: Forced into a clash game with literally no one on, and no one entered it.
I'm in the clash team I was with the beta 2017... and now I can't leave it! Like wtf... I do not want to play Clash, I want to play ARAM.... but noooo... I apparently want to play today clash just cause you played it once during the Beta 2017! Jesus Riot, fix it. Get me out of the clash lobby! Why do they assume I want to play just cause I was in a team???
Patsy Mid (EUW)
: I don't believe that it's too expensive, it has a price for a reason, besides you weren't able to use "blue essence" which was before "ip" to buy a name changer, which you can now. People complain a lot these days.. Same thing about the Hextect feature, which litterally gives the option to earn free skins, which you couldn't back then aswell. *Edit; Also wrong section to have a discussion in
You were able to buy name change for ~13k IP since 2015, if I remember right on the year. Before that, it was RP only.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Are the servers down? I haven't even heard of that.
The EUW servers are down, not the EUNE, and he is on EUW as am I.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: But why do you need to compensate that? It's not Riot's fault if he's busy.
It's riots fault for not having the servers up and running. People are not able to play any time of the day. Some are just able to play 1-2h per day. If the servers are %%%%ed at that time, how is he supposed to play? Right now it's the second day in a row with the servers being unavailable for some time.
WLPixel (EUW)
: Do paysafe cards bought in canada work in euw?
Paysafe should work regardless of where you bought it. However, the cost will be in € and if the Paysafe card is bought in another currency an exchange rate will be added to the payment. If you men Riot Point cards, then the answer is no since they a locked to the region they are bought in.
: Is a hotfix on its way?
I have the same problem, except I get into game 1min into every single game. Meaning minions are spawning when I get into the game. Kinda bad :/
effa94 (EUW)
: Relevant question. If i craft the golden chroma of one of the skins using the golden revel token, does that include the lunar skin in question? I do not own lunar wraith catlin, but if i craft that do i get the skin as well, or only the chroma to use if i buy that skin in the future?
It's only the chroma you get and it will unlock when you get the skin.
: Ranked Formula is broken
No, everyone does not start at 1000ELO, everyone gets a soft reset. Meaning that if you were lower rank you will get a little higher and if you were high you will get a lower rank. But it will not guarantee that you will get the same stats as a new player. So if he is new and you were let's say bronze 5-1 last season this isn't that weird that he got placed higher than you.
DravenIsOut (EUNE)
: If you go and die again you'll get 2 gold, what's the cheapest item you can get? I'll keep dying and see if you can buy it.
Healing potion for 50G I belive
HSBunny (EUW)
: So.. how are your Ranked stats? Good or Bad start?
I'm on 12W-12L. Got placed in Gold II so I'm ok with it since I'm at least in Gold. As long as I'm gold or higher I'm ok since I'll get free skin :3
eneaboss (EUNE)
: Voice chat
We don't know. They have only said that they are discussing it, they haven't promised it what I know off. https://youtu.be/bY67yCaGdno?t=457
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Teejoon,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=E4BljBWp,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-01-24T16:21:50.081+0000) > > There is a point, I'm cheap and I don't really want to buy another driver. The log folder hade log files from 4years ago. They will come back but they won't take up 5GB+ in a while. I have 2 drivers. One SSD 500GB with Windows, League and other programs I want to be able to start fast and a 3TB HDD where I have most of my games and documents. But my 500GB SSD is getting full so I'm trying to see where I can more easily get more space. Since the League folders are 2GB larger than PBE I should be able to free up some more. There are crucial differences between PBE and the live client, for example PBE only has to concern itself with certain languages that live may have to account for. My personal recommendation would be to try uninstalling LoL entirely and install from scratch - this is the easiest and cleanest way to clear up old files. I can't guarantee it'll clear up much, unfortunately.
Ok, I'll try reinstalling it during the weekend then. To see if I get it any smaller. Every GB counts since I had less than 3GB left before I deleted the Logs :p
Rismosch (EUW)
: Why not buy a bigger drive? Or upgrade your PC? That log folder will be there again once you start League and it will be full again in no time, so there is no real point in removing it.
