Dionisis12 (EUNE)
: League won't open AT ALL.
I got the same issue. None of the 'usual´ tricks help.
: Pro View: Leveling up the Esports Viewing Experience
Thank you Riot! Now that I own all skins I was running out of ways to support you :D I always wanted something like Pro View and think it's an excellent product.
: Match history
I also reported this yesterday: match history is empty - and has been for about a week now. Since the #1 most important stat is only visible on the web (wards placed), I also would really like to see this fixed asap.
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: Since I apparently have nothing better to do while Dynamic is down I will try to explain to you why you are wrong, why you did get placed correctly and answer all of your obnoxious questions. I think this thread should be locked and deleted honestly, because your rant isn't anything new and isn't helping anyone. Even if you won 10-0 against MMR of Bronze III guess what, it will place you to Bronze III with a higher MMR (you will climb way faster), but yes, it is a correct placement. This system isn't designed to backstab you or anyone else, it is designed to distinguish where people should be ranked for the most even experience. **Now if you are good, you will climb, if you are not you won't**, don't complain about toxicity of other players, mute them for all I care, it's just a lame excuse. Yes, if you want to climb, don't play with bad friends, that's been a fact since League was released, if you want to have fun on the other hand, and don't care about rating, well then don't complain, there is no middle ground. As I understand it, you are a middle-aged man, you should know better. Stop complaining about your rank and enjoy the game, it doesn't matter in the end anyways.
Thank you for answering my 'obnoxious' questions. I guess the biggest problem I have with all of this is that it is absolutely not transparent. Riot is so big on CLARITY - but quite frankly, nothing that has been discussed in this thread with regards to MMR and your placement is transparent by any stretch of the imagination.
: S5: Silver IV. Post-Season Silver V. Won 7-3 placement and get BRONZE IV???
After reading all of the explanations I really am only left with two questions. _**WHY are there placement matches at all?**_ Why not just demote everyone by a full division and be done with it? I mean is there seriously anyone here who thinks that winning 7-3 should demote you by a full division? Again, I understand the math and the obscure 'your teammate's MMR may have screwed you', but seriously - why placement matches? What if I would have won all 10 of my games? Would I be Bronze III then? Or maybe even Bronze II? Is that the BEST I could have done? _**Should I refrain to play with friends and rather not make new ones?**_ Apparently you have to be very careful when choosing your friends on the rift. Should I rather play solo? Are friends evil? Is that the idea behind the new matchmaking system? CLARITY: I am so confused.
: > [{quoted}](name=PaintingBuddha,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=bHriMLfA,comment-id=00030001,timestamp=2016-01-20T15:04:10.940+0000) > > That is great - but it still makes no sense. > > If you get to Silver and you win 7-3 you get demoted by a full league? > > I'm heading over to ebay now. > > Oh, on lolking.net my MMR before the placement was between 1100-1200. After winning my placement matches 7-3 I have now a lolking score of -387. > > I really really really cannot express how disappointed I am in this. This is a joke to say the least. > As I said in my OP - this is by FAR the most disappointing game experience I had since I played on my PONG console in 1976. It actually makes a lot of sense, and the fact that you are angry it is making you oblivious to the situation. You ended in silver, but you duoq with someone who has a lower mmr than you. What this means is that when you win, you don't get very much of an improvement, but when you lose, you lose alot more than normal. So just for that fact you were playing with people with a lower score than you (technically it's possible for a SV or GV to have very low mmr and not drop down yet) your 7-3 score is probably more equal to maybe a 5-5 or a 4-6 score to if you were playing alone. That's why you placed lower than where you finished. Also, 85% of people will place lower than where they finished, there is no sense in finishing silver v and ending promotions in gold 2 because that's not your skill level. Many people have and will be in your situation, and many will overcome it. I was in bronze, and finished in Gold, got into plat promos at one point too. It's all attitude. I started playing weird champs to try and learn something new at the end of preseason and dropped to gold 3, so i'll probably seed into silver. But that's gonna be a fun challenge, how quickly can i climb back up. Regardless of what you say, even as support if you play consistently better than your opponents you will climb. I play support and mid mostly, and it's entirely possible to carry as support. Good luck!
