: It's not me being against your opinion, I am informing you that the evidence you have based your opinion on is incorrect. And the whole conclusion you came too, is incorrect because of it. If you don't see the difference between those then I am not sure anyone in the world can help you.
How can my evidence be incorrect? I have clearly stated what happened to me and clearly identified how it does not fit with the 1 report is the same as 9 reports.....? I dont even know what your point is or why you commented you have literally said nothing at all. For my evidence to be incorrect you either still have not read the discussion or are directly calling me a liar. Why would I lie about games especially when I have provided chat logs and screens to show I am not lying? Honestly think you are just one of those people who enjoy having a bad attitude. Anyway great talk thanks for input! Really useful.
: Yawn. Your experience is irrelevant and taken from 1 of the million upon millions of people who are playing. It is confirmed, that 1 report is all that is required, and 1 report is equal to 9. Hence calling for a report, is a punishable offence. You can flame me for not reading it all, or I can flame you for not reading the ToS or looking up the topic you wish to criticise.
Yawn. and from my experience there is one guy who pops up after 1 min and says the same thing in every thread without reading any of it or offering anything useful to the discussion. You are that guy congrats. Also is that not the point of discussion forums, to discuss your point of view on things? If you are not interested in peoples opinions or even reading wtf the discussion is about then why don't you not participate in the discussion? Never understand people who make stupid comments like this without even reading what the discussion is about. No one flamed you, you response was poor, completely irrelevant, useless and you even admitted you did not read the discussion lol. How is it flame to say your response was very poor when it clearly is? How have I not read the ToS? I clearly say, I know it says that 1 report is the same as 9..... I then evidence why I do not believe this is the case. Do you just believe everything your told even when the evidence says otherwise? Am I not entitles to discuss this on a discussion forum? Why is it always the 'no you deserved your ban' insta commenter's that come across as the more toxic and bitter people out of everyone on the forum lol. Very strange to be so against other peoples opinions and discussions yet reply within 2 mins to a something you have not even read. Maybe go and visit a doctor.
GLurch (EUW)
: >So my point is this, why does the system only really seem to work for three or four stacks? The only time I have ever seen reports get acted on is when a 3 or 4 stack is in a game. I have reported inters and verbally abusive players when in a four stack and seen the message 'thanks for the assist' almost instantly upon leaving the game or like 5 mins later sometimes. Quite frequently actually. There are two main points why this may seem like that: 1. You don't always receive report feedback. Riot intentionally tuned the amounts of times you receive report feedback down, to prevent people from finding loopholes easier (no system is perfect), give players some privacy and because 20% of the players actually felt annoyed by the report feedback popping up for example in the middle of champion select. 2. Riots system is made to work in a way so that behavior which many do not accept is punished, while behavior which a large majority of the community does not accept can lead to harsher punishments. There are 4 punishment steps: - 10 Games Chat Restriction - 25 Games Chat Restriction - 14 Day Ban - Permanent Ban Normally, simple toxicity will at first give you a 10 Games Chat Restriction. Upon displaying further toxicity, your punishment will then proceed getting a 25 Games Chat Restriction, 14 Day Ban and just after all of that, a permanent ban. However, displaying behavior a large majority of the community does not accept, such as racism, can lead to a straight 14 Day or even Permanent Ban. While we don't know if bans result in more frequent report feedback, we don't have a source stating so, meaning this is likely not the case. However, bans are in general more visible, due to the ability of detecting them by watching someones match history, which does not apply to chat restrictions. What does this have to do with the amount of reports someone gets? If everyone on your team, and maybe even some from the enemy team, report a certain type of behavior, chances are that this behavior is the kind of behavior a large majority of the community does not accept. Also, just as a side note, you always get the feedback immediately after a report or 5 minutes later, because that's about the time the system takes to punish people. >I think if all players both the reportee and the reported players chat was reviewed it would be a much fairer and efficient system. According to Riot, this is already the case. Obviously, if you don't want to believe Riot, there's no way to prove you wrong. However, as they are the only source we have and seeing their reputation, I at least doubt they'd just lie at their community like that. If it got out, they'd be down for a lot of smacking. If we're going by the rumors, Riot pays quite well and their staff has a lot of qualifications, meaning, they aren't stupid. If something isn't worth to risk their whole reputation for it, they'd probably not do it. ---- So after all of this, we can say there's actually no way for you to be sure someone got punished, since there's no way for you to check if someone just received a chat restriction, which is the most common starter punishment for toxicity, and because you don't always get the report feedback.
