Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Getting out of silver as top laner
I would recommend you to watch the YouTube videos from Jaysea (a challenger Tryndamere otp from OCE). He has also video's for getting out elo hell. He explains really well and why he does certain things in game and how to counter or play in certain match ups. He also plays other champ in low elo and explains how to build and what to build when. *What i know for 100% is that you can get out silver with only focussing on CS and objectives.. Search on YouTube for Jaysea ( i dont know if i am allowed to post link to his channel here)
: I´m done.
: How to deal with a 14 loss streak mostly caused by others?
Checked your match history, you go Swain support and are one of the main reason that your botlane is losing hard and giving enemy adc a lead. I can only say not to blame others but yourself and start playing better....
Cristy 1 (EUW)
: I trolled whole night and Riot didn't made anything about it
I cant even be mad at you at this moment... i have terrible games with teammates who all game only farm his jungle and has zero impact all game. Who only has 4k damage in 30min game, with 10+ deaths and still no ban from riot. The most clearly inting is even not picked up by bots system from riot. I had to send several tickets to riot before i got someone banned who was running down mid (49deaths ). So believe me you cant trust on the bot system what riot is talking about. The bot system works only to punish verbal abusive toxic people who are dumb to type things in chat. But people who grief your game and makes for the team impossible to win a game gets away... My own experience is to make a ticket to get someone banned all the other ways are not really effective. I dont agree the way you been part of the griefing teammates to 'prove', i think you just tilted yourself and not trying to prove anything. Everyone knows that there are a lot mentally weak people who just are bad at the game and grief, inting and make impossible for teams to win games. So you act like them and just be part of that club instead of accepting the fact thats happening and move on to the next game.
: New rank system (EUW)
My main question is even if you get autofilled lets say support/top/jungle. Your diamond but your support/top/mid role is plat. I still think a diamond (in any role) has better overal skills like map awareness, decision making, last hitting, wave management and so on. So how will the system be closing this gap? I couldn't really find good information about this. If you see some streamers ( in diamond) they get sometimes off role and still doing great where the average autofilled support soloq who cry like a baby that she/he cant play support, which is the easiest autofilled position in my opinion. I think if the system doesnt 'buff' the mmr (like when it's the case when ur duo q with someone) than the games in season 9 will be stomp. Because every offrole/autofill player will be now not your mmr enemy/teammate but a (much?) higher mmr player... Anyone more information about this or thoughts? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}


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