There is a point, I'm cheap and I don't really want to buy another driver. The log folder hade log files from 4years ago. They will come back but they won't take up 5GB+ in a while. I have 2 drivers. One SSD 500GB with Windows, League and other programs I want to be able to start fast and a 3TB HDD where I have most of my games and documents. But my 500GB SSD is getting full so I'm trying to see where I can more easily get more space. Since the League folders are 2GB larger than PBE I should be able to free up some more.
  Rioter Comments
MochaFraps (EUNE)
: Hi, After my placements, I’ve never lost a single game and the first won after that was 25lp, after that was consecutives 27lp, only played 4 games though. I was expecting to skip the series for gold1 promos but apparently I still had to do it. And, yes I check it based on Op.gg. Since the season has just started I haven’t been playing many games, and only 2 losses so far. The two losses were during my placements, and they brought my mmr down from gold 2 placement to gold 4 placement from just one loss. Not sure about the actual numbers. You can check MochaFraps on EUNE.
The OP.gg stats are their numbers, not Riots. So blame them for their algorithm and not Riot, cause OP.gg stats is definitely not equal to Riots. OP.gg number fluctuates a lot. Some games it barely changes and in other you losses 40-50 or gains the same amount. I didn't know you could skip promos I have never done that. But I have skipped a tier, you only have to have performed well over the average player around your rank. I also believe that you can't skip a Tier 1. I have only skipped tiers twice on another acc, Gold 5 to Gold 3 and Gold 3 to Gold 1. In those games, I had been earning 25-29LP and losing 13-17lp for several games since I started in Silver 2 and didn's skip Silver 1. Can also say that I didn't do this at the beginning of a season. I did my placement in the beginning but then didn't play until after the summer, since I believe that could have boosted my LP gain/loss since I hade been Gold 3 the season before.
Galabel (EUW)
: RP price REadjustment in Europe
I don't believe they will change the price unless it keeps going up quite some more or it stays stable here for like at least another 1-2 years. When they did the price adjustment the EUR lost 15% of its value to the USD in like 8 months. Even if they did an adjustment now it wouldn't be as much as before since the EUR ain't as valuable now as compared to back then.
: When's "One For All" coming out? I never understood the "Rotating" process.
It will come out when they are done implementing it and done enough testing on in and squashed the bugs they could find that is breaking it. All for one need the voting for champ feature, which has not yet been implemented for the new client, which is probably the only thing we need, but it's a quite lot of small things to do. The new client and the old client works in a very different way it will probably take some time. https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/announcements-en/Ukjsludb-quick-update-on-rotating-game-mode
sirDarts (EUW)
: So you would want champions to be limited to the role you picked? You know that would prevent viable stuff like Quinn top, Brand support, Galio mid, Ezreal jungle, etc?
No, I don't want a system where you can't ban intended pick champs. Cause it would be flawed since I could easily troll. The fix for the troll could be as you suggested. But then you wouldn't be able to intend to pick champs as you described which would be a bigger problem then we have now where you can ban intended picks.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: I think that would be a good feature actually. I can't see much abuse potential with this.
Ha, pick Yasho, Zed or any other champs people just don't like when you support so that they can't be banned just to annoy everyone else. Would be my way to go if they implemented this to show how bad the ide is. Cause I can pick any champ I want anyways xD
: cause its a wall. you cant go through anivias wall. you cant finish recall if trundle puts an ice block underneath you or anivia can cancle your ultimate if she move you with her wall.
Azirs wall will not interrupt allies, only enemies. So if it interrupts the allied Sions ult it's definitely bugged, as the OP said.
: > [{quoted}](name=Teejoon,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Ti4RmWyE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-01-08T09:33:29.662+0000) > > Too few players to give satisfying queue time and balanced matches for all or some of the queues. Disabling queues gives more players on the queues that are available. > > They disabled normal draft since they can't disable normal blind since not all players can play normal draft. It's better to disable a normal queue than a ranked queue, at least if you ask me. It kind of makes sense...but! Were queue times really that bad? It's hard to believe that the difference would be huge enough to bother someone's mind
Was the queue time bad? Yes. I haven't played much on EUNE for like 2-3 years. But I remember EUNE having around 15min queue time in normal draft off peek. 15min is kinda long to wait. But we can't just look in one queue. If all queues have 10min+ queue time it's bad, some queue might have even longer queue times. By just closing 1 queue those players will spread over to other queues making the queue time shorter on those and I'd say that normal draft is the best queue close if you have to choose one queue, since you can get the Summoners Rift 5v5 experience in other queues. You can't get ARAM experience if you close that queue, 3v3 only has 1 ranked queue and 1 normal queue close one of those and you take away either the ranked aspect of the game or the ability to play 3v3 with friends having a big rank gap between you two.
