ScorpioGG (EUNE)
: SSeriously how humiliating is to play Jinx early game!!! or lethal tempo is bugged??
I was about to read this, then I got overwhelmed by all the caps - %%%% that
: Anyone else feel bad when ''smurfing'' in silver and lower?
"Is it OK to show off my power by shoving around peasants and tell them that I'm royalty?"
: 8 years old account perma Banned. Farewell losers.(RIOT)
Dunno why this gets downvoted - this is about correct on every term Either way - if you ever plan on returning - ignore the butthurtness and focus on how to win a match with the team you got on your hands. Flaming around won't get you anywhere - I know it's strenuous as %%%% but you'll do yourself only favours. PS: You don't get banned for calling out a shitty support player - you must have built up enough frustration to go apeshit on it + getting warnings - only then you'd get banned unless you spoke some magic words like k,.,.Y,..,,.S or something
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Shamose (EUW)
: 2 years old, solved, same OP. Not locked. 5 months old, solved, same OP. Not locked. Why aren't these locked then?
That. Usually threads are locked when they are going ape. In this case, all was civilised - hence why it had me wondering.
: What is an elixir?
Good question - check it in the in-game shop It's basically a potion that lasts for a certain amount of time that gives you additional stats. Barely ever used.
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Mártir (EUW)
: Im not given Support, despite putting it as first role... What has the world come to? XD
First things first: Getting autofilled into "weird" roles like top or jung happens usually when you were in champ select, someone dodged, and you then accepted again. It's been like this since forever that autofill goes apeshit to somehow force a quick remake for everyone involved in that champ select. However - you have to know each role and how to play them to some extent. 3 champs per role, period. You'll do yourself a favour by learning other champs and roles.
: If every champion was made like Yasuo!
...all I got out of this "crit items remake", which supposedly helps ADCs was: yea, that's shit, but Yasuo players are gonna get a boner over them. Here we are now - big surprise
: I'm slowly starting to get more depressed as I play the game.
At least to me, what really kills the game for me personally, is that the tactical part became more and more neglectable, to the point where it's played like a Team Deathmatch with some 20% focus on objectives. I took a break now for a week because I just don't know how to play anymore and I just kept playing worse and worse. I'm simply not fit for this "get much fights and kills" playstyle. If fights were actually fun I could care less. But they are not. There's too much burst, too much mobility, too little health to react to anything and on top of that you get classes that take several others to take them down even if they play shit. I just don't like this current design where fights have to end with kills - and the game's balancing revolves exactly around that. It's like people are somehow inapt to take a tower unless they ace the other team first. It's never been like this. I mean... when's the last time you've seen a proper frontline, peels, rotations? To me this is very frustrating. I've invested years into this game and now it's just... shit
Coockycat (EUW)
: Sejuani
Yea, the loading screen doesn't support enough characters to spell out Sejuani and Bristle. Same reason why Hecarim's horse is unnamed.
: I was giving examples,like how it feels for me :). I didn't say that I play Akali vs them or whatever. But if you main some champs, that's what you play the most. And I don't see equal in champions at all, like some can one shot me from basics and other champs need to do three abilities to make that damage. For example Draven can one shot someone with basics. :) And I don't do any damage on Neeko.
If you want to be taken seriously though, you may want to edit your OP to have some paragraphs/line breaks. I don't mean to insult you, it's just a hint - you'll reach a lot more people with proper punctuation and all. Just saying.
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: Yeah, having laned against KDA Ahri a bunch of times I'm like: The splash and loading image are nice, but the in-game model is underwhelming, while spell effects and sounds... lack any kind of impact, like Atlantean Syndra cranked up to 11 (or most pool-themed skins for that matter). Basically Popstar is superior in every quality AND is cheaper too.
I don't like the popstar line either. However - I'm happy that they finally got a really good Anivia skin out with the Origami line. I love that one.
: Rankeds look like a real flip coin especially in P3 . Made a new account and reached p3 with a 60% win rate and few games . I feel like I was completely lucky because Im losing every game now . I literally end up doing well as a solo player , to then get one shot and so on because teams difference is too big . And it’s not the first account I have this horrible problem with . Always at p3-p2-p1 .
You do realize though that you just feed into the issue, do you?
