: So, I went to worlds. And apparently I can get the kalista skin from it?
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: Someone asked theoddone that on his stream. The Oddone thinks that Dyrus will stay in the TSM house just like theoddone, and that he will probably stream, maybe duo together even.
Nice. Would love to watch his streams.
LZ Flame (EUW)
: if it must be a Skin it shoud be gragas
If that's a fat joke, he has lost alot of weight over the years lol. wouldn't really fit anymore. + he doesn't play gragas.
: R.I.P Legend - Dyrus
On a side note, does anyone know if he stops streaming too? Even if it's to play other things. I really hope to see him play even some casual games. He's a person to look up to.
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: The problem is, it's hard to differ between a simple script that allows them to do a macro, and a script that allows them to change the game to give them an advantage against others. League already has very little scripters, and I've never seen one in all my time playing, there's no need to enforce a rule that stops everyone else from using a simple macro that helps them to speak to their team, and it will for sure come with bugs, I have no doubt that with a system like that, anything that interferes with League will just cause an immediate shut down of your game, some of them you won't have any ability to stop, this would lead to tons more problems due to the fact that you'll get LeaverBustered constantly and reported a lot by your team.
Well I'm not a master in scripts and how they work so. I didn't expect my idea to be flawless otherwise it would have been done before. But idk. Maybe they could work with such idea that the game shuts down after interference or whatever and try it on PBE for 2 weeks or something, to see how many bugs would happen.
: I don't think you really understand how technology works. You cannot prevent someone from creating a script that alters the game, it is physically impossible, you can say "You can't use this in my game" but you cannot permanently prevent someone from using it, because they don't have that ability; nobody does. LP is something inside the game, a script is something created out of the game, they do not match even slightly together, please don't make comparisons that have no similarities at all.
I've always wondered though. Why do they allow programs to work/modify their game. Now just this sentence sounds retarded, I know it doesn't simply work like that. But I've seen many games just completely let itself shut down as soon as another program is working aside it. For example if (this is a weak hacking program but like I said, example) Cheat engine modifies something in a game (f.e) like Skyforge (mmorpg), the game completely shuts down for you and you have to restart it. And it keeps doing it until you close the other programs. This would be a really good solution and pretty much stop 99% of the current existing modders/scripters. And only the REALLY professional hackers would probably find a (very hard) way to get around it. Probably so hard that it's not for public use like scripts are now. The only downside to this is that things like custom skins, curse voice and so on, won't work anymore. But do I think it's worth? Probably yes.
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: These cancer wishes are getting out of control.
Although I completely understand that cancer is nothing to laugh about. And that guy should certainly be reported. I do think you need to grow a bit thicker skin.
: I cought Yasuo crying
> Good job Riot, you made Yasup cry, he told me that he is thinking about leaving League of legends. Good. Won't miss him.
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TeiX (EUW)
: "#justPink "amirite :V the issue i see myself with vayne is the reward she gets for just "doing ok" even a Vayne that got royally shafted in lane and can barely reach CS for the 1st 20 mins still has the ensurance of one of the best lategames among any champion if your team cannot ensure a large enough lead to end ASAP(common on solos) mind you if vayne does well in lane she deserves it since her lane hurts, but she shouldnt get the same reward for " just survivivng".
And the worst part is, hey you are 0-5? Just build attack speed and you'll be useful next teamfight :^)
IzzBizful (EUW)
: Why not just remove Marksman from the game?
Someone's a bit salty that he can't kite. Welp. I mean, darius has jack shit to catch up. Garen HAS to use Q, which then he can be so easily CC'd by every support or your own peel if you have any (jinx E, MF E, Draven E, Vayne E, etc..) The only champs I thought was OP was Skarner, but he's getting fixed already so...
duckarp (EUNE)
: Rofl :) Haven't heard that one yet.
Tbh there is a spark of truth in there. I'm quite competitive and if someone calls me shit, I'm gonna do everything I can to prove them wrong and try to carry.