: Disabled normal draft.
Too few players to give satisfying queue time and balanced matches for all or some of the queues. Disabling queues gives more players on the queues that are available. They disabled normal draft since they can't disable normal blind since not all players can play normal draft. It's better to disable a normal queue than a ranked queue, at least if you ask me.
: riot still no reply me 5 hours...
Give them at least 24h to reply. Usually, they will reply within 48h.
Medhvih (EUNE)
: No it isn't worth, anyway i didn't knew on the time i played about this..i just did some research for other mods and found a post about permabanned for using mods, so , that's why i'm curious if i'm going to get banned for using it 3 times.. Anyway i delete the program , but i dont think that is going to get me rid of those 3 matches that i played with custom skins.
Can you get banned for those? Yes. Will they? Who knows, I hope not if it was only 3 games and the program only had custom skins and not riot skins or any other part breaking other rules. Since I want to believe even Riot know that people make mistakes sometimes. The easiest way to make sure that no files have been changed would be to uninstall and remove all LoL files and then reinstall LoL again. I think that should be enough to make sure no files ain't an original file. I don't know how skin programs work. But I can think of two ways they could do it, either change files so that your custom skin has overwritten the original files or that they hook onto the league process and when files are being loaded they redirect it to their custom files if you want to use custom skins. If they do it as the first way you files would be changed even after an uninstall, aka you will still see the custom skins in the game. If they use the second approach no file should have been changed if they did it in a good way, could be if they did it in a bad way, and therefore it shouldn't be any problem if the program ain't running unless they have chosen the bad way when doing their program. EDIT: The harder part would be to know if you skin program would do more in the background and break other rules. BTW, search for the skin program you talked about and found a Youtube vid on "How to install". It has clearly made Riot made skins available in it. If that is the program you used, then the ban chance is very high if you would ask me. Even if it was only for 3 games. Hold your thumbs, hope Riot won't ban you and they understand that you made a mistake.
: not true, in old system you get 150 ip after 30 minutes game (if you were winning even more) while on this system you get 600-1200 a level which takes about 12 games. So... calculate 150 (IF YOU ONLY LOSE)x12 and t hen compare it to the new system even if you are lucky and you get 1200 all the time, still not even equal. And don't start with the discount by activating a shard instead of buying a champ because in the old system you could buy random champion shard for 2k ip and reroll 3 champions for 1 perma for completely free.
Bahahahahha, no. 30min and lose the game was about 60IP. While now it's about 167XP. You couldn't get 150IP or more unless there was some sort of IP boost event or first win of the day. So 60IP x 12games = 720 IP. EDIT: Did some more math. Yes, if you have very low win rate the new system might be slower. If you only lose you matches and don't get an average of 1000BE per level it will be slower. But who lose 100% of their game? Maybe bots...
Medhvih (EUNE)
: The program is closed,but is a way that the program affect some files, if it is, how can i check it out ? Just for curiosity.. {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
Is there a way? Definitely, who else would Riot know if you have changed any files or not? Like you need a program that runs some sort of hash algorithm, like MD5, on every file LoL has (that is not account or client specific) every patch and store the hash. Then check the file against those hashes every time after you have used the program. If the hash is the same it shouldn't have changed any file. Do I know a program that does this? No. But I would still not recommend doing it. Since you never know what Riot does and how they will do concerning 3rd party software. But I'd say it's very unlikely they would ban an account if another account uses 3rd party software if the software ain't running, not even a small part in the background, and it ain't changing any files. :)
Medhvih (EUNE)
: But in the context if i play in one account with that program open,to see some skins on a match, and i close the app, and play on another account , it would be a chance to get banned on both?
