so you can get to diamond. must be 10/10 champs :p{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
They're only good if Onetricks play them, maybe katarina a little exception but I still don't think ANY katarina play can just pick her up and go to Challenger with it, you have to be exclusively Onetrick and do thousands of games to archieve that. The reason you see these champs in Challenger is because Onetricks grinded day in day out this one single champ that does alot of damage when you master him. But these champs aren't gonna make a big difference if you play only 10-20 ranked games with them or even 50, you'd have to play 200+ to see their effects so they're not really the ideal climbing champs for the average player anyways to just pick them up and go ham, also because of their Assassin nature. *** At higher levels and if you're a Onetrick, sure.. they'd be 10/10 champs, but for anybody else that doesn't spend time with these and doesn't want to become a full Onetrick, just don't do it man, there are better much more solid champs. I would only rate them 6/10 because these 3 champs alone don't have a solid basement and you can't magically go Challenger top 10 if you play Riven. Only if you play Riven good and crush every elo out there. Which Viper and Adrian do, but just because they do, doesn't mean you can replicate that in an instant.
Hannaah (EUW)
: {{champion:412}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:61}}
Thresh is a great support, always depends on the player tho. MF can shit on people but you can't play her consistently in the current state of the game Every Midlaner has to know Orianna, she's solid I give you 5.5/10 for picks, they can work out for you if you're a Thresh otp but other than that they're not really too solid other than Orianna
: {{champion:161}} mid lane/support {{champion:91}} mid lane / top {{champion:78}} top {{champion:75}} top they are the only champs i really play in ranked poppy comes down to the matchup ie counter picking a {{champion:164}} for example i normally just pick nasus play safe and scale then destroy towers top lane that is i play vel koz the most with some talon thrown in hes level 2-3 burst is insane!
Velkoz is great he has range he can shit on everyone with his R Please don't take Talon top, if you're not a Challenger Onetrick it's not worth it. Take him Mid and get fed and waveclear Anivia is great she has CC, she has AOE damage and she has 2 lifes basicly... the whole package The champs themselves are S tier picks at a higher level, but also good if you can play them consistently at low mmr I give you 9/10 for the champs, but for these champs it's up to the player.
: {{champion:51}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:18}} Hypercarry ADC, with Cait for midgame strength That's for the game, but I'd greatly appreciate it if you could give your opinion on 3 other picks: I love {{champion:202}} character-wise but feel like he's a bit weak against tanks. Also, I'd consider {{champion:22}} instead of {{champion:222}} because there's more utility while she is a bit weaker against Tanks. What is your recommendation?
Hey man :) Since this post is a little while ago, I have more time to give more details out to you I mean, your adc picks are alright nothing fancy. You have Caitlyn for taking towers very solid. Jinx can snowball, if you're good with her I don't mind this pick. Even tho right now Kai'sa a better version of her. Instead of Tristana you could pick up Kai'sa I give you 6.5/10 for champs and 5/5 for class *** Jhin scales and because he's good in teamfights, he's not THAT bad against tanks, but only because he can teamfight well. In a 1v1 and alone Jhin doesn't stand too much against tanks. This meta favours teamplay, but I would say that Xayah and Kai'sa are more flexible there. Doesn't mean much tho, Jhin can still carry. Ashe is a great champion, she can slow and kite tanks so she isn't that bad against them and aswell have her R. She scales really slow tho if you don't make use of her R Vayne of course, is a soloQ hero and kills tanks and everything with 3 items. So there's another option for you. I wouldn't trade Ashe for Jinx tho, I'd keep Jinx. I'd keep Caitlyn and I'd trade Tristana for Kai'sa or Vayne. And I'd switch between Caitlyn and Jhin
Fourth Shot (EUNE)
: irelia fiora camille meh can swap fiora for kled,gp or jax but he is boring af,i think kled is nice i dont think top lane fighters are that good buit i like them <3
They're a little better than before, the ones you chose can be pretty alright. Toplane is still on the weaker side of going ahead but not carrying, so I can't make out the current situation. The champs themselves tho are 8/10. If I would rate every role by their pure "carry rate", Toplane : 3/10 Jungle : 6/10 Midlane : 7/10 Adc : 9/10 Support : 10/10
: League of Legends in 2D - Fangame
Neat little game man :D The first few mins I got shit on xD
: Honor system has a problem but it's not what you may think
You will have slow progression either way non premades or premades. When Honor system was first released, it was easy and fast to get to Honor lvl 5 which wasn't that satisfying after getting there. Now with checkpoints it's much better and when you're honor lvl 4 you really worked for it Also no, that's not the direction Riot wants to go. They once tried it in S6 with Dynamic que instead of SoloQ and it failed miserably. The fact they put voice communication only for premades is because they're too scared and are working too slow.
