: After thousands of hours played and hundreds of pounds spent, Riot decided to permanently ban me
Stop lying. That's not even close to what their message to you said. It says they confirmed your account broke the rules, meaning you deserve the ban. Could have been you logged in, or maybe you gave your credentials to someone else - that should not make you any less responsible.
: what? what do u mean?
He means he's drunk. The servers are down for now. Try again in 50 mins
Pootis 5 (EUNE)
: Main draven lol you'll crush everyone
A bronze player maining draven? Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.
: You're such a racist! xD it's just like everyone hating on french people, yes there are many bad ones but that only a fraction! :P
I don't see how Spain is a race, but anyway, xenophobic idiots are still idiots all the same xD

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