: > [{quoted}](name=XxRobocopXx,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=flGpfeUO,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-05-16T12:40:29.070+0000) > > a week ago i got chat banned... and after the 10 game ban ended i still cant get any chest or keys..what do i have to do be able to continue getting chests and keys ? Be extremely quiet for the next few months.
> [{quoted}](name=Im the Doctor,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=flGpfeUO,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-05-16T12:58:45.536+0000) > > Be extremely quiet for the next few months. Being quite didnt seem to work to much with other punishments. A punishment is not neccesarily for a set time, but rather untill the condition is met where you have demonstrated to the system to have reformed.
Infernant (EUNE)
: Sick of the game and its community
For what it's worth i just mute everyone at the start of the game. I have zero interest in anything other people have to say. Most of it is downright unhelpfull anyway, and it's sooner something inflamatory than usefull.
Balaks (EUW)
: Saying you want somebody to get cancer is not 'cool'
I doubt they're saying it to be cool, and telling them it's not cool is not going to deter them. Now a nice forced vacation from the game on the other hand... Keep reporting the trash, it's the only thing you really can do and hope Riot picks up on their end.
iDarkWind (EUW)
: Yes. If Zhonya's and QSS wouldn't be good enough, now people even want a summoner Spell to take out his ultimate! Brilliant idea! So amazing! Let's make him the most useless Assasin in the game! Yeah! /Ironic
People seem to want some consistency. This game has like some 130-140 champions in it. That is some 450 or so active abilities, well over 500 with passives. It can be quite a bother when certain skills are being the exception to certain rules. With so many champions and so many skill it should be transparent from tooltips how skills work.
Big Poro (EUW)
: they are easier earned by winning matchmade games, especially if you or one of your pre-mades gets an S on champion mastery
Alright thanks. Not sure how well thats going to work seeing how toxic people already get over just losing a game or elo, now their loot also suffers. I don't know how Rating is determined, but if it has anything to do with Kills or Deaths that can't be to helpful. Might get people to focus more on individual performance rather than objective based teamplay.
Big Poro (EUW)
: You get them as rewards after playing games, or you can buy them from the store
Any particular requirements? Or just finish a game and you have a chance to get a box and/or a key?
Big Poro (EUW)
: All what you need to know about LOOT AND HEXTECH CRAFTING system in League Of Legends!!
MvP snow (EUNE)
: You can always let them do and go wherever they want. FUck them. Next week you will be two divisions higher then they so why bother. Some people will stay in one division lifetime so they can and will have to put up with them :)
That's a bit optimistic, this kind of behavior is seen across the board. Maybe not as common in challenger as in say bronze, but it still happens. Also trolls aren't keeping you out of the elo you deserve, they might delay it, but they won't keep you from climbing if you're meant to climb.
SloPro11 (EUNE)
: Can you please tell me you are going to troll if you don't get your lane?
So if i get a game with you all i have to say is ill troll if i don't get my prefered lane and you'll give it to me? Talk about rewarding bad behavior. If people cannot play a certain role they can say so, but if they outright start threatening the lobby then F em. Go troll, enjoy the reports, i'll bite the bullet if it means these people end up getting punished. Just conceding to them only causes them to keep doing their shit.
HdtvTh (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Terravir,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=YVzqBJTI,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2015-12-30T09:47:47.168+0000) > > Just because you paid for a script doesnt automatically make it okay. If riot started banning people who use SteelSeries, Razer, etc... it would result in a huge mess, so no, no one is going to get banned for using their mouse features.
I wonder if using the scripts is mandatory for using the peripheral itself, somehow i doubt it. So if using scripts is against the rules, and riot can distinguish when a player is and is not using his mouse-featured scripts, why shouldnt they penalize these players? If that is the case, dont use the script when playing LoL.
iHeyt (EUNE)
: Wow, wow, wow. Stop right there: What If I got mouse that allows me to script actions? To plant ward and dash to it? It Roccat software for gaming mouses, so obviously I can use it and everyone gets that software with purchase of mouse so I don't think that illegal Illegal software would be the one that in-game shows you the timers of enemy spells and summoners, items EDIT: Also I would differ macro and script as such
Just because you paid for a script doesnt automatically make it okay.