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: So I just visited the korean version of league of legend website
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I play league only during weekend, during workdays i play other stuff that's not as intense. I don't think im necesserily tired, at the same time i don't feel like im full of strength, but that could be because im currently stil under the cold.
Yeah I guess, everyone is different but I'm having the most muscle gain, regeneration and energy after sleeping Oh btw, it's not the exercises that boost your immune system, your muscles boost your immune system in the longrun. So Weight training is better than cardio if you want to make your immune system better. I don't know about Calistenics, just depends what you're gaining with it. I find full body exercises to be not exactly cardio but more on that side.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Do i get not enough sleep rest?(not sleep)
Resting (sitting down, relaxing) isn't the same as full on sleeping. And I don't even think while playing League you're fully rested or even regenerating. Your body and mind can still get tired playing League (Too much sitting down, brain gets tired cause too intense games) Just lie down and sleep, that's all. If you're feeling any tired, that's normal. Deal with it or eat something. Sometimes eating too much is gonna rather be a drain on your body, eat as much as you can and sleep it out.
: What do I do when my team is doing terrible?
Tahm kench top or jungle is bad for actually carrying your team, Toplane is not a good role to carry from. You can carry but you'll be use useless because other roles are just so much more impactful. That's just how it is currently. So my suggestion would be you try an easy adc like Ashe or someone like Twitch and then you try and carry. Or you pick a Midlaner or Jungler or pick Tahm support because you have influence on your adc and can carry from support role much better. If you lose sometimes as roles you don't play, don't worry. It's normal. Just practise Adc and when you can play as Adc you'll be much better off in the longrun
Quinzley (EUNE)
: Well its the same species :D
Quinzley (EUNE)
: Nah, this is the real deal:
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: Why is Kai'sa in the jungle?
She's a hypercarry adc alongside Twitch. It's not about the clears, she can just get fed in the jungle and do alot of damage. Aswell as dash a long distance when she E's and ults making her very flexible Assassin'ish. It's a nieshe and I don't think Tristana can scale as fast or fullfill the same role in the jungle.
Sstigma (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Talon Nadéd,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=vUJ2AN9U,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2018-04-04T02:45:05.346+0000) > > Thank you for writing the full version of the bull quote that I mentioned. > They say that it happens &quot;rarely&quot; without giving any insight of what they mean by &quot;rarely&quot; > > They say it&#x27;s &quot;4-5 MMR&quot; whatever that means xDD so the 1419 MMR to 1984 MMR difference is how much? > > 4 MMR or 5 MMR or maybe... maybe it&#x27;s 6 MMR?!! Who knows what means 4-5MMR to them...^.^' But we can see the difference of leagues between both of the teams, which is sooooo big.
You can see the differences by just looking at their previous Season's rank and see how the game goes, then you quickly watch a snowball fest and conclude : Even tho it's Flex que, Riot's matchmaking still fails or even doesn't include ANY outside information other than a damn number that apparently "rarely" doesn't scramble right. Even if you do scramble all kinds of 4 digit numbers together, even if they would be equal like 1500 MMR against a 1500 MMR team, it still doesn't measure a real players skill.
