: Back then you wouldn't know were you were at until you finished all your placement games. Now you can see your current rank despite still being unranked.
Thanks. I think that's better, but why im in bronze when I'm playing always with gold and plats? :O
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: So basically I'm still trapped in the Reconnect bug for 2 hours now, will this be solved today? Cause i would like to play league.
Im trying to play from yesterday. 1 game then waiting 8h but they didn't fix this, today played 1 game, and same bug, waiting 4h now :D Still no replays from RIOT or any solutions. That's a joke.
: GUyyyyyyyys I FOUND A SOLUTION PLEASE UPVOTE THIS just click on the online icon next to your username and change it to away and change it back to online and then start a game Best of luck guyss
U know u can't do it when u are in ghost game? This isn't a solution.
: [Resolved] [19-12-2019] - Reconnect issues
Yesterday i had those 4 problems. I Played one game and that was all. Today, I played 1 game, and we back to the same problem. Reconnect screen and nothing to do about it. Where is a Riot member who solve problems, or at least to respond to our comments. After this new patch sh*t goes down... {{summoner:1}}
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: Have servers died again
I had ghost game bug, after 3h i can't log in. "The login queue is experiencing heavy traffick. Exit button, its only what i have there. Shame on you RITO.


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