Thanks for the good response. Do you think it would not be fairer to either give messages all of the time or none of the time? Even though I fully accept my punishment was deserved, i still feel incredibly aggrieved and unfairly treated from that situation. Even though you are saying that is the way it works, I am saying that from experience it does not feel anything like that or it is at least extreme coincidence that I only get the report when I am in a group. Never alone even when racism and death threats are made. This makes no sense to me at all despite your good description of the system. In my solo ranked games I get the worst griefers ever, that are actually losing me games intentionally, yet they never seem to go punished. I just think despite what you say the system does not feel like it works that way and also saying that the assist messages do not always show up seems extremely convenient and a great way out of explaining this situation, regardless of whether thats the case or not. Even though I took my restriction on the chin, I would have been completely fine with it if I knew the people being abusive to me for no reason and telling me to die were also punished. I still feel sore about this and if the system was better implemented and I knew that both me and the four stack were punished, as we both rightfully should have been I could have moved on instantly. has just left a really bitter taste in my mouth especially when I am losing games in ranked to feeders and people telling you to get cancer and give up etc. Just feels like I am punished for retaliating and these people can just do what they want. Whether thats the case or not the way the system is implemented gives the player this illusion and so I think it could work better.
: You were toxic in that chat log and deserved a punishment. 1 report is all it takes to punish someone, so no, doesn't matter how many premades you have, if you're reported you can be punished (If found guilty) Number of reports is irrelevant. 1 is equal to 9.
Ok seeing as you didnt read any of it, no I never said I didn't deserve my ban and also no, from my experience as clearly explained in detail that is not how the system works. Very poor response written within 2 min of posting this. Please read in future before making a useless comment in relation to whats being discussed.
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: I dont think you will be able to force bots mid at start but if you push fast they will go there eventually ;)
Infernape (EUW)
: I don't think so. But you can kind of manipulate the bots by going mid and destroying the first two towers in the lane. That should cause all of the enemy bots in the game to go and "defend" mid lane.
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TeknoTel (EUW)
: Anyone explain this to me?
I have re watched it taking into consideration what you guys have said and I agree, that he presses it a nano second before the silence hits him. However I think the hitbox needs looking at as regardless of whether it is explainable or not he is well inside the visual effect of the silence aoe before he casts it, the silence hits him far too late. Maybe they should reduce the size of the visual effect to match the actual hit box.... I play soraka a lot and have never noticed this before, usually players do not run into it from my experience though so I guess this is a very rare situation.
: I also assume its a camera angle/lag issue.
Wow I dont know what to say then, if it really is the case then the hit box on Soraka E is extremely misleading.... I dont get the camera angle thing though, you can see when he throws the ability he is clearly inside the circle, the circle even defines a white outline when it triggers the cc and he is very clearly inside, how can camera angle explain that?
kjono1 (EUW)
: The amumu bandage toss was likely cast just before stepping on the aoe silence then the amumu steeped on it as you seen the animation. The reason it appears that amumu had been their the whole time was likely caused by the camera angle.
srsly? looks pretty clear that he cast it inside the silence to me....
: No, he already got you with his bandage, even if he is stunned or rooted, that will work. Because the bandage toss issues a "move body to" function.
silence.... hes not stunned or rooted its aoe silence when he steps in it...