LightTrack (EUNE)
: Are you threatening me? Also, if the person you are asking others to report is indeed toxic then it's only in the interest of rooting out toxicity from the Community. Are people really that stupid that i get 3 replies how it is offensive?
No, just warning you. You have a misconception of what is and is not a punishable offense, and that could get you banned. Calling out others to report is not needed, the system doesnt need more than 1 report to investigate the person who is reported nor is the punishment in anyway influenced by the amount of people who report. In other words, 9 people reporting does as much as 1. So calling out for reports is nothing but disruptive to the gameplay, that drags even more people into some drama and is generally a sentence that only starts further argueing and derailing. Just dont do it.
LightTrack (EUNE)
: Calling out reports for a reason is not offensive.
The vast majority of players, riot, and their automated systems disagree with you. Asking others to report is an offense, and it has been for a very long time. I suggest you remember this well or next time it could be you who faces restrictions or bans for calling reports.
: [POLL] When did you start playing League of Legends?
Technically season 2 when my gf was really into it. But i sucked, tried various different roles, then other games came out and i kinda forgot about league. Picked it up again last june, and i still suck but a little less. Now my gf is bored with league. Go figure.
SaikoVL (EUW)
: in my experience, the last two weeks I played with two of the most flaming players I have ever seen even the enemy team was feeling sorry for us xD we reported those players and shortly after we done that like 5~10 mins we got a client notification that the player was banned.
You seem to be getting downvoted for not jumping on the bandwagon of "Rito literally does nothing". People feel like Riot doesnt do much because they run into toxic players quite often. Which statistically isnt that odd considering there are 10 players in every game. Then people never hear to much about those who do get punished. I think it might improve peoples confidence a bit if we got some feedback on our reports. Let players know if a report they made has been received and found justified. Let people know if someone who they reported got banned, not just if their report was the final nail but in general i wouldnt mind knowing that some jerk i reported two weeks ago finally got a perma ban for his behavior. Let people know if players have "rehabilitated", instead of just focussing on satisfying vindictive desires it would be nice to hear that someone i reported justifiably has been staying out of trouble for whatever long it takes for the system to consider someone a better person.
SaikoVL (EUW)
: it's easy !! close the client, relog and wait for 5 mins to get with other players. I'd rather chill 5~10 mins drinking some beverage than exhaust myself for one game. or you and your team agree to report him/her along with the enemy team and I can assure you we got two players recently blocked for doing that.
So you play into their hand, by taking the punishment for them and they get off scott free? I dont care. They want to feed and troll if they dont get the roll they want like spoiled little kids then fine, let them feed and troll. Atleast now we have a damn good reason to report them. Id rather take a hit in losing a game knowing the troll is taking a hit towards permanent removal, than let them get their way or get away with their attitude just so they can keep doing it.
Rayz019 (EUNE)
: Thing is, Warding now IS the support's job. I can only carry 2 wards (with a huge cooldown bear in mind) and a pink, I can't ward nearly as much as a support who can carry 4 wards that refill at base + pink + sweeping lens.
