: The matchmaking is always trying to make you get 50% win ratio
ranked is planned.. it will randomly give you monkeys when u are winning too much. said this for YEARS AND YEARS.
Rioter Comments
: When the nasus and vayne nerfs coming then?
Lucian needs nerfing vayne is alright Also nerf Pyke, Rengar, Riven and Yasuo. Nasus's slow just needs to be less insane.
Rioter Comments
Marcua (EUW)
: A little reminder
I will however blame people that take champs in ranked they suck on people that play ranked casually and test new routes/builds/champs its not ''just a game'' its an e-sport and a goal ingame was given and that is to destroy the enemy nexus. normals are for testing and fun and learning but keep that attitude and style away from ranked.
: A week is long to people who play the game all the time, who are the players who play the most ranked, and also don't want someone to play a champ for the first time in their game An average league player probably only has a few games a couple times a week, when their friends decide they don't have any better game to play as a group, so a week is not long at all.
i myself play the game all the time, a week isnt long, you have over 130 champs that you can play meanwhile you can play the new champ in normal/ai/custom/aram just not in ranked. it just ruins way to many games and makes people uneasy seeing some first time sylas. ''An average league player probably only has a few games a couple times a week, '' so when they have time, why must it be in ranked, thats just dumb isnt it just because they have little time doesnt mean it HAS to be ranked i for example would never buy a champ and test and learn him and ranked, my teammates dont deserve that. its selfish, risky, and stupid.
: just like every skill of every ap support. But why are they so op if all their skills can be dodged?
the point is she has only 1 damage attack, a brand has 4. you can even miss 3 on him, with karma its 0.
: Ban New Champs in Ranked Games
I agree but rito doesnt they feel like ''A WeEk Is LoNg'' to a lot of people those people could play it in normal and just not take the champ in ranked, if you have any respect and care towards your teammates in ranked then u will simply stick to your mains and wait til you are for a FACT ''good'' on the new champ and learned enough about him/her.
: I dont think adc's really have a problem with their kits, its just their items are screwed right now Though they should buff the more immobile adc's in some way to give people a reason to play them, because right now they are just worse than say Vayne, Lucian or Kai'sa (xayah kind of gets away with it with the untargetable ult)
ADC survivablity is shit. its not even about their items its everyone one shotting them instantly ADC's need time to deal and deliver damage but how do you do that when a jax jumps u and you instantly die, or irelia, fiora, anyone anything everyone just needs to die less quick thats all
: Obviously it could be used as an insult... but let’s face it most things could be an insult we just have to agree that it’s insulting. In 1000 years calling someone a rubber duck could be a grave insult and the word rubber duck would get censored... that’s just how language works (weird isn’t it... we get hurt by words because we’ve agreed that word is hurtful) Nazism is on the rise atm and this creates issues, both as it being an insult and people descussing it on places like here... I don’t think riot want to let this place become tumblr so just censoring it makes sense... the alternative is frankly a shit storm.
''In 1000 years calling someone a rubber duck could be a grave insult and the word rubber duck would get censored... that’s just how language works (weird isn’t it... we get hurt by words because we’ve agreed that word is hurtful) '' Exactly. even on league you get reported the moment you call someone a kid or say something that ''offends'' them SJW and special snowflake world we live in these days.
yanou (EUW)
: Turret plating will soon fall......
i gues you have severe OCD
: I agree that people should be banned for toxic behavior. But, only if their current location is in England, cause that's the only place you can go to jail for saying naughty words. Otherwise "toxic" behavior shouldn't cause perma ban unless it gets to a point of being illegal. Which includes, saying that you will murder someone, rape claims, pedophilia, sharing someone's personal information, promoting 3rd party software or gambling or drugs or alcohol. Calling someone a naughty word, being sarcastic, ironic or the so called 'passive aggression', should be totally pardoned from perma punishments. Even using the "N" word and not the "racist" one, in Germany should be ban worthy as it is illegal in Germany, using the "N" word, so called "racist" word, cause Europe clearly forgot their own history... should be ban worth only in the UK and I'm unsure about France, as people like eastern europe who were actual slaves are still using it as normal term for "black people" as we dont actually say "black people" instead we refer to them by actual name of the race. So I don't know what mentally you lot have, but Europe isn't only the UK/FR or GR, neither is Russia, USA or China the whole world. People should actually wake up from this propaganda way of view and notice that there's more than their backyard and their poor feelings. Having the same rules for whole Europe was, is and will be stupid as Europe is made from a lot of cultures, which have different expression, way of thinking and laws. Just because the top 3 don't see it doesn't mean it's not true. Glad we had this conversation. Hopefully I wont get called the naughty German N word now, cause I have a different opinion than everyone else :)))
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: Sudden death: This should not be here
True its a complete RNG thing often you are far far ahead, yet lose because they out-DPS the golem or are lucky with a fight/someoneisalreadydead i dont like it at all
: Son. CSGO u can sleep with someone's mom and claim it on chat and you wont get a ban at all unless you repeated it literally 69 times in a single match. I've said things there that I dont know why I even got a "You're such a nice person, but your teammate wasnt so you're awesome" message like 1000 times. Still banning for "sarcasm", "irony" or "passive aggression" is a literal joke to 2019. This aint the stone age, we're living in a modern world where people should simply get more thicc skinned. Like c'mon I actually get insulted only when people insult Kat, I'm that used to getting insulted myself. Silly humans. SJW and Political correctness are more toxic than calling someone the F word.
