Shamose (EUW)
: There used to be an icon next to the textbubble at the top right. There they'd send you the message what got you banned. But for some reason they removed it. Also there is no appealing boards bans, mods rule is absolut. Trust me, I tried.
Looks like its getting more totalitarian
Rioter Comments
Febos (EUW)
: I didn't invent anything. You probably didn't even understand what I said, but I'm not going to bother explaining it to you. You can keep your ignorance all to yourself {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
You really should take responsibility for some of your own thoughts and feelings, all jokes aside.
Lyroit (EUW)
: On {{champion:40}} i really prefer coin in most matchups as you can get more gold with it if you play a bit more passive in laning phase (which is perferctly possible with her) so that a enemy with {{item:3303}} doesn't get that much gold. Also the new mission effect is really nice. You give your teammates a really good passive movement speed bonus together with your passive. The speed boost with {{item:3098}} is ok but you can't really use it that often as you either have to use your q, which is a really huge mana invest just for the speedboost or your w / aa which is close range and can get you killed quickly. And if you used your w to get the speedboost you can't use anything else against the enemy. As a disengage it's good but in comparison to other champs a bit of wasted potential. As for the tier 3 items: {{item:3092}} and {{item:3069}} are somewhat on a equal level. The AP and vision on {{item:3092}} is really nice, but {{item:3069}} speedboost is really nice on Janna, too. You can engage with your whole team and the bonus resistance can also be good if you don't want to be the first kill target in a teamfight. The alternative would be {{item:2301}} / {{item:2302}}: {{item:2301}} is ok with the mission reward, but nothing really special. {{item:2302}} is a bit better as you can give your teammates the passive speed boost. I'm a bit biased towards {{item:3301}} as I like to rush my {{item:3504}}.The Item also fits my playstyle a bit more. In the end it's up to everyone which item is more fitting for their playstyle.
Yes after testing more I also take {{item:3301}} on {{champion:40}} You can get a {{item:3114}} before finishing {{item:2302}} and that gives you enough regen combined with 10.5/5 mana regen @18 seals.
MathMagic (EUW)
: Redemption, Why do teammates evade it?
Varjokani (EUNE)
: Hey all "noobs" at eune! :3
No That's really is you, not even my dog let alone me
: LOL sure wtf do you think am I? a bronze 5 player like you who got boosted to bronze 4? No way big boi, I made to bronze 4 ALL by myself, no duoq, I only soloq, like Imaqtpie. BTW CAN U STOP BANNING MASTER YI THANK YOU
Yeah Riot are the victims, what a shitty playerbase
: punishing players immediately after they int or be very toxic will solve a big problem, believe me. If players want to lose their account by flaming or inting, then that's their decision
I agree, nagging and b1tching and whatnot in any way should contribute towards a major offense, eventually
Farce (EUNE)
: No, there is a difference between an average Smith and LP vocalist dying. It's simply about the range of his influence. If a Smith dies, for 99.999...% of the world the world will keep spinning like usual. But if you have someone with a worldwide recognition commit suicide, it does not only influence the world by simply not being there, the fact of him actually killing himself my affect the psyche of quite a crowd. If someone they consider to be an idol does not handle the pressure himself, wouldn't that be a reason for multiple other to possibly fall into depression as well? Don't get me wrong, bot Smith and Chester have the same value as a person. The difference is the influence they have on the world as individuals.
: The Current State of Nautilus
ultra56 (EUNE)
: Got to diamond for the first time!
Yeah it's all a lie, that's why Diamond is "not good".
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tesladin,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=FWyT74PP,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-08-05T06:38:27.270+0000) > > I have some kind of low ego complex so i invented a "philosophy": everyone are bad! Are you talking about me? Because if that's the cause you are completely wrong. But please, enlighten me.
Yes you. Sure I'm wrong.