Bombardox (EUW)
: Flamers are worse than afks here is why
Afks are definitely worse then flamers... Got a flamer/spammer who keeps saying you suck? Mute. (I usually don't mute but I'm thick-skinned, I can handle it) Got an afk or intentionally feeder? Wellllllll... ff@20?
Lsayu (EUNE)
: Nope, read up on psychology. You can keep telling yourself that it works, it won't change the facts or statistics.
Idk, when people call me bad. I tend to try harder to prove them wrong. Maybe I'm special or very thick-skinned but if I get flamed I usually try carry harder.
Róót (EUW)
: so what are u telling me here is .. a bad riven or lee can stomp good players and they are toxic to play against ? i realy hope u are trolling ..
Hey, if you can't play those champs then that's fine. Everyone has their champ that he/she can't play. I for example can't play Kalista for shit. But just because you can't play a champ, doesn't mean you should call them "hard".
: So you're a jungle main who doesnt play skarner and you're mad you can't kill anyone anymore? Thats what i got from that post
No? I'm doing fine this patch. I'm still being a great jungler for my team. (and I do pick skarner when open cuz free win) I just don't like it. For example I'm a Vi main. Used to build Warrior on her (duh), but now Devourer is so much better on her and I don't like it. There is little to no point in building Warrior anymore. Sated is better in pretty much every aspect.
: I took the sarcastic choice. LoL is the most balanced game atm.
Except this is a serious post. Not a sarcastic one.
LA Losty (EUW)
: Garen is still insane with the new items. Either nerf Garen or nerf the items.. :s
I feel like he's way too strong against his nemesis but too weak vs others.
Róót (EUW)
: > cuz of their toxic and easy playstyle the post was pretty good .. then this part .. don't u think calling riven/yasuo/lee playstyle easy is bit .. unfair ? lee is one of the hardest champion in the game ... riven yes it might be pretty easy when the enemy is bad and going full squishy team and she is fed af .. but if the enemy have a brain u can handle her pretty well .. and yasuo is realy realy realy bad vs tanks or heavy cc teams which are pretty much 9 of 10 champions every game ..
Lee... Hardest in the game? You kidding right? If he's soooo hard. Explain to me why everyone can succesfully play him. Including myself. He has one of the best early game possible. Now with his buffs still has a great lategame (and new Titanic hydra helps alot too). The only thing I consider somewhat difficult on Lee is his insec wardkick. But tbh, train that 20 mins in a custom and you'll be set for life. And hell, you don't need it to be succesfull on him. You can R-flash for instant ult kicking back. And you mention she(assuming Riven?) can't deal with tanks...? That's why she gets huge lifesteal of her items (and lifestealing proc'ing of her passive too for some reason). And it's not like she builds LW, Cleaver and Ghostblade for penetration right, oh wait. The thing with Riven, you don't need to animation cancel to be "good" on her. Aslong as you just AA between abilities wherever possible. Idk, if you think those champions are hard then that's maybe a champion you just aren't great at.
: Agree with just about everything apart from what you said at the end. unfortunately tryndamere is not op or easy. He's pretty useless now due to the fotm champs being played and the new masteries and items which allow you to build a lot of auto attack damage reduction (-10% crit dmg from masteries, -10% from boots and another 10% from randuins plus the reduction from etc)... Also the items which allow splitpushing and aoe clear for tanks who choose to build titanic...
Like I said, didn't mention items yet. Also Trynda is pretty easy imo... Atleast I don't ever have problem with it. You're practically god after lvl 6. Just play safe pre6 and you'll be fine. And I don't need to mention his lategame. Everyone knows how his lategame is. Idk, I feel like if you die with Trynda after lvl 6, you're doing something wrong. (unless ofc you go in 1v3 or something)
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: ***
Instant killing of the big monster? E Q smite and woop ur off. + Nunu's only reason of existing IS counterjungling... Please google a bit before you say nonsense.
: "No SS"...is not an excuse.
You just seem like a guy that never calls SS... Which is bad aswell. Sure, I agree that nobody should just blame you for not ss'ing and that being the reason they die. But I'm a person who listens very carefully to SS calls and I'd back off if I know. So tbh, you are still kinda at fault. Cuz with the simple 2 letter word. You can save someone's live and save your own lane from getting fed in another lane.