: Well, Nasus Q is the only damage tool he has, aside from his E and passive ult (these are really low damage). He is also immobile as hell. I agree they overdid the buff tho (i propose nerf from 12 to 9 or 10 per stack).
Did you ever try to run away from a Nasus? How did that work out for you? Did you ever lane against a Nasus Support? You know how much damage that E chips?
Palmoz94 (EUW)
: Ok so I NEED to know the thought process of Riot when it comes to Nasus and the recent buff
well, obviously, it's a free for all these days at Riot where anyone high enough in the hierarchy can throw in some bullshit buffs to celebrate the downfall of a once great game. At least that's my take on it - no clue why they buffed the shit out of Nasus or Vayne either.
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: That's what happens when they keep buffing his stack acquisition. A few years ago getting 200 at 20th minute was an accomplishment, now if you don't have at least 200 after 10 minutes of laning you're trash and should learn how to farm.
200 stacks by 10?[/img] On a serious note though - I recently played Nasus and I suck ass at stacking, no issue getting to the 450 by 20 - no problem at all - and I SUCK at it.
: Hardest Champion in league as of season 8
Murdarici (EUNE)
: My biggest disappointment is position ranked not being released in EU and we need to wait 3 month before we have them (in case they don't fail and gave up on idea). Same the loading screen, it's really weird it was announced and it's not here as beginning of season. About Sylas, this happened with all new champions to not be release when patch is deployed, I assume has to do with players, because toxicity is create and a lot of game doges because players don't get the new champ, so releasing it at a random time ease up abit the tension since not everybody will be up and ready to pick it.
Position ranking will be great - then I can finally play top again, in Bronze, against a Plat Smurf - fun games ahead
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Why is Sylas' ultimate cooldown set to only 15 seconds at rank 3?
Now I don't want to all tinfoil hat on this but his R isn't all that special, and it really just distracts from his QWE and passive which is the real broken shit.
: Getting punished for knowing how to cs.
The whole point of the system is to make combacks more lucrative. It's a great system, it works - I love it.
Mada (EUW)
: he knows how to cs
Mikukaeru (EUW)
: What happens to your old summoner name if you change to a new one?
Just make sure that your name is something complicated, like....
SwagDrip (EUNE)
: Champion design
You may want to rework your OP to have some actual punctuation and paragraphs. Hitting enter in between doesn't hurt. If you don't, which you didn't, it makes you look like an idiot and nobody reads it ;) ...and the actual message is lost
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Just opened 4 Free Hextech Chests and got KDA Evelynn and a Gemstone :D
I'd rather get a Garen shard than KDA Evelynn... But then again, I don't like the KDA line so - congrats
Mikukaeru (EUW)
: What happens to your old summoner name if you change to a new one?
Why change the name while still caring about the old one?
Mada (EUW)
: well said
I know, right? It takes about 97FPS to come up with an answer like this. But if you bought an RTX card you could easily reach answers of 114FPS - and if you go for SLI, 140FPS answers... easily Nobody knows however, what slumbers in the minds of people that have 4 graphics cards... rumour has it that they outsmart everyone by their FPS so hard that they get their own forums... with 190FPS+ people arguing really tough, high level shit.
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: Do you have a suggestion for decreasing the number of bots or stopping the reselling of LoL accounts? If so I'm sure we'd all love to hear it.
Absolutely - make smurfing illegal Not that it stops smurfing, but it reduces it to criminal behaviour rather than it being praised
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tenchuu Khan,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ErrIbBid,comment-id=000200000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-02-09T12:06:46.716+0000) > > I took it at a different angle to be fair. Nothing you just said is wrong. > > My angle was that there's an obvious market for secondary/tertiary/quaternary/etc. accounts that is satisfied by having bots being played up to level 30 to resell the accounts. > So, when a new player comes along he doesn't only have to face smurfs but also bots. Where's the fun in that? > > In this particular case I didn't check OPs match history - I think it was crazy enough as it was. So from my stance it sounded like you are making fun of someone that tries to get into a smurf/bot-infested game. Bots aren't cool, and it's not something we're okay with. That's why, again, we've got a lot of systems in place to try to get rid of them - but obviously it can take a bit of time (We can't just instaban based on suspicions - takes maybe a day or two to see a pattern). Manual reports help find those "edge cases" we don't catch and ban them - which is where support comes in. The entry level of LoL is definitely difficult - I've been playing since LoL was a much smaller game, and I know I'd probably find it difficult to get through the learning curve. Things like the new tutorial are there to help make it easier, and we'll continue making improvements and banhammering bot accounts as best we can ^^
Let me rephrase it: would you wholeheartedly recommend to any of your friends to start playing League?