Yes, it is the supports job. And the junglers, and the ADC, and the midlaner and the top. Its everyones job to ward, some may end up warding more than others by virtue of their role (such as support and jungle). But everyone should be warding. It is staggering to see how many people dont even use their free wards, let alone buy pinks. Even more so after they start complaining their lane is getting ganked, they see it as a reason to buy less wards to save gold but this just means theyll get ganked more frequently. A top should ward defensively for himself, and if given the oppertunity (f.e. enemy top backs or dies and their jungler is bot) to get a deep ward in the enemy jungle. The value of knowing when the enemy jungler is top is so good, for the whole team. Bot knows theyre safe, top knows to be more cautious, and the jungler knows where he can make plays or invade botside jungle. A mid needs to at the very least keep his own lane defensively warded, as to not get caught by surprise when the enemy jungler shows up or if top or bot roam to mid. When given the oppertunity try to ward deeper into the enemy jungle, there are a few prime spots which are easy to reach and provide fantastic information if warded. Bot needs to keep their lane defensively warded as well of course, and not a lame ward in the last bush of the river which is just to late. Get one down at the intersection near dragon and obviously the bushes to the side should the enemy jungler roam a bit through your jungle to try and get behind you. If enemy bot backs, try and get some deeper wards such as near Red/blue or atleast Gromp/Krugs. Again, knowing where the enemy roams and where the enemy jungler is is vital. This information allows you to know where on the map you run the risk of being outnumbered and need to play safe, but also where on the map you can potentially pull the numbers on your opponent.
Xêm (EUW)
: So basically you will get forced to play support because it takes Rito servers fucking 8 seconds to get into champ select and you're always last pick, and then if you don't like it or you suck at it (like me) you will lose. And I can't request my favourite role because some other prick took it that said: "Top mid or jungle guys" and then picks jungle while I wanted it and the other roles were still available
We're talking ranked. In ranked pick order > call order.
: Hell, I tried learning jungle. Looked fun! Gave it up. Sure I had great champs to use in jungle, and sure it was fun the role itself. But if I thought I got flamed as support, boy were I not prepared for the jungle, lol. Jungling is just too stressful and I quit it. Could have been good at it, actually, my friend who has played the game for several seasons said I already did better than him jungle, but it didn't matter, I couldn't take the stress that comes from 3 people flaming you at the same time because you can't be everywhere at once or your jungler can't gank until lvl 6. At least not successfully to the point where it's worth. A failed gank means wasted time and you'll fall behind on XP and gold. People don't get there are good reasons for doing this or that, or consider a perspective outside their own darn lane. So no, I'll just not jungle, it was fun, but not that fun to be worth the salt and flame. That said, it pisses me off when junglers don't understand that it's their job to ward jungle, not support. Support wards for the ADC and for safe ganks from jungler. AKA entry points to the lane. As a support I'll ward the entry points into the lane, I'll remove enemy wards so our jungler can gank, but I can't spend my time roaming jungle to prevent enemy jungler from accessing your jungle, you can get wards too.
For some reason players, atleast in low elo, seem to think that the junglers job is to win their lanes for them. As you said, three people bitching at the same time to gank their lane. A midlaner crying i wont give him blue when he's 0/4 at 10min. A toplaner thats 0/3, keeps overextending against a fed opponent and dying, blaming me for not wasting my time to try and get him back into it. Bot laners who will push the minion wave in every. god. damn. time. i try to gank for them, then complain i dont gank enough. I consider myself Lucky if atleast the support wards as much as i did. You'd think after getting ganked a few times top or mid would finally use their FREE WARDS, but you'd be wrong. The only way i can even play jungle anymore is by just muting everyone as the game starts. I dont even care what they have to say. It's rarely ever relevant information.
Ulriah (EUW)
: Yeah I really don't understand the people who say ''we need more vision'' during mid game, yet they haven't bought a single pink.
Well what they really mean is "Hey everyone else, buy wards and ward around my lane because the other team has figured out i don't ward worth a damn and the enemy jungler has set up camp, yet i still cannot be bothered to even use my trinket."
Enderty (EUW)
: Her low win rate comes from being hard mechanically and strategicly. IF she will get buff high skilled players would destroy evertyhing with her.
But right now high skilled players are apparently failing on her. So i dont quite follow what your point is. Balancing around a hypothetical "perfect play" is irrelevant. Because high skill players either already play her to her potential and have a very poor winrate regardless, or no one can actually play her to a potential and thats why she has a very poor winrate. Either way, a hypothetical perfection is no standard to balance around as it does not exist or is unobtainable, and does nothing about the apparent fact that her performance went down the drain hard.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: It's not the Korean teams' that are to blame for being great. The Korean players have different practices, they are just better all around, can't blame them for that. Europe and North America need to improve a lot to get close to a Korean level.
