Super24Lily (EUNE)
: {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}} Frustration / Tilted {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} Chill / Dedication
: Which champions do you consider only "newbies" play? And which ones do you think "pros" play?
pros like Platinum and Diamonds also play easy champs that are meta. Sometimes a hard champion offers you more, and sometimes an easy one does that. For newbies I don't think it's really clear for them what's the best strategie, so they'll still pick things like {{champion:238}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:64}} which is good for their elo, but way too hard champs. Pros in low elo will pick things like {{champion:105}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:16}} and in high elo {{champion:245}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:39}} There's very little difference you see. But there's a slight increase for the harder champions you can play in high elo abit better. But even something like {{champion:90}} will still be strong
: People need to start chilling a little bit in this game.
Keep being calm :) The people that get so easilly tilted by everything won't get anywhere. Just keep going and have fun in the ups and downs :) That's how you reach great heights
Tovabi (EUW)
: The problem is that when you or anyone else is trying to hard to win a game and one person is preventing you from reaching your goal, people get angry, I've done it myself I'm no exception. It's just like real life; if you're trying your hardest for a job promotion then someone else gets given it due to being a relative of the boss, you're gonna be pissed off. I admit it doesn't excuse some of the full on personal hate speech but the frustration is just exactly that, frustration, and people sometimes need to vent their frustrations. Unfortunately until the situation arises that one person's failure DOESN'T drag the entire team down to a loss, you will always get people flaming and venting their frustrations. I mean let's be honest how many times have you had a 0/10 mid lane and lost the game due to it? Did it annoy you? It sure annoys me when I'm trying my best to win that last ranked game of a promotion, how about you? I know you said it was a normal game but the principle is still essentially the same - if people care and someone ruins it, people get angry. And unfortunately this is where League seems to fall down; is that the minority can indeed ruin it for the majority, whether it be someone intentionally feeding, flaming or trolling by buying 6 tears, that one person ruins the game for the entire team Please don't take any of this personally, this is meant to be a generalised comment, I don't mean you personally
frustration leads nowhere, I win more games not being that frustrated about some games that I lose. Even in Life, I did experience alot of frustration. But it just leads nowhere. Just don't give up and keep trying :)
Ceberuz (EUW)
: Season 9 changes?
Matchmaking is worse and good as it can be, except we should have LONGER que times for better Matchmaking The next advancements you could do is always put new players into Bronze 5. And the next one is Artificial Intelligence more precisely matching you based on your skill. *** For matching a human, in mind for treating every human the same: You lose lp+mmr when you lose, You win lp+mmr when you win Current Matchmaking measures how much you win. Not *directly* your Skill. BUT: Your Skill is also measured in the abbility to Win games, no matter how you got there. So that's your skill in league... not neccessarily how you play during a game: But how you actually win.
: Visually stunning champ no one cares about
I think noone knows how to play him or pick him up, I don't. It's more of a onetrick champ or someone that really knows how to play him, maybe it's better this way.
Kalvix (EUW)
: I wish this would help =( but even though I try as a jungler the second somebody is ganked you always get "f'ing jungler you suck report you this why we lose", that person then proceeds to die non stop never warding the bush never staying back and always blaming you for not ganking the person now 4 levels above you because they got so fed... Then theres people who steal your farm and complain if you try to claim it... You can be as calm as you want and yes it definitely helps to not add to it, but there's always somebody ready to blame others instead of learn from their mistakes, as if they only ever play a perfect game and they are just in silver on their way to plat in a couple of weeks.
