: I'm too toxic and quick to anger
*Update* I've attempted to keep my cool with the help of music and playing support, and trying to find bad plays just funny with some success. Oddly enough i'm winning more games by staying upbeat and now risen 2 divisions and i'm my promos. But sometimes stupid plays rub me the wrong way. Thanks for the messages guys.
: hope it works out for you, gl on the rift
: i too have a mentality that is a bit too competetive for my own good, best way to deal with that is by focussing purely on how you are playing. it's one of the reasons (along with my playstyle) why i main top champs like {{champion:83}} and {{champion:86}} . you can usually just singlehandedly win games if you're smart about it. playing mind games with opponents and outsmarting them that way is one of the most satisfying things for people like us. just keep thinking about what your next move should be in order to hard carry a game and you'll be too ocupied to even think about flaming your 0/10 teammate. also, in case you're alone, screaming at your pc won't get you banned, flaming in chat will, so if you feel really pissed off then try to keep it at the former. as for when you do lose a frustrating game, listen to some music or play a different game for a while untill the feeling of tilt is 100% gone, this might just save your next game, since going in with the wrong mentality is litterally handicapping yourself and giving your opponents an advantage. sincerely, a slightly salty by default platinum pleb
Noted, I guess i'll listen to music more during my games and see if that helps.
duckarp (EUNE)
: It's quite simple actually - every time it happens, ask yourself if raging at some random anonymous kid over the Internet is worth your account.
Yeah you're right there. It's not really. particularly seeming i've invested alot into it.
: Do what i did, come to the realisation that this is just a game, im quite competetive and i love to win, but at the end of the day, this is nothing more than entertainment and should be treated as such.
Yeah i suppose thats true. i do take it all very seriously.
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