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: You've become the head of the RIOT balance team, which changes do you implement?
Limit the champion pool to a reasonable size as to not constantly get overwhelmed by the amount of bullshit? I mean - it's simple to balance MF vs. Cait - but then you balance MF vs. Ezreal, MF vs. Vayne and before you know it they buff the shit out of Vayne and give everyone a dash that completely ignores MF's E, and her movement speed bonus is worthless as well. Oh and where we are at it, label it risk vs reward - which means, give assassins 10% less effective health but 100% more damage.... The balancing team is a bunch of %%%%ing apes whose members constantly want to justify their own playstyle and push it through - period.
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tenchuu Khan,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ErrIbBid,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2019-02-09T11:35:04.624+0000) > > I feel like you&#x27;re being a complete %%%%head that doesn&#x27;t want to acknowledge the issues that new players eventually encounter on their journey. > > So, how about you not post shit like that with your &quot;boohooo I&#x27;m super official&quot; riot account? hm? > How about that? > > You&#x27;re not helpful. I'm not sure what the expectation is around "I get a lot of bots". We have a lot of systems in place to ban and remove bot accounts, including but not limited to the ongoing work with the anticheat features. Additionally stating from an account that doesn't play the game that they get "100 bots" is obviously exaggeration with little to actually action. Therefore, my advice to contact support if they're genuinely hitting bots still stands as some of the more helpful advice I can give ^_^ Edit: Additionally, looking through the OP's posting history, mentions of bots in ARURF. I genuinely have yet to encounter one - I'm not saying they don't exist, but ARURF isn't exactly the best game mode to create bots for >.<
I took it at a different angle to be fair. Nothing you just said is wrong. My angle was that there's an obvious market for secondary/tertiary/quaternary/etc. accounts that is satisfied by having bots being played up to level 30 to resell the accounts. So, when a new player comes along he doesn't only have to face smurfs but also bots. Where's the fun in that? In this particular case I didn't check OPs match history - I think it was crazy enough as it was. So from my stance it sounded like you are making fun of someone that tries to get into a smurf/bot-infested game.
Murdarici (EUNE)
: So you keep creating different threads out of frustration that you account got banned after you probably been very toxic, and now you complain about bots in urf when I never encounter a bot in urf, bots are usually in coop vs ai mostly and some in arram in low levels, but go back to level 30 and you will have no bots! I never encounter a bot in aram also!
: 100 bots in one game and each game. I think the issue is clear.
The issue you have to understand here is clear - there's a market for level 30 accounts - therefore you will see a lot of bots creating them. I'm terribly sorry for your screwed up experience but unfortunately, it is what it is. And even if you hit 30, you will have to grind through more shit again - this game is a constant wading through shit - so unless you love the gameplay, you won't have any fun. Either way - the bots will become less once you hit 30 and even more so once you are able to play draft games.
: Proposition to remove all lanes but botlane
I'd remove toplane to be fair - I'm rather tired of winning botlane just to get stomped 1v4 by a fed bruiser.
Eclectic (EUNE)
: Just search Vi changes on PBE
Thanks - did I get this wrong or did they nerf her across the board to boost her W? And why?
: 1. They aren't nerfing solo Vi at all. In fact they're just buffing her across the board (outside of the W change). 2. The changes to get E are a bit weird, granted, but that's probably to one up build options (such as Guinsoo's). 3. They had buffed her damage almost across the board, what are you talking about. 4. Again, not removing her early game power at all. In fact, outside of a minor decrease in Q damage, her early game is actually looking better due to the removal of her Q's monster damage penalty.
How can you call her changes a buff?
Eclectic (EUNE)
: Do Not Change Vi Please
Could someone link me what they are changing about her? Can't find it on my own it seems.
First of all - what's the issue here? And what do you want exactly? It's a bit confusing without context.
: he got a point you know .... riot ban accounts for saying omg
: Disappointed with EU boards
lol, classic case of "It's fine to talk shit about my own people but as soon as someone talks bad about Austria...[/img]
: true, it could be real but let's be honest here, who would be stupid enough to ask for a pause function in an online multiplayer game? not even old people make that mistake anymore. if this guy really IS a troll, it's even worse than a normal troll because he is using a serious topic as a joke.
