: Unlike many assassins she has a targeted and cheesier burst than all of them, and a hard cc that she will trigger 100percent of the time. Pinks are not enough as u will never be in a game where 5 people buy them, pd and qss are not to be bought until late in the game else you will throw your early, banshee is a solution for ap. Counter picking is not always doable, + you don't counter pick with a champ you don't play
Then ban her if you can't play against her, people have given you advice how to play vs her, learn from it or leave it.
Cräfty (EUW)
: SoloQ: My suggestions on how to fix it
Yeah SoloQ can be a bit of a headache and I do understand why it triggers people enough to be toxic. I find that attitude towards a game is a biiiiig thing when it comes to win/loss. I've won more games where people have concentrated instead of _angry typing noises_ flaming each other e.g. enemy jungle ganks your lane (cause derp of course his going to) and kills you this is where people spam ping their jungler and begin the downward decent to losing. If they just changed their attitude, farm up, look for plays, work _with_ their team not against it's a smoother ride. I really don't understand how people think raging/insulting each other is going to make their team rally together and help them. Side note, muting everyone at start of games does wonders for mental health.
Megaweed (EUW)
: Thoughts on Yasuo?
His a weird champ, bit of a coin flip when you see him in champ select 'Is he going to be one of -those- players or one of _those_ players', I don't think his OP be any standards but still worthy of a ban in CS when I don't want to deal with him in game (with/or against). His a hyper carry so when he gets a couple of items he can run away with the game or be slapped back to spawn over and over. Same with many hyper carries when they hit their power spikes you feel it. {{champion:69}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:157}} Coin flip champ, also worth noting everyone and their aunt is a lvl 7 Yasuo main for some reason and still get clapped.
: Evelynn is a broken champion.
{{champion:25}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:15}} {{summoner:3}}{{summoner:7}} {{item:3102}} {{item:3140}} {{item:2055}} {{item:3046}} She's squishy af, control wards give her away, piling cc onto her prevents the use of her ultimate, the charm has a delay before it's full effect triggers and like many assassins shes useless when behind.
: How to shut down a fed enemy Early game.
It's not easy but it is possible, I recently had a game vs a very fed Vlad who finished the game 27/10 he was killing people with 1 E Q. The only reason we won was because everyone on my team worked together to counter him with anti healing/chain cc. The best advice I can give is to build defensive and look for plays. Whether or not you can shut down a fed player does depend on what champions are being played and if your team responds/works with you. E.g. Mater Yi can get ahead quickly but he is pretty easy to shut down if collapsed on with hard cc/exhaust before he can respond. There are games where there is nothing you can do however, say a Zed/Rengar gets ahead but everyone on your team is squishy/lacks defensive tools and are instantly one shot then there's little to be done. It's more time efficient to learn from mistakes and go next.
Inaphyt (EUW)
: Why does Illaoi exist?
Sometimes life calls for a tentacle tickle. And Illaoi answers.
Declined (EUNE)
: It's alright, I had to fight pretty hard to make sure there were some extra prizes in there for you guys. We also contemplated giving out some extra rewards to entries who deserved to be highlighted for whatever reason but didn't make it to the finalist list, something along the lines of 'personal favorite' or 'honorable mentions' but it isn't that easy to pull off as it sound. Although I'm quite interested to know what you think of the idea, and if possible how you'd implement it.
You could make a list of Honourable mentions/judges personal favourites based on creativity/originality or something and maybe offer Key Fragments or Blue Essence as rewards D:? I think either way the authors would appreciate a mention.
: > [{quoted}](name=TeaPartyTibbers,realm=EUW,application-id=IRLJz88n,discussion-id=xK72R9s0,comment-id=000b00050001,timestamp=2019-03-18T23:59:19.548+0000) > > K Bye then. You say this and think you are better than him. Nice attitude. While I agree LilMisMadthing's language was a bit vulgar and undervaluing other people's accomplishments, I can understand his/her feelings. He/she is frustrated that they probably worked really hard on the entry, yet it was not appreciated the way they had hoped for. While taking this anger out on everyone else is definitely the wrong way to go about it, you have to understand that he/she is also a wonderful human being that appreciates literature, just like yourself. Contrary to you, I took his/her words as a "I really wanted everyone to like my creation, I wanted everyone to like me and be my friend!". I do not feel a drop of negative emotions towards what they said, on the contrary, I feel closer to them and I definitely won't let them go! I won't allow you to tell them "K Bye then"! I want him/her to write more beautiful creations! We need MORE people like them! Instead of trying to soothe a person whose feelings got really hurt, you try to hurt them more by telling them to leave, that nobody wants them! You, sir, I do not like!