If the program has changed any game files and doesn't change them back or if's still running some part of it even after you have closed it. Then there is a possibility of both getting banned. Else I wouldn't think so, but I can't guarantee it, there will always be a risk. The easiest solution would be to have 2 different PCs with different accs. Since then I don't see how they would do it without putting a lot of resources to get those players. Another easy thing to thing to do is to not mod anything in-game. If you want a preview of Riot skins you could look them up on youtube or on the PBE and play with them there before you buy them on you real acc.
Medhvih (EUNE)
: About Custom Skins
Yes, you can get banned for using custom skins, 100% guaranteed if is has Riot made skins in it, and yes you can play on another acc if you get banned. Only a few players have been banned from actually playing lol. However have several acc and uses custom skin on 1 and you forgot to turn the program off once but never actually used it on the other acc, both can be banned.
Gameone24 (EUW)
: Winter URF
4pm GMT. So 1h left
: Jhins 4th shot +Trinity?
It does apply tried it in practice mode. Jhin lvl 1 with Trinity has this damage: 61 base + 47 bonus Only 4th shot: 81 dmg 4th shot + Trinity passive: 142 dmg The dummies have 100 armor = 50% damage reduction. So without armor Jhin should do: Only 4th shot: 162 dmg 4th shot + Trinity passive: 284 dmg You now see that Trinity did 122more damage, which it should do. Since it doubles the base damage the next AA after an ability is used.
: i think that BE is good for the old players who have saved up alot but harder for new players to get started.
No, it should be about the same difficulty to get champ if you only disenchant shard, but easier if you upgrade shards. Since 1 shard reduces the cost of the champ by 60%, but you only get 20% if you disenchant it. So I'd say its better for a new play that misses a lot of champions and the same as before for people only missing a few. Since the new player level up faster and get shard faster meaning that they will probably sooner or late get champion shards for champs they really want but don't own.
Gebba (EUW)
: A little thing to keep in mind of not to get ahead of yourself [Year in review]
AVG Damage mitigation and AVG Damage Healed could men one of 3 things: 1. Challenger players buy less armor/MR, less life steal or healing items. 2. Fight less in general 3. That the Challenger games are shorter, meaning they don't have time to get high AVG score per game My guess would be the third with some help of the second and first since they basically won't have time. Longer games mean this: * More time to put wards * Higher chance of farming super minions = more gold/minion wave * Enemies with more health = you can do more health damage before they die * Time to get up you AVG per game score So having the stat of AVG game time and % of games surrendered would be kinda useful and fun stats to see too :)
Saibbo (EUW)
: How 2 plats and 2 gold and 1 silver got tier 4? We had 1 diamond 3, 1 plat 5, 3 gold V and we got tier 2 and actually won 3rd.
Don't ake me. That was just were it say we were
: Did they mention any of these ideas or are you just coming up with them? Because they all don't sound like something Riot would actually do in my opinion. Even tho that's some interesting points.
These are stuff I just came up witj. Basically, they have to come up with things that different people even if they are on the same PC or on different PCs. Making things kinda hard to do. But I'd guess mouse movement patterns and key press patterns would be quiet unique for different players and how they make certain decisions. You basically have to create fingerprints of player with what you can. With machine learning, enough data and some time you should be able to determine if 2 players are close to each other. But trying to match 1 smurf with several other accs would probably take way to long time. By having other stuff they could narrow down the search in the beginning.
: I don't doubt any of that, but my question was if someone already knows or might have an idea about how Riot planned to balance the smurfing on the tournament, since they said they have some tricks or possibilites to manage that.
Depending on how hardcore they want to do stuff they could probably do shit loads that would require a lot of work to just play a for a smurf. Here are some things they could check: * IP-address * Your location * The hardware you use * The BIOS-version * You key presses patterns * Your mouse movement patterns The first 5 are pretty much just stuff that checks if it's reasonable that it might be the same PC for several accounts since that would be a big red flag that it might be a smurf. The last 2 they could probably do stuff with since you will play in a way and your friend in another. They could probably skip the 5 first items since it would be quiet easy to fix. Like, use a VPN and another PC. Since a phone number is anyone playing a smurf needs 2 SIM-cards with different numbers, but it's easy to get. The last 2 are however much harder to disguise and they probably have stuff like these. Banning knows VPN IPs might also be a option so that people can't hide behind a VPN as easy to play in the tournaments.