10000% correct keep fighting ritos stupid believes said it a million times myself this forced positivity, this no freedom of speech in league, this kindergarten policy its vile and ridiculous they cater to SJW's, casuals, and special snowflakes.
: > [{quoted}](name=Hansiman,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=0mNHTft2,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-01-13T00:27:34.022+0000) > > Bring back? They're the standard penalty for verbal toxicity, so what's there to bring back? > --- > > Where do they do this? > --- > > They do, but that doesn't mean it's ok to be a jerk. > --- > > Depends on the acronym, and if the violations are repeated. > > You don't get banned for "mass reporting", unless you have a source to this claim. > > It's highly highly unlikely you'll be banned for a bad game. And even if you do, the bans are reverted. > > Toxic behavior is one of the major reason people decide to quit the game. Why should Riot allow toxic behavior when it directly harms their business? > --- > ban for a week > nothing more > just a week > > But why? If a person comes back after a week, does the exact same thing, and you ban them for another week, and they come back and do the exact same thing; Why bother spending more time on them? > --- > > Those that are permabanned usually come from a 14 day ban. If that didn't make them "tranquil", why is suddenly a 7 day ban going to do so? F2P game, you can come back anyway. Only difference is you wont spent a single cent the next time cause you just lost skins for 1000 bucks. People Quit cause they lose skins for 1000+ bucks, not cause someone called them stupid or a noob. The people who quit cause of insults dont actually like playing video games to begin with and most likely would of played 1-10 games a month and wouldn't buy anything at all. CSGO is a pure example, verbal and vulgar abuse is common and people still waste thousands and thousands on steam marketplace to buy knives and gun skins and season passes. Being a jerk is one thing. Being angry at jerks is another. Clearly nobody is paying attention that the way people troll has changed drastically cause they are scared of speaking and getting chat banned. They will steal your champ, refuse to lane with you or do other stupid things that a "chat detection" system will never detect. P.S you got no proof that toxic behavior is why ppl quit. A minority of SJW who wrote it as a ticket or added it in a poll doesnt make it a majority. The majority is the silent part of the community that games without giving a F about the chat or reporting or writing tickets or anything. Pretty sure if someone observes the tickets, there will be noticed constant reports from the same people. If the community is really as Riot claims a lot of millions, a single million of such ppl reporting is a no factor minority that gives no money. You can see the forums already, the people who waste thousands of dollars or euro on skins are toxic af and dont give a f if they get flamed. Or better, visit the steam forums, everyone is insulting everyone and everyone still spent thousands and thousands on video games there. You don't see valve complaining how their game sales go down cause toxic community. Do you? There's tons and tons of examples of this. For example Blizzards will soon stop to exist after their SJW agenda, trying to bind Twitch chat to OW chat and banning people for saying naughty words on Twitch and doing stupid things instead of fixing/optimizing/balancing their stupid games. Oh and Diablo 4 is on mobile, dont you have phoneeeees? Overwatch tried to copy what Riot started and went few steps ahead and that got them in a very, very bad state. They are firing people and closing games and their comp status. SO PLEASE, don't tell me how me calling u a F is going to make u quit. I'm pretty sure if we meet ingame and i insult you 50 times u wont quit, you'll just forget after the match is over and go playing again. #ChangeMyMind
give this man a medal. its rito being SJW'S and catering to casuals/special fragile snowflakes. its pathetic honestly teaching kids to get ''hurt'' and seek ''help'' by telling mommy aka riot someone said a bad word and he will get banned. they turn their community into pu**ys, the forced positivity makes me PUKE.
