Troldrum (EUW)
: Climate Change and Riot
What you have to take into account there - in general when talking tech companies - is that for instance Amazon wants to become CO2 neutral. How you would ask? CO2 certificates - which means they ain't doing shit about it, buy those certs and call themselves CO2 neutral. It'll have to come a long way to get datacenters across the globe to become climate friendly - in Austria for instance there are some plans to build one powered by water - and the water will also be used as a coolant. There's a lot that can be done and I think we'll see some cool projects in the next few years for "green" datacenters and it may actually attract companies to move their hardware into these datacenters rather than coal or diesel powered ones of which you see a lot around the globe.
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: fair enough evaluation tbh, but to riot they need to focus on pro play but also the people who play for fun, but obviously pro play brings in more money {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Hye... they don't - hence why I gave up on League
: sorry but can someone do something about Full AP Jungle Malphite??
He's not tanky when he goes full AP. You need to ask the real questions though: Why is there a champ that makes everyone run that can destroy the backlane of your team without there being anything that stops him? And the answer is: He's not used in professional play, therefore he's balanced
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UltiTask (EUW)
: Chat restriction still a thing?
Yes they do help - just like temp bans on the forums. Helps you to know your barriers.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: That doesn't explain anything.
It doesn't - exactly Actually - all you have to do in ARAM is not suck as hell. Seriously - if you want to get boxes, play ARAM - you get more boxes than you got keys for.
: Best Name for OTP Ahri & Swain - help uwu
What about Whoretator (Morrowind Reference) Or Swineahrei (German language reference) Swahri would be to simple I got it: Oasins, like Oasis but taking the O from OTP, A from Ahri, S from Swain and since it's ending with in - Oasins
Eagl (EUW)
: ADC is a dead role ?
Practically: yes, Technically: no
Timarius (EUW)
: actually you should be able to do it, i mean, face the first if you are last, i have played MANY games, and sometimes, my last palce build was meant to beat the first, but if i can not face him, it's like ggwp, nexst game
Yea - there should be a turning point anyway since you get a lot of players that blow all their money on early rerolls and therefore lacking mid-game gold bonuses.
KerberosFi (EUNE)
: Simba was clearly trying to desperately build dream noble comp, but never got {{champion:10}}
Mhm blew through 70 gold myself to get her just that it was all too late then. Forcing full-whatever comps is not a good idea in general though. Getting a good mix pays off more in the long run.
Hahrimazd (EUW)
: ***
Well I thought it was quite clear that I'm not purchasing it, just like I don't purchase the flood of whatever mission passes. I don't defend it - I just don't see the major difference with the current bullshit they are pulling off with those mission passes. And here you are, attacking me for no apparent reason.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: How is that different from normal League? It'll always be RNG, the game doesnt want you to win every single time. Its designed that, if you're good enough then over multiple games your winrate is slightly higher so you climb.
That is absolutely true of course - it's about damage control and survival... in a sense it's a battle royal mode. Doesn't stop me from joking around a bit, does it ;)
: "Tft is not luck based" my ass
TFT is about damage control, not about winning - don't try to win, just try to get under the first 4 spots = win.
: Heartstone is all random the cards order you get but i see same people on top all times. TFT is like Heartstone have luck involved but if you are good you will rank up.
Yea and in Hearthstone you can build your own deck and actually invest money in having better cards so your analogy is quite.... bollocks. The random factor in deck-building games can't be compared to TFT... at all
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: Still repeatedly facing the same opponent in TFT
Well it still needs to match you with someone just up or down - you don't want to be last and fight against the strongest - hence why you face the same opponent every other game.
: Every game autofilled trash in jungle or guy unwilling to play support
Yea why would people not want to play in botlane or jungle. Oh yea - botlane is a nightmare, and jungle gets blamed for everything.
JancevFTW (EUNE)
: What to do?
Try treating promos like any other match. I can only talk for myself here but being in promos and being in that mindset that someone's gonna ruin it anyway because it always happens, and someone starts making mistakes, I tilt way faster than I would in a regular ranked match. You'll always have idiots in either team. You know how it is[/img]
: Since when do people have to pay for an achievement system.
I don't quite understand the issue - they are already bullshitting around with their weird mission passes. And now they add mission passes for champs :D Sorry but people will buy this shit - Riot knows it - players know it - people complaining the most are the ones buying it. It's great. Don't like it, don't buy it - it's not like it gives anyone an unfair advantage or anything. Once they sell boosters for not getting autofilled or some shit, then you can start whining ;)
: Lee Sin Space Programm
Nice bug - can you stop Lee's second Q though? Just wondering, the kinetic force of the dragon's push has to go somewhere, in this case upwards :D
Krilldop (EUW)
: Drop of a complete item - TFT
Yea I got one today from raptors I think.