: Okay...I explain it step by step. Your argument, unless I misunderstood you completely, is, that the number of players on a server, at a given time, influence the matchmaking time of individual players, because fewer players = less ressources to match into games, right? That assumption is incorrect. It doesn't matter, to the individual player, wheter you have 1,000,000 players to match into groups of 5 or 10,000 players. In both cases, groups of 5 will be built by the algorithm, and the individual player will have a team to play with, and an enemy team to play against. The only thing that changes, is the amount of teams that can be matched in total...however, that has ZERO influence on the waiting time of the singular player.
.... Groups of 10. Okay I go into queue, theres a group of 9 people already in there who are similar ELO and same division. Why do I have to wait 2-3 minutes? What is matchmaker waiting for?
: Why am I on red side so often?
: >At night the player counts are so low, which should be mitigated perfectly by having a population 15x bigger, Sorry to be the one to break that to you, but that's not how basic arithmetic works. It doesn't make a difference wheter I calculate >1,000,000 / 4,000,000 = 0.25 or >10 / 40 = 0.25 or >1 / 4 = 0.25 or >0.001 / 0.004 = 0.25 The result is the same.
Yes I understand your arithmetic, but how does it work into the topic at hand?
Viavarian (EUW)
: That's because the queue time depends on how balanced the distribution of primary and secondary selected roles is, not the population of the server. If a server has 10 players (ignoring ranks for simplicity) and two select each of the five roles and enter the queue, the matchmaker can instantly create a match, no one has to wait. If a server has 100 million players and 20 million select each role and enter the queue, the matchmaker can instantly create 10 million matches, no one has to wait. At late night, the player counts can get so low that it's basically down to pure luck whether people with the currently needed roles and MMR enter the queue. That's the only reason the average queue time goes up.
Ahem that's where this thread started from..... At night the player counts are so low, which should be mitigated perfectly by having a population 15x bigger, which however seems to change not much anything in practice.
Rewtai (EUW)
: Do I really have to wait this much time to receive the nerfs lethality deserves?
Random violence/ random OP will be fixed in due random time
: If you have 5 Million Players, and need to match 5man teams, you will make 1 million teams. If you have 50 Players and need to match 5man teams, you will make 10 teams. Where is the difference for the indivdual team? Exactly: There is none.
No. That'd be the case if we were in queue for 5-10 seconds. In off times, it can take about 3-5/10 minutes in flex queue on RU. Currently I'm sitting in flex queue in EUW and it's taking exactly the same amount, about 3-5 min, E: it just took 8 minutes. Either way the difference is not huge, but the number of players is. Something isn't adding up.
: Your arguments are illogical. If you need magic resist get {{item:3065}} ... if you need magic resist get {{item:3742}} ... your argument against that item literally makes no sense, you can't get too much damage especially when it's coming with movement speed (important stat on any juggernaut) and health/armour. Once you get both you can then get {{item:3083}} no problem... then {{item:3748}} to round out the main part of your build. My full build usually looks something like {{item:3065}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3800}} then situational and boots... everything a young bear needs to maul the adcs.
You can get too much damage because every gold penny you pay goes into something. When you'd rather have tankiness for those pennies instead of damage.... that's the problem. Nothing's free. But getting Warmogs as second/third item seems pretty good, might even try it thanks
Fajerk (EUW)
: I'm glad to hear there is no problem. Was nice chatting with you.
There is a problem with tank items. Refer to the original post.