Oh that's something different. There's always someone blaming someone and talking bullcrap like he knows the game but he doesn't. Not typing back to monkeys made the monkeys play better actually because they're not getting a response. Don't feed them what they want from you : to make you look like a fool. Be above them and press /mute all or just type a "chill out" in the chat Once they get ignored, get carried and you win the game for them, they have nothing else to say to you anymore :D
: In low elo an "ok" is not enough... {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} I try to tell to my team (and enemy team too) that we are not experts at this game and we have a lot to learn, but is "**OK**" if someone die because he/she thinks that the damage was enough to kill the opponent or just win a trade. Meanwhile the one who lose the trade and read my "OK" in the chat: "Its ok that I lose my lane? _(...a keyboard warrior awakens...)_ HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"
It doesn't matter if it's high elo or low elo, mistakes happen everywhere. Low elo players can't get over it so easilly, they tilt so easilly. After 1 mistake even toxic Plat players they become keyboard warriors they flame their team and don't focus. Focus is important, no matter if you made a mistake or not, just move on with an "ok I made a mistake there" and keep going :)
Emai (EUW)
: It feels like those people who tell their depressed friend "Hey, stop being depressed, just be happy!" The problem is: How do I achieve that? How do I stay calm, how do I not tilt after one lane goes 0/7 and doesn't stay safe? I never flame but I always get frustrated in such games because I have no control over what my teammates do. Friendly advices get an "stfu" or nothing as an answer, I rarely see people actually taking an advice or actually being **friendly**... I literally get a "f-ck you" as an answer when I write "good luck and have fun :)" at the start of the game. How do I achieve this "alright, just move on" mindset?
Ok let me form a better answer: Being depressed is a mental state that you form yourself saying: Hey! I'm not happy So do something happy that YOU enjoy and laugh about it and have fun while doing it. Sometimes also our brains can trick us into thinking we're "depressed" but it's simply a mental state. It's all about perspective and being positive. It's important to have a balance between positive and negative. negative is important too, don't forget that. And don't feel bad about if you're thinking about something negative, we all do! Life is hard, just like inters. It's important to accept the ups and downs :) and move further to become better
DutchPro1 (EUW)
: Used to have a strong mentality, pretty tilt-proof against toxic teams and stuff. But lately it doesnt work anymore. I stopped playing ranked for like a month now, only playing 1 game per 2 weeks to keep lp from decaying. Played urf like 60 games, but also quit since it would tilt me even harder than ranked
Just play 5 games a day and not more, more than that will just stress you out You don't have to completely quit, just play less but not too much less.
KonJoo (EUW)
: correct lvl of agression - Midlane Playstyle
Safer laners get more exp and exp is strenght, so if you roam much, make sure to do get the exp and farm. It doesn't have to be only safe laners tho, I play Talon, I get all farm and exp + I roam. But Safe laners are so disgusting to deal with because they're so passive and they get all they want by playing this way. Especially if their team is ahead. But they don't have something you have: insane damage. You're Katarina. *** Now to your question: It's not always good to play that aggressive, I play safe with Talon actually in high elo. Because they ain't gonna let me kill them and their jungler will come in an instant, I just kill them quick at lvl 6 or when I have enough wards to know where their jungler is. In low elo you have to play differently, but not that much different really. Don't towerdive, only go for secure plays. You can risk things, but don't risk too much. If your team is so far behind, don't panic. You can always defend in your base. Midlane is more about pushing waves and katarina and akali are melee champs and not so good at it, that's why mages are so freelo in doing absolutely nothing to win the game. But don't let yourself get down by them. You can carry hard, that's what they don't have. Don't suicide for kills and focus on towers. And even if you're an Assassin, don't die. You're more scary when you're alive. And you're more scary when they don't see you.
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Shukr4n (EUW)
: Kappa
Brain means wisdom, Age means experience. Whatever that experience might be. Might also be wrongful experience. Some people waste their whole lives doing something the wrong way and regreting it just at the end. On the other hand you have some 18-20 year olds that have more Wisdom about Life than some 70 year old it's scary but not really, it's a good thing. Usually they experienced Life (alot of bad and good things in a very short amount of time) that they gained so much Wisdom that they kinda feel old about it even tho they're young in age matters
: So why exactly does Star Guardian Ahri hate Star Guardian Janna?
Ahri doesn't want Janna to blow so many guys, she just wants to have them for herself They're competing xd {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Bigger butt.
: season 8 meme
I love these :D
: Yeah, that's what I thought. "I'll tryhard with a broken champ and get on a winstreak and then I'll be back to gaining a shit ton of LP again!" Nope. I saw people on the forums that said they went on a 8 game wins streak with no increase.