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Xxeeniaa (EUW)
I don't agree with some of you reasoning, but I do think bronze flex does make people more toxic as the skill level is so wide it is extremely frustrating if you are an experienced player and are playing with 1 or 2 players who dont have a clue what they are doing or are just straight up feeding. I dont know how you get placed, but I honestly think their should be a level below Bronze for where people who are awful can play together. Like in about half my games I am top value on my team and I would say 80% i am top damage on support Zyra. I know Zyra is strong and good dps but if the damage support is tripling the adc and mid mage there are problems with the game. I think I get S in most of my wins on her, even in some losses. I think in 5 games yesterday I had 3 afk within 10 minutes. In one game we were winning 4v5 like 40 kills to 15, but we couldn't stop udyr split pushing us, and even though we were getting wins on the map and teamfights, the other 3 players on my team were just not experienced enough to know when its time to capitalise and take a tower, inhib or objective. They would go farm jungle after a teamfight win for example rather then push and take a tower. It really is hell, and why I dont believe its right to be toxic there should be consideration of this obvious poor, poor matchmaking. Challenger players get pissed off and frustrated when they get matched with diamonds and plats. It's a competitive game and when some people are trying hard and working in game, whilst other teammates just don't care or are just not on the same level there should be some consideration of this.
JayZuo (EUW)
: new renkad flex
Yeah Its hard to read what your saying but I get the jist of it. I got put in bronze 3 when I am silver 2. It is so bad down here that the day before the one match placement reset I ranked straight up to b1. Then the next day they reset that and I got b3 again. i lose something like 15 games. They should really change the name oif bronze to potato it is that bad and random.
: Nerf Cho Gath
Annie broken lol. Cho gath broken lol. lol.
Antenora (EUW)
: Talon and Kha'zix as well please.
I dont think those two are op at all. Rengar is stupid though, pretty much guarantees a kill on a adc or caster no matter what with no real counter play unless the Rengar completely rubbish.
: The match making in FlexQ is really bad,Rito
Yeah it seems ruined tbh. Got a game against diamond adc and my adc is bronze and i am silver. Their jungler was plat. Was terrible.
: I'm just gona say, he is more strong in jungle, due to his potential on ganking and CC also he have that ult lockdown. His best build is as bruiser. There are people who find him viable on top lane, but i don't, he is definitely stronger jungling, try him out in that role you will find out it suits better on him. EDIT: Nevermind i saw now that you tried to jungle with him, then allow me to say that the problem is in you and not in the champion. The thing with his ult is, some champions counter his ult because they dashing mobilities and so on but against that you can't do nothing, probably you are wasting your ult before they waste they're flash, you need to know if the enemy that you want to ult have flash or not. Try to bait they're flash, or just gank make them waste their flash go jungle a bit and go gank again with ult, this way they won't escape.
So basically go for immobile heroes with no flash when ganking. Do you not find that limits your options a lot as to where you can gank, or at least means you need to invest a lot of time in prepping a lane for a gank? If the gank fails for any reason are you then not extremely far behind, like lets say I go to a lane once or twice and get a flash burnt, a good enemy mid or jungler might recognise your gonna gank that lane as you burnt their team mates flash and so they set up to counter you? I dunno just seems there is so much that stands in the way of him snowballing or even completing a successful gank, but you are right the problem lies with me 100%, I played him horribly lol.
: Please rank up his E first in the jungle. It makes clear times so much better because: a) it is AoE magic damage and monsters have way less MR than Armor b) it increased Attack speed. c) it early has a higher CD than Q and you need both for your combo
Rioter Comments
: Oh yeah i believe that! This sucks balls! Atleast the preseason ranks only affect your starting point in season 7, so it still sucks hard, but it didnt completely screwed us over. And we are talking about competitiv here, this is a very serious matter, where all games should be as balanced as possible! So the reset is justificated, in my eyes. Still sucks tho xD
yeah i guess so, oh well back to the grind for me!
: Because of the MMR mismatch in Flex Queue, you got reseted to the original starting point(pre placements). But remember this is only Preseason, the rank you accomplish now **WILL BE RESETED AGAIN! ** The rank you get in preseason does only influnece the placement in Season 7 to a **SMALL** extend! Sidenote: 1-2 Tier drops are completely normal in preseason. I.E.: _You were Plat 5 at the end of the season, were placed high Silver after placements, now got placed low Silver. If you now climb to Plat again, you will then **only be placed in low Gold** at the start of Season 7!_ So dont worry to much about the current placement!