Sstigma (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Talon Nadéd,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=vUJ2AN9U,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-04-04T02:26:46.792+0000) > > Last season Diamonds : Team MMR 1384 to your guys 1479 LOL > Riot: Matchmaking should be equal teams, only &quot;rarely&quot; does it go 1-2 &quot;Divisions&quot; appart > 50% +1-1 chance of winning I rate -3/10 for matchmaking Our team: 1419 MMR Enemy team: 1984 MMR Explain that to me... ^.^' To the matchmaker, a “fair” match can be loosely defined as a match in which each team has a 50% +/-1% chance of winning. In a perfect match, ten individuals with identical MMRs queue at the same time, each having selected a unique position that they’re well-suited for. _**That situation is incredibly rare depending on who is queueing at the time, so sometimes teams can have very slight skill differences (on average, no more than 4-5 MMR).**_ So, someone explain to me why I get to play against teams with that MMR all the time? When it is supposed to be that: "sometimes teams can have very slight skill differences (on average, **no more than 4-5 MMR)"** .... Because that is a 500MMR DIFFERENCE....................
Thank you for writing the full version of the bull quote that I mentioned. They say that it happens "rarely" without giving any insight of what they mean by "rarely" They say it's "4-5 MMR" whatever that means xDD so the 1419 MMR to 1984 MMR difference is how much? 4 MMR or 5 MMR or maybe... maybe it's 6 MMR?!! xDD!
Sstigma (EUW)
: The thread of the unfair matchmaking system. Come, see and enjoy! :)
Last season Diamonds : Team MMR 1384 to your guys 1479 LOL Riot: Matchmaking should be equal teams, only "rarely" does it go 1-2 "Divisions" appart 50% +1-1 chance of winning boys! I rate -3/10 for matchmaking
Cheini (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Talon Nadéd,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=jNupiHR6,comment-id=000c0000,timestamp=2018-04-02T07:11:47.885+0000) > > I looked at your > I would only give 8/10 for all 3 pure enchanters and 5/5 for the class, if you have an extra Ad carry besides Ashe I would give you 2 more. > Then you have 15 > > And then you can easilly make it to Diamond if you are consistent and are not fcking up your additional adc. You can go far with just pure enchanters but I doubt you can make Diamond without a backup adc hypercarry Then you really aren't ready for dia yet :) Thing is, that enchanters are their own kind of hypercarries. I know it sounds odd. Yet, anyone in that elo would admit that.. probably not later on - however up to dia, it is true. Most players in lower elo consider damage the only stat it matters. Hence, the famous tale of the adc being awesome, even though the supp used every item & cd to make the spree happen. The amount of honor they receive (4x the carrying assassin or etc), or the lack of names on screen etc... Yet again, if the game was pure dps feast, why are there utility charas? Additionally, you don't need a hypercarry if you preff to play supports - even though, like i said, janna and many others are well-known as ones themselves... Lastly, never look at a player's profile.
That supports are Op doesn't mean they are hypercarries, Silver guy. Even someone like Ekko can take the game by the balls and carry, and if you play a Kai'sa really well the same happens. These are hypercarries. Supports are OP and are great in teamfights and all that, but they are not carries. They rely more on their team to win them the game or lose them the game. A support's kit is way different from a hypercarry, a support enhances his team and gets freelo for his adc. But a support, especially a healing support, can't carry 1v9. That's just how it goes. If you've noticed, Challenger supports use Tank supports aswell as Aggressive supports and an Ad carry/Jungler in addition to their Ardent supports.