> I saw people on the forums that said they went on a 8 game wins streak with no increase. ok sure, might not increase imediately, depends on what your mmr says But it will increase for sure. Increasing your LP gains takes abit, but winstreaks will do it. You know.. people on the forums spread bullsh1t alot. Just take my word that winstreaks are the best ways of fixing your MMR again
: > [{quoted}](name=Talon Nadéd,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=zE2jr7VU,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-07-03T19:15:35.857+0000) > > Haha! I know the Lee sin rule sorry but it's a little funny > > I ban Irelia, Master yi in champ select because Master Yi doesn't have to do anything to win the game no matter what. I like how to seem to imply that every master wins...even in your/my team. Because i can assure you that his is (sadly) not the case :D. Not even close. Yi in just one in a long list of champs (some others are {{champion:84}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:67}} ) that people believe, for some reason, to be able to fight 1 vs 5 under any circumstances and whenever they feel like it. The result is, usually and not surprisingly, a massive feeding and a game lost.
not really, I've observed the results in my own games. Both from my own team and the enemy team. And also from myself actually playing Master Yi If you put Master Yi on a good player and give him even 3 kills, he'll end the game quick I would put Master Yi as an exception to the others you have listed Vayne could also be a threat, but takes a little longer now Master Yi on the other hand, opposing to popular belief, can snowball quite well if he gets a lead early.
fawkes (EUNE)
: Is platinum new bronze?
It's not bronze, it's plastic League :) Welcome welcome! Enjoy the dravens having 12 kills 11 deaths and the Master Yi's carrying your a$$. Don't forget to thank them And also: There's alot of "wannabe - act like I know all" While alot of plats do know alot about the game and will still carry your a$$, there's some that don't. /mute all is your best tool :) if you think someone has the balls to correct you Good luck and survive plastic arena! ;)
: Low MMR
You have to tank a little bit, win some games in a row and it'll be back up again.
Evidence (EUNE)
: Thats how riot keeps players from not qutiting the game,is using lp system,so u ll experiance multiple loses,wins,mmr drop,mmr going up,etc..
Wins and Losses are part of the game, your mmr drops and mmr rises depends on your performance. The only thing that I agree with is that promos can keep you down longer.
: What is a "rule" you have when you play ranked?
Haha! I know the Lee sin rule sorry but it's a little funny I ban Irelia, Master yi in champ select because Master Yi doesn't have to do anything to win the game no matter what. Basicly, I ban the strong ones atm that everyone picks. Outside of that little rule, ingame I try to addapt to my team even if they're apes I have to try to work with them
: Climbing has become impossible for me.
You have to tank it a little bit, you'll first gain less lp but with more wins in a row you'll climb up again :) It's not so bad, you just have to build yourself out again good and steady. I dropped from Gold 1 to Gold 5 and made a huge mistake. But after a while I climbed up again from Gold 5 to Plat 4 now and gaining 23 LP per game again. What was only 17 lp at my lowest *** Just slow and steady. You gain 17 lp? Fine! Oh? 3 wins in a row now 18 lp? Hmm. A few losses ok. Still at 18 lp for some reason. 4 wins in a row 19 lp now yeah I'm getting there! some losses back to 18 lp now. You somehow get lucky and play against better opponents win 6 in a row now you're at 21 lp "hmm that's something I can work with"
: Your attitude towards me is just as disrespectful just as the "GGEZ" after the games. _> Think about yourself before you think about the others_
It is within your perspective isn't it. If you want to call me an a$$ that's completely fine :) That doesn't mean I am one. Maybe within this certain topic we might not agree to eachother, but that doesn't mean I'm a bad human being and all I'm saying is wrong
: The "GG EZ" thing....
No I don't know that feeling. Stop being a cat League players are so sensitive I love it! And no, banter isn't punishable
: Yup. A loss is not a loss unless you didn't learn anything from it. Even if it was just perfecting that combo slightly, or bettering CS technique, you can always make good out of the bad.
You can't always make good out of the bad. Sometimes you have to let a loss be a loss, but that doesn't mean you can't win next game. I find it actually quite bad to nitpick everything on yourself. Of course you should nitpick a few things that you could do better, but there's a limit to how much you actually could've done in a situation. Like for a very simplyfied example: The enemy Zed is 14/2 for some reason and just goes ahead and kills you. Yeah, of course maybe you shouldn't have been in that position. But it's gonna happen anyways at one point. It's "undoable" for Zed not to kill some people. So instead of nitpicking yourself in that situation for a positioning mistake you couldn't avoid, you could make the decision to clump up with your team instead and bait him to kill someone but you kill him instead A higher Mindstate. And many people are stuck in the 1st one rather than the 2nd decision or they tilt
: 10/10. One who reaches the state of being untiltable, is able to climb to great heights.