: things are 10x worse once you you hit Diamond 5 and continues to get even worse every time you climb up the ladder, if you though high elo was elo heaven, then im sad to tell you, nope, almost everyone has god complex over here
I don't get why Diamond people call it elohell. It's the highest of the highest (apart from masters/challenger, but if ur diamond you're in the top 2%). So you reached it. Sure, people are toxic there. But it's more of a Toxictwathole more than Elohell, cuz the elo is fine.
D1onys1us (EUW)
: Any D1+ on EUW / NA who hasn't been chat banned once?
I 100% agree with you on all 5 points. But only 1 thing. This doesn't only happen in D1+ :p This happens litterally in every ELO I think.
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: A more serious look at the state of Teemo (after small rework) (contains TL;DR)
: But teemo is plain toxic. A long ass blind that completly negates all meele champions? But at the same time you don't even have the capacity to cheese kills if they play it safe for a bit because of how squishy you are? The sheer possibility of the enemy team not going into objectives like baron because it might have shrooms all over? Teemo can't go top cuz he's 2 squishy and he can't go mid cuz no wave clear. He's garbage and he's good being garbage.
You just admitted to him being weak without you even knowing. Teemo can only negate autoattack damage. That's it. And what if his Q is on CD because he used it as poke or farm? And you said yourself that he's too weak in every lane. Thus there is no point in keeping this champion underpowered. A small buff for teemo's shroom duration would probably even fix this whole problem with him.
iTaLenTZ (EUW)
: Lee sin's buff is unacceptable
We all know Riot likes their Lee Sin. He should be getting nerfed but instead. Gets a huge buff. Rito logic.
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Neonchan (EUW)
: You don't. All problems solved
Messeery (EUNE)
: I just saw this sated ap xin in a video run to the inhib tower and just outhealed its damage while killing it with NO MINIONS. I haven't tried sated xin ap/ad yet, and didn't go against it as well but it looks stupid.
I played AP Xin with Sated. I can confirm this is true. You can take towers without minions.
: > [{quoted}](name=ThatOnePikachu,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=cazLPH3z,comment-id=000100000000000000000000,timestamp=2015-08-05T16:22:06.688+0000) > > Off-Tank? Nothing special, best build imo. Good, but not even banworthy. > Don't forget her annoying CC with low CD and high base stun timer and the ability to zhonyas at lvl 1. A good Elise is very slippery. But ok, not ban whorthy as of now because people haven't seen how great she is again. Remember the days of Elise jungle with CDR boots? Well she is now even more deadly.
CC? You mean her stalkers blade smite? Or do you mean the one and only slow she has on (i'm sorry LOW CD, it's 150-120-90 secs...)? And the diffrence with Elise stun with CDR is that it was up every 5 seconds. With a 2 second duration stun. Eve's slow lasts 2.5 secs with 60% and has a huge 90 sec CD (since it's her ult). Not to forget you can cleanse her slow or just dash/jump/flash away to safety and kite her. And if the ADC has a red buff or frozen mallet you're fucked entirely. (Or Banshee's, because you know, that exists too). Again, not saying Eve is shit, but if I were to make a tier list from Tier 1 to tier 4. She's be at bottom of 2 or high at 3.
iHeyt (EUNE)
: So, once every 2 minutes she goes full rampage and kills eveything on it's way D:
Once every 45 secs. As that's her ult CD.
: Look at Irelia. Done? Good. Look at Fiora. Done? Good. Build them the same way and profit. Play them the same way and profit. Also, she required skill before. Especially if your enemy laner was someone like Renekton, Jax, Phanteon, Lulu or Udyr
But why play fiora, when you can play Irelia?