What about the people they would have hurt by typing what they did? Before I replied to their comment I took the time to read their story and visit their profile, they had entered such competitions in the past and had a very different tone when they were selected at top 10 in the Odyssey Fanfic. And because they didn't make that same milestone this time they decided to throw a tantrum and insult others? 'K bye then' is me disregarding their hateful message and if peeps don't like that then...Bye then.
Declined (EUNE)
: Technically there were 'only' 172 entries, I'd know I had to read all of them.
Math is difficult for me... {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=LilMissMadthing,realm=EUW,application-id=IRLJz88n,discussion-id=xK72R9s0,comment-id=000b0005,timestamp=2019-03-18T23:38:30.791+0000) > > -snip- K Bye then. Arrogant; self-absorbed, spoilt child whose salty about the results so they feel the need to drag others down. Congratulations to **all** the wonderful entries that made it and a big **thank you** to those who took the time out of their day to judge the 200+ stories that were entered. That's over 200k words to read through in total. They didn't have to create this competition at all but they did. Giving League players a chance to share their writing talents with the community. So thank you for that. And to the lovely LilMissMadthing. Don't get bitter get better. ######Moderator Note: I snipped the quote as no one should be subjected to read that.
Declined (EUNE)
: #More good news Everyone on the finalist list will receive something, the top 3 winners will still receive the announced rewards but the remaining 13 will receive an Emote. The original plan was for it to be a random Emote, but since we're taking in suggestions from the finalist we might as well let you decide as long as it is available in the shop. However you can also choose a random Emote and have a chance to receive an Emote not currently in the shop, the decision is up to you. Congratulations to all the finalists, and remember to tell us which Lunar Revel skin you'd like, and also which Emote or if you prefer a random one instead. Once we know what you want, we'll be able to send out the rewards as soon as we know who the winners are going to be. *** #2nd round entries It seems a lot of people are interested in finding out who the 49 entries who made through the first round are, while I could do that, I'm concerned it might have a negative impact on the 123 who didn't make it, or the remaining 33 who didn't progress beyond the final round. It was incredibly difficult for us to run the 2nd elimination round when all entries were of a consistently high quality. The first elimination round we used were focused on the main criteria for the event: theme[partnership], creativity and grammar. A single entry was disqualified for exceeding the word limit. I personally don't feel comfortable singling out entries who didn't make it, it was pretty obvious how much work was put into this from the vast majority of contestants, so if you could come with some arguments to why it would be a good idea, I would really appreciate it.
Hey! Is it possible for finalists to cast votes as well? (Obviously not for ourselves) Or are we exempt?
: Do i deserve a ban? (permabanned)
I don't bother reading these posts all the way through anymore they're all the same. **_'Do I deserve this perma ban?'_** Short answer. Yes. Long answer. Definitely Yes. If you can't type anything nice -**do not type at all-** simple.
Zaffron (EUW)
: [Fan Fiction Contest] Final 16 Announced: Vote Now for the Winner!
Wew surprised I made it to final 16! Glad people liked my story! Edit: If I'm lucky enough to win I'd love Lunar Wraith Morgana/Evelynn emote <3 I'm enjoying reading through the other finalist entries some good stuff :3
: Am I the only one who thinks that Leona is unhealthy for the game?
If only there was some way...to counter heavy cc... {{champion:25}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:498}} {{item:3102}} {{item:2419}} {{item:3140}} {{item:3157}} {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:1}}
: Obtaining every skin
Rumour has it that when every skin in game has been collected an army of Teemo's shall sprout forth from the earth and begin a shroom-induced apocalypse on every MOBA in existence. {{summoner:14}} {{champion:17}} {{summoner:14}}
Shamose (EUW)
: With the changes to RP, it's time to either Update old skins or Update their price.