Maybe not untiltable, just accept the things as they are, maybe that's what untiltable really means. But it's just about liking the game and addapting to whatever situation not only champ select even tho champ select a huge part too. But addapt to play whatever dumb shit your team is doing you make something great of it. You polish their sh1t, it's still sh1t and someone that's tilted will let it stay sh1t, but I'm polishing the sh1t
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Teahyun (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Talon Nadéd,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=8a5idN54,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-06-30T09:41:51.603+0000) > > It's pretty important, you can't communicate with everyone but it's nice some teams from time to time they communicate really well. > > Or atleast in Plat, people are on the same page more often than in Silver or something. > > In Silver you have to solocarry but ping your team alot more than usual i dont know what plat you are playing in but we definitely not play the same thing. Silver players are more willing to listen to calls and play as a team than plats for sure. Plats are egomaniacs. Silver players know they are trash and are more willing to play a team in order to win than plats. Because most plats view the game as some kind of anime. Either they are the hero/carry/main character OR you can go to hell and he will soft-int on a sidelane. That goes esp for redsmite junglers. Silver players are also way more likley to 2nd guess their calls and follow someone else than plats. I also found way more better supports (before adcs were trashed) in silver than in plat. And most of them are also super willing to listen and ask you for stuff(preference, style etc)
You mean.. Gold players are willing to listen more? I mean, it's different from time to time how those lower tiers behave, but even with smurf accounts I never experienced Silver players being that "understanding" I guess. But I do agree Plats are toxic and think they know shiet, but I had a better experience Plats really knowing wtf they're doing than I had Silver players running around like a chicken with their head cut off. Sure, some toxic Plat could be ignorant and shiet and think he is God. But I'd rather follow someone ignorant that knows atleast something than someone that has their own head completely cut off.
GPet (EUW)
: I feel like word based communication isn't important at all. Pings are nice to have, but from my experience just watching what teammates are doing is enough communication.
oh yeah! A little bit of Telepathy to get your point across That's how we do it! Nah I get what you mean, just watching the movement I kinda get if we're on the same page or not
Boulhya36 (EUW)
: How important is communication in solo Q?
It's pretty important, you can't communicate with everyone but it's nice some teams from time to time they communicate really well. Or atleast in Plat, people are on the same page more often than in Silver or something. In Silver you have to solocarry but ping your team alot more than usual
King Lego (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Enjutsu,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=eJ0RLQHM,comment-id=00030000000000000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-06-27T11:50:06.401+0000) > > If in everything then it matters. Both League and in real life? I don't think you'd get any sort of privilege if you were Challenger...
Hmmm.. maybe not in real life except for streaming and esports But I do believe that you do have some qualitys getting you to Challenger. Of course each game is different but I do feel like when someone gets Challenger in League he could get a high rank faster than other people in other games. Maybe also a good mentality in reallife situations? *** To your post: Let's not have too many existential questions. Does Life matter? In the grand sheme of things, probably not. But we're lucky to be here in this vast space on this floating rock in space. Everyone can decide for himself, but questioning weather or not I should exist or not Or if some things are pointless or not.. maybe it's better to be this way. But Life is fun for me and playing League and climbing is not pointless to me :D *** The only thing is that your individual skill doesn't directly correspond to your rank aswell as your rank doesn't directly correspond to your individual skill. But if it's completely a wrong indicator? I don't think so. Even Bronze vs Silver has been shown that the higher rank completely crushes the lower one. Same with Silver vs Gold
: >First of all, only Hashinshin is Toplane. New champion concept: Hashinshin Passive: Unstoppable by the way Unable to be crowd controlled Q: Twitch chat Question your enemies moves, making them doubt themselves and cause any auto attacks or abilities to hit themself instead of their target. W: NERF SINGED Embody the brokeness of singed and charge at your enemy, before flinging them into the closest tower. E: If only I got ganks like my enemy always does Instantly teleports the jungler top lane, regardless of what they're doing R: Professional Balance ~~complaints~~ Advice (global) Instantly nerfs all enemy champions ability scaling ratios by 50%. Fills global chat with "If you can still kill me, clearly Riot's balance team has no idea what they're doing and you all deserve more nerfs". Personally I think this Hashinshin champion concept is quite weak.
