Rosh Roshan (EUNE)
: Role distribution among players - picking Fill = support???
I am personally a support main but every now and then i too want to not play support. But have no fear for I have a plan! The way to fix it is to make support a more popular role the way to achieve this is to make riot act like a gouvernment. Like some other dude's comment: its like global warming. Thats why we are going to fix it in the same way. Playing support should be rewarded. (other then queue times) Not playing support is getting punished by long queue times. Riot should get support to be a more popular role. Just give supports an extra feature. And make sure that people are more aware that the support is the Hero of the bot lane. But its not all up to riot, its also up to us. So we have to all start playing more supports. And we have to tell people to play support.
: There should be bigger rewardd for positive behaviour
Yes honorable people exist and they are the heroes of League, i know that what they do is not for the reward but because of the fact that they are good human beings. But rewarding positive players is not at all something you do just because positive players deserve rewards (whitch they do deserve). You have to see it more as an insentive to get neutral players to become positive in a way that punishments get toxic players to become neutral.
: The fact that there's a mute button doesn't mean you have the right to spew vile words at someone (just as much as having a profanity filter doesn't mean you should excessively curse). If you need to be muted, it means the damage has already been done - aka you (or others) have been toxic to the point of having to undergo measures towards it. That's not a good thing. Everyone has bad games now and again, including you, so you have no rights to completely talk down upon someone because they're having a bad game, making them feel bad - and believe me, most of the time someone's playing bad they're aware of this themselves, and flaming them for it is only going to make it worse. You are responsible for your own words. Keep it clean.
Lol i said the same thing at the same time.
Unleashing (EUNE)
: Verbal punishment makes no sense
But the fact that you had to mute someone made the game a bad experience and it also means that someone was a dick to you in the first place. It also damages the communication severely and it means your team has a smaller chance of winning.
Najns (EUW)
: Hextech crafting is a reward for positive players... That's enough.
Yeah, but it's not. You get chests if you or someone in your team got an S+ and you get key fragments by winning. Even though it is true that negative players dont get this stuff there is still no reward for positive players. This again is a punishment for negative players (which i very much like) or at most a reward for neutral players. But not a reward for truly positive players.
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Sdars (EUW)
: I'm amazed at how nice this person is...
That man should get a reward!
Gainerator (EUNE)
: Now we got confirmation that Riot dont care about ARAM at all
but aram doesn't even count as a normal game, since it's all random and actually it started out and still kinda is a troll game mode it doesn't matter what you do, losses dont'matter wins don't andd ofc SR is the main thing i mean come on.
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Çhaòs (EUW)
: Something SERIOUSLY needs to be done about AFKS in season 6 >_>
too many but they should just give loss prevented to teams with a leaver but not to the leaver himself and you should not be more leniant in lower elo since leaving is far more commen there.
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: Giving Out 1 Skin/Champion Of Winner's Choice To 5 Lucky People :D (Details Inside If Interested)
Your Current Ranked Division: Bronze II Are You Happy In This Division? No How Did You Get To This Division i was playing my placement games while sick,(biggest mistake i ever made) and got 4 leavers in placements, then i got placed in bronze 3 and i've been switching between bronze 2 and 1 for a while now but the leave and troll rate is huge! Your Main Champion (MAXIMUM 2) syndra, garen What Have You Done That You Feel Has Had An Impact On The LOL Community (This can be negative or postive, don't worry I don't judge) well i feel like i've been good with stopping leavers and flamers and honoring the good, but i'd like to do more State 1 Skin/Champion You Would Like If You Won firecracker jinx ( happy birthday) mine is tomorrow :D
Joe 2nd (EUNE)
: I played in gold, plat and dia and can't remember last time I had afk in game, my team or enemy.
then you're one of the exeptions, and so what if you don't have leavers then it wont affect you, i really dont see any reason for this not to happen.
: this should be realy thought over, because if they make sush a system, what will players prevent to abuse it, for example i'm a top player, and my botom is extremely bad feeding the enemy adc 5/0/0 in 10 mins, why shouldn't i leave and get a loss prevented? aswell as players will rage more blame people who have a bad day asking / forceing them to leave so they won't lose points.
that can easily be prevented by punishing the leaver more by giving him the normal ranked punishments, - points losing series etcetera
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