Well, yes, I am angry - but no, I am not oblivious to the situation. Riot talks about 'CLARITY' all the time. But nothing in what I hear makes things 'clear' to me. First of all, I played with a couple of guys who were Gold II - Gold V last season. So their MMR should have been significantly higher than mine. And I won all of those games (3 to be exact). Also: Does this mean I should just not play with friends, because they 'might' pull me down? I don't know what their MMR is. Do I have to look people up before I duo queue with them? Maybe a warning would be great: "Do not play with these guys, because if you lose they will really pull you down!" There is absolutely NOTHING clear about this situation from the perspective of a player. I understand the explanations, I understand the math, but apparently, I have NO IMPACT on which games I play. Not only am I randomly dependent on my teammates, I am also randomly dependent on whatever MMR I am being paired up with. I don't see how my individual skill as a player has anything to do with where I am placed. And the 'fields of justice' should be cringing in terror at this. So the only thing I can relish is the many 'Are you a Smurf?' questions I get from my laning partners. "I have never played with a support as good as you - and my main is Plat III". Yeah. only that I am Bronze IV. Again.
Flemman (EUW)
: You should never play ranked the first few week, the lack of stable ladder will make you always lose several division
So much for "CLARITY" that Riot touts so much. As far as I am concerned, nothing is clear other than that I can do what I want, I won't get out of Bronze. Thanks for the 'clarification'.
: To be Honest I don't think you should buy an account just to get out of "ELO HELL" Just play League Of Legends for **FUN{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} **Thats what I do GL TO ALL IN FUTURE GAMES
Yeah, the only thing is that a message telling you "Congratulations summoner! You have been PROMOTED to Bronze IV" if your last rating was Silver IV is nothing else but a slap to the face. Maybe they need to fix the message to say: "Congratulations summoner! In spite of winning 7-3 in your placements we have decided to randomly demote you by a full division. Good luck trying to ever get out of Bronze, noob!"
: Hello, if you are playing on Silver level then you should have an easy time getting to Silver again. Especially as support, because most ppl in Bronze be like: "I don't need to learn how to support, because I can only carry in other positions." The result of this attitude is that enemy support players usually have no idea what they are actually doing which is making it really easy to get your adc fed. Even if your fed adc's still mess up sometimes, in general: fed adc > feeder adc -> you will be Silver again. By the way I don't think diamond is a better environment, I even assume ppl give up way faster there (leading to flame, troll and feed), because of so called "time management" and because they make less mistakes -> every mistake gets punished harder.
I don't think most people understand what life is like being a support in Bronze. Just to give you an idea. I lost games with a score of 7-2-39. I place around 1 ward per minute - often times I place more wards than the entire enemy team combined - not mentioning the many many pinks I buy. The problem with Bronze is your teammates. You can ward and ping your heart out - if your teammates belong in Bronze you have no way of carrying your team to victory. Winning or losing is just a matter of luck - nothing more. Your individual skill as support has absolutely and positively NOTHING to do with your chance of actually winning a game. Put Aphromoo in a typical bronze game and give him real Bronze players and he'll be in Bronze forever. Man, I am so frustrated, I really really am.
Aniviated (EUW)
: PaintingBuddah, you have a MMR of 897, that is why.
That is great - but it still makes no sense. If you get to Silver and you win 7-3 you get demoted by a full league? I'm heading over to ebay now. > [{quoted}](name=Aniviated,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=bHriMLfA,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-01-20T14:47:56.443+0000) > > PaintingBuddah, you have a MMR of 897, that is why. Oh, on lolking.net my MMR before the placement was between 1100-1200. After winning my placement matches 7-3 I have now a lolking score of -387. I really really really cannot express how disappointed I am in this. This is a joke to say the least. As I said in my OP - this is by FAR the most disappointing game experience I had since I played on my PONG console in 1976.
kvykvy (EUW)
: Checked your match history,seems like this was caused by duo queue,yours premade's MMR was quite low,yours was bit higher,but in such situations when you play duo queue,if higher elo guy wins he gets around 15-20 elo(in old system),in case of lose he loses around 30,+ you played against lower players,and that lead to such elo.TIP : dont play with way lower elo players,in long run you will really mess up your MMR,unless you keep over 70-80% win ratio.