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: I want to read about "how to be a crazed madman" - bruisers who charge first into battle with the understanding that they'll die first, but they just wanna drag someone with them, to hell.
Like Irelia? And Fiora? And Tryndamere and Jax and all their crazy storys, I can do that I guess :)
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: Support ranked meta?
I'm Platinum so okay, you just started out the game but I would say you can stick to {{champion:16}} For ages and for any elo. Then later on you can try {{champion:44}}/{{champion:223}} if you need a little more tankier support If you want to **carry your adc** pick {{champion:555}} {{champion:25}}
Leyruh (EUW)
: What kind of dumb things did you do when you began League?
I didn't do too many dumb things, but I was overconfident and had lack of knowledge but here's my story of my beginning: Well.. my first champion was {{champion:4}} and I played Intermediate bots, fed my ass off against those bots and never played TF again. Then I fell in love with the Assassin playstyle and I had to choose between {{champion:238}} and {{champion:91}} I chose {{champion:91}} and never played {{champion:238}} again. (Hmmmm I wonder what would've happened if I chose Zed instead xDD) I started Ranked right when I hit lvl 30 which was a mistake. My journey starts Preseason 6, seven days before Season 6 starts which you shouldn't start in preseason with a new account because you'll drop. I start to play my placements with a friend, he was playing {{champion:21}} and was absolutely crushing. We end up both in **Bronze 2**. The first games in Bronze were very promising and we quickly made **Bronze 1**. I was very confident at that point said to my friend: "We'll quickly leave Bronze behind this is too easy! Let's get to Silver right away!" And we were about to really make Silver but then............. **Preseason ended. And the real Season started** I had to make placements again, and ended up.. you guessed it. in **Bronze 5** A few games in Bronze 5 I quickly realized that those little amount of games I was playing really were more luck than skill. And that I do deserve to be in Bronze and knew nothing about the game. I spent Season 6 getting out of Bronze into Silver 5 and I did make it. But it took more time than I would've guessed. Fast forward to Season 7 I really started to play and make a big leap from starting out Bronze 4 to Plat 5. It was a grind, it might look like a big leap from you but I was stuck in Silver for a while before I really made a mental leap. From cocky to not so cocky In Season 8 I was stuck in Gold but did make it back to Plat 5 eventually. I want to make it to Diamond with the remaining months. I learned alot from this game. Ranks aren't that special, it's all about your progress and not being overconfident and accepting losses but trying your best to win every game even if it looks bad.
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: Describe a champion with just a perfect meme video
MadEclair (EUNE)
: So you compared a meta back from season 5 to current one. It would be different story if you didn't know what is relevant today. > [{quoted}](name=Talon Nadéd,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=2osrfEKl,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2018-06-16T18:03:06.960+0000) > > You can disagree with my opinion and my approach, but what point does the tutorial have if it only gives very basic mouse movements training? It gives you basic understanding on how to play this game, controls, features and interactions with things placed on the map. People who just launched the game have no idea that shop exist, that you can back by pressing "b" key or that you're supposed to unlock your abilities. They would figure it out on their own eventually or know some things because of their experience with other games but if you're 100% green you need some sort of guidance so you won't end up going through hotkey menu just to learn that space centers camera on your champion instead of making your character jump, that "s" stops the actions and the "p" opens the shop you're supposed to use every time you have influx of gold.