Personally would love to see some of the old legendary skins get a face lift but I don't think that's a high priority on Riot's radar. Perhaps when they've reworked all the champs that really need a VGU? Who knows.
0Nocturnal0 (EUNE)
: Classic lol
Personally I never want to see pre-rework Sion/Taric/Poppy etc ever again. Nightmare fuel. Can't wait for Morde to get his VGU so the last of the pizza feet will be gone and never haunt our screens again.
: Counterplay to Neeko support?
I'm assuming you're playing as ADC cause you mentioned 'go further to farm.'? ADs like Ezreal/Sivir would be good as they have ways to deal with her E, ideally any marksman with mobility or defensive ability would be useful for dodging the root. You could play Tristana and ult Neeko away from you when she goes all in or play Xayah and dodge her ulti with yours etc. Neeko is a mage and as such is reliant on her CDs if you can punish her when she has used her spells do so. Mages are at the weakest when their spells are on CD. She's a bursty mage so they chances are you don't want to get close unless you can 100-0 her before she can do so to you. But if you're looking for some cheesy 'fu Neeko' tips you could start with {{item:1054}} and go fleet footwork for sustain, you could pick sorcery second in runes and opt for nullifying orb. If you're really struggling remember you can buy this good old thing{{item:3140}} to save you from roots. You could take it a step further {{summoner:1}} {{summoner:21}} and take one of these spells. Something else to bare in mind is that when Neeko is camo'd as her ADC she can't cast spells otherwise she'll lose the camo and damaging her removes the camo as well (I'm pretty sure might need to check). You could always ban her in ChampSelect as well...that's a 100% counter right there.
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=lvl 7 Singed,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=oNN8k3sP,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2019-03-09T08:15:11.218+0000) > > MAN YOU ARE SAME AS OTHERS READIN ME MORALS INSTEAD OF GETTING WHAT I SAY ABOUT SYSTEM BETTER CHANGED TO FILTER CHAT :) YOU BETTER GET A LIFE INSTEAD of playing for 5 seasons and be on lower rank than i am for playing 2 seasons :) maybe its not really game for players like you. i am pretty sure tyler1 is better player and person than you are :) Oh dear...how ever shall I recover from such a witty and insightful reply...I know! I'll play some League! Perhaps you could aswel- Oh...too soon?
: Chat Restriction/Toxicity/Ban discussing things/ ONLY +18 players
It's a shame that the boards are filled with people like yourself that find themselves getting banned but point the finger at Riot. You have nobody to blame but yourself, you were toxic and were punished accordingly. End of. The fact that you've had **FOUR** accounts perma banned but didn't learn a single thing from that is truly amazing. Even more so when you delude yourself into believing that Riot then needs to put a new system in place for your convenience. How about you not be a jerk to other players? Or maybe just -maybe- learn some basic human decency and self control. After reading your post and your comments it's clear that you aren't the kind of person to be playing League. So do everyone a favour and find another game. The less of these kind of players we have in our community the better.
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: When will we see the next VGU's
Annie doesn't need a VGU, her in game model isn't that bad, it's actually much better than other champions; {{champion:32}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:26}} who are showing their age quite alot and her game play is pretty strong, literally the poster child for burst mages. it would be cool to see Annie get a rework but as I said she doesn't need one currently.
Chazzes (EUW)
: no fun
Yi is a tad bit strong currently, while he isn't hard to play against many people don't actually know -how- to play against him, for now it'd be a wise idea to ban him till he is toned down or until the meta shifts.
: Is the new teaser related to aatrox rework?
It's most likely a Legendary skin, wolves/lions aren't part of Aatrox's theme and I don't believe they would release a rework so soon after a new champ was brought out. It 'might' be a Kindred skin as the Wolves on the teaser look similar to Wolf, it could also be for other wolfy champions but Kindred is the one that has gone without a new skin for some time. Of course I could be wrong and it -could- be Aatrox's rebirth but I would be very surprised if it is, Aatrox is a darkin but unlike his brother Rhaast and Varus I think he would be more than capable of fully dominating his host rather than being in inner conflict with them. We'll have to wait and see!
