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CJXander (EUNE)
: Riot is a company, i don't see how they are holding you back in any way? Why can't you just accept the fact you faced stronger enemies? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
if we are talking about strong enemy and weak enemy where is the balence where is the equality in this its supposed to play against ppl have same mmr and close to your elo
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Smerk (EUW)
: It's random, you just got unlucky. Also there is bad luck protection in place that guarantees you a skin shard drop in your third chest if you didn't get skin in previous two
i told i get only chamions and u said bad luck :D
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: Wait what? I at least haven't seen anyone else ask that before
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: is riot making you Intentionally lose games in a row
So simple just type /mute all and play your game with some motivation music
: LF Smurfing DUO
want duo ?
Kiyjiâra (EUW)
: Love you Riot <3
Same happen to me i was talking about championship zed and guess what i got riot tristana ^^
MrRenite (EUNE)
: balance
I am not sure about that i remeber one game i get vs yi and he was so fed when i was play zed mid he camp top and then oneshot every one on my team but i still can kill him easly just need to use ur brain and be smart
Hansiman (EUNE)
: As you said: There's currently a problem with missions. It doesn't mean it will impact everyone, but that it's likely to happen and that it's known.
Where is logic here its not even fair {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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Remmeh (EUW)
: Champion cost/help
start with low cost champs till u collect ur first 20 champs then start to collect for the high cost champs
: Suggestion to improve ranked experience
I would like to say no here just for a simple reason for exemple i have yasuo akali katarina here : the enemy banned kata and they took yasuo i have just akali to play and she is pretty good VS yasuo but i don't play her enough for that experiece program u want to add what i should do ? what about the OTP players if thier champ is banned they need to dodge ???
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Eambo (EUW)
: Hi Baby u smart, We took a quick look at the path you're taking - unfortunately you're going in a pretty odd way to us. Our EUW servers are based in Amsterdam - you're currently going to Sofia (through a PoP called "Sofia Connect"), then up to Stockholm, then to Amsterdam. This is the route that seems to be preferred by your ISP - we actually have connectivity in Baulkan Internet Exchange and Bulgaria Internet Exchange, but right now you're ignoring those routes and taking this less optimal route :-( I can only advise contacting your ISP at this point - it seems that their routing or peering preferences take precedence over what we're advertising :-( Below is a very crude, lazy example of what's happening (Red) versus what should be happening (green). This isn't 100% accurate but you get the idea :-D EDIT: Our Riot Direct team have tried applying some kinda hacky blocks to try to prefer our routing - can you try again and let us know if your ping has improved any?
when im try to test ping test is great my ms always 89 and now getting 120 -220-340-712 and then back to 89 ???
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Meliodas (EUW)
: i think yep ... me and my friend got the same problem can't stay in client and always getting reconnect ...
Not all just two of us in same town
: i mean there might be a ISP issue if you are all on the same ISP
maybe there is somethin on the server EU west
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: Why is it so hard to get S?
Most of my S ranks i got when my cs is between 200 to 250 or maybe u need more kills at least <15 kills {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Smerk (EUW)
: Maybe because they used their tokens on project skin shard and you spent yours on orbs? Project skin shard can give you only project skin, while orbs give random skins
we play together and we get the ord together too but all of them get project skins just me
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: I got a level in a day. That's pretty quick. If you remember levelling from 1-30 it used to take absolutely ages. They reduced the time it takes twice sinse I levelled, so I am remembering how long levelling used to be.
: What about 150. Imagine that. But I bet people will quit the game before they even hit level 40.
leveling up is so hard now and the system said nah is more easier i took more than 7 hours to get just one level thats mean if i want to be level 40 or more i need to spend all my life in fronts of my pc
: I'll get Zoe within an hour of her coming out. because of the new system, every level grants us multiple champ shards that can be rerolled. By the time you get to the higher levels, you'll be getting annoyed that you have all champs and you've nothing to spend BE on.
but leveling up this time is so hard i take more than 10 games for just 1 level ????????? thats mean if the game took 40 min x 10 400 min for just one level
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: Account banned for no reason ?
RIOT is so serious about that and the system may detect 3rd program and hope god helps u in that really
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