FreeKillFTP (EUNE)
So, you are telling someone to fk his mom and now you complain that you got a chat restriction? Are you even listening to yourself?
BabyFluff (EUNE)
: One for all and teemo??
Besides the shrooms?[/img]
Glaiver (EUNE)
: Does Warmog health regeneration passive need a longer cooldown?
Well, don't blow your ult and long CD abilities on a tank that will just try to rotate. Problem solved. It's a tank item, it's what tanks do - would be rather boring to play tank when you go in there, eat damage, then go B. And I main ADC so. No self-bias towards tanks. I find them to be unnecessarily overtanky.
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: She is viable.
Vi stands for viable
: FF at 10 in ARAM
Well you could always just open mid you know. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Gross? I´d lick that out of her face.
What if it wasn't a donut but a facial by Vlad? Edit: Ok yea... that was gross... sorry
Rismosch (EUW)
: She ate a donut, didn't she?
Makes sense, looks kinda gross though
Rioter Comments
Rismosch (EUW)
: I am quite stunned how no one points out the first letter of each message. That's where I made the joke. People assume I am just lying, which I am doing to be honest, but that one thing that revealed it is not noticed. :(
Well we get threads like this constantly so why would anybody treat it like a secret message ;) WP though
Rismosch (EUW)
: I am proud of you.
In my defense, haven't finished my first coffee yet
Rismosch (EUW)
: I find it sooooo cool to get called drunk or on drugs. No seriously, I like it. Belive me or not but in real life people often call me that I am on drugs and I love it. In fact, I have never taken anything stronger than orange juice, and getting high on that is virtually impossible. I take it as a compliment. Now did I say k.y.s? No, I said %%% DId I get reported? Maybe, I don't know as I didn't play this game for a week now. Is the ban deserved? Well, I would hope it would. But this is not the issue at hand. The question is, what's more about this post? ######Should I blow it or not?
lol I'm a fool Only figured once I've read the Akali Support thread
Hatss (EUW)
: [AKALI] Support build idea
Rismosch (EUW)
: I guess I can say I haven't been here long enaugh. And I guess I can say that you don't know me well enaugh ;) Let me give you a hint: There's more to this post. Things are not as they seem.
You sound like you are drunk and wanna come across all mysterious. My point is - I see you regularly posting here on the boards and you should really know better. Did you say: k.y.s Did you get reported If the answer to both questions is yes, well then you get a ban. Is it deserved? No - imo the system is overreacting.
Rismosch (EUW)
: 14-day ban for this?
Dude you are here on the boards for ages, you should know that you can't say k.y.s as it leads to an automatic ban.
KokainCrush (EUNE)
: How to get Riot Girl Tristana?
I got her years back when I bought my first random skin... was like... ok... especially after finding out later that you could get her for free
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: One For All - just a mode of bruisers?
I had mostly good matches really with quite a variety of champs. Only thing that was absurd was with Veigar vs. Cho - everyone above 1000AP and doing no damage whatsoever.
: As a statement I won't be killing scuttlecrabs this event.
As long as it gives gold I'll kill anything on the map... even if it were little baby lambs with cute bows in blue and pink.
: im more intrested in why the hell do they give us only hextech chest without any key, i already have 3 hextech chests on me.
I could swear it shipped with a key
Rioter Comments
That's not how any of this happens so stop talking nonsense for %%%%'s sake. I'm so tired of threads getting spawned like this because - duh - I'm ADC main and yea I win 99% of my lanes and yet lose the game. Why? Because my team is too %%%%ing dumb to group up. So please cease to create dumb threads like this and work on your teamplay instead of talking nonsense about how the game is unfair because the lane that has 2 dudes in it has an impact. PS: Neither Support nor ADC have any impact if they are on their own. Having a team that focuses on its own play is what loses the game.
: i get 2-3 honors every game Always atleast 1 and it wont climb and yet my honor lvl still at 0
People often claim that, highly unrealistic though And if they are your premades - the system won't care
: Add a TitleNo key fragments drops
You don't get honored then I guess. I constantly get key fragments despite my honor level being stuck at 3 for ages.