: Most of those are not bugs, or better are not considered as such because it happens to every champion, example being Jax's Q, if you use it on someone but you get displaced\stunned during it, you don't see Jax smashing his lampost on one's head but he still deals the damage, it seems it happens with targetted abilities and autoattacks, as they have 100% of hitting, if i use an AA as melee and you flash before i visually finish the AA you still are going to get hit. EmpQ never left, it was like 4 times as hard (5 stacks, ult, empQ+jumpAA+E+W+Q and it's 3 stacks, now since you came out of ult when you jumped with your previous empQ charges from ult start loading and you easily get enough for another empQ), you need to wait a bit longer to do it. If his E hitbox is broken you didn't see Amumu's Q or LB's E (If they didn't fix it that's it.) Riot ain't gonna fix sh!t like this, unless they do it with everybody. If everything is broken, nothing is broken.
They fixed this with Fizz though, where his Q always landed whether he was hitting it or not. Now it's fixed and people can dodge the dmg. And I'm not talking about "5 stacks, ult, empQ+jumpAA+E+W+Q and it's 3 stacks, now since you came out of ult when you jumped with your previous empQ charges from ult start loading and you easily get enough for another empQ" I'm talking about actual EmpQ-Q-EmpQ(without a full resource bar). I understand that after he does his other skills he gets resource but in this case he just triple Q'd somehow. Also, I did say that the hitbox is only at moments bigger then others. Ye Amumu's Q hitbox is huge, but it's consistently huge. And was intended this way. Rengar's EmpE is not supposed to be that big. When it bugs it's quite impossible to dodge without flash as the hitbox is straight up fucked. Like I said, doesn't happen all the time, so that means it's inconsistant and not planned. (unlike the big Q hitbox from Amumu)
xCillion (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=ThatOnePikachu,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=H62QvMfU,comment-id=0001000000000000000000010000000000000000,timestamp=2015-08-06T12:57:39.342+0000) > > He asked to report himself though. So he definately never tried to offend someone on his team/enemy team. > > And post-game chats aren't recorded (sadly enough, would be useful imo) by Riot. So they wouldn't even know. As i said, asking to report X is toxic behaviour (i doubt it matters who you want to report..) so that could explain the punishments. And i assure you, post/pregame chats are monitored by the System aswell :) This has been stated a few times now.
Has to be new then. You gotta remember though, his research wasn't that recent, it was like about 8 months ago (could be wrong on that tho).
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baguera70 (EUW)
: I hate this new fiora. Its gameplay is weak. The Ultimate is very bad. Please put fiora original attacks. I LOVE FIORA BUT NOT THIS NEW FIORA :(
Hey community, lets play a game called "SpotTheOldFioraMain" :D
xCillion (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=ThatOnePikachu,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=H62QvMfU,comment-id=00010000000000000000000100000000,timestamp=2015-08-06T12:43:20.861+0000) > > Ye, that was my comment. > > And ye, the guy who did it streamed it. He isn't popular he got like 30 views or something. > I don't know what his name is but with some googling you can probably find it. > More people said to have done it, but I know for a fact that atleast 2 people documented it via streams. (I think twitch.tv) Well, as i said, if he asked to report someone (i dont think it matters who he asks to get reported), this can cause CR/RR and so on, due to beeing considered toxic behaviour. So in that case he was not innocent or said nothing :/ (post/pregame chats are monitored too after all..) Il try to find it and watch it once i got some time, thanks :)
He asked to report himself though. So he definately never tried to offend someone on his team/enemy team. And post-game chats aren't recorded (sadly enough, would be useful imo) by Riot. So they wouldn't even know.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: That was a nice video, but there are other adc's with with mixed damage or good part of it being magic. So don't take it seriously.
Ofc. But they make way more sense. Corki is a great example of this. He deals ALOT of magic dmg. Even a bit of True dmg. But all of this scales with AD. His Q and R. And his passive replaces 10% of his AD aa dmg into true dmg. MF however, her skills either scale with AP (her E), or do the opposite of what they scale at. Her magic damage scales with AD. Her physical damage scales with AP. Kinda stupid. The only thing that is decent is her Q.
Ennoraetil (EUNE)
: I see you everywhere I go. Will check it out.
Ye, last couple of days I've been on the forums alot. EXPECT ME.
BlackXIV (EUW)
: That's actually quite the opposite, I bet you're a solo laner.
