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Dazy (EUW)
: Looking for Jungler NORSK 5v5"s Low Dia + please.
IGN- The Anomaly Role- Jungle Age- 18 For how long have you played- Season 3, Thresh Patch How long have you mained your role- Season 3, Thresh Patch Top 5 champs- Nocturne, J4, Shyvana, Vi, Pant Your pros- Easy to adapt to the situation, keeping myself even or ahead almost every game, good overall game knowledge and I am NORSK antar det er en pro iom at du ser etter en norsk jungler. Your cons- Hate Riven/yasou/blue ez/zed players. Might farm too heavily sometimes in soloq. When can you play- Im a nolifer so pretty much anytime after 15.30 on weekdays, depends if im working overtime, but will give a message if i have to do that. Anything else- I enjoy playing 5's, the teamwork is the compelling factor for me and learning more things by doing it I guess.

The Anomaly

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