No one is really blaming Korean teams for just going that extra mile. People are just venting over the fact that Worlds started really exciting in the group stage, where some real upsets happend and it got pretty exciting. But as the tournament progressed it just became less and less exciting, instead of more. For a lot of people the fun of Worlds ended after the quarter finals.
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: 100% winrate in 4 games... wow. Like if you go in ranked with 4 wins and say "I'm a GP main" they will laugh at you. Those statistics are only on worlds, where teams work exceptionally well and synergyze like no one else to bring out a champion's potential with a TEAM effort. They would build a team around GP, it's not just him carrying. In any other elo, GP has around 50% winrate with 10-20% pick/ban
Yes, and? He has a high banrate in worlds, guarenteed first pick so far, and if picked he wins. _I'm_ not saying he should be nerfed, at no point did i give my opinion on gangplank just than that you **had** to have seen this comming.
: Female streamers
People want to do this, thats fine. But just to be clear, streamers like this who use their sexuality, out on an act, all to lull boys into giving them free shit are just hurting the image of the female gamer. Pretty much the living embodiment of the stereotyped "just doing it for attention"-gamer. Again, if people want to do this or support this, thats fine. But let's atleast stop pretending that it's sexy female videogame characters that are presenting women poorly in gaming.
aB6tIF3eqi (EUNE)
: Jungling champion
Good early and hard to master, Lee Sin. Can play without runes, every champ can. But on every one of them you'll be much less effective. But you can build Lee effectively with AD, armor and MR runes. Which are overall some of the cheapest/most common runes.
: Rito is gonna destroy another champion.
Gangplank has like 90%+ banrate. When not banned he's 100% first pick. If picked, last i checked, he had 100% winrate. Anyone who did not see more nerfs comming sooner or later is pretty naïve in my opinion. They might dial some nerfs back a bit, it is still pbe and they undo changes all the time.
Smerk (EUW)
: Your name isn't really offensive, but it's inappropriate for sure, you got what you deserve. You can ask support, maybe they will allow you to change name for free
Anal doesnt just mean a form of sex. It can refer to someone who is very uptight or particular, and always wants things a certain way. I've seen far worst names that didnt have any of such word play but were just blunt.
: Sorry but I disagree with some things. First of all, the skill order for jungle Kindred is R>Q>E>W. Why max Q and E before W? Q does a shitload of dmg at max level and E has a massive slow and deals dmg based on max HP. W has a flat heal value (which you failed to notice) but it doesn't benefit as much as Q. The only reason W is a good spell is because of the CDR it gives Q from 9 seconds to 2 seconds. Therefore, W doesn't need to be maxed to gain full advantage of the ability. As an ADC, you still max the same way. for the same reasons. Items for jungle, you can take {{item:3706}} or {{item:3713}} depending if you want small sustain or not. Let me explain. You level up W in the beginning and start gromp. By the time you kill it, hit level 2 and walk to the wolves, your W passive is up again healing you. Now you go and take scuttle crab and heal fully before going to take blue and reach level 3. Then you b. Seeing as you can easily kill the Razorbeaks with ease because of your Q, you can take {{item:3706}} because of the CC it gives (you can never have too much cc). {{item:3715}} is only good against tanks or jgl champs that excel in 1v1 duels like Jax. Another thing is, due to the recent nerfs on Devourer to ranged champs(4 hits instead of 2), it isn't a good item on Kindred. Warrior Enchantment is much better. Armor Pen, More AD, and CDR (Not really needed). Sometimes you don't even need to finish jgl item. Just rush BoTRK and you are good to go. Typical build of Kindred is {{item:3153}} >{{item:3707}} >{{item:3078}} >{{item:1304}} >{{item:3035}} >{{item:3172}} . The {{item:3172}} is a great item and it's passive, Tenacity, is great against a cc reliant team. Items for ADC are the same as those of jungle except you replace {{item:3707}} with {{item:3046}} , {{item:3087}} or {{item:3071}} (great against tanky team and synergizes well with BoTRK, your passive and E).
