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: Here's a tip Play with bots, or play custom games to test out a skin. have fun
Thanks for the tip :) but you are missing the point here.
: And I'm not doubting that, I'm saying if you were that team and they look up your history and can't find a trace of Lux, it's not exactly helping your case, plus whether it's ranked or not doesn't really matter to people that play to win.
I understand that. But 1. I personally have more than 3 accounts you cant judge my skills by looking me up. 2. are you telling me that I should be subjected to other people who may or may not be more skill-full than me deciding what champion I should play ? 3. Of course whether is ranked or not I always do my best and my team mates should trust my judgement, but people don't always have trust exactly because of the kind of trolls who enraged me so much that I had to write a discussion to Roit that will never be answered. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: You can't. Maybe enemy wants to pick the same champion? If they pick before you, you still wouldn't be able to pick them.
: Might want to take the name down since otherwise you'd be naming and shaming. Also, you dodged the queue so you can play a champ for her skin, what if you team wanted to win, you've never played her in rank before so it's safe to assume you don't main her.
It was not even ranked. and I know how to play lux :)
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