: Current State of Nidalee
I am currently plat 3 21 LP. The only way to buff or make Nidalee relevant is too reduce the insane cd on nidalees Q, for example, if you as nidalee hit the enemy with and do your rotation ( Q spear into, -->R-->into W, into E and Q ) and you get out cougar for to land another spear you really feel the awkwardness of her kid. because you will be spamming that Q buttom for 3-5 seconds doing nothing, this makes Nidalee so weird to fight in teamfights. Make Nidalee's W relevant by making it as if she use it it scouts the area with vision or like a Caitlyn trap again. In cougar form they should reduce the W cd. having 6-8 sec cd early is awkward specially early-game. Nidalees E the cd is fine however the nerfs to how much she can heal is weird. I like how the R works how if you land a Q or proc your passive you get a free R. In general Nidalee is super clunky to play, and she often founds herself doing nothing but spam her spells with a lot cd in teamfights after her first rotation. Riot should be looking into reducing her cd on Q and W and she should be fine. Making W more relevant with more vision could help a little I would love to hear why you think she should or shouldn't be buffed yet since she has a win rate of 47%-(https://gyazo.com/680443957ad3393e8da2c55160fe1e5b). idk if it is enough to make Riot reconsider her for rework/tweak/buff, but should be a sign


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