MadJ0hn (EUW)
: Shockblade Zed Chroma Pack (new Textures, Particles, Splash Art etc.)
Puckomodo (EUW)
: Bard vs Thresh: Who is better to learn?
100k Thresh player here thresh will never get boring since there are so many things to do and he is always good just because of his kit alone
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: Anyone else having FPS drop issuess since last few days?
Yeah i get some too i got 12gb of ram and i used to get 80+ fps now i get like 50~
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EricboyZ (EUW)
: Support Main name.
GoodHooker MudLife BronzeLife WannaBeMadLife Krepo-chino
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: League Project - Shoreline - ADC Minitage
Carnagest (EUNE)
: Well,Every week they choose some players to test out something. In case they need players that are experts in a kind of a champ(example: Katarina) They choose that, If u get that older, And u don`t see the Mail from the LoL Riot, It could be from you . Be sure to check all the mails u have.
I check my mail daily...
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lmmôrtal (EUW)
: Riot Can u giv me 11 rp pls???
Wtf do they actually giv u rp if u draw them something? xD
: Why is there so much lag?
Someone sat on the server :/
: Unskilled players
They see if your acualy meant to be there lets say i am lvl 30 and i play like a lvl 20 rito will match me up with lvl 20s
Teddy TFT (EUW)
Got no time 4 dat
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Nadaria (EUW)
: Why does riot nothing against dominion botting to sell accounts?
Their probs working on a massive dominion update that might change the whole gamemode?
BeamrB0Y (EUW)
: I think that now you need to build {{item:3134}} first, Followed by {{item:3074}} , then finish the {{item:3142}} , after that you buy {{item:1334}} or {{item:1330}} , when you're done with that you buy a {{item:3087}} , with all of that Attack Speed you get a {{item:3072}} , when you have enough Lifesteal with that you add a {{item:3071}} to finish it off with a little bit of HP with it. And then you're done. That's one of my builds for her. :p {{champion:103}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:122}}
Thats what i build
BenasBr (EUW)
: Reworked fiora
I think shes great as she is at the moment she is so fun to play :D (Comming from a old fiora main)
Wohltat (EUW)
: Minimap too small at max scale at 2560x1440
Same dude cuz if its bigger its so much easier to look at it more often
ScorpionSYR (EUNE)
: Free champs
I got {{champion:19}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:121}}
Teddy TFT (EUW)
One day.... {{summoner:3}}
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Creberus (EUNE)
: Vagan, The bloodborn warrior (CHAMPION IDEA)
He looks like {{champion:102}} {{champion:266}} in one
Redman07 (EUW)
: WHO LET THE DOGS OUT? :D devourer bug
XDD did they follow you the whole game? it would be more funny if u ware playing {{champion:75}} Lord Of The Doge
Xetian (EUNE)
: FPS Counter and HUD Animations
CTRL+F will open a small tab in top of your screen it shows your PING and your FPS
: MMR Boosting Punishments for the 2015 Season
What if i duo with someone who is high skill lvl and hes on his smurf? (Not saying i do this i just want to know)
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derte (EUW)
: plz report
Wow people like him just... wow
: Instead of nerfing every champion
That's true but its so much work buffing 10 champs instead of just nurfing 1
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: Teemo´s passive has a new effect.
So they made him more annoying? Great. time to piss of my friends again :D
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: As Janna is my best support by far. I can't agree with your review of her. First of: > i like to play her a bit more passive in lane and just wait for ganks while letting your adc free farm you can play more aggressive by making flash behind enemy and ult combos to push them into your turret or into your adc but never do this if the support is near the adc because you will push them both to your adc and you never want that do you that will just get your adc killed Even if you like to play passive in lane, Janna should be far from passive in lane. Your job as Janna, if nothing goes terribly wrong, is to constantly harass the enemy ADC or support with auto attacks (until the enemy adc gets a pick axe or bf sword, etc) And blowing Flash for just a kill is so **NOT** worth it. > i personally play her as a 'get away from my adc' kinda support in team fights you can protect your adc and just let her hammer away at the enemy team killing them all when i play janna i like to take flash and exhaust flash to make the flash ult combos work out and to get away flash should be on everyone and exhaust just to add even more cc to janna to make her the cc queen. Yes, she is a disengage support. She is not the CC queen of the game. She is probably the best disengage support though, made for protecting your adc and pealing for them. Not to be mean to bronze players, but most of them do not know how to kite. Making what Janna is good for quite useless. Simply because if the adc doesn't know how to kite, you can't peal for them. You can protect them to some degree, but can't peal ( tornado and slows while running in front of the adc with mobility boots to give them MS buff while they constantly Auto attack(kite) the enemy that is chasing them; all this while running away). And lets be fair, if there's a Queen of CC in this game, her name is Lissandra or Morgana General Advice: Your punctuation more than just once per paragraph. Make new lines, it makes the text easier to write and it doesn't give the impression that it was written by a person with little education due to their age.
Janna is my least experienced support out of all of them so i don't have the best of knowledge of her
ZeeDrakon (EUW)
: Janna fun 8?? :DDD One of the most boring champs to me
Me my self i don't have as much of experience of janna as i do in terms of others but when i play her i have fun :P
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: Hello, i have one big wish
You won the race good sir, the race to rank 5 thresh
: tutorial how to flame
Bronze/Silver is like that forever :/ Kinda sad if you think about it its just a game like people chill out
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