: didn't read your post because you were already wrong afther 1 line, me and my team played on saturday for the first time and played in a 8 team bracket. also adding phone number won't come true on account level, people already stated it would be against privacy rules, however riot can have tournaments only for verifyed accounts. Smurfing is still availble but on a lower scale.
I'm not wrong. Yes, you started in an 8 bracket. Since there were so many problems with the game during the Friday they made everyone start the 8 team brackets instead. And yes, a phone number will only be required to access the clash torunaments. > We are going to completely restart the beta tournament on EUW, including roster creation and all brackets. The new Lock-In Phase will resume on Saturday 16th December @ 19:00 GMT where everyone will enter into an 8-team bracket, with Sunday 17th’s games continuing on to a 16-team bracket. https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/announcements-en/tAPu0EEX-clash-beta-issues-15-dec > **How is a Clash tournament structured?** > A Clash tournament is a series of single-elimination brackets over three days. > > You’ll fight against teams of your skill level. If your team wins, you’ll advance to the next, bigger bracket, increase your reward pool, and remain in the running for the best prizes awarded to undefeated teams at the end of the tournament. > > There is a consolation bracket for teams that lose in the first round of each day, and those teams can continue playing for more rewards, but won’t qualify for the next day’s play. > > If your team is eliminated, you’ll receive your rewards and drop out of the main tournament, but you can re-enter the next day to play in a new bracket with its own rewards. New teams that didn’t play on the previous day can join in a new bracket as well. https://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/features/clash-beta-launches-europe > 8. You must have a valid phone number to which SMS can be sent. lol Tournament in Turkey, we are trying to make the system reliable in competition experience. So, when you try to set up or join a team, you'll have to enter your phone number. One important reminder: The phone number used in an account can not be used in another account and is connected to that account for six months. The account number can be changed later but this number must not be used in another account. In other words, you can not connect a number to another account for six months when you linked an account. (Google translate) https://tr.leagueoflegends.com/tr/news/game-updates/features/clash-beta-launches-europe
: That might be the actual Riot plan, but that doesn't work for smurfs.
First of all, it doesn't exactly work that easy. Riot takes more into account, probably stuff like how much have you been playing together with the players in your team and how you perform in all 5v5 games. Someone might be Gold 5 to get rewards in ranked, but then only plays normal games where he/she would be good enough to be in Plat/Diamond. And nope, Tier 3 isn't that. I was in a Tier 4 team, we where 2 plat III players, 1 gold IV, 1 gold V and 1 Silver II player. And Riot has plans for smurfs. But it's not all implemented to the beta I'd guess like on the Turkish server you had to provide a phone number for you acc I think. This beta was more to try out how they match people against each other (does it work good or bad?), how the load on the system is and technical stuff like that. Not to give the absolute best experience. It's called beta for a reason.
: Riot should have a solution preventing people from smurfing, its pretty hard honnestly to take it away because they can't know when a player switches accounts. Last night was supposed to be a 16 bracket. Brackets should increase each day. Friday 4 team bracket. Saturday 8 team bracket , sunday 16 team bracket.
No, The first day you play should be a 4 team bracket. Regardless if it's on day 1, 2 or 3 in the tournament. If you win the 4 team bracket you get a 8 team bracket the second day you play. So you can play a 4 team day 1 and then an 8 team day 2 or 3. To play the 16team bracket on day 3 you have to win the 8 team bracket and play 4 team day 1 and 8 team day 2. Let's say you win 4 team day 1, then you play 8 team day 2 and loses. Now you can new reenter and play a 4 team bracket day 3. For more on a topic of the thread. They are working or detecting smurfs faster. They are also trying out linking accounts to phone numbers. Meaning that you have to get several phone numbers if you want to play with several different accs on the same server. If they then detect you are smurfing they could probably block that account from entering another tournament and that phone number from entering a new tournament in the near future. I'd guess they will be better when they do the final release and maybe they will do punishment if they find out that you smurf during a tournament, like no reward and kick out of the current tournament.