: What do you do when you are sad?
Watching nostalgia kids TV shows - like Willy Fog or Tin Tin
: This is how serious the matter is
You can always just not participate in the BS that Riot throws around. It's not like this is an issue really - you can spend RP to get a useless feature for a specific champion. For those that want to show that they invest in their main or whatever... There's really nothing serious about it. There's constantly some pass crap going on and I couldn't give any 2 shits about it.
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Rochen28 (EUW)
: Low lvl Enemys
The level doesn't say anything about the MMR and he can always just be with a premade.
ShacoOrTaco (EUNE)
Well, considering how lucky/unlucky you can get it is only natural that there is a counter for items.
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: Trying out new/reworked champions in Ranked Queues
Riot loves smurf accounts, hence why this isn't gonna happen.
: Braum in TFT is imbalanced
He's really boring to play against, the trick is to spread your team out and try to make them not focus Braum this way.
Cypherous (EUW)
: > Could we make it, maybe - that every round you get at least 1 match. That would defeat the point of it being random and make it too easy to game the system by making sure you only have tier 5's purchased lol
Yea it's maybe a shit idea - it's just rather frustrating when you get no matches at all.
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: just realised how shitty the passes are
Well, now you spent 15 pounds, Riot wins :D
CJXander (EUNE)
: Uhmm, the problem is on YOUR end. I've downloaded the patch in less than 3 seconds
lol no it wasn't - was only temporary anyway
: there won't come a middle east server. riot stated many times there rn't enough players there to support a whole server making queue times way to long. also the laws of those countries (religion based laws) r in contest with the game itself and this is the biggest issue why there won't come a server in the middle east.
He even made a second account though so it looks like there are more players there *laughs in European
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: > [{quoted}](name=Tenchuu Khan,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=mlGAJEss,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-08-11T03:52:34.563+0000) > > In what reality did she have the highest winrate for 13 patches? Are u really that lazy that you don't look into statsites like and Leagueofgraphs and didn't even take 2 seconds to click on the previous patches stats.
Quite the opposite - I check it regularly, hence why I know that you are talking out of your arse And I'm pretty sure you edited that "or second highest" into your post later on after you checked it yourself.
: wukong
Wukong isn't weak at all - he's just not a great jungle champ, or top champ - he's a great teamfight champ - that's his niche. Don't ask for him to be as viable as other jungs or top laners, that'd make him op
: champions phase...
That's impossible to do as it would give away that some champions work throughout the game while others suck in early mid and late game. So erm, just don't expect this to be happening any time soon.
malécy (EUW)
: don't quote me on this, but i believe i read a while back when they release prestige points that unused points would be converted to orange essence or something
On top of that, if you got enough orange essence you get Trump as a playable character
: Why is jinx the only crit champion that is allowed to keep it's complementary buffs from pre 9.3
: I dunno, I am just as confused
You should repost this in the bugs section though - maybe someone got answers there or it's a straight out bug
: Caitlyn ult
her ult is absolute trash but reasonable considering her QWE - she's one of those champs where the ult needs to be shit to compensate for her other abilities
Shmoeggle (EUW)
: Constantly loosing games, and not progressing.
BishΩp (EUW)
: TFT Champions targeting
I honestly would like to understand that as well - at least I understood how Blitzcrank works by now and I bring him an offering every match I know that he'll be there. Either way, I couldn't make any sense of it as of yet. Latest when you hit Krugs it's like: why the %%%% are you doing this? And then, what I just love to watch is when a melee champ strolls around the board and then like 10 minutes later he starts doing something. The pathing, relatively how expensive moving is, is just insane.
: Summoners of League, Ladies and Gentlemen, Gamer Boys and Gamer Girls, i need assistance
: How did I (Nunu & Willimp) get vision on baron?
Never seen it attacking behind the wall - it shouldn't even have seen you there?
: Every trade you make barely has any use since you get 15% of missing hp and mana every 3 minutes in laning phase. Of course there are other stupid runes but you can play around them. (almost) every ADC and support takes it, most midlaners take it and a bunch of top laners take it. It makes trading feel useless and people who are terrible at trades still win them (longer-term) if the opponent doesn't have the rune. When paired with champs like ezreal, urgot and most midlaners, they can stay in lane for a few more minutes, getting an extra few hundred gold.
Trading has been useless since season 8
: why ranked tft is in above normal? ( default) ??? are you kidding me?
There is kinda no reason to play it normal - but that's just my opinion. Still - shouldn't be the default selection
: how is this an emote?
Erm - I think I got it by now that it's not an emote
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