Rioter Comments
: Hi im Kesselpaul
Hi Kesselpaul! Welcome back
: Deadly Sins in Runeterra
{{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}}
Rumkatten (EUW)
: Autofill and what to do?
If it's just a normal game who cares? Try something new explore the potential opportunities. Enjoy the game. Play the game. You only learn new things by actually -trying- them. If people flame you for playing Jungle Teemo so what? You're learning, mute them and carry on.
: Everytime they do a change now, they make an event out of it and do sales so they make more money, like this bilgewater event was just one champion being released and some missions, and the event was all over people buying pyke and the legacy skins that are coming back, grab them before they're gone type of crap. The whole point of legacy skins is that they are old and bad but are given value for some reason due to them having a limited time.
> [{quoted}](name=XrayNinjaa,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=y4Bn0YNp,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-06-07T19:02:01.628+0000) > > Everytime they do a change now, they make an event out of it and do sales so they make more money, like this bilgewater event was just one champion being released and some missions, and the event was all over people buying pyke and the legacy skins that are coming back, grab them before they're gone type of crap. The whole point of legacy skins is that they are old and bad but are given value for some reason due to them having a limited time. Pyke and the Bidlgewater event have nothing to do with the ADC item overhaul... There's nothing wrong with a company creating content to profit off of... It's what companies do in order to make money... Negative attitude towards change unneeded... If riot didn't keep adapting the game it would grow stale as everyone would just be playing the same shizz and using the same strategies over and over... Take a breather and wait for all the changes to settle down, over the next few patches they'll be balancing stuff out and buffing those who need it...{{champion:203}} ... Hope you did well in your exams!!
: I want to main midlane, and 1trick Diana, any tips?
I'm not a Diana main but I have played her enough to sink money into buying all her skins... You ideally want to ward where the enemy jungler and sometimes roaming supports will come from, i.e. entrances/brushes by the river. The best time to roam is when you have shoved the wave into the enemy tower and the enemy laner loses vision of you, however this is matchup reliant as you will get games where you will be the one shoved under tower. A good tip for trading is to wait for your opponent to commit their CDs to farming minions particularly if they use their CC/high damage abilities to kill minions but be wary of the enemy junglers position. Diana is a diver which is all well and good but when she has committed into a fight she doesn't have an escape outside of {{summoner:4}}. If you're well versed with her you can try and pull off some fancy moves with her Ulti to escape i.e. leave some minions alive run up to your opponent Q+R+W then R back to the minions behind you but make sure you get the Ulti reset by hitting Q. As for power spikes Diana can literally DELETE squishes with 3-4 items even more so if you're ahead. Until that point you can whittle down opponents with Q poke until they are low enough to go all in or wait for jungle assistance to get a kill. If you are ahead just build damage to further your snowball but in matchups that are tough or you are behind in build items that aid your survival i.e. {{item:3157}} {{item:3102}}. Finally tailor your rune pages for your lane! If you're vs a heavy AP dmg dealer pick up nullifying orb, try putting secondary points into resolve to bolster your tankiness if you're going into a tough matchup. Hope some of this was helpful!!
: Is Kindred ADC good?
Nope. Kindred had their kit designed for the jungle they need to farm up marks to buff their passive and reach their late game power spike. They are also one of the more difficult champions to master meaning if you're just learning them the process will be very unforgiving. They are struggling somewhat currently and Graves JGL does exactly what they do only better. There are a variety of ADCs who would be much better options for running botlane, take a look at those!