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=hankatus2,realm=EUW,application-id=slFBEUB8,discussion-id=tAPu0EEX,comment-id=005c,timestamp=2017-12-17T18:31:10.812+0000) > > I know this is probably asked alot, but are we going to be able to substitute single players today? You can substitute during the lock in window :-)
How do we substitute? Doesn't seams to work
: Thanks! ^^ I don't remember any of these. :/ Tried to find all the game-modes of League in the internet, but only found the all the recent ones, really old game-modes aren't listed anywhere :/
http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Featured_game_mode Here are all modes, excluding Dominion, ARAM, 5v5 and 3v3. Also not ARURF, but ARURF is just like URF but with random champs.
: Game modes... hmm SR TT Dominion (dont go into the long night) Ascension ARAM Bilgewater Bridge (I think that's the name, I can't remember) The star guardian one we just did The PROJECT one we just did The blood moon one The thresh one URF ARURF Doom bots of doom I THINK that's all of the game modes? And each of those game modes had their own map, plus the winters SR map which has come around twice now. And the old SR map ( as you can tell I am VERY good with names)
You forgot the Summoner Rift Halloween skinned map back in Season 2. We also had Winter Skin on SR in Season 2. I believe they both were around in Season 1 as well. But I don't remember. Since it was around the time I just started to play.
: My team went 3-0 Everything work perfectly so far but we can't play tomorrow in a 16 player bracket as it's sunday i think you should do 16-8-4 not 4-8-16 as people have work/school. Or can we start earlier on a sunday? no rewards yet though?
Well, you have to play the 4 bracket and win to advance to get to the 8 bracket. There you have to win to then advance to the 16bracket. In the RIOT PLS: 2017 AND BEYOND vid they say the tournament will be up limited times each year. So yeah, even if you go to school or work the next day you can stay up later a few times each year if you want to participate. It not like midnight is that late anyway.
WõOxer (EUW)
: Why they dont just merging realm EUNE with EUW then?
They split the server very early on cause there were too many players. Making the server crash and very login queues, sometime around 1h+ to log in. Why they don't merge now Idk. Probably cause it would be more of a hassle than just running 2 regions. I can also say this, I encounter more people not speaking English on EUNE than EUW. But it was quite some time ago I played there so might have changed a little. But I'd prefer not having that <.<. Also, by having 2 regions in basically the same area forces people to have an account on both if they want to play with all their friends. 2 accounts some people will spend money! So... why change something that works?
Yavimawa (EUNE)
: Yeah, if I want to play draft normal before 12 am I go for ranked flex (and it's terrible experience since machmaking there is crap). I can't comprehend why Rito keeps bling pick 24/h and normal draft (which is default league experience) only half the time.
They have it on EUNE and other server cause of the player base. They have disabled Normal Draft when there usually a fewer people online so that more players are in the same queues. They have normal blind pick up since not all players can play normal draft since it has a champion requirement. New players don't have 20 champs.
: > [{quoted}](name=Eambo,realm=EUW,application-id=slFBEUB8,discussion-id=tAPu0EEX,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-12-15T21:45:57.535+0000) > > - We are going to completely restart the beta tournament on EUW, including roster creation and all brackets. The new Lock-In Phase will resume on Saturday 16th December @ 19:00 GMT where everyone will enter into an 8-team bracket, with Sunday 17th&amp;rsquo;s games continuing on to a 16-team bracket. Hey maybe a dumb question but does this mean EVERYONE who plays this evening starts in a 8-team bracket? Or is it only for people who played yesteday? I mean I didnt play Clash yesterday, if I play tonight I get an 8-team bracket or a 4-team one?
Everyone starts in the 8-team even if you didn't play. Else it can't be a "completely restart where everyone starts in an 8-team bracket".
: Hey guys, first of all thx for the tournament and your time! i appreciate your work and know how much you doing:) Today one of our member cant play but we already have another friend who will substitute him. So how can we change the member? we cant click at competitive:) kind regards!
