0megon (EUNE)
: Just mute them and report them for toxicity. If it looks that you at least tried and did something in the game you are not going to get banned. On the other hand as carry, you are not going to survive if you build lifesteal. That is bad approach. Always try to build as much damage as you can if you play ADc(at least in your first 2-3 core items depending on a champion) and then you can invest in some defense. It is good to realise that lifesteal is % from your damage. If you have no damage, you have no healing from lifesteal either. Building lifesteal in earlier phases of game isn't about overhealing someones damage when they jump you but to lifesteal some HP back so you can stay on map for longer time instead of just getting chunked a bit and having to go heal at fountain. Plus I think that Bloodthirster is far better lifesteal item for Tristana. It has higher lifesteal, higher damage so it stack better withh E and future crit items and you already have attack speed bost on Q. Still I would build it later in game.
Thanks. Anyway I was being pressured and lost track of what I needed to do...
: Have you received any punishment from these reports?
No. And I hope I won't. But I just wanted to point out to those who rage that it's not about screaming at someone that they are bad and especially not blaming them the lose of a game when you can't even look at your own mistakes
: You don't need to carry it's enough not to feed
Well I did my best to not feed.. but they blame me for not carrying them. Lol. They said i didn't know what I was doing.. but the more they did the more I was losing patience and the more mistakes I was making....
Escalan (EUW)
: I get angry at people who play bad and sometimes even want to tell it to them, but that's my problem, not their. There are no punishments for not playing well. People often don't reflect their mistakes on themselves, because it's easier to blame someone else. I know it sounds repetitive and stupid but try to mute everyone before the game starts, including pings and you will have a more enjoyable game, well at least you won't have to listen to someone who talks uselessly and spams all game. Good luck!
I tend to avoid that because sometimes they do actually call Mia... well rarely but those who does thanks. :)
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