That's not what has been asked for
: It is to be expected since everyone is capable of doing damage. You never see a Janna roaming around for damage because she is incapable of doing any. Meanwhile, Pyke goes for a marathon. Naturally, people would focus less on objectives. Everyone wants to kill something of high value which gives them a sense of pride and purpose. As a result, all the damage dealers will try and kill the enemy champions since they have the power to do so and provides a stimulating experience, whereas supporting characters or tanks focus on the objective since that is the only thing they can kill and therefore, the highest power which in return, give them the highest of stimulating experience. Traditional champions such as Thresh, Ryze, Maokai, Rek'sai or Kog'maw etc. simply cannot compete in this current harsh, and unforgiving environment. Picking such champions is just asking for a loss unless you have at least 3 pre-mades to make use of the champion's 'unique playstyle'. Why you would lose? It doesn't matter if you land 20 hooks as Thresh at laning phase and make the brand support 0/8. Late game, you are pretty much useless due to the fact you cannot do damage - The main contributor to success.
Though I can agree with your notion about it being stimulating - I have to disagree when it comes down to "asking to lose". And even then you wouldn't pick Thresh Support but a toplane brawler as you can easily 1v2 to 1v3. And even then you should take a look at Thresh's pick and winrate.
: i'm telling you, this guy is a troll (pretty sure she is not even a she but a 15 year old kid with nothing better to do)
What's worse? Having a reasonable discussion about a subject with a potential troll, or calling someone a troll that has a real issue. You should reflect on that a bit before stating your conclusions.
: This is not a demand, and of course I agree that there are a lot of loop holes to think through. There are ways though to make it more "friendly". This is why this is a suggestion to the devs as I am not a game developer nor I have the necessary knowledge.
Well the issue is that you dropped the "We live in 2019, discrimination should not be an option." line - that turns it into a demand. At least in my book that's a rather demanding and aggressive move.
: Hey, I have the difference that would explain this better to you. Having a bad internet connection or a shitty computer (much like me) is something you can control. If you have money, you'll get a better connection and a better computer, etc. Since we are talking about a health issue and something you can't control, then the rules are not the same for everyone. Get what I mean?
Well then it would be discriminating against poor people or people in regions where there's only crap internet. My point here is that you shouldn't drop the term discrimination in this regard. Because it's not discriminatory.
: I do understand your point of view, however equality and rights are not only about needs. Women didn't NEED to vote to SURVIVE. It's our evolution as humans that should allow all people same access to everything, and yes, also games. My husband has been bullied multiple times in this game. Having people wishing someone to die of cancer (which he has been through) or make fun of disabled people (regardless of the non pausing fuction) is heartless and should be changed. Riot should take care of this toxic community. Even in a post like this you are mentioning trolls. That's how "human" we are.
Your husband isn't disallowed access to League of Legends because of his disability. He just has to follow the same rules as everybody else. Maybe I have a shit internet connection with 200ms ping - should I get a mode where everyone is limited to a minimum of 200ms ping? Players wishing other players cancer is also not in regards to his disability - it's people being assholes. Even if you are playing good you get some opponent eventually wishing you cancer. It's not accepted already and it is punished....
: I know that in LCS they can pause for some occasions. Something like a time out. However, we don't play in LCS and there shouldn't be a need of a tournament for people in need. What if they are just learning how to play?
Well, what you want is a gamemode where anyone can pause any time. This is just not there - and if you think it through, I guess you will also see why this won't work out and that absolutely nobody would play it. If you want to pause a game any time you want to, you could try to check if that is possible with the Tournament Draft. And then of course you have to find people willing to play with you on that terms. You have to be realistic - and think this through a bit before making demands that can't be satisfied.
: People With Special Needs
There's definitely a pause function in the game - at least in the very rare occasions that I have watched LCS - I've seen them pausing the game to halt it in case there is a bug interferring with it. Have you already looked into that? Play\Create Custom\Tournament Draft Maybe you are able to organize tournaments there with pause options? I haven't tried it out, just thinking it may be an option.
Hecky (EUNE)
: Darius Q heal remove
{{item:3123}} You know, there's items against it.
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