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Procuels (EUW)
: My Shop and it's complete random Skins
Half of my skins are from champs I have less than 3k mastery on. Compared to previous iterations of "My Shop' this one really messed up.
: You just need to learn how to play vs Fizz. There is a reason he is not considered Meta in LCS...his ult is good in a team fight so that reason must be that he is pretty bad otherwise.
I'm not saying he's op I'm saying he isn't fun to play against
: He has been this way since release tbh.
And they have done nothing to address it
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: Shop visual bug
It has to do with the RP, you can afford the champion with RP so the client sees it as you being able to buy it. The client doesn't have a separation with highlighting either the IP or RP.
xNinjagOx (EUW)
: Permanently banned FOR WHAT ?????????????????????
You didn't swear you were just a dick
: i guess considering pink wards this is actually the full build.
: Since when are elixirs a 6th item? I always buy those after full build
Zephyr77 (EUW)
: Nah i do not really mind what happened, they tried something weird and i admire them high for it. It actually failing, well, it just happens. What i mind is the upcoming tidalwave of wannabe "pro's" that are lowering their value based on not following meta. That's low.
I think it was phreak that said that huni can't play tanks and his past performances on tanks were terrible. IMT obviously knew this and tried to draft around it,game 1 they were very close to winning at one point they had an inhib at 17 min, game 2 they actually had a very good comp but sven completely took over the game, game 3 they almost won the teamfight before baron 4v5. Calling out bjerg for playing lulu is unnecessary, it is a good lane vs corki and even Faker plays it a lot it's a very smart pick in that game. But you can't deny that pobelter was a bit lack luster at times. Huni had some terrible tps in the series compared to his usual performance, they were low impact or unnecessary. I am not a wannabe pro, I have never even played ranked, but it easy to see where they messed up (especially with casters and analysts pointing out the finer details). They are a new team so playoff problems will happen so I expect them to be crushing in summer.
: i'm not crying about the community i'm just saying people need to at least look at the effort they are putting in. I haven't seen anything particularly cool on dota2 for april fools for example.
Also remember that Riot roughly made $1,628,000,000 last year. League Of Legends Made More Revenue In 2015 Than CSGO, Dota 2 And World Of Warcraft Combined. They are the biggest game in the world at the moment, people can complain as much as they like. We give much more than we receive make no mistake.
: Is there a more whiny and ungrateful community than this one?
What isp do you use? I live in SA but I play with 220-260 ms, with occasional packet loss.
: I wanted to ask everyone who is under 18 age...
Make friends that play games with you, don't care about people that bring you down. As long as you don't let gaming take over your life(you don't work, never go out, only eat shitty food, never do anything active and stuff like that) then no one can say shit about your gaming habits. If you have a good balance between everything then ignore the people calling you out, if you don't have your shit balanced then focus a bit on other things in life.
: Boss On ARAM?
The problem is then the team that is pushing(the team that is most likely ahead) will then get a larger lead and crush the game. .Aram games are more times than not one sided and won before 20 minutes anyway. Adding something like a baron buff would break it. They might be able to implement a recall mechanic to whatever teams get the boss, then you can recall and buy items without needing to die. But that is all i can think of.
: release stress? HAhahahahahah league aint life, theres the outside world and other games to release stress and please URF was the most toxic game mode out there with players going "OMGGGG YI nOOB spam Q EVERY SECOND GG" etc... and not to mention these annoying as hell kids spamming posts when they were warned there will be no URF this year....
We were warned last year that we weren't getting urf and we still got it, a lot of people thought it was a joke from rito
: ***
Some people just play for fun and don't treat the game like some shitty version of high school sports where you insult people because of how they play. Look at the likes you got for your garbage post and try to understand what your problem is. I am just going to quote you " If you are going to post shit like this please delete LoL and just dont play it anymore. ~"
: It probably deals the Q damage, but blocks the Sheen damage (I assume he had one and that this is the problem)
Gabytele (EUW)
: When you're team is on POINT
That team comp sounds scary
Grisu (EUW)
: But that's the point I'm trying to make, either it should by pass the shield entirely and leave it intact or get nullified by it, but breaking the shield and still doing dmg with the same spell seems wrong.
