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: It does not have to be a bug maybe it's just a visual inaccuracy bc of the werid viewing ancle lol has. and it's not a "yeah avoid this bug" but more like a legit function implementedin the game so nobody has to cry about it. ^^ Don't tell me that its about the "weird viewing ancle lol has". It isn't. Its a bug. But you just would need to adjust the hitbox of the bush and you would've be fine.
: a few bushes in the game have the same problem and i've made painfully experiences with it. but I have a tipp: if you are going to place a ward hold the button and you get the range indicator (if turned on) there you get a cross which is usually blue but if you hover it over a bush it will turn green (which indicates the ward would be placed in the bush reveiling everthing in it) like that you can move around anf find the real corners of a bush which are mostly not the same as shown from the visual. so just make sure before placing a ward if your cross is green.
I know about this indicator but this is a bug report and not a "yeah dude you know just avoid the bug by doing this and this...". It shouldn't be like this, you know? Its a bug. It should be fixed.
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: Report calling is how many people reach all the way to perma ban btw.
Never saw anyone getting banned because saying that its needed to report a person because of there behaviour. May I get a source from you & probably your opinion on the thread itself? Thanks :)
: Bots are killing aram and just like Dominion Riot doesnt care
Sure, there are a lot of bots in aram but I only get bots in my team/in enemy team when I play with people that are bellow level 30. Once you reach level 30, you shouldn't have this problems anymore I think.
Magneset (EUW)
: Hey. Just want to point out that im not a moderator but i like to warn people before they end up with getting their post deleted or get a temp ban from boards. My opinion though. You should just completely ignore that type of person. He just gets a kick out of you reacting to all of his comments. With that behavior he wont have a long life time in this game.
I noticed that you are not a moderator here, but thanks anyways for saying this, I missed this point. The problem is, that, when I can believe his words, he's doing this since season 3 and he never got any problems with it? I hope he's lying but I'm not sure. But thanks for your opinion on this, have a great day.
Magneset (EUW)
: Naming and shaming is not allowed on Boards. Please remove or censor out the names before a moderator takes action.
I didn't meant to do this, thanks for saying this. I changed it to "The player". But may I have your opinion on this? :)
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Crutoz (EUW)
: not sure, because I never got access to the PBE, but I think that I once read, that you have to create a special account for the PBE servers only. Riot there wants you to not use the same login information as for your main account, I think. Better check the email again or check the PBE FAQ by riot:
Thats it. You need a special account for the PBE and you can't play with your normal login datas.

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