sure, but can't the more advanced tutorial be an addition to the existing one? It doesn't always have to be just one thing or one style of tutorial, the tutorial could also be a more aggressive approach to actually teach the game The current tutorial is like school, it should "prepare you for life" but in reality it's actually completely useless in teaching you what you need in life or certain things that you should take care of. If I had something like that, the world today would look alot different. But we still live in the Industrial-Information age but we're getting there
MadEclair (EUNE)
: You can't boil down complex mechanics to the point of "useful tips". > [{quoted}](name=Talon Nadéd,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=2osrfEKl,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-06-16T17:05:44.077+0000) > Roaming will always be viable because you create pressure. You say, roam newbie! What could possibly go wrong? Well, many things. First of all, roaming is situational and depends on many factors - your champion, enemy you face, level of vision control, jungle pathing, your own awareness. You need to evaluate the risks of you being caught or simply failing to kill anybody wich is still a loss to you since you wasted time you could use to build up your advantage. > Laning will probably stay the same No, laning is different for many champions and some changes drastically change what do you want to accomplish during the laning phase. If you put tutorial in place that encourages passive laning, you might give people wrong impression because powerfarming doesn't work well with many champions. Some champions need aggressive laning phase to matter later in game, some champions should lay down during the laning phase. > There can be alot of things added to the Tutorial line that would simplyfy the immense amount of information League has. That's why I would rather not have a tutorial that misleads people into thinking that those mechanics are as basic as it gets. Because they aren't. > What do you think a new player would do with the ever changing meta and immense amount of information about League? Do what everyone did - learn game bit by bit. You don't have to be a meta slave since your first step into Summoner's Rift. Part of the fun is discovering things for yourself. And the fact is, in lower elo there's much less emphasis on meta than in higher ranks. Not all players have to or will master this game. You don't need to know all to pick up League and play even around average level. By practice you'll learn stuff that no tutorial can teach you. > Even if the information the tutorial gives is somewhat expired, it still gives a little bit of insight and the new player can addapt to the new form later. How can they adapt if they don't know that information they were given was wrong in the first place? Why would you want an official source telling you outdated trivia that might affect your ability to play the game?
If I looked at really good guides from Season 5 for example, I could evaluate myself what is still relevant today and what is not. Yes, humans can do that. Evaluate information and take parts that are still strong and leave out those that are not. Maybe I'm naive to think that a newer player would be addaptive in this regard, it would be impossible because of the lack of experience. BUT: It would give insight about the game and a better starting point for new players, that's my goal with this form of tutorial. You can disagree with my opinion and my approach, but what point does the tutorial have if it only gives very basic mouse movements training?
: The tutorial is there to teach them the basics. Then there is system that lets them to play only against bots for few games to make sure those basics stick. After that there is MMR to keep them playing against similarly skilled players. They can raise it by participating on their own (YES! humans are capable of developing strategies on their own.) or gaining information from outside sources. What you are suggesting will probably make them better players from the getgo but strip them from need and ability to adapt and develop.
The abbility to addapt for a human is up to the human itself, I'm not responsible if someone doesn't want to addapt. The tutorial is there to give insight, I don't think it will strip away the selfless abbility to addapt as much as you think. Except if we're still living in a world where people won't do that, then I'm sorry. I'm naive then. But I think that the average of the human race got smarter bit by bit to understand certain things.
MadEclair (EUNE)
: There's plentora of actual up to date guides on the Internet made by high elo players. Just look them up. No point in having a tutorial that would become obsolete every few patches due to introduced changes.
That's right there's enough information out there available to everyone, but that doesn't mean you can't create a tutorial for your own game. Dota has a little bit better of that as far as I know As I mentioned, they shouldn't paint a picture of the meta. But there are still basics that won't really change no matter what patch. Roaming will always be viable because you create pressure. Laning will probably stay the same, Watching the map is obviously a key basic to have There can be alot of things added to the Tutorial line that would simplyfy the immense amount of information League has. What do you think a new player would do with the ever changing meta and immense amount of information about League? Nothing. Can't keep up. If pro's and veterans can hardly keep up with the game how do you think a n00b will? Even if the information the tutorial gives is somewhat expired, it still gives a little bit of insight and the new player can addapt to the new form later.
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: Ranked elo jumping?
You will jump from Silver 5 to Silver 3. You can also jump from Silver 3 to Silver 1. *** You can't jump from Bronze 1 to Silver 4. And you also can't jump from Silver 2 to Gold 5. You can jump divisions but you still have to do promo for the higher tiers. After you are Silver 5 100 Lp you will skip to Silver 3 guaranteed
: Winning a game in season 8 is 100% Luck
This is 100% luck, 20% Skill, 15% concentrated power of will, 5% pleasure, 50% pain And a 100% Reason to remember the name! I don't take this Season seriously anymore, play what you gotta play. Win or lose it doesn't matter in SoloQ Just try your best to win more
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