: How to lose all your friends while playing support! :D
How to lose all your friends?! What friends... {{champion:32}} {{item:3070}} {{champion:32}} {{item:3070}}
Rioter Comments
: Support Item nerf & Shielding Nerfs
It's needed. Ever gone vs a Jinx/Lulu, Kog/Lulu, Mid Karma/Support Lulu. (Yes Lulu looking at you). There is next to no opening to engage on as the moment their shields fade the CDs are back up again. There is nothing wrong with having supports like Lulu, Janna, Karma but there needs to be moments of vulnerability opponents can take advantage of. It's not skillful to just sit back and spam shields on your ADC, you aren't engaging with the game just spamming a single button over and over. At least with the current proposed changes these supports will have to -think- about when to commit their shields to a target. PURPLE {{champion:117}} PURPLE {{champion:117}} PURPLE {{champion:117}} PURPLE
: Why should i main annie
Annie's early game isn't all that impactful and you really need at least 2-3 items before you can put out some good damage. She's short range and lacks mobility these are her biggest weaknesses so your biggest priority is to survive until you hit your power spikes. Always build for your lane if you're vs AD like Zed/Talon get Zhonyas ASAP, match ups like Anivia/Malz you want items that will aid your survival like ROA. Tailor your rune pages for your matchups as well, nullifying orb is good vs heavy AP damage dealers for example. A good tip for going vs Malz, something I do when I play vs him, is build protobelt {{item:3152}}. It gives you some tankiness and AP whilst also giving you a neat way to disable his passive so you can use your passive on him to land the cc. It's also useful for going vs people who build {{item:3102}}. When playing her always look for the targets you can kill. If you're opponents are stacking MR it's not always wise to use your CDs on them, (I've gone vs Ryzes and Veigars who rush {{item:3111}} into {{item:3001}} which is all kinds of depressing). Instead look for squishy targets that you can 100-0 quickly and be mindful of your positioning you ideally do not want to have to be using {{summoner:4}} defensively as it is your main initiation tool. Vision is a big thing in League if your opponents can see you coming they will obviously back away from your reach. But if you gain vision control {{item:2055}} {{item:3364}} {{item:3340}} you can flank the enemy by surprise. There are some matchups that are unwise to pick Annie into. Be mindful of this. Unless you are a one trick pony (guilty as charged) favour picking champions that give you the best winning potential over your opponent. Hope this was helpful, good luck!
: Click to hit spells and their power
The thing is some champions have these point and click spells because they are starter champions which help newer players get used to the game and the mechanics within it. League needs champions that have 'simple' mechanics, if every champion were to have skills shots it wouldn't be as enjoyable to players of different skill levels there -needs- to be some champs with click to win spells as they offer reliability and easy access gameplay. These types of champs also have weaknesses i.e. Syndra, Veigar can only target one person with their ults, Brand can be countered by not standing together, Annie is a very short ranged mage. While on the topic of 'click to win' why not ADC's? Their auto-attacks are click to win as well all they have to do is simply click on an enemy champion, it would be unfair if all spells were made into skill shots but ADC's were allowed to maintain their reliable dmg output of afk auto-attacking. Most of this is made void however, seeming how Riot released a change to minion aggro so single target lock on spells draw minion aggro which helped trim some power from what I would call unhealthy abusers of lock on spells (Pantheon, Malphite, GP).
kmph2mps (EUNE)
: As Annie, how to lane against opponents with vastly superior range?
I actually don't think Lux and Azir are particularly bad match-ups for Annie, yes they can be annoying but compared to other match-ups i.e. control mages like Orianna, Anivia it's not that bad (depending on how you play). If you've gone vs a good Anivia as Annie you know how much of a pain that can be. Annie is pretty weak early on but scales incredibly well the longer a game goes on, in match-ups that don't go in your favor your goal isn't to -win- the lane but survive it, Annie is an engage champ she can quickly start fights with a good Flash+R combo and burst down priority squishes, usually you'll want to start a fight with your team around as engaging the whole enemy team alone isn't a wise idea as the moment you've used your own CD's you are vulnerable to being turned on and killed. Some small bits of advice for lane-phase: - Work around the enemies CD's if they use their spells (particularly cc spells) to farm you'll have a few seconds of freedom to farm up yourself. - If they start moving towards you, move back to your tower don't stand within their reach even if it means missing some cs, you'll lose more gold by being poked out of lane or killed in lane than you will by letting a couple of minions die. - Always build for your match-up if it's a tough lane build items that help you survive it. - Look for opportunities to help your team when possible but don't bait yourself. I will say this, even if you're an Annie main (like myself) it's not always wise to pick her, there are team comps that work well -with- Annie and -against- Annie, you'll need to consider carefully in CS if you want to opt into Annie, if there is a better pick that will ultimately work better in a match-up it's usually better to go with that.