Fajerk (EUW)
: Considering current meta is called " ~~world~~ league of tanks", what exactly is your problem with tank items? Majority of tank stats got shifted from HP into Armour/Magic resist or into unique effects. {{item:3083}} - was always meant to work in conjunction with other items to prevent carry champion abuse. {{item:3143}} - anti crit damage item {{item:3065}} - ridiculous healing item for tanks that heal themselves (and often for anyone else, actually raw stats are super good) {{item:3800}} - this item is so broken if you don't have any dash that it's ridiculous how often people don't buy it. {{item:3075}} - most broken armor item that counters majority of ad champions, {{item:3076}} is 900g free won lane into ad matchups. {{item:3193}} - broken unless you try to splitpush with tank, in that case don't play tank. {{item:3068}} - this is the item you buy for splitpush tank. Please don't. {{item:1409}} on other hand is the version you want. {{item:3001}} - it is situational as you want this if your team has good magic damage, still if't pretty OP if you can use it. {{item:3194}} - actually really solid item, if you play against champs who spam spells or use dots {{champion:163}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:134}} etc. {{item:3190}} - pretty broken item for tank, press to win teamfight (especially with stoneplate) {{item:3110}} - also very good item against AA base champs {{item:3025}} - decent "add cc" item {{item:3109}} - actually good item for most situations, given you have at least one carry in your team Items are strong, cheap, build paths are good, you can adapt to any enemy. What exactly is the problem?
Infernape (EUW)
: Wait, what IS his ultimate?
~100 damage * ~1.5 attacks per second * 5 enemies = 750 DPS
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: Turkey questions
Because mods removed post, I'll say it again: EUW are ENERGY VAMPIRES EUNE and turkey are something else. West is easily the worst server.
House x33 (EUW)
: 50.25% Win rate with 2.41% play rate. Doesn't seem op to me.
: Riot please explain why items have changed away from providing HP
The grim reaper claims another victim, this time it is {{item:3109}} which had it's HP reduced from 400 to 350 I really like this item because what else do you do with a tanky support than soak up damage for your ally
ˉˉsorry (EUW)
: Right now for Janna the best build path is: Start {{item:3301}} {{item:2031}} First back {{item:3096}} {{item:1082}} {{item:2055}} Next {{item:3504}} Then: {{item:2302}} {{item:3107}} {{item:3117}} {{item:3041}} (get this as soon as you have 10 stacks on dark seal) You'll also want to sell your refillable pot so you have a slot for more control wards once your item stack is full. If you get to very late game, sell your boots and buy: {{item:3222}} or {{item:3190}} (Locket better if enemy team has heavy burst, like Syndra or Zed, or big AoE like Orianna) Edit: idk why I'm getting downvoted xD it's the standard build path in plat/diamond.
Damn. Actually yeah, the enemy really does not like you buying a dark seal, so much sustain they can't harass
: That does not work, mostly because if you are really able to for all intents and purposes win a 1 vs 5, that's usually means that the other team is even worse than yours and well, that does not really depends from you, it's just random chance. So to plan your games this way does not really makes you better, it tend instead to narrow your vision and makes you prone to disregard very important factors like team composition.
It narrows your field of focus as well, making you actually learn something.
Tiffan (EUW)
: Supports! When do you buy Sightstone?
As the very first item, before upgrading {{item:3301}} {{item:3302}} {{item:3303}} . If I get back to fountain for the first time and have 700 gold, I'd still buy {{item:1028}}
Lyroit (EUW)
: {{champion:25}} doesn't proc all stacks with her w anymore, so its really situational what you choose {{champion:143}} is still good with it {{champion:63}} also {{champion:117}} If you play against a tank / melee support I'd go for {{item:3303}} as you can poke really good, but for every other matchup I'd go for {{item:3301}} as you can gain A LOT more gold with it in a shorter time, so you reach your power spike with {{item:3504}} first and have a huge gold advantage over the other supports with {{item:3303}}.
After testing, I'm 50/50 on {{item:3303}} vs {{item:3301}} on {{champion:40}} . Mana regen means you need not buy another mana regen item as your second item (like {{item:3107}} ), but otherwise coin is still better.
: Is Janna getting nerfed soon? 57% Winrate while having a 30% playrate!
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Smerk (EUW)
: It's not slang, in most, if not all, Slavic languages rak literally means cancer
It means cell - the basic building block of life - in estonian. Evidentally estonians are made of cancer
GLurch (EUW)
: If you just want to troll people, maybe you should go to Reddit.
According to a certain guru, in america in some good areas, may be half the police are not corrupt. But in my socialist nation, all of them are and likely also in hundres of other countries.