: stop banning for toxicity
agreed for sure a lot of ''flamers'' are highly dedicated players and get mad at these casuals saying ''ItS JuSt A GaMe'' testing new champs, feeding perma and not giving a fak. banning for words of which many times mild cases is kindergarten, freedom of speech doesnt exist here SLIGHT negative talk gets punished.. it. is.. ridiculous. i rather have a flamer that cares and does hes best than a inting id!ot anyday on top of it i can just mute the flamer. what a sh!tshow, kindergarten garbage.
: wee had this while back??? what are you about??? there were newer perma chat ban.... Second most of people who are toxic in chat want to win game ,and rarly int... inters do not flame coz they do not care about game ... u are stupid after all and you are senior emissary here that tells a lot about this forum...
he always has false info and twists and turns. you are correct we never had that sh!t ever before. they wont even allow you to disable your own chat.
Shozis (EUNE)
: I'll play devil's advocate a little: Red post from a Rioter KenAdamsNSA on NA: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/uk0MeJ18-update-on-yesterdays-capsule-pricing-error > For reasons I'll explain here, we won't be able to revert or remove the free Blood Moon capsules that players were able to purchase using BE. Lots of you have pointed out that this feels unfair, so we want to explain why we decided to do this. > > It's not too complicated of a process for us to manually remove most items from your inventory if we need to. If it's a single skin or a champion, we have tools to remove those quickly and effectively. > > However, it gets more complicated when we talk about capsules and other loot items, because it's a lot harder to track what players have done with the capsules after they open them. You can disenchant skin shards into orange essence, or reroll them using other skin shards you already owned (including ones you earned legitimately). Instead of reverting a single item, we'd have to revert potentially thousands of transactions made in the loot system. This would take us months to undo, as it’s a very manual and delicate process to ensure we don’t wipe out legitimate transactions accidentally. Additionally, it could revert perfectly normal actions, like LP gains, Mastery tokens, and more. > > Since we don't keep easily reversible backups of an earlier version of your account's state, properly reverting the capsules purchased using BE yesterday would be nearly impossible and come at the expense of other features we’re working on for players. For this reason, we're choosing to only take away the Prestige Points and Blood Moon Aatrox Prestige Editions that were obtained with BE.
cute, so basically they will do nothing they wont even compensate us (the people that didnt abuse it) not spending a dime on this crappy company anymore
Torkl (EUW)
: Too much damage!?
Everyone seems to realise this except for riot.
XxD WolfxX (EUNE)
: Every single server has been hit by the disconnects but NA
its never NA that has the issues. clear favorite for rito games.. always has been.
: Its hard to take this game seriously anymore
: Can riot PLEASE stop releasing overloaded champions
I do feel the same and said this for ages by now everything needs to be flashy, dashy, bursty, in runes, in champs.. in everything and its a damn shame.
Xaytah (EUW)
: well, of course thats an option for the players! but thing is, these events are still holding all the same rewards; tokens, tokens and maybe some more tokens if you purchased the pass. Before these Riot would have more fun with Missions and grant us things like ward skins, orbs etc for a tad bit harder missions and only *some* tokens instead - its more exciting to actually focus on the mission as the rewards **feel** nicer.
meh im happy overall man i got a nice gold bard chroma, a stuffer which had good stuff and best of all, over 30 keys, just by trading in points for keyfragments!! thats a lot of free stuff.
: Add disenchant option for icons and emotes
agreed, i cant care less about these things. and so i also hate buying a chest and a key only to find an emote or icon inside.. waste of my money
Xaytah (EUW)
: Are events getting repetitive?
i love it and you dont HAVE to do the missions. its optional so why wouldnt they be there, im happy
: Actually a lot of the Volunteers disagree with different things Riot do. Part of us joining is that we're not explicitly "YAY RIOT" because whats the point in having an avenue to communicate with the boards community if we ignore any constructive criticism :P I know this one is a sore spot for a couple other Volunteers as well D:. So. Much. CLICKING.
yeah well i could name 2 mods who are extreme in defending riot (1 of those 2 is insane with it) never admit a mistake, will argue anything if they THINK they have a point. if they do not they will not talk at all. they wont ever say ''well you have a point'' or anything close just makes u think some swore an oath because they got their mod possition, regardless if riot is doing right or wrong even if its something small they will not speak up about it nor say ''yeah man that sucks they should have fixed that long ago'' or anything like that. oh well, atleast we got you.