I'm personalyl not sold on the Trinity Force. AP is useless and Rage effect only benefits you partially, 10speed on hit/30 on kill or assist. Don't think Kindred has an amazing base AD either that would make up for it. Nor does Kindred really spam abilities at a rate that would get Spellblade procs pouring out. I think a Youmuu's would be better. More ArP, AD, crit, cdr and a buff that works really well for Kindred. And it's 1k gold cheaper. As an optional item, Runaan's. It's situational to when you manage to get high stacks Mark of the Kindred. Chucking those % health dmg autos on 3 targets instead of 1 (and much faster) is a serious threat in teamfights.
BaneDjuka16 (EUNE)
: Vi vs Diana
Okay, these are two very different junglers. Diana is an AP assassin style jungler, land that Crescent and blow someone up (ideally). Untill lv6 she is not very impactful as she doesn't have her Lunar Rush ult, which is her gapcloser and initiator. After 6 she can be terrifying and delete squishies. Diana also has great clear and substain thanks to her shield and passive. But towards later in the game she is a bit more squishy, and once you get engaged in a fight you really lack escape. Another big plus for Diana is that she makes a mean Midlaner. So should you want to focus a lot on playing Diana and you don't get the jungle role you could also go for a mid lane Diana. Vi is an AD Bruiser style jungler. Get in peoples face and scrap it out. She can gank from lv3 on with her Vault Breaker. Fully charged it's a good gapcloser, and if it lands on a target a minor CC and good damage ability. She can reset her auto with Excessive Force, and everything she does applies Denting Blows. Shred enemy armor, gain attackspeed and smash them for a % health dmg. Vi's early clear is also quite good, but she is a bit vulnerable to strong early-junglers like Lee Sin. So you have to be cautious of early invades. Vi can build more tanky and still pack the punch needed to drop someone quick as well as charge to the enemy backline with Assault and Battery. Her passive gives her quite a bit of durability. Big downside really is that Vi has to facecheck a lot. Plus side is she has a fair bit of mobility thanks to Vault Breaker, she can easily leap walls or dash away from enemies. Personally i love playing both of them. So it's really up to what your prefered playstyle is. AP assassin or AD bruiser.
: I got banens
You did not get banned just for going afk for 2min. That is a lie and no one here is going to believe it even for a second. Support should tell you the reason of your ban, in case of flaming they usually give you a chat log. Whatever it is you did and don't want to tell us, Riot is adamant in their bans and a topic on the forum as well as some other players responding is certainly not going to get you unbanned.
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: Kindred is the second balanced champion on release, In my opinion.
So far Kindred has an abysmal winrate. EUW it's 44.6%, making her the third lowest overall winrate champ out of 42k games played. But you might say, low elo players bring them down. EUWplat = 45% winrate out of 8.1k games played EUWdia = 45% winrate out of 2.2k games played Above diamond her winrate isnt much better, even wost for Master, but her pickrate is so low it's not very reliable. Numbers on NA are similar. In KR she does slightly worst overall at 42% winrate, but slightly better in higher elo's at 47%. Now you might be thinking "But people are still learning to play with Kindred", well people are also still learning to play against Kindred. In particular Mark denial or dealing with her ult, which has a range of counterplays and liabilities. For example i saw displacement CC simply knock Kindred (and allies) out of the ult. Or a high threat champ joining Kindred and their allies in the ult range to inflict a lot of damage with no risk of being bursted down themselves. Some people may have seen games were a kindred did well, but that is about as much proof of being strong as a game where Darius did bad is proof of Darius needing a buff.