Cheini (EUNE)
: There is no autofill as supp main sooo {{champion:40}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:16}} , enchanters.. ardent supps if you call them though i dont really buy it every single game, esp if we are assassin/mage team and finish at 25:00 :d i hate playing tanks but w.e... now give me my 15 ;) --- Oh who am i lying. {{champion:22}} supp {{champion:22}} jg {{champion:22}} mid ez
I looked at your I would only give 8/10 for all 3 pure enchanters and 5/5 for the class, if you have an extra Ad carry besides Ashe I would give you 2 more. Then you have 15 And then you can easilly make it to Diamond if you are consistent and are not fcking up your additional adc. You can go far with just pure enchanters but I doubt you can make Diamond without a backup adc hypercarry
: Galio mid Kindred jgl Malphite top
Galio mid is solid, You can carry alot with Kindred jgl. And malphite is too mana hungry there are better tanks for top. I give you 6/10 for champs, if you have a better top it would be 8/10 tho because Galio and Kindred are good themselves
Zeromatsu (EUW)
: {{champion:26}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:254}}
Zilean is pretty good, solid champ. Zoe fell down the drain but is still a nieshe pick which you can abuse. Vi can carry alot of games, depends how you play her but she's a streaky champion. I give you 7/10 for champs, these champs won't be touched anytime soon. A little worried about Vi, but I know that Vi still can get a high winstreak if you snowball your lead.
xXfresbXx (EUW)
: Can i give 6? # Supp, and 3 adc? {{champion:67}} Against Tankier compositions, {{champion:498}} If i feel like a french guy {{champion:145}} Against squishy combs and enough cc on my team {{champion:89}} Low elo killer machine (my experience) {{champion:40}} The french strike again {{champion:16}} Try to die now
Your adc's are a good choice :) And your supports with Soraka, Janna and your Leona in addition is all you need. If you're a good adc, you'll be good. The champ picks themselves are 10/10. But it's up to you to unleash their potential and to play them well. A strong sword depends on the wielder if it's really a strong sword. 4/5 for class
: {{champion:14}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:516}}
Oh my lord, but where's the carry with this much tanks? xD Generally, your tanks are strong but you need a carry in your arsenal to climb and not get stuck somewhere. Being too solid isn't always the best strategie :P That's why I give 4/10 for champs, if you switch out Malphite for Kai'sa or something I would've given you more
: {{champion:90}} mid {{champion:145}} jungle {{champion:40}} support Class: Utility or hypercarry
Malzahar is a simple champ which is good, he just seems a little weaker tho. You can carry with Kai'sa and get a lead. And Janna is just Janna :P I give you 7/10 for champs and 5/5 for class
Zeromatsu (EUW)
: Just curious, but how do you rate something if you didn't reach the rank yourself? (platin, diamond)
I did reach Platin and reached Gold 3 times on my alts. I haven't reached Diamond yet tho but I have enough champion based knowledge that I can rate how champions come together. And with observing friends, coaches and my own games I know which champs generally make it fast to Diamond.
: Sion top. Aurelion Sol mid. Warwick jungle. Class: Roam-heavy anything because we all know the game's not a 5 vs 5 but a 1 vs 9 and if you don't roam to win every lane you lose. (even if you win every lane, you might still lose)
Sion is good, If you can play Aurelion Sol he is fine, but I think Talon would be really good in your arsenal to really push your early lead. Warwick jungle is excellent. I agree to an extend that roaming is good, but to really be consistent you have to be strong yourself. You can use roaming to get stronger and snowball, that's why the Talon pick that I recommend. I give you 8/10 for champs and 3/5 for class
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Top: Darius, Chogath or Jax JG: Sejuani, Zac or Khazix Mid: Velkoz, Xerath, Orianna ADC: Vayne, twitch, Varus Supp: Taric, Thresh, Braum
Top is solid, Noone can stop you with jungle I like the Khazix pick in addition to your tanks. I don't know about Velkoz, but he has enough range to deal with anything. Vayne and Twitch are pretty good, Varus without old rageblade powerspike I'm not so sure. Support picks are fine. I give you 7/10 for champs. Your picks are solid, but you need a little bit of earlygame umpfh. Solid picks aren't always the answer, but you should be fine if you play these champs well and consistently
Nijelous (EUW)
: {{champion:85}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:90}} Juggernauts
I don't know about Kennen, if you can pull him off he is good otherwise tanks are safer. Nasus is good if you farm noone can stop him. Malzahar is simple which is good I give you 6/10 for champs and 5/5 for class
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Nidalee(OTP) Irelia Sivir. Class: Midlane offmeta Good luck rating me, I'm already higher than diamond.