I wonder if it's an intentional interaction or just messed up coding. Was his ulti going? I think that can pop the spellshield
Nabzor (EUW)
: This community is out of logic
So some people complain that the new system for rewards is difficult and inconsistent and now the entire community is spoiled, ungrateful and illogical. Great argument man
Dawkyy (EUW)
: Being ineligible to earn loot. (Hextech Crafting)
It is only temporary, for minor bans like yours I think it is disabled for a month.
: except if you pay money ofcourse, then riot couldnt care less how toxic you are. So much for the moral highground
We can get stuff for free they have to pay if they want something, they are forced to pay for it if they want it. so they have to pay riot because they were toxic. I think that is better than permanently disabling it for them.
Ăhri (EUNE)
: ***
You pretend to be an asshole in one comment. Did you even read the comment? I never said I get upset when someone says gg EZ in chat, are you blind or do you just struggle with reading. I just said you give no argument you just say that the people are butthurt kids. You're just making yourself look bad man, you don't impress anybody when you try to sound tough in a game forum.
: totally agree with the chat restriction. but if it was easy for them i don't see a reason why they wouldn't be allowed to say easy. the word easy means easy. it doesn't mean fuck you noob i owned you. it's you that gives the word easy that meaning and feel offended. and instead of brushing it off you want to use the opportunity to fuck someone up with reports, that's as unsportsmanlike as it gets. it's like your girlfriend telling you a story and you react simply with ok (as in understood) and her saying omg why do you just say ok, are you grumpy bla bla bla. you're giving shit your own meaning the way you interpret it and weighing someone down because of YOUR percpetion
You can just as well then say that gg just means 2 g. It's the meaning behind the word, the subtle nod that you just got owned and the other person knows it and loves the fact that he did, and he just wants to tilt you one last time. I would only report a guy that says easy when he got carried, cause that is just stupid.
Ăhri (EUNE)
: ***
You pretend to be an asshole in one comment then when someone calls you an asshole you say he's looking for problems where there aren't any? The guy points out that no fucks given and filterless players are toxic and a problem within the community so then he is immature? You get mad quickly for no god damn reason and you just tell the other guy to stfu and keep his opinion to himself. You can only reply by saying "stay butthurt' and give zero reasons why the people are wrong for reporting people.
: Awww, so cute, premade loving whiteknights running rampart through threads again downvoting, and not even having the courage (or argument for that matter) to write a reply ^^ Don't worry guys, your votes won't change the outcome: We get solo queue back, and get to play with low queue timers in a functional ranked environment, and you get 30 min queue timers for your wannabe ranked "teams". everyone wins :-) ######except you, but who cares.
You get mad because people want to play with their friends? I don't play ranked and don't really care much about it, but it's not the players playing with their friends causing the problems, its the matchmaking. You insult people for playing a game with their friends, I would rather play with my friends anyday with a longer queue than playing alone.
: graves top
It's a bruiser build for graves, he gets cdr, armor pen, tank stats and pd is for dueling.
Lsayu (EUNE)
: Tips for players with high ping
You learn to cs with the ping or you just play champs with execute damage to make last hitting easier. I play with 200-240 ping and last hitting is normal and I keep up easily with minions and I can still get a cs advantage. The 200 ping only hinders finer mechanics like and insec or a very quick reaction flash other than that the ping is bearable. It prohibits anyone with ping like that to climb higher than gold, but if you only play for fun then it won't affect the game for you at all. Remember the players with high ping have high ping from day one and it's normal to play with it for them.
Sebe9 (EUNE)
: Ekko - Too OP
His stun takes 4 seconds to land then you hope you and the champ you are facing are in the circle when it lands. It's easy to dodge and very unreliable to land.
Smerk (EUW)
: You don't need all the champions, 16 that are required for draft play is more than enough, of course if you can play them well and not just bought for quantity, same with runes, most of them are useful only for few specific champions, also tier 2 runes are suitable replacement for a start, they are 10 or even more times cheaper than tier 3, but give only 10-20% less stats
He's just making a point by saying that even with his time spent he doesn't have all the champs in the game. He's not saying he struggles because of it ,just that the IP requirement to buy all the champs are very high.
: 1v1 against my friend pls help
Armor yellows, flat cdr blues, armor pen reds, and the either armor or ad quints. Thunderlords. And black cleaver or yomuu's first and then try to rush ninja tabi.


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