: Ward what she needs to get.... obviously YOU WONT WAIT FOR HER THE ENTIRE TIME IN YOUR JUNGLE. If she does come then you go for her. The irony, the hunter becomes the hunted XD
No need to ward anything. Just clear the camp the enemy kindred has marked. Based on what i've seen so far that makes the mark go away, with the same delay as when Kindred would've cleared it. So about 20sec after it's been cleaned up. So it's very easy to deny these stacks.
: T2 rune in ranked
Runes are so limited to new players, and such a grind to get. Maybe instead of banning t2 runes from ranked we make it easier to get t3 runes, and also make it easier to get multiple pages set up for different champs. These runes much such a big difference, and yet are such a pain to grind out.
Silico (EUW)
: 'I may have lost but I'm a Diamond/Master/Challenjour smurf'
I assume all players who claim to smurf are lying. Every one of them. I will not give you your prefered lane because you claim you're a smurf, i will not follow your dumb strategy that seems to make no sense because you claim you're a smurf, i will not camp your lane to see you get ahead as much as possible just because you claim you're a smurf. If you really are a smurf you don't need to tell anyone, you don't need your prefered lane to do well, and you don't need 24/7 jungler support to win your lane.
: Another ranked, another trollpick in champ select.
I'm a real stubborn person like that. I would still have gone jungle with Tahm, screw the other guy he can take Rengar top just as easily. Instead i'll jungle and be sure to annoy him as much as possible. F.e. stealing camps, especially easy as Tahm as you can just devour them. Just focus on myself getting ahead as a Jungler at the expense of the troll junglers. That kind of player, who does that kind of thing, will within no time be flaming over all-chat. Sucks for that particular game, but now he's getting nailed with 4 to 9 reports and will probably get banned before long. And then no one has to deal with his crap anymore. But if i give in i'll just reward his toxic behavior and he not only gets to keep doing it because there was nothing to report, but he'll feel even more inclined to do it in the future.
TsaZen (EUW)
You know you're having a rough weak as NA when out of the 9 matches scheduled you walk away with 10 losses. ~~honestly i really wouldve liked to see c9 advance over ahq, they had such a turn around~~
: What I'm seeing in Worlds
First few days Darius did overall pretty poorly, he was still left as a toplaner and given not to much help if any at all. Then teams started to support their Darius, help him win his lane at least so he can snowball on his own. Once Darius get that first execute in a teamfight he then just goes through the enemy team executing everyone one by one. He's tanky enough to not be an easy target to focus, you almost got him down, a cleave and his health shoots up again.
: From my experience, that is just an excuse. They're following pick order and don't care who calls what. Saying 'Ooh wasn't looking' is just an easy excuse to throw out.
Well in draft-mode pick order > call order. Still should to communicate with your team on what you're going to pick. If anything people just pick a roll that's already been filled. Like the first pick goes mid, then the last pick also locks in a midlaner and goes "oops, didn't notice. well, your champ is better top... sooo...take one for the team?" And thats how we end up with two midlaners.
candoodle (EUW)
: spot the female streamer
If women want to do this in order to get attention, that's their bussiness. And if people want to support these streamers, that's their own choice to make. But i don't want to hear anyone complain about "sexy videogame characters", or how they are harmful to the image of women in gaming. Streamers like this do more harm to the image people have of women than any Metalgear Solid character or League champion ever could.
: disgusted
mute and report. Sounds like the kind of behavior that will quickly escalate into a ban. Asking others to report players only opens the door to get reported yourself, as doing this is a punishable offense. Also, why would you EVER tell a troll you are upset by what they did?
gardo7 (EUW)
: Permanent ban, irreversable or should there be exceptions?
