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: Interesting. Apart from the grammar all I have to say is that it is an interesting concept.
I'll work on it to fix it :I Thanks for your response :) Here have a cookie ^^ {{item:2054}}
: I mean the bits I could understand, which doesn't include this: > Every champion with thisgs that chain with some other passive thing needs a way to generate that thing... Are interesting, but entirely broken, his ultimate being a power creeped version of Karma's does not help. There's no way a champion that gets %health back after killing a minion is balanced, even if the champ doesn't have base regen. I like the idea of the taliyah passive, though again it doesn't really make sense, converting the fears and shit just make it far too complicated, and this added to his 100% ap scaling, 3 second cooldown aoe knockup q... L U L
> [{quoted}](name=Terramos,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=XYwdZKLr,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-10-22T23:51:06.638+0000) > > DISACLAIMER: Most numbers if they are mentioned need adjustment. Most mechanics may already exist in the game. Most thoughts may have been written before. Grammar may be laughtable. Thaks for your understanding. KHM... That was the first few lines of my post. In mathematical formulas you can calculate how regen based on "max HP %" works. Mundo have a continous "max HP %" regen and he have base HP regen. Giving Sacred Ground an 0.3-0.5%/sec regen that last for 4-6sec and only regens if you are in a zone is just fair in my opinion. Can be balanced with inbuild CD or by stacting. You also fall behind if you are unable to generate Sacred Grounds. You fall behind if you are zoned. You fall behind if you are unable to kill at least 1 minion you are dead and lost your lane. Now lets speak about the knock up. knockps can be Long Lasting airborne strikes (Alistar, Blitzcrank) or small little "hop ups" it only depents of the devolopper. While I didn't mentioned Q's AoE size it is maximum as big as Poppy's Q and it is melee range. Ult is sending Lubom to power mode like Yasuo's ult does. Like Olaf's Ult Does. Like Shyvanna's ult does. Like Nasus's ult does. It isn't a very new or very badly designed concept because it is balanceable. Again numbers can be and should be changed. To answer the Quote. Yes I know it isn't understandable but that was a "brain fart"moment I left in and simply declared what I meant. It is a tool (like Illaoi's Ultimate) to generate the passive without killing units.
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: New summoner spell ? :D
{{summoner:7}} {{summoner:14}} {{summoner:21}} 3 of the most boreing spells I have ever seen in a MOBA game. at my own agenda I will create a post how would a new Smite like summoner spell could work and why could it work. This "Tremor" isn't bad but there is "Ohmygod get rect under towre" (Ohmwrecker) in the game
: reworks
Actually all the assasins were toxic as dump... Maokai made to carry by proxy not to carry by himself. If 3 out of 5 people are retardedly unable to realize what you are doing then the game is lost anyway. it happens 60% of the time when you lose actually. Alistar's passive and heal are booth terrible speels the Ultimate's AD bonus is out of place. Alistar need minor adjustment not total rewok. Combineing Passive with ultimate giveing him some fom of "roar" like Volibear have (slow/buff/debuff) and a bit of love with dome kind of mana returning passive would be a solution. Sion have a rework planned. Riot actually working on one but new champion projects and outher stuff is in the way. Like Wukong and Aatrox, he have so bad reputation and he is so situational, he could be "repriced" instead of reworked. He could be still capable of being a Ranged Fighter with tweeking. For Riot that translates to leave him behind and let him rot for a while like Sion.
Xahutek (EUW)
: [Champion Concept] Natash - The Reaver
The weapon type is taken by Thres and it isn't a general weapon like sword or Axe that Riot would feel confortable to reuse. The increasing range seams nice but a bit low. E is too similar to Thres's Q Other wise I would just play Wukong instead of her. she would have many many flaws that could be exploited by mostly assasins and murdureous things like Darius or renekton. Again numbers... for me it does not count I usually put a disaclaimer on top of my concepts. Over all she is ok the last time I commented to your support champion I did a rateing. It may be a 4/10 If you build her tankier or straight up tank even without defense she acts like Warwick. She will drain down the health from anyone who tryes to kill her. We already have an illaoi with freaking huge strikes and the tentacle healing. She is problematic so does Natas would.
Xipiz700 (EUW)
: Yeah it needs the MS, but the desicion he have to make shouldnt be like: Ok i have a pet, i use it. He (Morde) have to wait for the perfect seconds to summon his pet. I think the pet needs mechanics to gain the MS, so it is able to engage. I mean: Give Morde Options to both using the pet for engage or to finish, but in some Situation 1 should be better and so... you know what i mean?
I don't personally think this kind of pet should be an innitiation tool. It is weak compared to you it is more like an opportunity spell like the current version of the Ult. I tryed to give Riot and the community a clear noticement how this champion can and should be thought about. In the Lore He slays thousends and not rely on anyone or anything at all. He only rises his army to have them as numerical balance mostly. A surce for the lore of Mord in a nutshell:
Xipiz700 (EUW)
: Definitely better than the shit he is right now, but im not a morde main, so............, but i think youve done great work. The Ultimate is to strong, it will be better when the Pet is remarkable stronger, when it haves the Body from someone.
IT must have the movement speed tho. Annie have the funky tanyk tibbers with slow speed, Yoric have his damage soacing summoner maiden. This Children of the grave is more like Shaco's clone on speed. I didn't mentioned his attack speed but nearly everything can be balanced with the speed of its attacks. if it is in a "vessel" it gains buffs and so on but I didn't had the patience to write every little part of it down. **I made mistake by not mentioning the 2 min cooldown**
Xahutek (EUW)
: [Champion Concept] Juliette - The Beloved
Good, Nice and Cute... it is still a bit tricky and spontain healing and sustain healing will never be a balanced thing in LoL (unless the assasin update is strong) NUmbers wise it seems overwhelming. Concept construction is an 8/10.
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Terramos,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=Ak6kmkp1,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-10-18T06:21:43.603+0000) > > I have the same problem. I just comment and upvote to keep this thing up on the boards. It is an issu that happens then Riot should know it. Hi Terramos, We're aware of this issue however making a post sync's your level, so there's a pretty easy workaround available :-) Normally it's instant but it can take up to an hour from a post, however you show level 11 so you should be able to post in most places now.
What a wellcomeing sight to see Rioter answer to my comment. MY plesure. I still had problems finding this kind of work around. I think this post still a good thing to keep up on the top of the boards for some players. BTW good luck with the fix. I hope you find out how to do it in a reasonable time for reasonable work.
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: Forum Profile Not Updating Level
I have the same problem. I just comment and upvote to keep this thing up on the boards. It is an issu that happens then Riot should know it.


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