: Unable to queue because "i am already in game"
same here also, had this issue for about 14 hours now.
: Attempt To Join Queue Failed (EUW)
Same here, been going on about 14 hours now.
: Saame thing..did yours get fixed?
Nope, just queue'd up right now and same thing happened, had to quit from Champ Select as the game clearly wasn't going to start. Gonna try queue up again but probably just gonna get the same "Attempt to queue failed" since the client seems to think I'm in a game once you have to quit Champ Select in this scenario.
: Once again the game gets stuck in champion select and never starts
Exactly the same issue. It's been an issue for at least 14 hours now and no fix. There really should be some sort of token compensation, can't even grind after buying the event pass.
: seriously riot still no fixes?
Yep, here I am having bought my first event pass to grind tokens, can't even do that. It's been 2 hours since I tried to play a game, same "Failed to enter queue" message now.
Geggi35 (EUW)
: Game I won just before servers crashed didn't count.
Lmao Riot have a lot to compensate for once they sort this bug out.
Exzoe (EUW)
: Will Riot EVER compensate the euw players atleast ONCE?
Same here. Really annoying when I just want to play.
damy3n (EUW)
: Attempt to join queue failed
Am having the same issue. I queued up and got stuck in Champ Select, got a system message with something along the lines of "You will load into the game in a few mins", everyone else was stuck in Champ Select with me so I just quit cuz it seemed like the client was borked. Now can't queue for a game.
Frontex (EUW)
: Cant queue up for some reasong unexpected error ....
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Zodrox (EUW)
: Mastery A+ and S+ = Mastery undefined
Same. Commenting because it's still an issue. Bloody ridiculous, can't get any of my Mastery 6 champions up to 7 at the moment >:(


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