People could claim someone else hacked their account and flamed to get out of a permanent ban. To be fair i am not overly impressed with Riots account security. I was visiting another country during the summer. During which i logged into my league account on the pc of my girlfriends stepdad and played a few fast bot games a couple of time to get that first win-bonus. Not so much as an alert was send to my email going like "hey summoner, someone just accesed your account from an entirely different nation. Thought you'd like to know, just in case" Some games even require you to verify a new IP before you can log in. Where a log in attempt prompts a verification send to your email before you can actually log in, to proof you are the account owner. So yeah, none of that. Seems a bit odd, if you're going to hand out such severe punishments these kind of fairly basic security tools should at least be offered to people.
: Box Box on Riven Changes
Didnt last long, all Riven changes have been reverted and she is back to how she is on Live.
: > [{quoted}](name=swampert919,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=TREHybb6,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2015-10-01T17:52:51.123+0000) > > Let's look at what gets effected here... Kayle who we know is very scary with devourer and only fell off because her clear isn't as good resulting in the devourer's main weakness getting inflated. Vayne who literally murders everyone with devourer (8% true damage every other hit... I don't think I need to say more). Koggie which has got amazing on hit damage and with devourer literally shreds everything (and I've heard a lot of success stories from devourer koggies even in the bot lane). Twitch who if the meta shifts to him will be extremely toxic with devourer espessaly considering his tanks being amazing for a devourer jungler. Kindred who is the same as koggie and vayne except can actually jungle effectively and has an infinitely stacking % damage on hit... > > So yes these aren't very big right now but the fact that they are ranged means they don't have to leave the safety of their front line turning them into effectively vaynes on steroids (and in vayne's case quite literally) meaning when they are popular they are extremely toxic. > So riot have thought through this and they have came to this conclusion, ranged devourers are much stronger than melee ones meaning that not only does it mean riot can't help any of them without activating these devourer versions but it also means that if they do get popular they end up killing diversity way more than this change does. > > So it's a very healthy trade off to kill this before it gets bad, resulting in an overall healthier game. > > And it's not like this kills kayle, not only is runeglaive good on her but both top, mid and support kayle is open to you. But they took 5 AD away due to the devourer, and now they are nerfing it to the ground, but cannot give 5 ad back to her, for some reasons normal human cannot understand. You nerf a Y champion that uses item X, because he was too powerfull with that. After the nerf, champion pick and ban ratio turns into non existant, and after that you nerf the X item anyway. Where the hell is logic here. > And it's not like this kills kayle, not only is runeglaive good on her but both top, mid and support kayle is open to you. You cant be serious right now, but ok. You could show us, how you play top lane on her against picks like darius, fiora or garen, very funny to play against. Support? Maybe in season 1, LOL! She is only viable at the middle lane right now, where she meets tons of champions that counters her hard. Nope, bring it back, she is only viable in dominion...
I think the pick rate went to hell not just because of the 5AD nerf but because i think people realized Sated Kayle was really not that good to begin with. Don't get me wrong she is an absolute beast if she has fully ramped up in late game. But its easy to shut her down early due to how weak she is. Then she takes so long to reach that carry-state that games are often (practically) already lost.
xCillion (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Terravir,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Xz7KzEVG,comment-id=00020001,timestamp=2015-09-30T11:51:19.962+0000) > > What genuine reasons are there? > > And do these reasons outweight the negative? > > What smurfing does is bypass punishments and matchmaking based on your overall estimate skill. > What great good does smurfing do that the burden should be on the people who are not smurfing? > > Seems to me that smurfing is only condoned because Riot has no means or incentive to try and chase everyone. Smurf's that play on their smurf to relax, practice (you may not be diamond on ALL roles, so you make a smurf to play your worst role and get placed according to your skill on that role, know what i mean?) Smurfing with low (level if normals) or rank (if rankeds) to play with friends.. Something that atleast to me is still important these days.. If my friends can't play with me without having to face lvl 30s and ranked people way above their skill (them beeing new/lowranked eventually) how is that going to make any of us enjoy this? Not every smurf is a jerk, however, regardless of reason, good or bad, smurfs do have the tendency to create unfair/uneven games at times yes.