Coxis (EUNE)
: Yup, it's quite normal. Unlike last season, the honor leveling up will take a lot longer, because it's not supposed to be grinded but instead be earned for consistent sportmanlike behaviour throughout the whole season. :)
It also takes away your progress if you get reported though not punished right?
: 5lp a win
Even for a loss prevented this is too little
: Played a game, what's notable is that some enemy adc with just 3 items destroyed our t3 within 1 minion wave.
"Just 3 items" - really now? The towers have proper HP imo, don't wanna stay in lane forever. Issue is that you get dived too easily which means that when your supp decides to go roaming at around level 5-6 you are dead for sure if you try to protect it on your own.
H3ph0 (EUW)
: ezreal looks like shaggy from Scooby doo being a male I don't know how females view the male champions but I am very confident that the level of hotness is not in favour of the male champions
He looks like what? Did you even watch a single instalment of Scooby Doo? And, I showed this thread to my wife because it's a bit silly and guess what - all she cared about is that there's women to play in this game. And I also showed her the characters a bit. Especially Taric and Ezreal and of course the hot chicks. That the female champs are hotter is without a doubt but the point you are trying to make isn't any really. They design the champs to be good-looking and they aren't all about booty and boobs. In fact, they aren'teven dominant in the game. Just look at the recently released female champs: Booty and Boobs: {{champion:145}} Not: {{champion:142}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:222}} "Monsters": {{champion:203}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:421}} Male: "hot": {{champion:497}} {{champion:245}} "Monster": {{champion:516}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:268}} And this dude is so hot he has to wear a mask because we couldn't handle it: {{champion:202}} I don't even see why this would offend you besides that you are very selective with your analysis of the champion pool. If you were just some ignorant SJW that doesn't know the game really well I'd say: ok, whatever - I get the point. But you are playing the game, so you should really know better.
: Invasion
Wasn't it just for Star Guardian Promo?
: Actually i didn't, because i read many people here in the forum that won the 10 games and were placed Bronze.
Only if they were Bronze before. Your initial MMR is pretty much Silver 4 so if you win 10 games your MMR doesn't magically drop to Bronze.
BaconTits (EUNE)
: How would you describe Riot Balance Team by only using 1 word?
Zulkrix (EUW)
: Jungle without smite
You played WW though...who needs smite on a broken ass champ?
: So, did people forget about Mundo?
Mundo is actually fine, the reason people don't play him is because he's one noob ass champ really that can't do anything right. He has a poke with his Q, AOE with his W, close combat nuke with his E and "hah, I'll just go away now healing up from a lost trade with R" Actually, he shouldn't be viable. His kit is just silly and covers too many things, making him excel in either would make him just broken as %%%%.
: He's more squishy than Blitz actually. He has little to no armor early game because of how his passive works. The main differents with him is that he's range, has better trade potentional with his E passive and has lower cooldowns. Thresh is fine right now. He's just diverse in what he can build depending what the team needs.
True that - I just always felt like he seems more tanky than Blitz. And Blitz' early is really complete ass in terms of tankiness. Hence why you can easily punish him. The issue with Thresh is that he can literally walk in your face and win every trade. You simply can't outplay him. Miss Q? Well, still has his E. And in the meantime the ADC can whoop your ass behind him.
Exhibit B (EUNE)
: What is the purpose of Kai'Sa?
Everyone that can actually play her loves her + nobody calls her broken. So erm... Riot probably did the best champ release ever with that one. Just because you can't play her properly doesn't mean that she's a bad champ. I suck at her as well, never bothered really trying though.
: at least bring her in line with other adc lol
She outranges everyone = free poke + that crit Her traps are an absolute funkiller Self-peel with E Her Q and R are crap though What else do you want on her? The ability to run in everyone's face and winning those trades as well?
Twitsu (EUW)
: Does anybody know how long Xayah will be on sale?