The last three games I played, 3 members were GOLD. I was the low ELO and I still won all three games.
: Probably you have a very low MMR. But if you keep improving and winning your games you will climb up the rancked tiers very easily.
I play support main. I am not sure which division you are in but let me tell you that as support main you lose your games 7-2-39 because the rest of the team is just like playing the lottery. It took me A YEAR to get from Bronze V to Silver IV. And after reaching Silver V and winning 7-3 of my placement matches I think that even RIOT must agree that there is something fundamentally wrong with this. I don't know what my MMR is, and I don't know what my opponents MMR or my duo partner's MMR is. And frankly, I don't even care. It's like FANATIC winning 7-3 games at Worlds resulting in being automatically relegated to Challenger Series. It just makes no sense. Quite frankly, I can't deal with another year of flame, trolls and feeders in Bronze. **Maybe I should just buy a diamond account on Ebay and be happy with it.** That seems to be the fastest way out of ELO hell. Sad, but true.
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Brolando (EUW)
: 5 days? How is that possible? I mean, I believe that it wasn't all you, but holy shit, why did you even keep playing ranked? You must have been on tilt in most of those games. Thing is, ever since pre-season started, or actually ever since everyone got their rewards I've been assuming that it was gonna be a bad time to play ranked, nobody seems to take it seriously now if I have to believe forum posts like these.
I think it's just a lot of kids playing ranked that don't play outside of school break and weekends. It's really bad on weekends, too - but not as bad as it was on xmas week. Why did I keep on playing? I don't really know. I love to play, and I don't like normal. Plus I guess I didn't want to believe that every single game can be this bad. But they got worse and worse. :D The new champ select/team building stuff will definitely help a bit, but it won't fix the underlying problems, really. We'll see.
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: Mystery Skin Limit
Dear Riot, I don't know what happened, I don't know if you planned it all along - and I don't know anything much really, other than 42. BUT Today I see tons of skins for sale, -50%! I don't know of my question had anything to do with this. But I'm going to do the same thing that I did when I visited the Worlds Finals in Berlin. I entered the Arena. I looked at everything there. And I thought to myself: "I (capital, fat, bold 'I') did this. My support made this possible. I must support them more, if I want more of this." And with the skin-sale you made this possible for me. I can now support you accordingly :D So thank you! :D PaintingBuddha <3 Riot
: Mystery Skin Limit
Since mystery chests are almost out of the door again, another suggestion for future Mystery chests. Please make the 'daily purchase limit' a LITTLE shorter. Like 23 instead of 24 hours. It's getting later and later for me every time I buy my chests :D
: Well, most skins are valued over 450 RP, if they let you use it indefinitely they'd statistically lose a lot of money on it. I'd like to see the price for it reduced to 400 RP, so people without the ability to buy any skins for their champions can get a mystery skin for one of them, at least! :D
> [{quoted}](name=BlankePotetar,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=c0Yf2Qa1,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-12-13T08:44:21.608+0000) > > Well, most skins are valued over 450 RP, if they let you use it indefinitely they'd statistically lose a lot of money on it. Well, I do admit that I buy every on-sale skin and I have also bought every skin under 720rp - after all it's not forbidden to be clever about buying skins. I doubt that there are too many people who are interested in actually buying all skins - it's more a support mission (as stated in the OP). Could be interesting to offer % off for a certain amount of skins. Example 42 skins owned=4,2% off every additional skin, and so on ;) But I guess that would be needlessly complex. I just want more boxes :D
Riryz (EUW)
: do you have rusty blitzcrank, ufo corki, championship riven, victorious jarvan, janna, etc, feral warwick, medieval twitch, ... if not the im gonna dissapoint you. the skins i mentioned there are unavailable and all of them (except cs riven maybe) are never gonna be for sale ever agian. there are more skins you cant get anymore of course, these are just a few i could name in such a short time.
