CronoBae (EUW)
: Hey The Dank Virgin, Hi there I am CronoBae a recruiter from The Black Rose and we are currently starting to put together a league of legends section for our community! I personally can play ranked with you and there are a couple of other members that could also play with you, if you are interested or want to check us out you can come on our teamspeak: or go to our website As always Gl and Hf I hope to see you out on the rift! Yours Sincerely, CronoBae
I've made an account at Black Rose, just waiting for it to be verified. Thanks for the invite :D
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TheVojo (EUNE)
: If you don't want to encaunter flame just remove the chat (look it up on youtube) and you'll lose a lot less brain cells / day {{champion:17}}
Thats true but then how will i be able to see the salt pour out of the enemy ADC when i gank them as {{champion:107}}!!!
Jelaous (EUNE)
: I am really concerned about the fact that you put up a **Ryze** icon next to the designation **support**.
Ryze is actually a really good option as a support in certain situations, his snare alongside his ability to burst gives your team slightly more damage when some of your other champions are focusing on sustain damage :)
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