Nidalee is excellent in the right hands and good for high elo as I saw from Koreans and Challenger players. Irelia is ok if you can play her you can go through these games. Sivir pushes people in and is a solid pick. It's just that you rely on your team to cc. If we're talking about Gold to Diamond then something like Vayne Twitch is good to carry a little harder. Since skill expenentionally increases these champs potential, I give you 9/10 for champs and 4/5 for class Midlane offmeta sounds good, Midlane probably the most chill role to carry from.
BlueStr (EUNE)
: Ezreal, adc Swain, top mid Soraka, support Amumu, jungle if autofilled
You have to be insane on Ezreal to really put potential in him. Swain is good but you have better options for low elo. Soraka is excelent Amumu is alright for autofill. I give you 6/10 for champs
Neo185x (EUW)
: {{champion:157}} Top {{champion:55}} Mid {{champion:145}} adc {{champion:11}} Jungle {{champion:99}} Support
uhm.. for {{champion:157}} top I give you a 0.5, For {{champion:55}} I give you a 1.5, For {{champion:145}} adc I give you a 2 For {{champion:11}} Jungle I give you a 0.5, And for {{champion:99}} I give you a 0.5, Let's do quick maffs, 0.5+1.5+2+0.5+0.5 = 5/10
: Soraka Ardent support - Seen all the way into Plat people not buying Grevious wounds to counter it and still complaining about it. Ali Tank support: Tier 1 atm and hard engage if you know what youre doing in any Elo and has a whole kit to dive/ peel or engage and is a cc train Xayah ADC: Top tier as she is and can self peel fairly well so you don't need to rely AS MUCH on a support, so can work out well in the lower elos
Soraka is always op and really good for any elo, she can heal your allies mistakes pretty much. Alistar is tanky and good for cc and disengage and engage. Xayah is amazing next to Kai'sa, I think Kai'sa even stronger now I give you 10/10 for champs and 4/5 for class so you got 14/15
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: Renekton Top. Karma Support. Kayn Jungle (Rhaast more) Class: Unorthodox picks/Bruisers-that-can-assasinate
With Renekton top you'll be fine, Karma support is on the weaker side right now, there are stronger options. Rhaast Kayn is ok but not too good. I give you 5/10 for champs and 3/5 for class
Fajerk (EUW)
: {{champion:24}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:11}} top/jungle rageblade abuse
Jax is solid :D You can abuse Jax, Master Yi is good for Silver stomping but is kinda situational. Idk how I feel about Aatrox, he has like the best design but for Toplane unfortunately there's better champions. I give you 6/10 for champs and 4/5 for class
Flíght (EUW)
: {{champion:51}} She's strong with her traps and really strong adc. {{champion:57}} Riven can't take that guy {{champion:5}} Really strong jungler Class: Hypercarry Junglers
Caitlyn is a better MF in my opinion really good right now, noone can counter Maokai he is solid and with Xin xhao you'll just crush right now. I give you 8/10 for champs and 5/5 for class
: {{champion:141}} top {{champion:14}} top {{champion:6}} top Tanks
Sion and Urgot are really good for SoloQ and Kayn is alright. I give you 7/10 for champs and 2/5 for class only a selected few tanks are good in the tank class to worth playing more than once. The ones you chose are pretty good.
: Soraka Ardent support - Seen all the way into Plat people not buying Grevious wounds to counter it and still complaining about it. Ali Tank support: Tier 1 atm and hard engage if you know what youre doing in any Elo and has a whole kit to dive/ peel or engage and is a cc train Xayah ADC: Top tier as she is and can self peel fairly well so you don't need to rely AS MUCH on a support, so can work out well in the lower elos
And which class do you accumulate more to? Ardent supports, Tank supports or Hypercarry adc? I'll give you a rating once I have enough comments
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