Yes, you can. Caus all teams should have been disbanded, since all of the problems yesterday, if you read the post. AKA, you create a new team with the new player. However, I don't know how you will do it on Sunday. You will probably have to substitute your substitute player for you real player. But ey, it's a beta. Expect it to be broken and break several times. However, when it later goes out of beta I believe you are able to take in one substitute player each day but don't know how it works.
Yiix (EUW)
: I won the first 2 matches, then it said we had to wait until Saturday to play again next round (8 team bracket), but today i logged in and i saw competitive was blocked, i mean, i cant click on competitive, plus i received the reward (purple chest). How is that possible if our team has not lost any game?? Are we out of the Beta Clash? Need anwers pls
> Next steps > - Everyone who played - or got past the roster screen - during the tournament will have all Tickets used during Friday’s games returned to their Competitive tab. > > - We are going to completely restart the beta tournament on EUW, including roster creation and all brackets. The new Lock-In Phase will resume on Saturday 16th December @ 19:00 GMT where everyone will enter into an 8-team bracket, with Sunday 17th’s games continuing on to a 16-team bracket. > - Everyone on EUW will keep any rewards they have earned so far Read the post and you got your question answered. The competitive tab will be blocked until they believe they have solved most of the biggest problem that were encounted yeaterday probably.
: Is it worth t to contact Rio Support?
No, there is no certain time like after 2-3 month that you get leveled up. What you need is to show that you are honorable. For me, it took about 1 to 2 month per level from lvl 2 to 5. I believe that you need to have at least 1month between levels and quite a lot of play time or games played, like at least 100h. I'd say you probably need at least 100h of in-game time to level up one level since I was getting quite a lot more playtime than that between levels when I leveled up. Dishonorable behavior will probably make it take longer but not result in other punishments like being AFK or writing stuff in chat that might not result in a ban directly by itself it's just a one time thing. Leave in champion select might also do it? IDK, since no one knows how they are doing it. But just time ain't enough, that's for sure. Cause not logging in for the next 2 months won't make you level up. Or being in the client not playing for 2 months won't do it either.
: First off - amazing work Riot. I haven't played such a fun League game for a while. It was very tense and people were grinding as much as possible. It's a Beta - sure there's going to be problems. But we really appreciate your hard work this evening. It's not easy with a spammy Discord and people who just wants to play. Tomorrow is going to be better. Thanks a lot and I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. I have one question though. Why is that matches placed when they are? I think that 4 games starting at 19:00 GMT a Sunday evening is pretty rough. Many people have to work or study the day afterwords and in my timezone (CET) it's even more late. Here we'll maybe be done at 00:30 and that's pretty late before a weekday (at least for me). I don't know if this is something that you've considered but I would like to hear your thoughts on why you've chosen 19:00. Thanks a lot for your hard work tonight and keep up the good work! :D
Cause else it would be quiet early in countries UK/Portugal. I'm glad I don't live there cause 19:00 would be too early for me. So I hope they don't put it earlier. EUNE starts 19:00 CET. So go there and you can start 1h earlier. Will be worse for the NA server... 4 time zones (excluding Alaska, Hawaii and other small Islands) on 1 server. They will either start very early for some (like when you're still in school or work at 15), way too late (23:00 is kinda late to start) for others or some where in between. There is no Beta on the NA server so... will be fun to read when they get this if Riot will only have 1 start time for the NA server. The only option would be to have several starting times, like 2 different. But then there could definitely be a problem with getting enough teams for each start on each tier after a few weeks when there won't be as many players playing it since I'd guess very few people will team up with randoms every week as they have done with week.
Cothead (EUNE)
: so i won 2 ranked flex i got the chest and i got some tournament ticket what do i do with it cuz it doesent show in loot tnx :3
It should be a capsule in you loot inventory. It looks very much like the Champion Capsule you get when you level up. I can't really tell the difference when you only see it as the small icons. (Riot, please make it easier by changing the design, the color of it or just give us a ticket instead of a capsule so that we have to click less...) Then when you open the capsule you will get a ticket that's you will later see when you're in a team under the Competitive tab. I don't think you can see it other wise.
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