GaraPoes (EUW)
: Snowdown Token gives 1 Blue Essence
people that take BE are not that smart keyfragments are waaaaay better
: Honestly this irritates me greatly that they haven't yet implemented a forge X or forge multiple option. Especially since we've had what, more than 5 or so events of this nature? It's not a new inconvenience, and it's definitely something that needs to be fixed. Upvoting because I'm cranky and this needs more vision {{item:2056}}
a mod not defending riot til the end?? what is this sorcery! a honest opinion, a open one, one that dares to speak about flaws and doubts bless thee. other mods take note. p.s i agree.
: Zac Hard Carry But No S+?
i have no clue, your cs is nice, your KDA aswell, perhaps you didnt do much on objectives that system is dumb anyways
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Have you noticed that the game has become filled with too much of everything lately? A lot of damage, a lot of mobility, a lot of crowd control, a lot of hp recovery abilities, etc. They even changed Death's Dance passive to recover HP from any source of damage and not just physical.
i said this for ages now its digusting and stupid. they want MORE AND MORE of everything
Vytautis (EUNE)
: Winning is easy, while losing is hard.
Very simple League of legends is easy, your teammates make it hard.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Does anyone else often lose track of the new in-game cursor during fights?
in many games you can just give your cursor a different color if i could make mine bright orange for example id never lose it again.
: The problem, coming from an ex support main, is that playing solo carries like {{champion:39}} and {{champion:84}} isn't only just more fun, it's better. Whenever I play support I'm putting myself into the hands of a stranger. Even if I'm the best support in the world (and I'm not, not yet at least) and I get my adc 10/0/2, if he is a %%%%%%ed he will get caught out, he will have bad positioning. My do I need to rely on someone else when I could just play {{champion:266}}, go 8/1 in the lane and carry from there. At least now there is no drawback, I will destroy the adc with 1 Q plus passive auto, and their {{champion:45}} "support" won't be able to save them. One thing that could be done is giving supports the POSSIBILITY to not only be the support of the adc but also of other lanes. This sounds like a nightmare for an adc but hear me out. If I, as a support, were able to be the entire team's support, I would know for a fact that at least one of my teammates is gonna be at least competent. This way I would still rely on someone else, but the odds wouldn't be as much against me as they are now. This will get much more people, and much more skilled people, to play support. This way as long as you are a good adc you would find a good support much more often than you do now, where everyone who is playing support is either sleeping on the pc or playing {{champion:157}} support.
correct, the issue is adc's survivablity is at and alltime low atm they need time to do damage but if they die in 0.8 seconds its no use. so its more rewarding to take that irelia for example, you are more tanky, you are mobile, and you kill really fast.
: Is it viable to climb as support?
before diamond i wouldnt recommend it if your team sucks then what are you gonna do as a janna or a unfed brand for example its not easy at all
: It is normal for him to depend on the team. That's the objective of the role and it's a team game. Protect your glass canon, and he will deal tons of damage. This is not a solo game where you are supposed to pick a 1v9 character. And no adc's aren't unhealthy at all... You have no real proof for that. > mid can roam, top can roam, jungle can roam, yet YOU as adc are STUCK. This is just how you see and do things. Adcs can roam too, they help the jungler in the scuttle fights (so your jungler dies less and you guys get kills) to control the river and they contribute to taking drakes. How can you say they have the least influence over the game in the first 14ish minutes lol? If you just afk farm and ignore the jungler and drakes, I would say it's 100% your mistake that you feel useless and behind.
mate helping with a scuttle or dragon... should i even comment on this? a top has more presence, he can roam and kill on mid, he can TP and kill bot then also take drake. mid can go top, can go bot, do herald. jungler can go to THREE lanes and do objectives. an adc can only be of some assistance and has to WAIT for someone to take initiative like i said adc mostly come into play after 14ish minutes when lanephase end or a tower is taken. if you dont understand these things then pls dont comment. p.s i see you're silver, ill stop here.