Nah, I knew that, that's cool :) I just feel that Riot is giving me so much fun (watching All Stars right now), that I want to support them by buying all available skins. I don't need a complete collection of all the skins retired in the past. :) Thanks for your comment dough!
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Eambo (EUW)
: Hey PaintingBuddha, They are under the "Gifting" section. If you mean for purchasing yourself, they are only available for limited time periods for self gifting. Keep an eye on the news section for any announcements when they will return :-) They're normally around for a 2-weeks ish period, but sometimes more, sometimes less.
Wow, THAT was a fast response :) After aquiring all champions I have set my mind to buy all skins. And for RP reasons I prefer the mystery chests ;) Still it will be an 800€ purchase in total, but there are many reasons why I am more than happy to dish out this kind of money. 1) I love RIOT and they way they do things, 2) I am playing since Season 1 (first NA, now EUW) and simply love the game 3) I really enjoy the free content you guys provide, starting from videos to LCS coverage (will be at finals in Berlin, yay) 4) I want Riot to become even bigger and better. Maybe you should create a totally awesome 'buy-all-skins-at-once' chest for tons of RP. Would make it easier for me to support you :P Thanks to you, Eambo and everyone else at Riot, you rock! PaintingBuddha Best Supporter EUW
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: Player reporting and Bans
I can't agree more. The last three days (since I got silver? lol) I have seen some of the worst behavior and the worst players in all my 5 years of LOL. A mid Ahri going 0-11 with 29 cs at 35 minutes. An Ashe with 35 cs at 30 minutes. A 'premade bot' that goes 0-36 combined in a 20 minute game. And of course the 'ADC or feed' Corki who gets to be ADC after much whining and then goes to every lane and just feeds. Winning or losing a game has nothing to do with skill anymore - it's just pot luck. One of my friends has left LOL for good because he couldn't handle it anymore. Matchmaking is broken and it has been for a long time. At LEAST make sure that players in ranked can actually play. I do have some ideas how to do it: - Minimum Requirement to rank: none. No more level 30 - Minimum requirement new: At least 3 champions for every position on masteries level 4 or 5. This should make sure that they at least know how to use their champs. Also for post game - rate them differently: A LCS level player has 100 cs in 10 minutes. Show a post game analysis that rates your cs (if you are a carry/mid/top). Give achievements for high CS. Give achievements for placing wards. Actually something meaningful, instead of you were rated A- going 7-4-36 as Nami :D I am very frustrated right now. This is really hard.
Adrenalotr (EUNE)
: > I want to report that your tribunal works satisfactorily. That's impressive, considering it's been disabled for 9 months now. > I have been banned and restricted for reasons Okay good.... > and I have been banned and restricted for no reasons. ...not good.... > It has completely changed my playstyle around and not only that had far reaching impact for my personal life. I have actually become a better person. Well that's nice. > It would be really cool if I could talk or chat with one of you official Riot guys. Learning from the above experience has led me to many, many MANY great ideas for an automatic tribunal system. It's based on the same number that is the answer to this question: How much gold does a cannon minion give? > 42 Actually, siege minions give 40 gold, plus additional gold depending on time. It's only 42 gold at around minutes 8-10. You link has an unfortunate end-parenthesis messing it up. [Fixed it for you](https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0580/5777/files/hey_riot.JPG). That's quite an impressive set of honors. If you went from being punished to changing your behavior to getting honors regularly, that's quite a change. I only wonder how you manage to get honor from 13 player at once. Photoshopping, or keeping the notification open, hurrying into your next game before the first game's players have honored you? Care to explain?
It is not photoshopped. That's why I sent it :D I receive honor and friend requests all the time now. It's actually my GOAL in the game now. (HINT HINT - Automatic Tribunal - hello RIOT - HEEEERE talk to me!) I don't know why it shows 8. Either it's a bug (and as such a gift from the universe to honor me) or a feature of undefined proportions. I may have hit some jackpot also for general awesomeness... (HINT HINT: Automatic Tribunal). OP Idea. HEEEERE. Painting Buddha
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pcosty (EUW)
: A totally serious guide to boards: EU edition!
Wait you forgot the company board and especially the chairman of the board. Please research before posting interesting and relevant facts! :D

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