: Changing Annie's E
Honestly I doubt they'd go full scale mechanic rework on the E ability, it does feel a little non existent because it doesn't provide much of a flashier in-fight appearance as the rest of her kit. I think a simple yet interesting way to bring some fire back into Annie support would be to simply allow Annie to use the shield on an ally, this would open up the door to some real support builds for Annie. Instead of building full AP she could invest in; Ardent, Athene's, Summon Aery which would proc (hopefully) from shielding that ally. While the E ability doesn't appear to do anything other than provide a passive stack it actually provides % dmg reduction and a mini-thorn-mail which are beneficial protective effects for a duo botlane, I think it would be a unique addition to the support line up as it's not a standard 'shield for x amount' like Janna or Lulu's shields are. Just some thoughts~
peachbuns (EUW)
: Annie rant
{{champion:1}} Annie is similar to champions like Malph, Amumu, Fiddlesticks in that you are reliant upon your ultimate its your bread and butter of everything you do when playing the dark child. She is by no means weak especially as a mid laner full ap Annie with flash/ignite is terrifying, I find that if you want somebody for heavy AoE CC capable of destroying squishy targets in 1 spell rotation she's your guy (Heu), like all champions in league she has unique strengths and weaknesses and so there are champions out there that do counter her. I'd recommend just having more practice exploring what shes good against and what she struggles against~
: Its impossible to carry as support in Bronze
I'm a regular support player and I disagree, as a support its your role to help your team get ahead and win, not to 'carry', you should be the one to present opportunities for your team by warding (including sweeping for enemy wards), paying close attention to the minimap, keeping regular communication going (including pings) and peeling for your ADC/APC (if an enemy is focusing your carry HELP YOUR CARRY). In can be hard to do anything as a support especially if your own team feeds/plays terrible or makes mistake after mistake. Whilst you have no control over the people you are placed with and what they pick you do have control over what you play and how you play, I would advise being smart when it comes to champ select don't just pick a champion because it has a lot of damage or because its what everybody else tells you to pick. Pick champions that counter the enemy or strengthen weaknesses of your team members, if your ADC is doing badly or is not in lane don't just stand there! Go roam see if you can help other members of your team, even offering encouragement with friendly comments can go a long way (DO NOT FLAME). Supports and junglers are the two roles that do not have a lane where they need to stay in to farm and get gold, so roam your socks off when your ADC doesn't need you, champs like: {{champion:53}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:12}} Can be potent gankers, all you need to do is to be smart and looks for those opportunities.
: Jungling Tips, Diana is possible.
{{champion:131}} I love playing Diana jungle! She can snowball insanely if you play it right but that's also a double edged sword if you get put behind as Diana jungle its near impossible to have a major impact especially if the enemy gets an insane advantage. I'm not an expert but I did get rank 5 champion mastery on Diana playing her exclusively in the jungle, I find in the jungle she can perform swell but she needs to snowball, unfortunately having decent ganks pre 6 is unlikely but it is not impossible, if a lane is pushed up look to see if you can slip in behind them your E is a strong CC tool and if the lane you are ganking can follow up with their own CC (if applicable) it can result in a kill/kills, keep in mind that whilst your E is effective it has a short range don't use it too early. Diana is not a tank and early on she is squishy more so in the jungle, so make sure you know whether or not it actually is possible to gank a lane and come out on top, the worst thing you could do is gank because someone is pinging like mad for help and then die, pre 6 she isn't very mobile at all and being counter ganked is a fast way to losing a game. As a jungler it is vital to have an idea of where the enemy jungler is if you gank a lane make sure you know where they are and if you cannot see them on the minimap its best to assume they are nearby. Whilst she is a brilliant at getting in the enemies face she also has no escapes especially if you use your ult without hitting a Q on the enemy first. In team-fights try not to be the one to go in first as mentioned before you are not a tank and if you don't build items that help you survive e.g. {{item:3157}} {{item:3001}} you'll just be popped, if it is possible try to flank the enemy whilst they are busy fighting your front line, wait for your chance to flank if you build her full AP you can destroy back line squishes but you are vulnerable to CC and kiting. For my runes on her I use: AP Quintessences Armor Seals Scaling Magic resis Glyphs Magic pen Marks But there are many different runes you can use these are just the ones I prefer! Hope this was helpful from one Diana fan to another! {{champion:131}} _> A new moon is rising!_


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