: Amen ! Finally someone has spoken the truth. You can't imagine how much I've been trying to explain this to people. Adcs are still very strong, they just need a real support and a team around them. Having a {{champion:63}} supp is not helping at all. The real problem is the champions popularity and people's mentality. Everybody want to pick a squishy champion that deals tons of damage from top to support. It's only normal that everybody will pop like bubbles and people are gonna start complaining "There is too much damage "Adcs are weak". Play a real team comp and everything will work really fine. Team play will always win. But yeah, everyone wants to do flashy plays nowadays and things are more focused around cool champs like {{champion:39}} and {{champion:84}} . In my opinions, I think it's quite healthy for adc's to be mindless point a click. Because their role is to be marksmen that hits you from afar and can deal constant damage in opposite to assassin's or mages who relies on burst and don't really mind dying after they finished their whole spell rotation. Adc's only become good late game so if the enemies aren't able to beat them in their weaker state (early game / mid game), they should deserve to be stronger and win since they played smarter and reached their win condition. I believe this is where team comps and team play comes in play about how to reach your win condition and how to deal with the enemies.
good luck with all of that in SoloQ. taking the irelia/akali is way easier and you can solo carry hard since the first few minutes unlike adc. youl do a sh!t ton of damage and wont pop as easily as adc either.
: The problem with ADCs is a problem about team play
the issue is adc depends way too much on the team. out of anyone they depend the most. champs like irelia/akali can snowball quickly while not popping in 1 second while depending on the team way less, and can solocarry hard. also they took away banshees from adc's they nerfed heals and shields they nerfed starting hp they buffed assassins they buffed mages. even tanks can 1v1 an adc. anything and everything is a threat to adc. and if the tank wont kill the adc the bruiser or whatever like fiora/irelia/jax or assassin will finish u off or wait, the support or jungler you name it, cus even a tank gets u low. playing adc is currently UNHEALTHY, its not fun they are 1 of the MOST IMPORTANT ROLES but also most depending on the game and team around u on top of it all adc has a lane-partner, if the support is crap you are already hard behind. not to mention as adc you have the least influence on the map for the first 14ish minute of the game mid can roam, top can roam, jungle can roam, yet YOU as adc are STUCK. you can only watch when your team feeds and fails everywhere without moving. playing adc in SoloQ, id rather not but sadly im an adc main since a looooonggg time. its a big issue.
: Buff {{champion:238}} Nerf {{champion:86}} {{champion:92}} Remove {{item:3157}} {{item:3812}}
buff zed?? rather uninstall remove zhonya?? clearly you are a zed main and dont want mages able to defend themselves cus zhonya blocks your ult. nerf garen and riven?? complete laugh.
: Better meta for ADC's No new stealth champs Fix the bug where Zyra apperas on 75% of bot games Less missions that pretty much require a premade party Just to name a few.
agreed stealth sucks invis sucks better meta for adc's indeed also less damage in s9, less mobile flashy dashy champs also finetune ranked matchmaking better
Akaśhí (EUNE)
: Riot you did amazing job this year, we appreciate it!
would help if they wouldnt treat the game like kindergarten even banter isnt allowed can even get reported for a negative attitude but yeah, lore is deep, music is great, animation is awesome just certain systems in place are terrible.
: lmao grow up tbh, opposing trashtalk happens all the time in life, esports, real sports, and normal situations
yeah exactly, like i said.. rito treats the game and its people like toddlers.
JenShen (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Thaakillah,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=AhNPmP1b,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2018-12-30T17:09:11.821+0000) > > i know, its a ret@rded system and super flawed. > even just being negative can get you punished. > thats the first time in any game i seen this being a thing. > you cant have a discussion with a negative tone in the game > its actually reportable > also did u know that the system adapts to what the community finds toxic? > so basically if enough people would report others for saying ''cucumber'' it becomes a bannable thing > this also means they are giving power to kids.. letting kids decide what is toxic and what isnt. > not something new though they even did this with the tribunal. > I totally agree with you, i understand getting punish for wishing dead and horrible stuff, but getting punished because you were negative or you said easy or you said report x player is total BS. > they treat this game like kindergarten, a place for special snowflakes and social justice warriors. Sadly not only this game, everything these days must be approved by SJW, movies, games or tv series, some mentally unstable people must decide what the rest of the world need, because they know better ...