Still it is really hard to level at this ELO. First two games today I had intentional feeder, then a guy who went 0-3 to singed on jax in 5 mins and left lane to troll. It was tough making the progress I made for it to be reset.
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Gr8m8er (EUW)
: Flex queue (your bronze 2) is completely different from your main rank, the actual one everyone has had since ending of season 6 is ur silver 2 rank, flex queue is completely new and different
Ok ty, so what is the difference? Have I been judged solely on those 10 games I played? I am presuming i cannot play my s2 games until actual season starts, then what happens to my flex rank?
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: A toxic guy flames me and i get ban
I have called people retards plenty of times and nothing ever happened to me. Maybe in your head it played out that way, but I dont believe someone would flame you for 35 minutes without you saying anything to them. once either before, during or after. It just isn't believable.
Not xPeke (EUW)
: Riot doesn't focus on every single report, that's why there is an automated system that detects certain words and patterns that trigger punishments.
Precisely, do you know if this is run without a report being raised? Like if no one reports will could it still lead to a ban? If it was would basically mean reporting flamers is a placebo.
AveKaisar (EUW)
: refunds for rework champs.
What about all the time you used the skin for? You just get that for free yeah? People these days.
Doomley (EUW)
: There is an update on pbe that allows you to pick one role that you don't want to get (and you will not get that role). This will naturally make queue times a lot longer...
That sounds cool. I don't mind queuing longer for it.
: you having a difficulty to decide somthing is a sign of depression
Rismosch (EUW)
: Well, Fill is kinda like playing a random role. The sad thing is as you already said: Because most people don't play Support, you get Support most of the time when you fill.
in theory yeah, in practice it is picking support with a 1/30 chance you get a different role.
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: > [{quoted}](name=JesusWeed4Ever,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=lLXrUfAt,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-08-16T23:55:03.758+0000) > > Hey so, many people had the "Logging onto chat service..." in EUW, including me{{summoner:3}} and I came up with a solution! > > 1. Change the local hour +1 > 2. Login onto the client > 3. Leave client. > 4. Change hour back. > 5. BAM! There you go thank me later :) > {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Try this, this literally just helped me
omg it actually worked, now that is retarded.
: Chat service DOESN'T WORK!!!
Same here my chat serice been down for almost an entire day
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Vionicesca (EUNE)
: Not long ago I had a Kalista who would just turn around and run the moment the enemy landed a single point of damage on her, she also ulted me away from the fight. I ended up having double her damage...as Nami support with no AP items except for Frost Queen's.
I would say half of my games are like this.
Rioter Comments
: #45%WinRate lol
12 year old confirmed
IronMan1989 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=TeknoTel,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=485vGIGB,comment-id=00100000000000000000,timestamp=2016-07-05T01:46:22.716+0000) > > I think he wrote you a really good reply to be honest mate. Some of the comments from captain safe space at the very top are ridiculous. If you find that log chat offensive then I don't really know what to say as there is nothing there is offensive. I see worse than this 2 or 3 times a day easily. > > I do not see how this is worthy of a report let alone a thread to be honest mate. I see people who intentionally feed all game get insta punished sometimes, I dont even think his score would be flagged as feeding whether he was or not. > > Just report and wait for the feeling when you get the message saying someone you reported was punished, it feels good. I will have to disagree with you. Since you failed to realise, the main reasons these pics and the thread were made are : 1 - the offender admitted he intentionally fed in game and ofc got reported for it 2 - blatantly states he believes that won't be punished by the system , since it is flawed and has a difficult time detecting people like him 3 - shed some light into a case that I'm sure several others have had similar experiences of, and the only real solution provided by the system at the moment, is to report the person in question and hope they have also used harsh language in game chat, even if the reason they should be punished is not only that. 4 - hopefully get an official response on the issues the system has with detecting and punishing trolls and intentional feeders, as well as the ongoing efforts put into making it function better towards these 5 - collect opinions from the community on the case and respect them , even if they are not lining with yours, as long as they are shared politely Sure there are far worse cases, but , do we really have to compare with the worse or the better ?