GLurch (EUW)
: >I say, thats the function of the police that people like you could say (and "prove") that laws are being enforced when it is not true. >Thats the job of police, to do nothing when they supposedly should. To basically occupy and disable constructive anti-corruption. Yes, the police has many flaws, but only very few of them are corrupt (at least in germany). A person I know from a long time ago works for the police and I can assure he's not corrupt. I've seen enough other policemen do their job correctly to confirm that they are not corrupt either. Maybe it works like this in Northkorea (or maybe turkey since Erdoğan), but I don't live there and I doubt you live there either. >Riot got rid of tribunal because this evil-enforged device actually did work.... Not okay with riot. And how would that help them? Would it give them more money? I say no, because it's a fact that customers who are having a good time pay more. So, they would lose money by not punishing misbehavior. And as I mentioned, a quick glance over the player behavior boards can prove your conspiracy theory wrong, because you'll see many people there getting (rightfully) punished after intentionally feeding, buying accounts, flaming others,...
The police are corrupt, all of them where I live. Its not about money it's about control. Conspiracy theories are always true, this is not even a question. people don't come up with them out of thin air. First they exist, then people come up with conspiracy theories.
Topkeks (EUW)
: [GUIDE] How to get out of Bronze/Silver (Step-by-Step.)
NO You pray to the elo gods, recieve a blessing and then suddenly you can play master tier level. Don't need to learn the game at all.
GLurch (EUW)
: If we assume that in this statement, the police equals Riot, a quick glance over the ["Player Behavior" Sub-board]( could prove it wrong. And if it's supposed to resemble the real police, well, then it's wrong as well (at least in my country, I don't know about yours).
I say, thats the function of the police that people like you could say (and "prove") that laws are being enforced when it is not true. Thats the job of police, to do nothing when they supposedly should. To basically occupy and disable constructive anti-corruption. Riot got rid of tribunal because this evil-enforged device actually did work.... Not okay with riot.
Rioter Comments
GLurch (EUW)
: Riot can punish toxicity however they want, it will always exist. Just because people are toxic doesn't mean Riot does nothing. They can't punish people before they actually do something and they can't ban people for flaming once in every 20 games, because they would have to ban a large part of the community, since we all get mad from time to time. Just because thieves still exist doesn't mean the police doesn't do anything.
Police are all mafia bought corrupt so yes they don't do anything, either way
Lsayu (EUNE)
: When it's "unga bunga didn't gang my always-pushed-to-the-neck lane" when I can't dive?
: Turkey questions
spiritually speaking, EUW is filled with _very small children_
karolmo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tesladin,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=6F6xvBsv,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-07-24T15:57:26.123+0000) > > Youve got support. Youve got 3 options and none others: > > 1. {{item:3302}} For all melee, except thresh which is not melee > 2. {{item:3301}} . for everyone else. Is good > 3. {{item:3098}} . There are VERY few supports whose kit includes harassing for the sake of harassing. This is optional, even for them. Coin is just as good or better {{champion:117}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:143}} LOVE the edge.
Lsayu (EUNE)
: I mean what's the point anyway. Some player with similar level of skill as me pointing out my mistakes. Like hell I'm going to pay attention to them and their tantrums.
: Please.
Are you requesting something?
: Am i crazy or is Ancient coin good?
Youve got support. Youve got 3 options and none others: 1. {{item:3302}} For all melee, except thresh which is not melee 2. {{item:3301}} . for everyone else. Is good 3. {{item:3098}} . There are VERY few supports whose kit includes harassing for the sake of harassing. This is optional, even for them. Coin is just as good or better
: But I don't care what toxic people have to say about themselves either ;-)
Yeah. If you get mugged on the streets, I'm sure you didnt care whether the assailant could pay his rent with the catch or not. But it "just happens" as they put it.
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Sinitar (EUW)
: Udyr Rework: thoughts and idea's of someone who actually plays the champ.
: You mean a thief of time? A timethief?
Yeah or a surrender thief ;p
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