JenShen (EUNE)
: Riot have this 0 tolerance policy only of the automates system say so, other wise it is ok. If the system says you deserve perma ban because you are a bit negative and want to report someone, you deserve permaban and this is 0 tolerance policy and not negotiable, if someone wish death upon your family and the system do not get it, well nothing we can do about it. Their system is super inconsistent if the chat i was banned for deserved a permaban, them like more than 50% of the server player base should be constantly punished. But yeah, I am permabanned( and i never wished death or someextreme shitts, but i guess being negative is just as bad as wishing someone to meet the maker) and my opinion do not count, so just wait until the "i haven't been punished ever so i am better human and always right" players come and tell you how the system is amazing and you will just not get a message when someone is punished.
i know, its a ret@rded system and super flawed. even just being negative can get you punished. thats the first time in any game i seen this being a thing. you cant have a discussion with a negative tone in the game its actually reportable also did u know that the system adapts to what the community finds toxic? so basically if enough people would report others for saying ''cucumber'' it becomes a bannable thing this also means they are giving power to kids.. letting kids decide what is toxic and what isnt. not something new though they even did this with the tribunal. they treat this game like kindergarten, a place for special snowflakes and social justice warriors.
Hansiman (EUW)
: "it's there" is still not evidence. I could simply say, "there are studies that show that any study that claim what you state is bogus", and it would hold just as much merrit as your claim. All we've seen is that voice chat increases toxicity towards female players. You have yet to show that this isn't the case.
i suggest you read my entire last comment again, i also edditted it. you basically ignored 95% of what i just wrote including my offtopic question.
Hansiman (EUW)
: No, providing evidence to back up ones claims is common in debates. Saying "just google it" simply implies that you actually have no evidence, and you're just making up a claim in an attempt to give your point some value. If you don't have any studies to show what you claim, then you shouldn't go around claiming that there are studies that show what you're claiming. The only study we've seen on the matter disproves you.
but im not having debates here. i comment on a million threads, im not gonna look up and google crap for every time im telling someone something life doesnt work that way, not even in RL you walk around with papers or grab your phone and google to prove a point. like ''BUTTTTTTT WAIT BUDDY CHECK THISSSS OUT *shoves paper in face* '' its there, but like i said, im not gonna dig through garbage to find that paper i had lying around somewhere, cus frankly i dont give enough sh!t about what 1 person on the internet thinks, he believes it or he doesnt. if someone doesnt have a paper or thing on the spot, it doesnt mean he loses by default or that he lying. if its the truth its the truth, this isnt court where u need proof, nor do you need something with black on white to accept or believe someone. on a sidenote, is shiwah not a mod anymore?
Hansiman (EUW)
: > 1 university claims this, the next claims the opposite. Oh, didn't know that. Can you link their study that shows the opposite?
this is your ultimate defense huh, you overuse it. ''show it show it show it'' its basic knowledge, 1 university says this, the other that. same with articles that said, google it and you will see, i wont do the digging for you.
Alchemiczka (EUNE)
: > YOU chose to play ranked with crappy internet Excuse me? :D My internet is fine, thank you. Ping 20-30 at most. Like I said, never had any problem in other games. Maybe take your head out of... your back, and think that you are not Alfa and Omega just like some people are not responsible for some problems. > a jungler coming to gank is a privlidge. ahah wow man, you went places. You really must have some issues, go calm down before commenting.
1) i wasnt commenting on you, i meant people with bad internet in general 2) you dont enter a game with the thought of ''im gonna rely on my jungler'' right? a jungler has to take care of many lanes, many objectives and overall its a poor choice to help lanes that are losing. you knew these things before going into the game and even if you didnt then thats just as bad.
Alchemiczka (EUNE)
: > if you buy a new pc or reinstall windows its sorted old laptop - same problem, new gaming laptop - same problem, windows was reinstalled - same problem About year ago lots people who had Internet in Orange had same issues. Now it's something different. Both things were not players fault. There are also issues in game itself and even Riot informs about it.
then get a new provider, move country for all we care just know that if you enter ranked KNOWING you have these issues that can occur it was YOUR decision. its not rito doing these things to accounts.
Gebba (EUW)
: Make it so you manually have to opt in to voice chat. This way you must, by your own decision, expose yourself to these potential toxicities. Note you can also mute and lower/higher volume on people just like current voice chat.
Hansiman (EUW)
: This has been shown in a [study](https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/1461444812458271) on the matter. Lyte, when he was in charge of the PB programs, quoted the study as such: > "In an external study by a university, they did an experiment where a female and male voice used voice chat and said the exact same phrases; in this study they found out that the female voice received 300% more harassment than the male voice." If you are a male, and basing your conclusion on your personal experience, then you're honestly just seeing how things are from the male perspective.
1 study... by SOME university. 1 university claims this, the next claims the opposite. also did they mention that girls get offered help 300% more than guys? pffff play any RPG for example. it has its pro's believe me.
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