No I completely realise what you are saying, it's just this is a very mild and extremely common occurrence in this game. 1. Most do to be honest mate. 2. Most say that as well to be honest. If he fed from minute the start 0-20 he would be instantly punished at the end of the game trust me seen it a few times. 3. He fed, there really is nothing else report worthy there. I dont think riot will be looking in to this one unless this is something he has been flagged about regularly. 4. Not a chance, he has done nothing unusual that would need an individual response. He fed, you reported him. Case closed. 5. There is no real opinion here it is common sense. He fed a bit. you reported him. End of. He really didn't feed enough or even flame enough to be automatically flagged or punished. I am just saying this an extremely common situation and is exactly what the report system is for. Why does it need any further attention then making a report through the system? There is nothing that makes this stand out over other cases, I would say this is one of the mildest cases I have ever seen. Imagine if everyone made a thread when this happens to them. The message boards would literally break and it would be totally useless as the only answer is report using system please, nothing more to say here. The only advice outside of this I would give you is to toughen up a bit. The fact you decided to make a thread over this tells me that this obviously triggered you. It gets much worse than this trust me and if your affected this much by one guy who is feeding a bit then you may be triggered into saying something stupid eventually. Wait until people start flaming you because you didn't gank their lane at 2nd minute of game. Wait til they go AFK because you got a kill on their lane when they weren't even in range and they blame you for a ks. Wait until you get matched with a pre made who are losing every lane but somehow blame you for it all and then flame you the entire game and then report you as well. Wait until you are just genuinely having a bad game and you get flamed and reported for it. Trust me this is nothing, the worst is still to come. Get used to it.
: Should this be ok?
I dont know what your question is here? Can you clarify. To me this looks like your got totally stomped. You have nice KDA sure, but you have no farm, you have lowest last hits in the entire game. Riven is 8k up on you..... Thats almost 3 major items. Their team is 20k up on you. No one can carry that, 4 of the enemy team are way ahead of you. To be honest the quality of the game looks so poor I would not pay attention to anything being said by anyone in that game. There are no supports. No one has even tried to support, so you have handicaps from the beginning. This looks like a game of brand new players where no one knows how to actually win the game hence the high death numbers yet everyone is almost max level and 5/6 slotted and it went on for a lot longer then it should have. Not sure what you want to know here. I would recommend trying to find someone experienced to help you out and play some better quality games with. Someone already mentioned it but your cs is really bad. That is like 15 minute lane cs, which is not even good. Even though you have 19 kills you are 8k behind the riven because she has nearly double your cs. Just to show how important it is not to neglect your cs the Yasao who is 1/13/1 is nearly on the same gold value as you because he has double your cs.
Hugo12423 (EUW)
: Farewell, SmiteRite, king of midlane, whose long and faithful friendship those who knew you won't forget! Though your body will decay, your spirit lingers on in the quiet, web-spun places of your forest home. May your many-eyed descendants ever flourish and your human friends find solace for the loss they have sustained.
Lol. He sp3nt many munys on skinserinos.
: To the Gragas that got me Perma Banned
Honestly from reading your comments i think a perma ban would do you some good and give you more time to work on your education. I would wager that your "2 cents" was pretty bad in comparison to whatever else was said for you to first get chat banned and then immediately perma banned afterwards. Also why have you titled this 'To the gragas that got me banned', like your gonna address him directly, but then say nothing to him at all. Kind of odd. I think you should tell him how you f33l. False advertising really.
