axilirate (EUW)
: It's small amout of games. The more you play the closer you get to 50%
The only problem is that there is zero motivation to play more. Games are suposed to be fun. What's fun in something when you can simply afk and never change the outcome of the game anyway?
: 32 would be twice more {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Yeah, i am so frustrated that i forgot how to count.
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: If you have a job that pays you 1400 - 2000 euros monthly it not a big thing to spend 60 for skins per month if you want to buy stuff. If you get paid 400 euros then you need of that to eat and live...
I get 40 euros per month. That's why skin prices in lol were always beyond by reach. But i wonder, how much Riot earn if common players pay so much. They probably have enough to live for thousands of years, if they were immortal.
Suptra (EUW)
: BloodMoon Capsules and Upcoming events
Lol, that's insane how much people are willing to spent on skins in video games. I never earned so much money in all my 30 years of life combined.
Xaytah (EUW)
: Are events getting repetitive?
I wish there was something good to grind for. For example, in Odyssey you could get cool capsules that could contain full skin line if you want to. What you can get during snowdown? Chest and key fragments. And also some dumb golden chromas. Even more - there is no way to spent red tokens that you earn if you already bought everything... convert them to blue? No, just let them expire. Why i earned them anyway? I don't feel like reward is worth all the grind.
: It will be broken ofc, BUT I will be so happy by kill a yasuo with his own ult. New way to rekt them lol (no offense to yasuo players, just a joke, sorry not sorry, xD) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
There is only one problem - you need someone to know him up or you won't be able to use it. Also, why is there always faces of some dudes in this video?
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: RIOT shouldn't prioritize e-sports viewer experience at the expense of solo queue health and balance
I like how pubg handles it - they have separate version of the game with different ballance, so normal players aren't bothered when dev's decide to change something for "pros".
Christien (EUW)
: I do understand that they don’t want to win. But what you stated before is not what you state now. The reason to check the box should be to not play out games that are not winnable, not to not play out games you don’t want to win. That will never work because people that only want to surrender those 37-3 games will end up in your games too. I know this is against my own statement that I would like a system where I don’t have to play with people that don’t want to win. But a system like that will never work anyway, so I might as well kill my own wishes. x)
> The reason to check the box should be to not play out games that are not winnable, not to not play out games you don’t want to win. If you believe that you can't win - then you can't. I am very rarely being wrong in my predictions about game's outcome, for example. Sometimes it's way too easy, even a complete dummy could make it - for example, in my last games i was the only one who not picked an adc, against full team of anti-carry. Obviously, soon after the start we were locked in our base and enemies died only if they go 1v5. And, of course, failed surrender votes. Checkbox would exist for the people who want to surrender the game once enemy team has the serious, gamechanging advantage, like winning all the lanes and taking all the objetives, etc. Why do you think it will never work? You will be matched with people who want to play until the end no matter what. Isn't that what you want?
Christien (EUW)
: The thing is that most people that spam surrender and call it a loss don’t realize that if they just try, it still is winnable. You’re example of a 37-3 is a difficult one and that probably is not winnable, but most people try to surrender when it’s a little less than even (like 20-17 or something). Those games are still fairly easy to win if they do not give up because of those few kills / objectives they are behind. I agree with your idea, just because I don’t like to play with people that give up when they are not even behind that far or don’t see that another lane of their team can carry it. Not that it will ever be implemented.
> The thing is that most people that spam surrender and call it a loss don’t realize that if they just try, it still is winnable. You don't understand. They don't want to win. They don't want to keep playing because games isn't fun for them anymore. Regardless of the outcome. It's like conceding game in mtg instantly when you see your opponent plays mill, simply because you will have zero fun from it even if you win. That's a totally different mentality, you play for the win, they play to have fun from fighting equal opponents. Matchmaking made a bad matchup? Just go to the next one and try to get a better one this time. They want to play an equal game with ballanced teams, even if it will result in defeat - at least it won't be terribly one-sided. This, and second one - i rarely see anyone try to surrender if they are no less than 10 kills behind enemy team. Usually it happens when outcome is obvious. > I agree with your idea, just because I don’t like to play with people that give up when they are not even behind that far or don’t see that another lane of their team can carry it. That's the main point of my suggestion. Both groups of players will feel better because of it, since mixing them together will only cause frustration for everyone. I think that each type of player deserves an enjoyable expirience with likeminded teammates, when you won't even have to honour anyone for agreeing or disagreeing to surrender anymore.
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Èclair (EUNE)
: Your story is on the first page of the "new" tab in Fan Fiction subforum. What are you talking about? Are you sure you're looking at the right section of the boards?
Oh, sorry then. I haven't realized that there is different tabs, since i am quite new to the boards. Unlike forums, they are overcomplicated a bit.
Èclair (EUNE)
: Threads don't disappear when they are downvoted.
Well, since i can't see mine anymore, they are probably at least disappear from main page, i assume they are moving to the very bottom. But honestly i have no idea where it's gone, since no matter how much "show more" i press only posts with positive ratings are displayed for me. And i wonder - will organizers won't forget to look in whatever place my story ended up being for now?
Masantha (EUW)
: Fanfiction Contest - Snowdown Showdown!
Just a quick question: if my entry was donwvoted, and disappeared from fan fiction main page because of it, will you will manage to find it?
: Snowdown Contest Entry: Rat, Raven, and a stolen Snowdown.
Please forgive me if it's painfull to read, for i know only english words, and never learned the grammar. Grammar of my native lang is quite different, so text may look weird to you, but you should know that i am sorry about that. Also i had to make some small cuts (ending suffered the most - sad that i had to remove part where Neeko says she is the last of her kind too) to fit into 1000 words limit. Actually, that is exacly 1000 words here, no more, no less >_< Would be better if limit was appriximate, and not strict. Do it next time, maybe. Good luck everyone! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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N o (EUW)
: Saying "easy" should be punished way harder
Why just enemies? I reporting allies also, and it does not matter how they performed. Said "ez"? Get a report for verbal harrasment. The only problem is that i have no idea if this does anything at all or not, because people still say it a lot, and it could mean that report system does not flag it as offencive.
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HH Robin (EUW)
: Giveaway! EUW Only
Hello. My summoner name is The Darkened, and i want the Elementalist Lux. Thanks for making the giveaway, and good luck to everyone! By the way, since you got all skins, you can get new ones without wasting rp's - just reroll your skin shards into permanent when new skins coming out, if it's working as i heared about it - you will not get a duplicate of skins you already own, only new ones.
DoubleV29 (EUNE)
: What champion do you permaban guys?
Usuaully it's Yasuo, but Zed, Akali, Katarina and Fizz are just as cancerous. I wish i could ban them all.
TTG Crown (EUW)
: Lux montage - ONESHOT
Yeah, i love that champion so much, for me she is the most fun in League. Sad thing is that she has so many good skins like star guardian or elementalist, but from all skin shards i get i never ever saw a single one for her :( I didn't play her a lot since i returned, and didn't record all the objective steals, sadly, but here is few things that you free to add to your montage if you want to:
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