It's already been said but... seriously - don't blow RP on champs
: OK, what would you suggest they do to Thresh to make him 'balanced'? All of his kit, all that utility, is what makes Thresh Thresh. Changing the numbers on his kit won't make a difference, and straight removing some of that utility would gimp him.
BaconTits (EUNE)
: Aren't turrets supposed to be a threat in this game?
Imo their early is out of balance. I main ADC and when you happen to have a trash support and 1v2 you aren't even safe under the tower at level 5. At %%%%ing level 5. Really. They'll dive your ass.
: Supports in Draft Pick don't HAVE to go botlane, do they?
Play ADC and tell me how much fun it is to 1v2.
: 3 skillshots Delayed ultimate No armor scaling Insane cooldowns
He can basically run freely through the minion wave to collect souls + poke the enemy His kit is %%%%ing disgusting while being balanced around the fact that it's skillshots. Hence why he's broken as %%%%. He can walk into everyone's face because he can disable them for like 3 seconds so you can't possibly trade with him either. Skillwise he's nothing more than a fancy Blitzcrank without being squishy in early. So erm, yea - Thresh is %%%%ing overtuned
: That's how all the Legendaries and above are so I don't see the lack of consistency.
Lux has no big ass character change in her ultimate skin Sona neither. Hence why I question the consistency of it being about major character reimaginations. There's not much difference there imo.
: The point of Legendaries and Ults is to make an entirely different reimaginations of the character. By adding the additional depth of entirely remade voice lines and new animations. This was never meant to be like classic Miss Fortune, just like SG Jinx is different from Classic Jinx, SG Ahri is and entirely different character, etc.
Good point, lacks consistency though don't you think?
H3ph0 (EUW)
: i also understand riot is stuck in a place that if they make an "ugly girl", like how singed or gangplank are considered "ugly boys" they would be hated by the community and not played as much.. all of the girl champs have desirable traits in them (obviously we can make an exception for yordles)
How is GP ugly though? Besides the monster characters the male ones are pretty much desirable too. Just look at Ezreal, making out with him wouldn't even be considered gay.
: u are half wrong and right, cuz in the earlier seasons like season 3-4 or something like that, if u got fed in the lane by your skills, then you literally could carry 1v9, cuz u were so powerful that u could transfer your lead to top/bot really heavily, now u can still but not as impactful as in the past cuz they nerfed the "solo" play, for instance the shutdown gold got splitted in the team and also the shutdown gold got raised, the killingspree gold got nerfed so yeah, less rewarding if you became fed as fk etc. you got my idea now
Where's the fun in that though when you can basically surr because 1 guy gets fed in the enemy team?
: Why is there no random champ button in draft??
They might as well remove it entirely from the game. Only ones that use it are attention whoring morons that spam the button in select
: Quadra/Penta and lost game?!?!
It's really important in Silver to try and motivate your teammates to group up and take objectives. Make good calls. Make sure that your team is with you. I know it's hard and takes a lot of energy but if you don't - well they will just play crap. And some won't even listen. And make sure that you aren't annoying them or they'll just mute you. Unless I have enough energy to do all this I don't even touch Solo queue because it's pointless.
H3ph0 (EUW)
: big bobs thicc characters 24/7
How else should they design the champs anyway? I understand your point of course but the male champs are pretty much all perfectly shaped as well. Especially Urgot :D
H3ph0 (EUW)
: here is a list of all female champs {{champion:103}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:143}} now I can safely say more than 3/4 of these champions are hourglass ideal girl bodies now I cba to post all male champs but as you know they have so much more %%%%ing variety.
Udyr is a chick? I had no clue HAHAHAHA
H3ph0 (EUW)
: oh great boys 1 exception to the whole lot
Poppy, Tristana, Lux, Annie, Zoe, Vayne, Illaoi, Lulu, Janna (at least in regards to boobs), Jinx, Sona, Soraka, Riven, Camille, Lissandra, Quinn
H3ph0 (EUW)
: big bobs thicc characters 24/7
Well, play Rek'Sai then
: 30th really , when so late , feelsbadman
Because I have to attend a wedding this weekend and I don't want anyone else to have fun either
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