Nope. Jungle main since release of Vi. You can just look at my ranked history and see tbh.
reticxE (EUW)
: Man I did not understand which trick you used to get to plat? :)
xCillion (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=ThatOnePikachu,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=H62QvMfU,comment-id=000100000000000000000001,timestamp=2015-08-06T02:19:54.755+0000) > > You actually can. And I'd love to explain to you and proof it aswell. But I'm tired, it's 4 AM. And tbh, just go check the Boards for my comment on a post explaining it with proof. I think i found the Post you mean >Some people litterally took time and effort. To make an acc to lvl 30. Play ranked like normal (although purposely picking some weaker champs so >people hate him, not against the rules though). Not say a single word, not troll, not leave. >But at the end of the game, ask others to report them or and let his premade report him. (A guy put alot of work into it by even duoQ'ing with more >then 30 people so avoid the "all reports from same guy" excuse people give) (I feel like that guy deserves a cookie for his time) >Guess what? He got chat restricted after about 3 weeks of playing ranked. More chat restricts later on. Ranked restricts after 2 months. And a >temp ban after 5 months. Is it that post of yours? If so, a) Is there any actual proof of this happening that way? or just someone said he did all that without any sort of documentation etc... b) And this is probably the reason for his restrictions : "report X please" is known to be considered toxic behaviour.. And people get CR/RR for that.. And if he got a suspension, id love to see the reformcard/reason :) THAT would perhaps be proof.. someone did something and i heard of it is hardly proof. I am not saying the system makes no mistakes, every! justice system makes mistakes. But errors get usually fixed asap (like the one from a few weeks ago), and "proof" of your negative behaviour gets always sent with suspensions, CR/RR currently not yet, but PlayerBehaviour Support can usually clear things up.
Ye, that was my comment. And ye, the guy who did it streamed it. He isn't popular he got like 30 views or something. I don't know what his name is but with some googling you can probably find it. More people said to have done it, but I know for a fact that atleast 2 people documented it via streams. (I think twitch.tv)
xCillion (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mepodis,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=H62QvMfU,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2015-08-05T22:51:59.496+0000) > > If i can get banned for being flamed constantly for 10 minutes without responding cus they are 4 premades, im sure you could get banned for this. You cannot get banned for BEEING FLAMED and NOT responding, and not by 4premades.. That is literally not going to happen unless an error has been made, and thats not exactly happening that often. Either way, the Nunu is exactly the type of player the new FeederBuster will be targeting, the other players that made fun/enjoyed what he did.. idk, they seem to have behaved like jerks according to what you say, so eventually depending on what they said, they could be targeted with a negative attitude report.
> You cannot get banned for BEEING FLAMED and NOT responding, and not by 4premades.. You actually can. And I'd love to explain to you and proof it aswell. But I'm tired, it's 4 AM. And tbh, just go check the Boards for my comment on a post explaining it with proof.
Zsacs (EUW)
: Miss Fortune
Keyori (even though a entertainer), made a really good (and stil funny) video about MF and really showed pretty much all her flaws. I highly recommand checking it out, not for the humor ,but for the value of MF.
: Almost every person I know plays LOL and yes, even though Portugal and Belgium are not big countries, a game so big like LOL should acknowledge every countrie cuz there's something around 260 million people worldwide who speaks portuguese.Most video game consoles in Portugal have portuguese translations.Don't see a reason for Rito not doing it too.But hey, I can talk and read english with no problems but it would be nice to have other languages like portuguese and belgium.
That's because those consoles are made in portugal. Thus ofc will have your language. However Riot won't make anything out of making more languages than there are right now. If anything, they already made too many imho. There aren't a lot of games that get shipped to Portugal without a translation because your culture is more used to it. A good example are the french. They are the masters of dubbing movies. They don't seem to like other languages or having to read subtitles. The makers know that, thus will see if they can get a company to dub it. Belgium is a good example of a country that doesn't really like dubbing that much. We don't mind subtitles. So we get shipped English movies and games and so on. (Ofc sometimes still with translations, don't get me wrong, we also get them, just alot less) It's a culture thing. But again, Riot is not from any of our countries and don't really care. We should just be glad for having the game to play with.
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