IronMan1989 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Goofle,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=485vGIGB,comment-id=001000000000,timestamp=2016-07-04T22:28:29.215+0000) > > Oh, my comment was full of constructive criticism. Like I said, there are plenty of people in this world that have self-confidence issues. They will get frustrated by what some random dude on the internet typed to them in a videogame chat and spend absurd amounts of time trying to get their "virtual revenge". But that's pretty much the only problem that I see here. It's not a game-related problem either. The game takes care of people with bad manners quite effectively lately. But I guess people will always complain first before actually thinking what the root of the problem really is. Oh well... In case you missed it, the forum is called "player behaviour". I'll let you figure out the rest on your own. Some people decide to remain silent about issues like this. I, just like others in this forum, don't. Just because the system does it's job better now, doesn't mean I can't make a thread about an a-hole and ask people's opinions while exposing him. Maybe this will prompt it's improvement, who knows. If you don't try you won't find out. It's better to complain for stuff that matter to the community (i.e. toxic people like this one) rather than assuming things, and telling people that they are wasting their time while also being a douche. Eh, some people will never learn.
I think he wrote you a really good reply to be honest mate. Some of the comments from captain safe space at the very top are ridiculous. If you find that log chat offensive then I don't really know what to say as there is nothing there is offensive. I see worse than this 2 or 3 times a day easily. I do not see how this is worthy of a report let alone a thread to be honest mate. I see people who intentionally feed all game get insta punished sometimes, I dont even think his score would be flagged as feeding whether he was or not. Just report and wait for the feeling when you get the message saying someone you reported was punished, it feels good.
Zanador (EUNE)
: Forgot to mention Nasus for report calling on pic 1. For you? Passive-aggressive chat, under the unsportsmanlike behavior. You were absolutely correct in knowing that Xerath deserves to be reported and probably punished too, and you were absolutely correct reporting him too. However repeatedly telling him that he will be reported and punished is not exactly the "graceful in defeat, humble in victory" kind of attitude. As you know, it does not matter for the tribunal if your statements were correct or not, only whether they violated the rules or not. Calling him an idiot once on it's own wouldn't be such a big problem in my opinion, but adding it to a passive-aggressive chat doesn't help.
Is this trolling? Passive aggressive chat? Report calliing? Is this your interpretation of what is ban worthy or riots because when people get banned or chat restricted is for saying things 1000000 times worse than this and for intentionally feeding or griefing. I actually think this was pretty friendly, they were all chatting and using emotes and even laughing. No one said anything ofensive what so ever except that Sandra Bullock is Sonas mother and she is a whore, to me that is the mad ramblings of a ten year old I dont know how you could take that offensively unless Sandra Bullock is your mother. I would be extremely worried if Riots reasons for banning person from chat or from the game were as petty as this. I dont think I have seen a game where someone has fed and people havent been like please report player x thank you, you would robably have to ban every single LoL player as I am pretty sure everyone has said it at some time. If he fed and ruined the game, he deserves a punishment. The chat is worthless as it is pretty much ramblings of 12 year olds who have drunk to much coca cola. I dont see anything worthy of punishment in it. I think some people need to remember this is a competitive computer game, of course there will be some chat, people need to be a bit more grown up. If someone is wishing cancer upon you or insulting your mother fair enough, but at the same time if someone says fuck you maybe just be adult enough to see it for what it is, nothing. Completely meaningless from someone you will never meet, so why take offence to it.
: ur life.
is less salty than yours.
: Well, in 1 day i managed to get 3 trolls in my games, but i dont really care. if u deserved higher rank you will rank up. You can't win 100% games, you will get troll in some games always, its impossible not to get. That's the world. Everyone is different. But yeh, I hate when trolls dont get banned even when they flaming, and if u say once a "%%%%" or something you get chat restriction. BS. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
someone sounds salty
Mosómacska (EUNE)
: Ranked loss streak, so many afk
Me and my friend played 5 ranked games in a row with 3 full afk's and one intentional feeder. We actually won one of the 4v5s but both got demoted. Silver life I think.
Rioter Comments
Neonchan (EUW)
: Is it that hard to just ban on easy?
Sorry i have to double check as I honestly had to re read twice to understand what you are saying. Are you saying people should be banned for saying the word easy?
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