: LoL is a MOBA game not an RPG. If anything it would have to be a 60$ standalone game. Also Riot isn't experienced with RPG's so they'd need someone else to actually make the game. Not to mention the hit that their reputation would take if he game wouldn't live up to the hype. (There is no way it ever would) So basicly the Idea might sound ncie but it's nothing Riot Games would want to do themselves.
I know that LoL is a MOBA I just meant it (as you said) should have a standalone singleplayer. And it actually could live up to the hype if Bethesda would take care of it :D
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: Just one complaint I have, after looking at the whole thing for a while, I went back to my old client and it put my options into default. Had to spend some time fixing my options like the random auto attacks, the normal cast and all of that.
Indeed, the alpha resets some of your in game settings, kinda weird...
: I dont know I like it. my room and cloths and desktop are themed stupidly simlar to the project skins I just love the look so to me its perfect.
Maybe that should be a way to aproach the alpha :D
Eambo (EUW)
: Mousing over the option will show you the name :-) https://i.imgur.com/OvIrApO.png
I know, but I think you should be able too see the name in before or even make the icons a lilbit bigger :)
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: It doesn't make sense thematically. Vladimir uses his own blood as a weapon, Mundo pulls a cleaver out of his body and sets himself on fire; these things hurt. Darius swinging an axe around wouldn't hurt him. He already has weaknesses in his low movement speed, small mana pool and him being melee.
It kinda does when you think about the passive... EDIT: Maybe you just loose health, when you give someone passivestacks?
Int0x (EUW)
: urf would be awesome on every map..
Truth. Here, take a cookie ;) {{item:2052}}
: Would you press "Play again" after something like that
I know that feel... [Sp4zie](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqXYUxl2sMs) had uploaded a pretty good video on "How to win a lost game" in which he talks about this problem. A little hint from my part: Listen to some chill music that you like, it'll help ;)
Imbue (EUNE)
: I don't see it as such a weakness .. just {{item:3083}}
Then just make him loose more health or so... Maybe just like {{champion:8}} or {{champion:36}} type of champ... :P
Very cool idea. But the team that gets killed 1st should be able then to leave the game without geting the leaver-buster thingy... Also, like already noticed, there should be a place where buffs could spawn. P.S. This map would be awesome for the ascended gamemode {{champion:268}} PPS. Also URF would be pretty awesome on this map... :D EDIT: 4 lanes would also be an idea ^-^
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