I never said every smurf is a jerk, but you already acknowledges it does get used to be a jerk by some. I don't agree with your argument that it can be used to practise a new role or champ. Why couldn't you try out a new role or champ in unranked? Why must it be on a smurf? I fail to see what the advantage is. Wouldn't you improve better playing in the range you are used to, and playing against the players you intent to? Playing with friends i can understand, that seems a legitimate reason to smurf. But would this not cause unbalanced matchups as a result? Because it seems to me the only way you could not play with friends is if you are several ranks higher than your friend, so smurfing will match you with considerably lower mmr/elo players, right?
: I read that. Was just wondering if there's any substance or if it's just the mindless complaining it read as. Smurfs get handled by the system quite well, the system sorts them with other players of their level in only a few games. It takes genuine trolling and throwing of games to get into leagues or lower your hidden MMR to a level much lower then your actual skill level, so a smurf has to lose more games than he wins to stay low and most others are not actually smurfs from any significantly higher rank, but just players claiming to be. Even players of your same level can stomp you on some days, making it seem like a smurf game, while it is not.
So you read it, but you still asked the question? Nothing about what i wrote was "mindless complaining". Chillion claims there are genuine reasons to smurf but gave no examples, i am curious what these reasons are and if he felt that these posititves outweigt the negative. I stated two things smurfing can be used for, namely messing with the matchmaking and bypassing punishments. Which is true, even if the system catches on to them, they will always mess with the matchmaking. And Chillion seems to take a stance where he is more concerned over the game experience of the smurfs than the people playing their main. Maybe you need to not jump the gun so quickly. If you actually read what i wrote you'll see that i did not take any stance for or against smurfing. I just wanted clarification on Chillion's post.
: So please tell us how you'd detect smurfs immediately when a new account is made.
Do you just blindly reply to things? Read that last sentence, the one where i said Riot has no means to.
: Lying about Smurfing
People will say this to hopefully get other people to give them the role they prefer to play. Whenever people make any claims that can be summed up as "give me role X" i assume they are lying, and will certainly not skip the role to them if i want to play that role myself and i have priority pick over them. Even if they are telling the truth i am not looking to get "carried" by anyone, how does that improve my play? How is that fun for me being stuck in a role i'd rather not play?
xCillion (EUW)
: Sadly there are Smurfs that do it for the worst reasons yeah.. - Boosting/Selling Accounts on a certain Rank - Noobstomping for ego - similar stuff.. But there are some who are genuine and still create those "unfair/bad games" aswell :/ Riot can't really say "No more smurfing allowed", because that would shift the ones suffering from the non smurfs to smurfs.. and since there are genuine reasons for it, that wouldnt be right IMO. Maybe make Smurfs required to "link" to the Main account? (kinda relying on Riot's ability to "see" if its a smurf if people want to trick the system and say its a new acc.. not sure if entirely possible..) and thus have them placed with the "Is a smurf" in mind? What do you think about something like that? Im sure it has downsides too tho :/
> [{quoted}](name=xCillion,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Xz7KzEVG,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-09-30T01:53:36.183+0000) > Riot can't really say "No more smurfing allowed", because that would shift the ones suffering from the non smurfs to smurfs.. and since there are genuine reasons for it, that wouldnt be right IMO. What genuine reasons are there? And do these reasons outweight the negative? What smurfing does is bypass punishments and matchmaking based on your overall estimate skill. What great good does smurfing do that the burden should be on the people who are not smurfing? Seems to me that smurfing is only condoned because Riot has no means or incentive to try and chase everyone.
: 5.19 devourer
Yah it seemed like an odd change. Really none of the ranged devourer junglers were any good, maybe Riot anticipated problems with Kindred?
DK Like (EUW)
: Playing game without getting banned
The pop up doesnt mean you get punished, just that people have reported you frequently. If the reports are false and you did nothing wrong you won't get punished. If you do end up getting punished then that was because you did actually break the rules, and not just because people reported you but because these reports against you were valid.
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